I’m not sure about this one. Sometimes people say stuff like “I owe you my life,” if someone else has saved their life. So it could mean that the woman has somehow created or protected the best of this man’s life. In this case, memories could be a part of what she’s given him. It could also mean they are in a relationship and he’s saying he needs to give her the best version of himself that he can be. It’s like saying he needs to do his best for her.


Good points. I think the second option is especially plausible...it sounds like he's saying he wants to treat her right. Behave properly around her. Be as gentlemanly as possible.


Sounds poetic, like a song lyric. If it is, then it's meant to be open to interpretation. It doesn't have a single agreed upon meaning, and isn't a common phrase.


I've never heard it like this - I've heard "I owe it to her to give the the best of me"