Of course all the men are saying how much they LOVE it when a woman asks them out...we know the truth, ladies 🙄

Of course all the men are saying how much they LOVE it when a woman asks them out...we know the truth, ladies 🙄


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"You are adorable"?? Yeah I'll pass.


Adorable like a puppy begging for attention.


I’d be horrified lmfao


🤡: I adore the way you boost my ego!


“I don’t really care too much-“ except she was embarrassed enough to post on Reddit to try to make herself feel better? Like you know she turned to Reddit because all the neck beards who don’t know how to talk to women would be the first to tell her they LoVe iT when a woman asks them out 🥴


Her 10 seconds later :"And I was wondering what goes through a man's head when this happens..." Like sis... If you don't care why does it matter what men think. *insert white guy blinking gif*


But the neckbeards always imagine the girl looking like Margot Robbie and not being ugly or fat.


Scrotes always flood the comments on posts like this saying how much they admire this and would love it if it happened to them irl, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post where approaching the man worked out. I think this was at least one of the nicer ones because he wasn’t outright shitty to her, but that adorable comment makes me feel weird (idk why, it just seems inappropriate somehow?)


Also don't forget that many redditors are socially inept porn or gaming addicts who would probably never approach women if not from the comfort of a dating app or something like that, so of course they love the idea of women approaching them and doing all the work for them. But then if that were to happen they'd lose respect for the woman or just not into her.




Upvote for using the word corpulent. Haven't heard that in a few years, good word!


😰😱🤢 you have Shakespearean talents and they are frightening hahaha


And what's the definition of "worked out"? There are so many stories of women chasing and marrying men who didn't put in effort. And then their married life is just as bleak with dudes putting in 0 effort. Or we have women posting, "I approached him first and we've been going strong for 11 years now, I'm sure he'll propose after our 3rd kid is born." Scrotes are happy to take advantage of a woman that makes it easy for them, they'll just also ditch her the moment she is no longer useful or he finds a woman he'd like to chase.


Yeah that “adorable” was like saying “aw it’s cute that you thought you had a chance with me.”


I don't think he necessarily meant it that way, but it does have that cute puppy/child undertone.


Yep, he could not have said anything that would have made it not creepy. Even worse would be if he said no thank you and nothing else.


>that adorable comment makes me feel weird It's basically a nice way of saying that she's cringe.


I actually understand it as a “i’d fuck you if i could”


Lmao him calling her "adorable" was the universe sending a message to her saying STOP


'Adorable' is a word we use for children. For me it's an instant red flag; it's pedophilic.


I live in a Scandinavian country and men love to brag that their country is so egalitarian that women ask men out with no problem. But then you look at these relationships and it's always situationship or forever girlfriend relationships where the man shows no effort or just mild interest but not much (going with the motions). Also I have friends and acquaintances from here and all over the world where they say this but they always end up rejecting or not being interested with the women who ask them out like they said they wanted or women who took the initiative to court and ask men out and were either rejected or strung along until these men found their dream girl and dumped them. I think this is universal: most men feel put off and uninterested when women pursue them and take the lead on the courtship.


Why would u actively chase the same people we are trying to escape from


Thanks for making my morning lmfao


Loool you’re welcome


*/cackles in spinster*


*Cackles in sane, happy, stress free woman*


She couldve started subtly flirting with him and if he liked her he would ask first but asking a guy out like this is socially awkward and embarrassing yes.


My brother told me to never ask a guy out cause the first thought that goes through their mind is "How desperate is she?" It's ok if she gives subtle hints, but straight up asking them out? Cringy af.


Yes! My older brother said that men will probably think “other men don't find her desirable so that’s why she is asking me out”. ☠️


The answer to all of these questions is : Yes, yes and yes.


Loser? No. Desperate? Yes. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of his friends tried talking to her in hopes of taking her home. That’s the kind of vibe you give off when asking a dude out, especially at a *bar*. Men know how to approach a woman and they will chase after what they want. Men think women who ask them out are “sexy” because the pursuit requires little to no effort on the man’s part. So it’s just easy pickings.


Why? Why? I'm just cringing. When I was in my late teens and out clubbing. One of my friends would ask me to get numbers for her. They always refused and asked for my number instead, not that I would ever give it to them. They don't appreciate women they don't have to pursue.


Men think women want to have sex with them automatically if they approach first.


Do women usually use the phrase "shoot my shot"? Seriously asking.


I've not heard a woman use it before.




Yeah, I pursued way too many times. And guess what, even if it developed into a relationship, it always ended with me in tears.


In my pre pickmesha days I found in OLD when a man replies to my message without a question/doesn’t seem too interest and then I follow up with my own question to resume the conversation or I end up asking him if he wants to go out the guy never asks for another date or he turns out to be low effort or is just basically a LVM... because a HVM wouldn’t go out with women he’s not totally interested in as he has options. If a guy doesn’t keep engaging with me I will ask one question but that’s it. Due to my age I think some guys at first think “Ahh why not” and in reality are on the fence, most likely they’re looking for someone younger. That’s why I should go out more as I can look sometimes a decade younger (if I’m extremely well-rested and feeling vibrant and happy inside)... then I won’t get so excluded.


Of course they say they love it, it's an ego boost and easy sex. But them saying they love being approached by women does not mean they love or respect that woman. I have literally never asked a man out and had them take me up on it, even though many men have asked me out. They just don't like you once you do, they see it as desperation.


Make them 👏 fucking 👏 work. 👏 Mens testosterone levels are fucking whack right now. They're so used to being fawned over by pickmes. When a MAN GIVES, his testosterone goes up. When a woman receives, so does her estrogen. This creates a healthier, more balanced relationship dynamic. Those in LTRs with HVM, have many nights where he gives to you completely, sexually. No reciprocation. It's beneficial to both.