Theory Rating pt. 5: Sans is from Deltarune


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One of the few Deltarune theories that I really really believe is canon. Mainly because of the ICE-E word puzzle. ICE-E's pezza doesn't exist in Undertale (not that we know of anyway) but we do know it exists in Deltarune. That word search could've came from the Deltarune universe. The word search also has Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall on it, seasons that do not exist in the underground, but do exist in Deltarune. Plus the fact that Sans has seen the sun before, and of course the image in his bunker that says 'Don't forget' on it


the river person’s message about a man from another world, sans talking about being from another world and how him and papyrus just appeared one day it makes so much sense tbh


Well sans does says in undertale if i remember right that undertale world isn t its world. What I find quite a big coincidence is sans room: When entering for the first time in sans room in undertale, its like the first time we enter the school closet: a light at entrance and the rest is just plain darkness and black. And then papyrus appear and tell he hates when its broyher do those space times jokes. If sans can create pocket dimensions or mini dark worlds, yeah i suppose he came from deltarune.


I'm sure that Sans is not from Deltarune, but this theory is extremely fascinating and cool


It’s a fascinating theory, but he hasn’t yet cross-mentioned his time in the underground, so it is inconclusive.