Employers don’t care dude. They’re not the ones stuck in traffic. It’s the employee who has to deal with that. Employers are the ones who own stocks, maybe own some city apartments for rent. They want people back in the city making them more money.


Also middle management can't have their power trips in an empty office


Let them stay at home and yell at their kids


That's a bit of a blanket view of employers. There are many that run offices with maybe 10 or 20 people. They're not all multi national companies with multi-millionaire CEOs. My own company has a CEO and 4 directors who all commute just like everybody else. They're just trying to make a living just like me. And before you ask, I'm not a director nor am I even senior management. Just playing devil's advocate!


Well if they are a CEO of an office of 10 people who’ve been working fine from home and they want to go back to paying to keep an office running then it’s no wonder they’re not millionaires. It’s the big companies who will be forcing people back to the office. Though to be fair, if a CEO of a small company is late due to traffic - who’s going to reprimand them exactly? It’s very different being a worker instead of an employer.


I have never seen anyone get reprimanded for being late in an office setting


Me neither


Aren’t most people in Ireland employed by SME businesses? We tend to forget that while touching our toes and saying ‘yes please’ to the big corporations.


Most truthful answer here.


Yes and they arrive into the office themselves on a magical carpet that flies above all the traffic


Great comment dude!


Working from home not only works and is just as productive but it also is far cheaper than being in the office. Best of luck to any Irish manager heading over to the US to meet the CFO and ask for a few hundred million to buy and kit out an office block in Dublin. Oh and then we have to maintain it. And pay for services (electricity, water etc). And insurance. And Rates. And have a subsidized canteen. And..... That's what we call a career limiting request.


Genuine question but why would a company employ someone in Ireland if they were working from home? On a global scale our wages are huge,so they simply outsource the jobs to remote workers in other countries. This may be a big issue and is not being considered. To protect the jobs we could do a mix of office and WAH.


Yea I think people underestimate how much IT talent can be found in places like India I think in the future Irish will only be doing low paid on-call support type of stuff.


Lots of reasons. Highly skilled workforce. The only English speaking country in the EU (bar Malta). Ease if finding/importing multilingual workers. Tax. Our glorious weather.




Tax doesn't matter and certainly won't protect Irish jobs. Companies can still avail of our tax system by running billions through a "processing center" in a unit in an industrial estate in Shannon employing 10 people rather than a multi million euro office block with 1000 people in Dublin. There are some companies already doing precisely that for decades.


Working from home means companies can employ the best skilled people no matter where they are in the world. So yes it becomes more competitive for Irish people to get jobs especially if they are competing against equally skilled candidates from countries where the wages are less. That's where it is critical that out education system is up to scratch. (Which sadly it isn't as the Irish universities have tumbled down the world rankings in recent years and the Leaving Cert curriculum is more concerned about wellbeing than education. But that's another subreddit). The thing to remember is allowing people to go back to offices won't change that. The working from home genie is now out of the bottle. Even if there were a push in Ireland to get everyone back working in those expensive shiny buildings along Dublin's docks it still makes Financial and HR and Operational sense to hire the best people world wide and have them work from home.


I don't know where or what your opinion is based on, but employers in the US are far less eager for WFH to continue than in Europe. ​ https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/30/companies-are-already-pushing-their-return-to-office-plans-to-2022.html https://digiday.com/marketing/theyll-demand-it-moving-forward-bosses-frown-on-remote-work-post-pandemic-at-their-own-peril/


I've worked for US multinationals for over 20 years. Several times I have had to go through the HQ in US for major investment (although not on the scale of an office block). I can tell you it doesn't matter what anyone else says. It is the CFO alone who makes the decision if a project is worth investing in and if there is a cheaper alternative (e.g. in this case WFH) then they will rip your proposal to shreds and the weight of that alone it will never get past the board.


Or, and bear with me on this one, cause I know it sounds crazy, but…we could build sense housing closer to the city center and public transit and cycling and walking infrastructure? No who am I kidding, that would be insane!


This might make sense if most of the office jobs nationwide weren't in Dublin. As is you have motorists coming from the likes of Cavan, Kilkenny, Louth and Wexford on top of the pale counties, all heading in for one place. Its a bit of an ask to get someone from Gorey to consider a more expensive house in the city center when an option of working from home would solve their problems overnight. Its a problem that doesn't just affect Dublin as a county but almost half the country surrounding it. Edit: Decentralization is a more beneficial option here.


>going forward One of the benefits of WFH is that I don't have to hear Business Speak (BS) like this. But it's all about the optics.


Add now the reduced capacity around the centre of town with extra bike lanes and bigger paths. Come October and the run in to Christmas the place will be a nightmare.


Oh yes, can't wait to take the luas to get to work 30 minutes earlier than my starting time because that luas is only moderately crammed - meaning I can still get on ✨


If you don't like it, vote with your feet. Move to a company that offers the flexibility you need.


'Bad job? Just get a good job!'


... Yes?


Because job searching is notoriously easy and every single person working at a bad company could just join a good one, as they have unlimited staff capacity apparently


Not everyone, but yeah I think most people could find other jobs if push comes to shove


What age are you? You sound like a 22 year old with his first shit job. You're not going to get your dream job in a week. It takes years, decades even. Can you honestly say you try every single day to improve your professional life? Or have you filled out 6 online applications with no success and have subsequently declared the task "impossible"? No wonder you haven't been hired. You're a miserable moaner.


I like how my point was that everyone can't just immediately get better work like the first comment implied, and your response is outright to admit 'it takes years, decades even' but still disagree.


Oh you implied that did you? Handy. You're acting like there's some elite club you're not allowed be a member of, when in reality making things happen is not impossible - just takes a bit of hard work, apply yourself.


I didn't 'imply' that it was very explicitly my response to the 'everyone should just move to a better job' comment, you'd see that if you weren't blinded by your eagerness to write out some 'if I can do it, all you other scrubs are just lazy' shite that is not the topic of conversation at all.


Ok. Enjoy the impossible life.


It's not impossible. Edit: the word ye're looking for is difficult.


It's impossible for literally everyone with a bad job to do.


You can change your job man, there's risk sure, but don't think it's impossible. You deserve better!


*I* probably can, but not everyone can. It's not a workable solution to the overall problem.


What's this overall problem you're talking about?


Of course you need the job to survive, it does take a fair amount of work to actually find a new job. Almost a full time job in and of itself in Dublin. You deserve better if you're stuck in a shit job.


Why impossible?


Because there are hundreds of thousands of people employed in Dublin alone and multiple millions over the whole country and only so many jobs. Let's say 100,000 people have a 'bad' job. Where are there 100,000 job openings with better conditions, higher wages, more flexible hours etc? It's fantasy.


Oh. I must have imagined my rise from working as a lowly security guard to my current, well paid professional salaried position. You're right. It's impossible.


Why are there so many reductive takes in this thread? There are more people in this country than ‘perfect’ or ‘good’ jobs. Your anecdotal evidence means fuck all


And yet, I achieved the "impossible". Maybe drop the negative attitude and improve your life?


My life is grand mate Maybe recognise that we don’t have equality of opportunities and for many people in this country, hard work doesnt bring a professional salaried position? Glad you’re happy though


10% of the Irish workforce are on minimum wage, oh but apparently there are tens of thousands of open hirings for well paid jobs they're just not taking. It must be that way because *you're* well paid, of course.


I was once on minimum wage. Now I'm not. Impossible! The word impossible means: "not able to occur, exist, or be done." Hmm. Paradox. Look into your future. There's a great job out there, but only if you believe you can get it, and only if you're willing to bust your ass to get it, like I did. You should see me as an inspiration, but instead you seek to dismiss my achievements. Maybe it's time to look in the mirror, bud.


The entire workforce who are under suboptimal conditions cannot all just move to new jobs that are better, no amount of your condescending masturbatory anecdotes about making money change that


Exactly, like people who enjoy their jobs or have good jobs were just born into them or something? If you're willing to settle for less, don't moan about it imo.


Or better still, try a policy of decentralisation that actually works. Pandemic's put off so many people from wanting to live in overcrowded cities. The govt. need to capitalise on this NOW. But of course they won't.


My new job has a stand up meeting at 9am. Instead of waking up at 8.30am I will have to wake up at 7am to get to office in time. I can only imagine my productivity for the days I have to come to office with their "flexible" schedule. But they want it this way so who am I to tell my boss how to run the business.




What are you even trying to say