What do you guys do with the Vault-Tec Rep in your Fallout 4 save?

What do you guys do with the Vault-Tec Rep in your Fallout 4 save?


Same thing I do with every other follower. Send him to Sanctuary and forget he exists.


Ah yes, the place for the exile


Oh they're all having a good time up there though. There's enough shelter, food, beds, and defences for a small army and mama Murphy has her fancy chair.


Wait what?... You don't OD Mama Murphy? You can do that?


Wait...you can OD mama murphy???


Just keep giving her drugs as often as she'll let you (I believe you can do it for pretty much every step of the main quest). Eventually she'll ask for Psycho, which will kill her.


I know this part was supposed to be tragic and show the dangers of addiction in the wasteland but it ended up being hilarious for me. I happened to have Hancock as a companion when this happened and unbeknownst to me you get a huge relationship boost by giving her the drugs. This was just enough to send the relationship level over the edge. Anyway, that's the story of how a zombie revolutionary war cosplayer professed his love to me over the corpse of an overdosed geriatric psychic.


i love fallout lmao


Gotta ask Was Preston pissed or did you send him to another settlement before giving Murphy all the drugs


I honestly can't remember! This was a couple years ago. I'd imagine he said something along the lines of, "Well, at least it's not raining."




I always send Preston to the Castle, and then put Ronnie Shaw in charge of it, just as a "Hey, you fuckin' dweeb, there were living Minutemen after all. Maybe next time try using a goddamned ham radio to find 'em."


I still need to take the castle in my current play through. Going for the ending where the brotherhood, minutemen, and railroad are still around. Having brotherhood patrols roll around helps for knowing where large groups of enemies are, and to either steer clear or dive into the fray


Why does that matter? Maybe if I make him angry enough he'll stop fucking following me


Well I imagine if you OD Murphy in front of him he will refuse to follow you around


That last paragraph feels perfect for /r/ no context. I'm putting it there now!


*Mama Murphy ODs* "And that was the moment that I blacked out and was finally able to achieve orgasm."


Jesus christ that's dark


Fine, she creates a surplus of food, water and bed space.


Yeah, personally I prefer to just give her Jet once, which allows you to build her chair, then stick her somewhere out-of-the-way and never bother her again. (I also designate one of the houses as hers, even if she never actually uses it.)


Like under the bridge?


I always make her her own place and put a dog house next to it in hopes she'll get a friend to chill with. I kinda like Mama.


I made a museum once and put her "in charge of it", ie her chair was at the entrance so it looked like she was charging for entrance. Museum had weaponthingiemangs on the walls, a bunch of head-decorations and A LOT of mannequins. You had sections like "Wasteland factions" or "daily life". PS: Weaponthingiemang is now in my Grammarly dictionary.


Wtf I always *always* convinced her to get off the stuff ASAP. For some reason I thought it was just a way to get Cait and others like her to like you. I’m doing a raider run now with Nuka World and don’t plan on talking to Garvey, but should I get Mama Murphy to Sanctuary and then just let Preston be a hater?


I kind of feel bad about this, but I find her so annoying that I think I'll start hooking her up with whatever she asks for.


I find the voice acting too annoying to speak to her for long enough to overdose her, even if I wanted to.


It's the teeth that kill me.


Yeah, I supplied a fatal dose of drugs also. Because : drugs


I OD Mama Murphy every time now because I have a mod that adds a Mama Murphy grave plot to my workshop and I can't just have that and *not* use it.


Yea? You can just... stop giving her drugs


Fr, we got some maniacs playing fallout 4. Like yeah, I *did* commit genocide on the feral ghouls for killing Dogmeat in survival mode but that was justified


Wait, Dogmeat can die?


Maybe it was modded?


Yeah, I wanted it to be more like NV hardcore


Tbf if genocides happen irl I dont see a post nuclear war world without one.


True. We haven’t solved racism yet and here Fallout is trying to put Synths, mutants and ghouls into the mix


You know how in GTA IV, if you disarm one of the guys in the Hotel Suite shootout, he calls you a harbinger of death and asks for you to spare him? And then you just shoot him anyways since he was trying to kill you seconds before? My char is kinda like that, whoever picks a fight goes down xD


I'm gonna John Wick any fucker who kills my Dogmeat.


Yes and I never start. I tell her they will kill her. So she just stops talking to you


I make a point every playthrough to put her chair in the strangest place possible. It gets weirder every time. In my current playthrough her and her chair are just floating above sanctuary as high as I could get her. She is the omnipotent Murphy.


Look at mr big shot taking care of his settlers and not just abandoning them at Sanctuary Island.


For me that's the castle


Spectacle Island.


That's why I always send them to red rocket. I always leave red rocket with no recruitment beacon, so it's just all my companions




That's not very milk of human kindness.


Yeah I prefer roaming the wasteland with the Hulk at my side. Dude's great.


Yeah, he doesn't get all judgmental just because you eat the occasional corpse or two.


But he is extremely judgmental about picking up junk




Or using power armor, or picking locks, or hacking terminals, or helping some specific people, or hurting some specific other people... Leveling up his affinity is a pain in the ass.


In my 30 minute experience of having him as a companion, half the time he just stands in doorways absorbing as much friendly fire as possible without charging into battle


Strong annoys me. Maybe I'll send him to Nuka-World next playthru.




I loved Jacobstown in NV, also! Strong is just... boring. He has one lame ass gimmick and he hammers it home at every opportunity.


It's either Sanctuary for the good followers after I get their perk or I banish them to Murkwater if they've been particularly annoying during the current playthrough


How do u unlock murkwater?


Kill the boss that lives there, warning, very stronk. Don't need any quests or anything, just need to find the place


I send all my companions to The Castle, to be joined by built robots with laser gatling arms. When the BoS attack, it's no contest.


Preston is picking my tatos while bitching at me for killing everyone at the Institute


I send everyone to sanctuary just so i know where they are lol


Best use him as a general merchant in highest-tier stand. But sending him to vault... A medal-worthy irony.


He deserves a spot in a good Vault. I mean, he WAS Vault-Tec.


At this point, he really *is* Vault-Tec!


I think that if we ever get to see VT HQ (whatever bunker they used for corporate high command really) we will find a truly interesting vault and probably a lot of voyeurs


You mean Vault 0, sorry to say but the Calculator killed everyone there.


I have some reading to do


I think the only part of Fallout Tactics that is considered canon is that the Midwest Brotherhood of Steel broke away from the main group and headed east, and that is only canon so Bethesda could justify their absolutely moronic plan of having another group split off and head all the way to the Capitol Wasteland. Regardless, I'm pretty sure Vault 0 isn't considered canon.


Considering it hasn't been mentioned since, it's as canon as you want it to be!


I'm deep into the realm of 'death of the author' as far as what I regard to be canon and not for Fallout, so fair enough.


And if I recall, the ones who aren't dead are severely brain damaged.


Isn't the vault tec hq in fallout 3. It is confusing for me.


The Vault Tec coorperate headquarters for pre-war business operation was in Fallout 3 but I think what they’re discussing is a private vault for the employees of Vault Tec to survive the war and continue operations.


I think Vault 78 with the gold production might have more history to it than we know


Okay, this is now going to become my Canon. I'm moving his ass to 88 once it's built.


He IS Vault-Tec


I always set him up as a merchant in Sanctuary next to Anne’s clothing stall and when not at their jobs they always end up hanging out with each other at the bar at night and I always find them sitting on benches next to each other in the mornings hanging out like friends. :)


They bangin


You think his jizz gives off radioactivity?


No he pwnis prob don't work


You’re right, he is very old. His noodle gone limp.


Prob ate it 100 years ago.




I wondered how long I'd have to scroll before people were talking about his penis.


I disappointingly short length to scroll. About 1 penis-worth.


He probably doesn't even have it anymore. I mean, their noses fall off so what's stopping the ol schlong from meeting the same fate?


Can't you bang Hancock? Does that irradiate you?


Aye i hope it glows


Probably...but it's also probably a really small amount. He aint no glowing one. now THOSE ghouls give of some high radiation 'emissions'. If you know what I mean.


There are some terminals that discuss the consequences of sex with a ghoul, on the Prydwen maybe?


It gives new meaning to 'Just the tip,' tho.


I use him as a merchant in Sanctuary. His idle dialogue he seems happy there.


Sent him to the Slog to be with his other ghouls who have centuries of useless work experience.


Segregation is dead Stanley


It's my main settlement, though! Because I can relate to them and their useless work experience.


I love The Slog! The pool is such a neat centerpiece. I turned mine into a fancy resort for my ghoul pals.


I always try to make the SLog into a cool fancy shopping-and-leisure destination. People can get over themselves if they don't like ghouls.


I mean it is segregation but only because diamond city threw the ghouls out. I rather view the slog as the thing it was intended to be by wiseman: a sanctuary for the ghouls in the commonwealth


That's why I try to make it swanky -- so that the assholes in DC can be envious.


Barack is President!


what I like about the slog is that it pre-planted a lot of corn and has the personnel to work it


Plus it's the only place that can actually harvest tarberries.


Love the slog. Really wish the diner and the golf driving range structure (?) was included in the settlement. I know there’s a mod to extend boundaries but have been reluctant to try it. I have enough of a problem with building WAY too much as is.


Settlements Extended works wonders for the Slog and Jamaica Plains. Wish I wasn't on PS4 so maybe somebody would have a mod that lets your settlers golf.


Yeah, it drives me crazy that it is right there, but not part of things.


This is the best answer.


I put him and Sheffield as employees in my Slocums Joe.


I always make Sheffield a bartender because I'm a twisted piece of shit


I sneak killed the adults in norhagen beach then moved the raiders there so now its just 8 raiders and a bald kid


Which gang is it lol


I'm still struggling with the best outcome for Sheffield. Thinking about Slocum's now.


He will always find the tattered rags he spawns with and equip them, but I will literally change his clothes anytime I walk in or out. Keep your uniform on or I'll force you to relapse, bumass.


I hate to use Sheffield in settlements since he gets all bugged out and just says "Thank you, its like I can finally think straight" every damn minute


Always to sanctuary for some reason. But for the first time in multiple play-thrus, he was killed in a raider attack and I actually feel bad about it despite how annoying he is.


NCPs don’t die in raids though


They do if you use a mod that makes them mortal EDIT: Actually, TIL that Vault Tec Rep is not a protected settler and can die by default https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Vault-Tec_rep (see the Notes section)


He also might have accidentally shot him or thrown a greande his way


he's a high tier shopkeeper, isn't he? send him to a settlement big enough to employ him properly and reap the capz.


Wait, settlers have stats?


Only some of the vanilla named recruitable settlers are a higher tier merchant than normal. https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Fallout_4_expert_merchants


i can't find any reference to it now, so it's making me wonder if it was my imagination. lol. but i thought there was a thing where if you got your settlement up to like 20ish population (including caravans going to a settlement from other settlements) and you had a good shop, you could invite him to work for you.




I personally feel pity for him, not being saved from becoming a ghoul, living 200 years of decay and living hell. He's a broken soul, with nobody to be there for him. When the Sole Survivor encounters him, and he says how much he had suffered, I couldn't help but shed tears, because I know how this character feels, betrayed, left alone in a world that he had no place in, a world that blamed him for surviving the Great War of 2077. They rejected him for being a a ghoul. He was betrayed by Vault-Tec, not being allowed to survive. I know he is an NPC, but I can't help but feel some sentiment for him. I feel like I'm doing a favour to him when I invite him to Sanctuary, the same spot where he was when the War began, and letting him stay, free of charge. I know the effect the war had on him. And War... War never changes.


If it makes you feel better, chances are if he was allowed access to Vault 111, he would have died with everyone else in the Cryo Chamber. At least this way he survived


I know, but even that would've been a better fate than being a ghoul and decaying constantly for 200 years, and going through, most likely, a traumatic depression. It almost seems like mercy to me. At least that way he dies without much pain. But I like that he is reunited with another lost soul, that of Vault 111's Sole Survivor, and they bond over being some over the last living relics from the "Back-When Times."


I agree because I always seem to by sympathetic to ghouls. Hancock is my favorite companion ;)


Thank you. Hancock is a fun companion, I agree.


I found out the hard way that he apparently refuses to talk to you if you don't invite him, so maybe I'll just convert him into an approval bonus with Strong


I killed him after he slept in Piper's bed.


I sent him to Sanctuary so I could see him around when I came to visit/supply up/be pestered by preston. I really treated Sanctuary like my own little Diamond City in the making so I build there a LOT. (I just build settlements like it's my job in this game tbh). In my second play-through, he was killed in a supermutant raid and it made me REALLY SAD. I got unreasonably upset that that could happen. I planted flowers where his body lay. I really wish I sent him to a vault.


He is so disappointed with Vault-Tec after you meet him and tell him what really happened at Vault 111. Do you think it was the right move ?


I believe he deserved to know what was really going on in Vault 111.


Brotherhood: execution by laser rifle Institute: vendor Minuteman: artillery Raider: execution by chainsaw, AK, Dragunov, whatever is convenient. Railroad: community resident


I always forget he exsists


That is so sweet!


I'm doing an evil BOS Paladin/Raider Overboss playthrough so I told him to piss off


tbh I've never made an active step towards finding him, and as such I've never crossed paths with him, I just kinda leave him be where he is and let him do his thing on his own.


Send him to work for me in one of the settlements. Then CONSTANTLY avoid him, because he always says the same phrase, it gets annoying :P


So I tried that and it felt weirdly cruel - possibly because vault-88 is so broken? I guess it was better than my usual "take him back to Sanctuary and then get annoyed at how much he talks and assign him to a caravan


I sent him to Sanctuary, and then he never arrived. Guessing he was murdered on the way there. I occasionally look around for his body for confirmation, but nothing so far. Rip Vault Tec guy.


Last game sent him to Murkwater with Strong as the Mayor. Probably worse than his life in Goodneighbour. I honestly really thought the Vault-Tec Rep was SUCH a missed opportunity. I'm not great at being told to care about something in a game, I need to be given a reason. An annoying salesperson that I knew from before being frozen who I spoke with for 5 minutes isn't that huge a deal. I honestly don't get the Rep either, the guy has obviously been threw some shit. He's over 200 years old! He's still alive and in Goodneighbour! It would be interesting if after everything he had some stories to tell, imagine talking to him about what just happened after the bombs fell or surviving. This guy went from one side of a map to another, through dangerous territory and he has nothing to offer?


In my current playthrough. I sent him to Sanctuary and gave him a new yellow trench coat and a new yellow formal hat. Every morning, he goes to the one of the houses, i turned into a Cafeteria with Slot Machines and eats breakfast, sometimes he sits down and writes on his journal. In the noon, he plays on the Slot Machines and after that, he goes to the Soda Fountain Machine to drink. In the Afternoon, he goes to the Cafeteria Restroom to use the sink and he checks himself then proceeds to eat dinner. In the evening, he writes on his journal and roams sanctuary a bit then goes to sleep at 8pm, usually.


Forget he exists.


I wanted to say I did something really nice and creative, but I just sent him to the Sanctuary and forgot that he existed... Along with Sheffild, Shawn and every other named NPC...


You know, since we talked...I'm feeling swell. Look at the two of us in Sanctuary. Prepared for the future!


I send him to the slog and make him a merchant. Wiseman wants to make the slog a tourist destination, and I think it would be good for him to be around people with similar life experience, and a constant rotation of new people.


I kill him. And everyone in every place in the commonwealth.


Kill him, eat his body and toss it in the sanctuary river.


I just leave him in the hotel. He's safe there


Sent him in a stall right in front of the vault in a modded Save 250 years and still no spot in a vault (:


I always just sent him to sanctuary.


I usually send him to Sanctuary, since I do that for all the named recruitable characters (unless they're attached to a particular location, like Abernathy Farm). I usually convert one of the pre-war houses, maybe spruce it up with some Vault-Tec memorabilia.


Exactly as you say in your OP. Send him to Sanctuary at first, and then after I build a kickass vault, I send him there to work as a merchant.


Heavy Robot armor and a super sledge. A traveling merchant as far south as I'm building up. And everytime we meet we're kicking ass.


Send him to Sanctuary and make him a General Salesman


I never thought of putting him in the vault. That's a great idea. I haven't discovered Vault 88 yet in my current playthrough, but as soon as I do, off he goes!


I send the companions I like to red rocket, and the ones I don’t to the sanctuary


Every save of mine is basically the same. I'm a weenie and go in wanting to be mean but i feel bad :c


[Everyone liked that]


Send him to Sanctuary, where he can have a quiet life & be forgotten about, like the rest of Pesto's gang. Sometimes he makes it, sometimes he's killed by gunners & mutants near Mass Fusion


I have lovingly named him Victor, he runs his own bar in Sanctuary :)


I shoot him on sight.


Ad Victoriam


GAH! what the fuck are you?


they're brotherhood


I killed him in the hotel. I play as Nora and he gave me bad vibes when he acted envious that I wasn't a ghoul like him. He also called me beautiful. I feel like he would have taken his resentment of being turned into a ghoul out on me.


please seek therapy


Sanctuary and then make him into a caravanner or supply liner, he claims he has good sales experience so put it to use.


Where do you find him? :(


Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbor.


Thank you kind stranger! 🧡


No prob. he's on the third floor, where the Guest Rooms are. He always walks out of his room when you arrive on the floor, so finding him isn't hard. You may need to pass a Charisma check to recruit him. At first, you can only send him to Sanctuary, ut you can freely move him when he gets there.


well if you don't invite him the first time you get the chance, he'll refuse to talk to you again. So I am considering converting him to affinity with Strong.


Send him to covenant. It's where i send most of my unique followers.


Shot him on site, fuckin bastard


Don't bother talking to him to begin with.


Name my character Anakin and.... DO IT!!!!


i let him live with me at red rocket (no one else is there besides the robots and shaun) and have him work as a merchant too.


At the moment he is in sanctuary but I think I’ll send him to the vault after all these years 😂


Sent him to sanctuary and adm currently making a room for him in vault 88


I don’t know where to find him But if I knew where he was I’d lock him in a prison cell


He's at the hotel in Good Neighbor. But before you curb stomp him, talk to him about it because there are dialogue options.


I shot him the first time I saw him, I was going to assassinate the guy in that hotel and he became hostile after that.


He always seems to bug out in my game. I send him to sanctuary but can never talk to him after the first convo


on my current save, i'm building a vault on spectacle island that i'll send him to


Send him to vault 81 and put his ass to work


I tried to set him up at the drive in, but not only does he seem to hate it there, he also keeps hiding from me when I go visit him to try and send him somewhere nicer. Oh, well.


I actually made him the "owner" of his own diner in Sanctuary. I made this awesome open-air diner with a bar to sit at and a couple of Nuka Cola machines.


Sent him to vault 88... Maybe he can take comfort knowing another Vault-Tec ghoul is around... although this was before I decided to screw everyone and play as a nukaworld raider. Honestly I should have just shot him...


I sent him to sanctuary but he he got killed on the way by rad roaches or something.


He ded I tried to make him my main merchant, he would have had a great life, but he died on the way to Sanctuary.


I love that guy! I don't know why but I wanted to help him, make up for vault-tec mistakes. Took him to my best settlement and invested in perks so he could have a shop there. A job, safety, a houve, food and water... It's basic bur I like to feel he got a community and fruends out of it.


Funnily enough, if he had gone to the vault with you he'd [have died like everyone else.](/spoiler)


I moved him to Sanctuary where my pet Deathclaw mistook him for a snack.


Seen a few people saying they send people to Sanctuary to forget about NPCs, theres an even more remote settlement from Far Harbor, assuming you have the DLC, that I sent preston too and actually never revisited


Make him a general goods merchant in a vault themed shop in Sanctuary.


Kill him


Wait.. where is the vault tec guy located


When does he come to join your settlement/ where do you find him after the apocalypse? I'm starting to wonder if he got eaten by a yao guai up in Sanctuary.