Shitty dudes will even neg your family members

Shitty dudes will even neg your family members


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This is all bizarre to me. He sounds like he’s trying to neg her bc he wants to either a) fuck her but she’s out of his league or b) jealous??? Or both. What a fucking weirdo. Divorce.


Its the classic LVM tactic; bring down a woman's self esteem so he can bang her


Any guy who fixates that much on another woman's looks is because he wants to fuck her and can't stand the fact that she's out of his league/doesn't dress the way he likes.


Yup exactly.


That's exactly it.


It also strikes me as an isolation tactic. He may be trying to get her estranged from her family so she's easier to abuse and manipulate.


Definitely both.


Yep both He’s another insecure idiot who can’t keep his mouth shut


I love that her mother wasn’t having it. The OP should have understood that she shouldn’t be taking it either. Also the only way to apologise is by separating from that no good husband. Also what does she expect. She has been letting her husband insult her sister to the point that he thought it was okay to act like that at a diner where he was the GUEST!!


I was also annoyed by the OP’s passiveness. Like acting shocked and telling him to stop wasnt working, why was she so surprised they got kicked out because she couldn’t keep her dog on a leash?


Agreed, and she wants to desperately get in touch with the sister for why? So she can patch things up, slap an apology on it and get back to the status quo. Cut to next Christmas when the whole damn thing happens again, and then Easter, and then July 4th, so on and so forth. These LVM never change, and good for the sister for just being done with the whole thing.


Poor sister is probably being fed the, "I'm sorry, *but* you know he's just like that. He can't help it! Poor Mark!"


She sounds ESL so I wonder if there's something cultural going on there tbh


It honestly sounds like he has ground her identity and self esteem to bits. Abuse will do that to a person. She's trying to apologize to her sister. She should let her have the first look at the divorce papers. Maybe grab her some Starbucks while she's at it.


This exactly, the husband is clearly awful but the OP needs to pull her head out of her ass too. Imagine allowing your husband to treat a loved family member like that. Imagine getting married, let alone that far into marriage, with a disaster of a human like that.


Sounds like the husband wants to fuck the sister and he's just bitter that she's out of his league. What an asshole.


Lmao was about to make this comment. It’s actually terrifying how aggressive men get towards women they want to have sex with (or to) but they know they don’t have a chance.


I genuinely think this could be genetic. Up until a couple of generations ago they could just r*pe us. Imagine if this was 1895 and this guy fancied his sister-in-law. He'd find a way to get in a room alone with her then sexually assault her, and she wouldn't say anything for shame, or because she wouldn't be believed, or because nothing could be done even if she was believed, or because she wouldn't even know who to tell. And this was the way of the world all the way through time. The r*pe option isn't quite so straightforward for men now and that side of them is frustrated, which is why we have these myriad forms of aggression.


And if she got pregnant from the rape, she’d be outcast from the family or forced to take her bastard child elsewhere...in India or other countries she’d even be killed once she started to show as an unwed woman assuming she wasn’t married off as a child bride


Ding ding ding


He was comparing himself to her boyfriend and got jealous, so creepy. If I were the wife I'd be really creeped out






He likes the sister. Guys will tease women who they like and have no chance of getting and he seriously thinks shes dating her boyfriend just to show off for him?? He created some fantasy scenario in his head where the sister is secretly trying to make him jealous because she likes him. He got jealous and thats why he was saying to the boyfriend "you know shes fake right?". How does she not see he likes her sister..?


This is a LVM strategy, she's out of his league so he tries to destroy her self-esteem so she can lower her standards.


Yep and then in a vulnerable moment, when she's been psychologically broken down, lure her into sex. That's actually the premise of a lot of porn movies. LVM dont want women happily coming to them from attraction- they literally fantasize about desperate, crying, lost women being tricked into sex somehow, so this is the same kind of vibe


🚩Abuse 🚩




Fr tho!! She’s gotta sense it on some level, she has to. She even told us how he’s been behaving like this for some time, possibly years; he may have even, in his sick scrote brain, got it into his head that single sis was an option (hence the “Oh she has a bf? Already??” comment). And bc he learned that info before attending dinner, he was prob upset from the get go. Then they get there, he compares HIMSELF to sis’ bf, finds himself inferior and throws an absolute tantrum abt it in front of the entire family. Utterly despicable. What’s worse is, he’s still standing by it (“he says he’s not wrong at the end of the day” like abt sis being “fake”) and here the wife’s just gonna be driven further away from her sis and her fam which is prob exactly what he wants — at least, it def benefits him. Insecure pos. The only option is wife waking up and getting this scrote tf out of her AND her sister’s lives for good. Also why was the new beau just eating this, like does he not have a voice? Wth?




Jeeze, this is why women shouldn't date down. He's been angrily obsessing over the younger, more expensive sister for years. He's acting out against their whole family out of jealousy and shame. Society pretends that jealousy and drama are women's vices, but look at this fool.


So true, especially your last sentence.


He's lucky he didn't marry into my family- someone would've punched him.


Seriously! It would've been on like Donkey Kong if someone came to my family dinner and disrespected like that. We'd *all* be taking turns throwing punches.


"So you've chosen death?"


Saaaame. He would be in his senses until the end of it.


Why do I feel like the husband has the hots for the younger sister and resents her for looking good and having high standards.


What a walking pile of garbage this woman is married to. She didn't mention having kids with him so hopefully she can do the right thing and divorce his ass before she gives him enough chances to destroy her relationship with her family.


she won't, he probably has her convinced he's the best she can do. he'll alienate her whole family and then the real abuse will start up with the loss of her support network.




👏👏👏 Perfectly said.


I bet your ass, if he could, he would fuck her sister. Js.


The father and the sister’s boyfriend should have been standing up for her too. All the men in this story suck.


I literally forgot they were even there. Was there a father in the story? The only one with some kind of balls in the family is the mother. Kinda explains why OP is a doormat.


My money says he secretly wants to have sex with his wife’s sister. And he knows he can’t, so he’s just being hateful to her instead. I worked with a guy who couldn’t stand his girlfriend’s best friend. Constantly talking about how fake and slutty she was, constantly getting into fights with his girlfriend when she told him to cut it out. I got transferred temporarily to a different department, and when i came back, the gf was gone, and he was married to the best friend (his ex gf needs better friends if that’s the best one she had). Now they’re divorced, and he’s broken up a marriage between a lesbian and a bisexual woman because he had sex with the bisexual one (after months of pretending he was a “lesbro” who “just likes hanging around lesbian couples”) Edit: said this before i read the other comments, i see i’m not the only one who caught that.


My ex was the exact same way. Constantly insulted the new coworker to me (at home). She was apparently dumb, fake, stupid, obsessed with herself, a skank and addicted to men and clubbing. The disdain used to drip off him. So they had a three year affair. Entire time he was telling me all this stuff. I guess he played both of us because I read his emails about me and man I sounded like the worst kind of boring arse bitch Karen.


I had an ex like this. Hating on a girl in our friend group, almost had sex with every guy in the group was a bit unstable but I saw a kindness in her and always said to him why do you care about her life so much? Once we broke up he was in fwb with her.


Yikes that's a long train of events that happened 😬


Men don’t think or talk about a woman that much and that deeply unless they want to fuck her or be with her. The wife seems clueless tho.


It seems like he's attracted to her sister. He wants to sleep with her, and he's angry that he shouldn't, so he needs to put her down to make himself feel better. Or he gets turned on by putting her down. Either way he sucks.


I think he's doing what a lot of men do: put her down until her self esteem is low enough that she'll let him fuck her. He's disgusting.


I agree. He probably wants to "hate fuck" her too. Which is what a lot of misogynistic fucks like him fantasize about.




"He comes from a struggling family and he considers them "low class" DING DING DING THERE IT IS FOLKS. The root of his insecurity. He can't STAND to see this presumably decently well off, beautiful woman, let alone with a seemly nice well off man (not to mention she's so much younger) and its eating him apart inside so he needs to take that frustration and put it onto her


Honestly, I think the "he's rich and she is provoking me by bringing him" is an excuse. He is infatuated with the sister, to say the least.


Keep reading these chodes, ladies. If we can see these 🚩 from a Reddit post, we can see ‘em IRL.


Why in the fuck would he be comparing himself to the sister's boyfriend if he wasn't obsessed with her? Sigh. It's so easy to see these flags now.


He’s so clearly obsessed.


Yes read it and immediately thought he is in love with the sis.


100%. This is the main takeaway from reading that post


Not love. She trips his "less than" switch and it pisses him off.


That and also frustrated that he's not able to sleep with her, going full circle back into his feelings of inadequacy. I'd be embarrassed too if I was with someone like that.


That’s the first thought that came in my head while reading this. He’s clearly into the sister. He wouldn’t be ultra focused on her looks otherwise


I was thinking that, from the "he was sulking alone the whole night" and the "she already has a new boyfriend?" question. Like... why on earth would anyone care so much or be so upset by someone getting a new romantic partner unless you're into them?


I think he's into the sister too and jellous that she has a boyfriend. And he's attacking and shaming her maybe because he doesn't want to admit it or feels maybe guilty.


Yes, he has a crush on little sister




Good one, sis.


Yes. Infatuation by confrontation. Yuck. This is why hatefuck also thriving.


Trash. He probably wants to bang the sister too.


Oh, 100% Wife should peep his porn history. It’s gonna be all “multi colored hair pixie girl” and “secret sister in law bang”


Definitely caught that vibe from this guy. He is so jealous that he isn’t with the sister. Divorce is her only solution at this point tbh.




Yup. If a guy puts down a certain type of woman it 100% means they secretly love it.


This comment is so fucking correct I’d give you gold if it didn’t go to Reddit. > if a guy puts down a certain type of woman it 100% means they secretly love it. They’re either trying to covertly mislead you, or they’re in complete denial. Either way, red flag af


That explains OF and the scrotes that grace Reddit


Interesting reminds me of the time...my sisters husband made a comment about me and my sister told me. He told her “he liked her boobs better than mine”.




I’m glad I’m not the only one who got this vibe off this post. Men tease and insult women they want to have sex with, as messed up as that is. If my man developed a fixation with insulting the appearance of my younger sister, I’d be out of there so fast.


I just came here to say this. But we should also consider the very real possibility that he is trying to alienate her from her family, because he is jealous of her relationship with them, of the time she spends with them, because she will be easier to control after her support network is cut off. She will be less likely to seek a divorce if she has no family apart from him, especially if he traps her with a kid. She sould check both his porn history about women who look like her sister and married man/sister in law porn but she should also examine all her relationships with friends. Are they more distant now, never want to come over, meet up if her husband is there? He may well be deliberately and methodically destroying her relationships one by one, sometimes without her even knowing.


That's a good point.


Wow. My mind did not even go there. Thank you for saying this.


Yes, he feels like he does not accomplish anything in life, so he takes it out on much younger people who enjoy their life and put their money into their hobbies for everyone to see. Remember the post yesterday about the guy who was complaining that a woman he was chatting with is "too expensive" when she told him she got her nails done? It is a dude like OPs husband.


Yep, I’m sure he’s mad she would never look his way but the root problem is his jealousy over her confidence. Someone posted a study awhile back that said Pretty much said that High scoring male gamers treated high scoring female gamers with respect but the average to underperforming men treated them harshly and negged them. The fact that he criticizes her looks so much makes me think he secretly wishes he could be her, because according to scrotes, all beautiful women live life on easy mode. He can’t stand that he’s losing in life to younger, pretty woman.


Plenty of us come from poor families but don’t pull this shit. No excuse.


Yeah but it sounds like he's still broke. It's one thing to come up from a poor family and work yourself into a stable adult, its another entirely to be a bitter crab in the bucket about it


Yeah but this is a favorite play by NVM "Boo hoo I grew up poor, give me money and sex to make me feel better for my childhood 35 years ago"


Hit the nail on the head. To everyone lurking, THIS is why dating broke men is a liability. They are evolutionarily proven to be worse partners. We don’t make the rules


She better get out now before she has a kid with this guy.


Since I discovered FDS, its so obvious to me now. I can see right through their actions down to their intent. He clearly wants to have sex with her sister.


This is why men and pickme women hate FDS.


This is what happens you’re a pickmeisha who marries a man with two brain cells and no money. Throw these men out and don’t feel sorry for them. This guy is an asshole!


He wants the sister, end of. He is upset that he cannot have her and that a man 10 years his junior is more successful than he is. The Wall sucks, old man!


A good start is to contact a divorce lawyer with a quickness. There's nothing else she can do.


that's disgusting what an idiot. I really hope she is able to leave him soon because clearly she (and her family) deserve someone so much better


Her husband wants her sister


I read the tittle and immediately knew what post was this about, this man is crazy and has some serious self-esteem issues AND I swear he wants to bang the sister.


>He argued that she started it when tried to flex on him with her rich boyfriend. Am I the only one who walked out of this thinking he wants the boyfriend instead? I had to read everyone else's comments to realize he's wishing he was 23 and could bang the 23 year old sister. And I can't wrap my head around being in your early to mid 30s, and see someone in EARLY 20s, not to mention related to you, and not see them as a "kinda child" you should be ready to protect (either with good advice, or a listening ear, whatever) if you're in a position to do so.


I don't understand that either. This is one of the reasons why we are so much better than men, it's rare for us to see someone that young and want to have sex with them. It's disgusting.


As others have said, he's mad that he can't have the younger sister. But also, there is no such thing as "brutal honestly". It's obvious in this case, but it's always used as a shitty excuse to be an asshole for no reason. You can be 100% honest and still be tactful.


Nothing says "I'm sorry, sis" like divorcing the creep who humiliated and ab.used her.


Ha this whole thing is SO TRUE. I notice when I have really elaborate displays of femininity- i.e. nails done, makeup, hair on point, etc, I will get the DIRTIEST looks from men. A woman putting that much effort into her appearance proves she's feeling herself and LV men cant STAND IT. Also, the sister sounds like she's levelling up and knows her worth, since she refused to tolerate this treatment the first time it happened. Good for her. She will probably leave her dusty, sad sister behind with the LV husband, and live this glamorous, fabulous life with her hot younger rich man, while the sister who wrote in cries about the loss of her sister and puts up with her loser of a "man". Oh well!


This is easy peezy. Hubby wants to fuck the sister.


He wants to bone the sister. She won't have him for many good reasons but instead of just accepting that not everything on earth is for you, he nukes the family. Hope she divorces him.


Tell me you want to fuck your sister-in-law without telling me you want to fuck your sister-in-law.


Oh I wish he would try this in front of my brothers, sisters, and parents. What a roast, we’d have him for dinner.


Sounds like he'd be all chewy and gamey. Full of bad vibes not even good for pet food. 🤢


This is so clearly a HIM problem, if I were the sister, I would goad him at every opportunity.


"My husband was staying with the dogs the entire time" He knows where he belongs, clearly 🤣🤣🤣




Wondering if anyone told the wife or can show her this thread...hope she isn't clueless


Well, the husband simply wants to fuck his sister in law & is disgusting.


They want to punish us for their own “appetite.” When you blame women for anything anyway, why not blame them for mens own thoughts too. He really cucked his wife in front of her other family members. Imagine having sex with a man after this pathetic behavior. Ick!


>They want to punish us for their own “appetite.” When you blame women for anything anyway, why not blame them for mens own thoughts too. This is so true


The policing is real, not only that scrote thinks he owns his wife, but all her family members as well, if they happen to be female.


Imagine having a dick *that* small with such a hard on!


"...his comments are intended to benefit her..." ?!?!?! Just no. No. No. Condescending asshole. Also, it's obvious he's sexually attracted to the sister.


He is such a loser. Tf is he so obsessed with her sister for? He claims he wasn’t being rude, but only honest; yet, he even admitted he was intentionally being rude by trying to justify his behavior with “Well she started it!”. And his obsession with how she does her makeup and hair is making me question his sexuality


Scrote wants her sister. He's all pissy cause he's married. It's all projection.


I'm sorry but before this big argument, he was already critical/obsessed with her sister and OP tolerates it ? Poor sister....


i would’ve knocked anyone out if they made fun of my sister. she can recognize his behavior as wrong, but doesn’t even bother to stop it until he’s comfortable enough doing it during a family dinner.


the part where he was having a toddler meltdown with the dogs had me losing it. the entire post is one big red flag.


He wants to sleep with her sister. I don't understand how she would stay married to someone who shit talks her sister.


He’s probably trying to separate her from her family. My ex tried the same... it’s terrifying.


Sounds like scrote is obsessed with the sister (always keeping up with what she does) and mad at the same time that he could 1. never be on the same level as her 2. could never fck her-even if he weren't married to the sister 3. mad that the bf is better than him. You know OP's family has probably always thought this scrote was scum, but he definitely sealed his fate with those comments. OP needs to leave this dude asap.


let me just say that the husband is in love with her wife and he is just jealous that he cant pull her.The wife seems sane i hope they get divorce soon honestly .


Wow, really?


What kind of man is so fixated on a woman’s hair and makeup?