So happy I empowered a friend to just walk out

So happy I empowered a friend to just walk out


I am dying. I did this once and wish I did it more often. Dude was horrible at foreplay and I just figured that if this part was that bad, it wasn't about to get any better. I really liked him before that and thought that I was shallow for not giving it a chance. But in hindsight, he was a lvm and I had no business even being there.


‘I didn’t wish he would come quicker so sex would be over, I just let the sex be over, his boner be damned’ Words to live by


If we ever need to make merch, this should be one of the things used


Yes! Let's all walk out. No words necessary. They know what they are doing. *They know*


I really get the whole feeling that your pleasure is secondary. I hate that guys would pull the 'blue balls' thing like there is no equivalent for women. Guess what? If you get me all riled up and I don't get to come it fucking sucks for me too. I just feel so sad for my younger self who only cared about how good HE felt and only cared if HE came, as if sex was only about me making him feel good and my pleasure was never the goal let alone important at all. Anyway, fuck 'blue balls' idgaf


Yes, I have felt super down and frustrated by being riled up and not climaxing, and it hasn't been physical pain, just a physical discomfort like an unscratched itch, and also emotional turmoil. Guys act like blue balls are going to kill them, but I am done letting that be an excuse.


I do get physical pain too :(


So proud of you! Keep taking care of yourself and putting yourself first! Much love🌷🌻


I really admire you and hope I can practice this. My only question… You weren’t scared? With these scrotes you never know when they’re gonna be violent. Or maybe I’ve just experienced too much shit?


So glad to see this, and it wasn’t until FDS I had any clue I had the ability to do this. It makes me sad. Had to employ this as well a while back. Im done with shitty dick, he couldn’t/wouldn’t take direction, so I put my clothes on and left. The look on his face of utter dead shock when I did almost made up for the residual soreness from his (brief) jackhammering the next day.


I love this and fully plan to do it next time. Man, it’s actually fucked up how every one of us knows the feeling of “just hoping he finishes soon” and can relate and we are all shocked and awed by the thought of just, stopping, and walking out when youre not enjoying it. This should be the standard