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Omg she hit the nail on the head about how western societies rampant neoliberal individualism informed third wave feminism. It explains the whole ‘Choice Feminism’ and it’s pitfalls. Whereas it used to be collectivist and actually politically useful. I didn’t make the broader sociopolitical connection till now.


Can you explain more what you mean by that I’m having a hard time understanding. 🙏🏼🙏🏼


I’m not op so op feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. But she is essentially saying that the focus on a woman’s individual choice, that anything a woman does is empowering and feminist because she’s choosing it, is why we ended up with liberal feminism (third wave). Feminism is meant to be a collective movement of women making feminist choices, in order to liberate women. Not a movement of individualistic choices that only benefit privileged women.


I'm not the person you replied to but I'll expand on the neoliberalism part: It basically refers to a shift in policies that used deregulation in favor of corporate interest and profit. They wanted government to intervene in the market as little as possible. What this really meant is that government started delegating its powers to the private sector. It was also paired with the idea of freedom.The argument is that if the options in the market were actually shit, they would naturally die out because the market (the people) would recognise that and not buy. Consumers are free to select the best. What really happens is that companies find ways of convincing you they're not shit or making you dependent on them. It's the same as what is happening with culture and feminism. We have all these bad actors like Pornhub, Hollywood, Cosmopolitan, makeup companies... etc. flooding the market with misogynistic options and because it's constantly the same message we just think reality is like that and that we have all the range of choices we could wish for. Choice feminism has played right into their hands and ended up reproducing the same sexist crap. Getting plastic surgery might be good for a woman individually in a sexist society because she's valued mostly by her looks, so her status, individually, may increase. But if a lot of women refused to get plastic surgery because they see it as a cog in the apparatus that values women mostly for their looks, it would be better for all women long term. Individualism vs class-consciousness.


I feel somewhat better because there is a Bible verse about something about the sheep will know the good shepherd, they will not even recognize the bad Shepherd's voice. So even though us women were told for years in our teen years how empowering it is, each and every single one of the hundreds of thousands of women who visit the subreddit clearly felt something was wrong.


Listen to the podcast! It's really good and worth your time.


I was railing on about this like two years ago and everyone was like you are kinda crazy... And then I find FDS and I'm like yes! This is exactly why I'm saying I can't subscribe to modern feminism. They stopped working as a collective and raising women and women's work as a whole and leaned into this 'sex positive' (can you even call it that?) Girl boss feminism that's all about how I as myself can be like a man and the 'exceptional' woman can survive in men's jobs and fucking like men and so on. I knew I was a Marxist in my little heart.


As a fellow Marxist, I felt the same. I was starting to feel disillusioned with the left because everything I saw people preaching was just so contradictory. Like, people saying, “love yourself! Everyone is beautiful! Body positivity!” And at the same time, saying that getting cosmetic surgery is just a “choice” that we ought to respect. Or, people being pro sex work while also claiming to be Marxists when it is completely antithetical to Marxism...made no sense whatsoever.


It was a brilliant analysis.


Just listened to this and I got chills a few times and feel like crying. Porn has been so damaging to me, as a past sex worker, as a child, and as a relationship partner. It's so validating to hear it all laid out and I'm so proud to be a part of this community that's working towards a better world for women and men alike, even if we roast a scrote sometimes.


It's okay sis we were all deceived.


Never shame yourself- as Gail says … you were simply a hapless pawn in this massive monster machine that churns out dollars on the back of your naked body …. And is designed to addict men and abuse women ❤️


ahhh I am so excited! And I am just at the beginning of the podcast!!! # QUEEN GAIL "We spend too much of our emotional energy trying to turn men into human beings. I say ENOUGH ALREADY" ​ Gail - i bow to thee.




If you think about it in the crudest possible terms, just let natural selection play out. Barring rape, let these lvm be lvm. As long as we don't date, marry or f*** them, there will be a better gene pool for our great granddaughters to choose from


What!!! Gail on the podcast, the dream come true.


Now we need Catharine MacKinnon on the pod next!


Damn right




RIGHT? I was so hyped when I saw her she was on this episode!


I really hope they can get Ellen fein and sherry Schneider




Hey Reaux, Lillith and Savannah Can you please talk about how you teed up Gail? How did you pitch her? Was it hard to organise? Did she check out the sub? How did it all come about?


I'm also curious BUT Gail said she got an email, didn't know who they were, and choose to accept the request


I sent her an email, no reply at first, I followed up, she replied, we emailed back and forth to set up a time, and voila! The coolest thing is that when I send out pitch emails, I get an affirmative response like 60% of the time, which is unheard of for cold emails. We have some more guests in the upcoming weeks that we're really excited about! Stay tuned.


Thanks Lillith! We really appreciate everything you do! It was such a treat to listen to this Lol - there are so many times when Gail is talking, and you can literally hear the 3 of you on the verge of celebration tears. Like, you can hear your irises dilating in love for her! It was quite an emotional podcast!


It really was such a pleasure to record, I was walking around star struck for like 3 days after we recorded this episode 😂


So amped!!!!




I think it's called Culture Reframed: https://www.culturereframed.org/


Hey Lillith, make sure you remind Gail to post the pod to her FB page!


Gail talked about her experience at the Sydney Writers Festival, when she was on a panel with Pro Porn feminists. She mentioned the moderator said to Gail "You have no research just anecdotes". Then all these women stood up and shouted " I am an anecdote!" and a chorus of women stood up and said the same thing. Powerful moment! Does anyone have video of this? I tried a YouTube search - but nada. ​ If anyone finds it - please share! **FOUND IT** So at **43:00** a young woman starts talking about the reality of living in the porn age. Having housemates who are porn users. Listening to their sick objectifications etc. She points out that the women on the panel are privileged and middle class and not representative of her generation.**43:54** Gail Dines "Absolutely - and where is the feminism that is speaking to your lives??" ( side note: we did it ladies - FDS is here!)**44:11** Moderator says "oh Im going to take that as a question". Gail shoots her a dirty look ( Go Gail!)**44:14** "I think what we've got is an assertion based on personal experience" says the terrible moderator who has been cutting off Gail throughout the entire panel, and minimising her arguments. She waxes on how she is a research scientist and attempts to puff herself up. At this point I am embarrassed for her, as she becomes condescending. "At this point we are trying to move away from anecdotal evidence...."**44:44** You can hear women in the audience starting to shout at her smug attempt to patronise the younger womenAfter that - it seems their is an edit - and we don't actually get to witness the full glory of that moment.Use this link - [https://youtu.be/spDVaIkktU8?t=2576](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spDVaIkktU8) ​ ​ **45:53** A scrote mansplains pornography to Gail. LMFAO. Are men unaware that they embarrass themselves? "Men don't pay for porn it's freeee.... oh and this is how porn sites work, let me explain it HURR DURR" Sir you are a fucking moron??? How dare you mansplain to a woman who is the worlds foremost expert in the field. Jeepers THE AUDACITY. Would he explain physics to Neil De Grasse Tyson???? THE SCROTACITY! ​ ​ ALSO The moderators name is Leslie Cannold - she is the lady simping for the porn industry, liberal feminism and the woman who actively derailed Gail consistently through the entire debate.


I'm starting to think these women were paid by the porn industry to make this disservice to women. There's no other explanation.


I think I found the panel in four parts on Youtube but haven't watched it all yet so haven't found this exact exchange. Watching now so will update if I do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE-T9aXEG4E [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrgHTq6kgc](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrgHTq6kgc) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o\_3sLMEIKW0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpoOs-ahdcc


Thanks lovely! I will start watching and report back!! Edit - I am 5 minutes in and the women are so smug and gross. Are Australian women this horrible? They attack Gail from the get-go. She handles them beautifully - she has such a good way of ducking their shit-flinging and cutting through the truth. Edit 2: Yuck these women I can't deal omggggg # EDIT 3 : FOUND IT So at **43:00** a young woman starts talking about the reality of living in the porn age. Having housemates who are porn users. Listening to their sick objectifications etc. She points out that the women on the panel are privileged and middle class and not representative of her generation. **43:54** Gail Dines "Absolutely - and where is the feminism that is speaking to your lives??" ( side note: we did it ladies - FDS is here!) **44:11** Moderator says "oh Im going to take that as a question". Gail shoots her a dirty look ( Go Gail!) **44:14** "I think what we've got is an assertion based on personal experience" says the terrible moderator who has been cutting off Gail throughout the entire panel, and minimising her arguments. She waxes on how she is a research scientist and attempts to puff herself up. At this point I am embarrassed for her, as she becomes condescending. "At this point we are trying to move away from anecdotal evidence...." **44:44** You can hear women in the audience starting to shout at her smug attempt to patronise the younger women After that - it seems their is an edit - and we don't actually get to witness the full glory of that moment. Use this link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spDVaIkktU8


We have some women made of steel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCNuPcf8L00


🦘🐨😭😭 P.S. mods, any chance of upgrading my flair? (Been major fan-woman here long time now...)


Research and statistics starts with a collection of anecdotes, doesn't it?


Exactly - qualitative data!


Thank you for sharing this! Could you please also make this and the links in your replies here a separate post on FDS? 🥺🙏🏽


Happy to! If someone can write me a title for the post. I will do it!


I remember when FDS was a little baby sub with only a hundred followers. Now we have THE Dr. Gail Dines as a guest on a episode and endorsing us! FDS is so incredibly organized I just want to shout out to the founder, mods, those who work on the official website, podcasters, social media managers, etc for their hard work. Y’all are working in the trenches it’s so great to see how much we’ve grown in so little time. Only great things to come, ladies! Dr. Gail Dines is so unbelievably based. She’s definitely knows how to communicate with millennials and Gen Z. Excellent episode, as usual.


I just recently made a joke to my roomies about how free speech is not free for some people, like if you disagree in any way - but particularily it's not free for feminists. I only ever see bans on pro-feminist opinions and this episode explains exactly why. You do not understand what's happening unless you see the economical ties to porn and in turn their ties to the people - after all, it really is economy moving the heads of everything else. The part about the women raising up and saying "i'm an anecdote" got me good. That pretty much sums up every encounter women have with people who deny their views. "Speech is not free. Speech is the most expensive commodity you can buy"


Yeah. Reddit shutting down feminist subs. The chinese govt shutting down feminist platforms.


I think I just listened to you and Gail become best friends


YEEEEEEEEEES I LOVE GAIL DINES 💕 She means SO MUCH TO ME. Her videos of her lectures/presentations on YouTube were pivotal for me to start being proud of who I am as a woman and recognize that it isn't me who's the problem. I had been severely depressed and her videos helped me get so much better. I hope she knows that she'd literally saving lives with the work she does. 💜💛💖 I recommend [this video (full lecture)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDcTt0emXhE) and [this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0aK8T8W0hE) (a short 5-minute edit of one of her lectures) to anyone who's interested.


“You’re either fuckable or invisible” just summed up my entire adolescent identity crisis.


Same. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it turned out that the majority of mental health diagnoses in teenage girls and young women are exactly because of misogyny in our society. They might not even be conscious of it, they might simply feel *off* and miserable "for no reason" and like they can't just *be.* I know I felt that way, without knowing what it was, for a very long time.


“We are forced to conform because of lack of choice”. This is what the choice/lib feminists choose not to understand! These choices do not exist in a vacuum. They are not free choices!


I can't believe you guys got Dr. Gail f'ing Dines. I can listen to her talk for hours. Also I really appreciated her talking about her son and how she raised him with an HVM. Gives me some hope.


As a young woman, I really appreciated the beginning where Gail talked about how porn became extremely depraved so fast. Growing up in a pornified culture makes you think you are going crazy for thinking this is not normal anymore. I'm glad that an older woman, who experienced the changes in the porn industry over time, basically tells us young women: "Yep, it definitely did get worse rapidly and this was not normal 20 years ago, you belong to the first generation to experience the shit we did not have to endure."


Yeah I'm mid 40's and horrified about what girls are experiencing on a first date. I was abstaining from sex with my first boyfriend for over a year before we kissed, touched etc. Now girls are being strangled, battered and anally raped within 5 hours of meeting a stranger. What the fuck.


Older women in my sphere have been giving me such a hard time about not giving any of the young men a chance, but they just don't understand the absolute depravity we have to sift through to find a single decent man that will abstain from porn, has a job, and washes his ass. They couldn't believe any man would have the nerve to ask out a girl for a walk and coffee, or demanding sex after being literal strangers the day before. The bar is in hell.


Even if we didn't have these assaults to worry about, you don't owe anyone a date. It's so frustrating when older people, even women, act like you have some duty to grab the first man who even looks at you and settle down with him. They don't get it's not the 50s-70s anymore and women can afford to be picky now.


This stuff always reminds me of the phrase "misery loves company." Like, "we've all had to pretend washing musty boxers is our favorite hobby for 40 years, don't think you're getting out of it."


That was AMAZING!! Best episode ever.


I thought so too! I was so engaged, listening in the shower that I forgot to wash out my conditioner and had to go back in😂


I am so proud of you gals and everything you have done with the podcast, it is fire and I love love listening to it all week. I would like to see Laila (who is fighting Pornhub on there too). Thank you for making media to empower women, I truly feel FDS is making a change in the world. Good job gals! and also for everyone who is a part of this Subreddit, is supporting this. Love to see it. Who rule the world? WOMEN! Men only destroy it.


Such a brilliant episode 💖


Omg, you have Gail on the podcast?!?! 😮 That’s amazing!!


The energy in this episode was so amazing and positive. It’s like a distillation of the positive energy in this sub!


Dr. Gail Dines is a QUEEN. This pod was just straight queen shit and so validating in terms of the effects of porn sickness in men today


Cannot wait to hear! Im like "has it been a week yet?" So excited you got Gail on, she is so brave and such a great woman!


Dr. Gail Dines is my new feminist hero. She's amazing. Thanks so much for having her on, I loved listening to her. I hope she has some lectures online because I need more! P.S. Any other great rad fem podcast recommendations? The week long wait between episodes is too much!


She has plenty of videos on YouTube!!! Here are my favourites: \- [Neo-Liberalism and the Defanging of Feminism](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDcTt0emXhE) (1-hour lecture) \- [Porn Culture and its effects on the society and violence against women](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z5iANEfQUU) (1-hour lecture) \- [The Battle Lines between Radfems and (Neo) Libfems around Porn and "Sex Work"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7agZw624o8) (30-minute lecture) \- [Collective Grooming](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0aK8T8W0hE) (a short 5-minute edit about the porn culture, very poignant) \- [Growing Up in a Pornified Culture](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YpHNImNsx8) (15-minute TED Talk)


Wow, thank you so much! I'm going to spend my evening watching these. I love those hour long lectures.


There are tons on youtube :) She and Jean Kilbourne can see exactly what porn, media and advertising is doing to fuel men's objectification and commodification of women, and they've been tracking it and making content about it for decades.


OMG, thanks for putting me on to Jean Kilbourne! I'd never heard of her and now I have a few of her talks lined up to listen to as I've gone through all of Gail's at least twice!


Omfg I SQUEALED when I saw Gail Dines name on this podcast episode! Can’t read the comments yet because I’m going to listen immediately! I’m so freaking excited.


This is so surreal and amazing - I deeply admire Dr. Gail Dines and am so excited to see how her involvement with FDS will help the movement spread. Finally, there’s some hope!


This was an incredible inspiring and validating episode. Thank you


Gail Dines- our new Patron Saint?




Yes yes yes yes cannot wait to listen to this! This is genuinely so relevant in my life right now as I’ve been having so many anti porn convos and feel so strongly about it. Thank you for all of your work, ladies! It’s life changing, and I hope bit by bit women will come together to change society for the better


Dr. Gail Dines!?!?! Omg I'm fangirling right now!


Wow, what an enlightening and thought provoking episode. Having an academic and expert in feminist/marxist thought who provides counterpoints to mainstream liberal, or as quoted in the episode "neoliberal feminism", was refreshing. Although I enjoy the memes and general conversations within the sub and podcast on "levelling up", I do think many young women would benefit from being exposed to more critical feminist thought. This material may not be readily discussed within their social or political circles (both right or left leaning) so having guests like Gail assists in challenging the status quo and will also hopefully help in shaping more women's personal understanding of their own feminism. Great work ladies! Will support via patreon.


That was absolutely amazing to listen too - thank you! ❤️


I'm listening to this for the second time. You ladies are doing the goddess's work!!! It's so insightful


I got tears listening to my Queen Gail Dines speaking with my favorite FDS inspirations!! That was so beautiful! So inspiring! This gives me hope for our daughters 💜


I'm listening to the podcast now. This was AMAZING.


Omg omg omg!! Listening to this right now and it’s a dream. Interviewing people is a hard skill but you really leaned into it during the second half of the podcast, and it is such a wonderful back-and-forth and it flows so naturally! Thank you so much for putting this together :)


Queen. I died and went to heaven with this podcast🤌🏻


Fucking LOVE Gail Dines! I’ve been following her work for well over a decade. She is such an inspiration and her analysis of neo liberal individualistic culture and the descriptions of all of the interconnected issues of porn, feminism, masculinity, power..etc are so valuable and brilliant. I would love to see her work with UK psychologist Dr. Jessica Taylor, who just published a study of 22,000 women in the UK to find more accurate information on sexual and interpersonal violence. I actually sent Gail Dines’ assistant an email at one point, asking for advice about getting a PhD in sociology with a focus on masculinity and male violence. I never get star struck but I would totally be if I ever got to see her speak in person. What she said about the academic institutions is very disheartening but I totally agree and it’s been my experience as well. And what she says about free speech not being free, that it requires money….genius.


I must confess, I didn't know who Gail Dines was before the podcast. But after listening to her, I decided to go check out her work and WOW! Such a well-spoken woman! ​ Thanks for introducing me to her.


The pod was already good when it started but it just keeps getting better and better


I was squealing with excitement when I saw the episode title. What a huge get!


Let me say I am binging the podcast and this is my favorite episode. I love Dr Gail, her work is amazing and her speeches are always on point. I hope she'll be back to Brazil soon, so I can see her up close. Now I'm sad because there's no more episodes left!


Ugh, so glad I’m not the only own who’s sick about the abuse of the word empowerment!! It’s become so meaningless. Took the words right out of my mouth: does it grant me money? Gives me political power? Social capital? Property? Or does it just make us ~feel~ good so we can be distracted and not actually pursue that which gives us power.


Omg no way I can’t wait to listen to this after work! 😭




8 minutes in now and omg I just know this’ll be the best episode to date. Gail is going off.


Oh my gosh I'm so pumped to listen to this episode! Can't wait.


I'm halfway through the podcast and it's been fantastic! I didn't realize Gail Dines herself would be on the podcast. She's so impressive. Is she still teaching at that college? What was the name of it? Edited to add -- everyone who can afford it, you might want to consider supporting FDS through Patreon.


Wheelock College! I got to attend a few of her talks and debates when I was in undergrad


You are very lucky.


I love it omg. Thank you so much! Gonna explore more on her works. And this is the my most favourite part of the podcast where she said this: “Read as much as you can from the anti-porn feminist position and never sell yourself short. Never settle. You are too important. You are too precious and you deserve more than to settle for some guy who's not gonna treat you the way that you deserved to be treated. Absolutely not. You know what one day, you will look in the mirror if you do that, and you will say, "Who have I've become?" Please don't do that to yourself. Please.” She’s like the warmest mum you can get 😭😭😭 It’s getting such a warm hug omg. Thank you so much ladies for inviting her ❤️


The quotable content on this episode had me SHOOK. Hard-hitting fact after fact. I had to pause and just take in her statements in the silence a few times. Thank you so much Dr. Dines, and to the women of the podcast. I know Lilith is leaving Reddit, but FDS goes beyond Reddit and having such an important speaker on has really shown how relevant this content is. This movement has finally given voice to all my hesitancies of the current liberal feminism culture and has so much to offer other women. Thank you so much!


Can’t listen to all of this as I am about to start work but AHHHHH GAIL DINES


AMAZING EPISODEEE!!!! Thank youuuuu queens!!!!


I loved the comparison of porn to fast food, that it’s junk you’re putting in you. It’s even worse with porn, because she’s right, it alters the mind/changes perception, in a way that affects not just you but an entire population. The porn industry exploits people much like the fast food industry does. I know many men who wouldn’t dream of putting a Big Mac in their body, but won’t hesitate to watch violent porn or be inside the body of someone they know nothing about. If we could equate the two as equally irresponsible, at least we could gain a foothold with men who have some potential, because they already have some basic grasp of health. If they could be as worried about being unattractive for having invisible sexually transmitted consequences, as they are for visible consequences of fast food eating (being fat), that would be a good start. But, it starts with women caring, and making it known. I also loved how she frames feminist education for young boys. Particularly what stood out is the idea of respecting your body. We have managed to gain a foothold here in terms of diet and exercise, and yet not so much in terms of respect for yourself in terms of your sexuality. I hope this kind of thing leads more to boys growing up to be men who are up to date and well educated on STI testing, fearlessly calling out other men, and being more discerning/not so freely sharing their bodies with whoever will have them without discussion of sexual health, consent, etc.




That is such a good idea!


Loved this episode and Dr. Gaines. She is such an eloquent speaker. While I've certainly been aware that things have gotten worse in our culture, I think my age group (older millennial) was spared the worst of it during our formative years. Boys were still just sneaking a look at PlayBoys or Cinemax. It was nothing like the depravity that's available to anyone with an internet connection now. I find it amusing that outsiders assume most of the women here are conservative. I'm pretty liberal on most social issues.


YESS. I am so excited to listen! I love Gail Dines!!


So I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while but I joined this sub just to say how much I loved this episode! Great topic and I love Dr. Gail Dines! I’ve watched her TED talk and other videos of hers on YouTube before, and I was discussing her work with someone I know who’s in the mental health field. What videos/works of hers would you ladies recommend to introduce someone to her academic work?


Fantastic episode 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I am chuffed that you got Gail. I've been wanting a more recent lecture from her and you delivered it. Brava, Ladies! You did good💗


“Porn is to sex, what McDonalds is to food” analogy had me shook. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode & shared def passed it along to friends.


Hearing Dr. Dines say that she is going to spread the word about FDS literally gave me goosebumps. I'm having my friend's teen daughter listen to this because she's already been exposed to porn.


That was the most magnificent episode!! 🎉💕 I was laughing and cheering the entire time!!!👏👏 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


You are my fucking heroes!!!! I can feel my soul screaming with joy listening to this podcast. Is there a way to make a donation without signing up for a recurring subscription?


This was amazing, thank you for this!


So awesome to hear Gail Dines on the podcast. Also, I am freaking excited you guys want to expand this. With how fast FDS is growing I would not be surprised there are plenty of takers. I definitely would like to have the handbook on my bookshelf and others. Well, I already got the FDS Handbook on my bookshelf, but looking forward to buying the official version.


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Fantastic. Thought-provoking, impactful discussion. Especially appreciated that Gail mentioned 2000 was a real turning point from "standard" porn to violent and depraved porn. That coincides with the change in men I've noticed since then. Also appreciated the criticism of neoliberal feminism. They truly have their heads in the sand.


This was such a good episode, I didn't know who Dr. Gail Dines was before but I'm glad I've come across her thanks to the podcast. Definitely an episode that everyone in FDS should listen to if they are going to choose one.


I was absolutly estatic when I saw her name on the podcast. I remeber reading Gail's book when I was a impressionable teen and it has stayed with me for all this time. It completely changed the way I looked at the industry that sells our bodys and sexualitys back to us like a cheap commodity and labeled as "empowerment". I had to listen to it twice, Gail is a true QUEEN. I'm so happy I found a community that supports and pushes people to be the best they can be for themselves and future young people that follow in our footsteps. Thank you so much this episode was beautifully done!


That was truly phenomenal. Gail Dines is an absolute legend! I am so so thankful that she exists and was able to come onto the podcast to share her words of wisdom. Having a radical feminist on FDS has filled me with so much joy. As a heterosexual rad fem, FDS is super important in helping me navigating relationships with men and learning to value myself more, so to have Gail support it is just incredible. I actually found myself in tears for most of the podcast because of how profound it was. The segment where she was talking about how her and her husband raised her son was particularly emotional for me. I won’t be having kids anytime soon, but I am so so terrified about the possibility of raising a son in the future. Gail’s story gave me a lot of hope. She shared the same concerns but yet ended up raising a feminist son who criticises misogyny whenever he sees it. That is exactly what I would want to achieve if I had a son in the future. That segment honestly gave me everything that I thought I was going to get from the childhood educator episode. I’m glad this episode was released after as it sort of reconciles a lot of the issues with the previous episode. Gail even mentioned talking to her son about movies he watched and asking, “what other ways could they have come to some agreement?” That alone was so mesmerising to me because he was being taught to think critically about the behaviour displayed by other males. Even rejecting a strip club invitation because of his own moral conscious. I long for a society where we can continue raising men like this until this behaviour becomes the standard, rather than the exception. Also, the fact that Gail has a high value husband gave me some hope too. I know that men are continuing to get more and more depraved and dangerous, but it just reminded me of the importance of vetting and how to ensure you’re with a man who had the same values. When she said, “A good man not only knows when to be by your side but when to be in front of you and when to stand behind you”. I just-.WOW. Just wow. Tears came from my eyes once again. I didn’t even realise how much I needed to hear that. I’m gonna listen to this podcast over and over again until I truly internalise it.


Finally listened and wow. Moved. Felt hopeful. Inspired by the middle-class women’s call to action. Nice work ladies! Bless this woman. We are doing hard and beautiful stuff. What’s this movement referred to as in South America/Brazil? Simply radical feminism? Simply being and understatement. 😉


The line that absolutely stayed with me was when she spoke of the man that said: *"Porn taught me how to masterbate into a Woman" -unnamed NVM* That was an 'Ah, ha' moment for me and summed up soo much of the sexual abuse endured - why in this day and age some men continue to debate if the female orgasm is a real thing. *(because why take a Woman's word for it, right? /s )*


Absolutely loved this episode and Gail ❤️❤️❤️ When she started raving about FDS I teared up. Now I'm going to go binge-watch all her lectures.


I’d never heard of Gail before this, but I will definitely be reading her books after listening to this. Everything she was saying was all just so FACTS


I love love love the podcast


I have been bingeing your podcast, I LOVE it so much! Can't wait to get to this episode.


This podcast just keeps getting better and better, becoming an absolute must-listen for every woman.


What a brilliant episode! I'm still in awe that you managed to get THE Dr. Gail Dines. This is big. Love to see how Dines and FDS get along so well. I'm proud and thankful to be part of this movement.


What an amazing episode 😍😍


Y’all just keep crushing it every episode




It's die mad. It's the embodiment of everything we stand for. No more coddling men. No more catering, walking on eggshells, being intimidated, giving a shit about men's egos, fragile emotions, unchecked aggression and unbridled misogyny. No more emotional labor for males who refuse to grow up and regulate themselves. No more caving to their childish demands. No more feeling fear at men's childish rage. No more giving a shit that if men don't get a girlfriend, they'll start raping. We literally don't give a fuck. Die mad. Women are afraid of being raped and murdered. Men are afraid of being laughed at. Oh no. Anyway :)


I agree with every word you just wrote. It is my favorite sign off ever. It makes me feel heard, validated, and part of this community. I love it.


Personally, I don't think it does. It's a reminder that we're under no obligation to be "nice" to men who are determined to misunderstand us, and the severity of the issues that we discuss.


“Die mad” is my favorite part of each episode. 😅 These mods get harassing messages and threats by men on a regular basis. It’s a shout out to those men who are mad about women being empowered by FDS principles, who will remain mad about women respecting themselves and raising their standards until they die, that we will continue to do our Queen shit and that we don’t care. “Die mad!”


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No shade intended but I felt like gail’s methods of creating feminist boys was a lot better than the guest last week. I felt like last week’s relied a lot on gender assumptions and roles , which as a radical feminist I do not agree with. It was great to hear two different views and I’ll definitely be reading up more about raising feminist children. Anyway, I love Gail!!! I’ve been reading her book Pornland so it was really cool to hear how passionate she is about the issues.


She is AMAZING. An absolute QUEEN. I've been watching all of her old interviews since the podcast. She is so brilliant but also extremely compassionate.