The best timeline for Kris? Maybe. The best timeline for all the darkners you killed? Probably not.


Perhaps they would beg for death if they knew what was coming.


It's also funny because if this ends up being the best ending, you can actually do a weird glitch in Chapter 2 to get the Thornring during PACIFIST. So if you do that AND recruit everyone, you can maybe get a glitched "best ending" thats even better lmao


IVE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS TOO!! I think it would be incredibly interesting if the weird route actually turned out to have a better ending then the pacifist route. I'm pretty sure the weird route is about trying to get freedom, so it would be interesting if getting freedom will lead us to a happier ending


In my opinion this game wont have a good or bad ending, the pacifist route may be best route if it comes to world and the weird route may be nest for kris or smth else, but probably neither will ne 100% good. Also game may have only one ending because as far as ik its what toby has plamned


If you get the Thorn Ring, but defeat Berdly using Iceshock, the route goes back to normal, but Noelle will still learn and have access to the Snowgrave spell. The Twisted Sword may also work similar to the Berserker Ring from Chrono Trigger, which caused the equipped party member to attack outside of your control but also boosted their attack damage.


I think the new truck route is going to be the best timeline and the best neutral route you can currently do is an aborted snow grave where you abort right before Berdly so that you can get the thorn ring.


I think it would be... Thematically bizarre? For it to be the best ending. Even if you don't escalate it to killing a Lightner, you push Noelle to do some very dark things. Thinking of it deeply, if you do get lowered trance from it, you are empowering Kris at the expense of Noelle and many Darkners; that's notable, and rich as a theme to explore. So I don't see it being the best route being the case. But, I absolutely buy that this is some kind of strange "neutral" route between snowgrave and pacifist, and totally buy that it is probably a different route than the Snowgrave one as well. I am very curious as to what this all entails If I may speculate... It seems like there are a lot of "neutral" possibilities that are not paid attention to. Berdly can have an arm paralyzed ONLY in a route where you have used some violence - That will change things from either of the other routes. Surely, there is going to be a different arc there than in either Snowgrave or Pacifist. As Castle Town expands, it changes - In future chapters you would be able to get a strange combination of recruits who may interact in unusual ways. We already have a preview of a Castle Town where three Darkners have formed a band that changes the background music - But, if we strategically avoid specific ones, can we keep the music as it is in Chapter 2, even as the city becomes bustling? How will people react, then, and what will change? And there is this Twisted Sword item seemingly ONLY available if you abort a Snowgrave Route. What will happen? It's these kinds of approaches I think people overlook, but may be very interesting. Your town and options reflects how you approach the game - Grow powerful by attacking others, or have options by making friends with more people. But also the permutations of that. You can go through a Snowgrave Route, claim your ring, beat berdly through speech, and avoid him getting his arm paralyzed. You can still recruit things like Tasque Manager, the Swatchlings, and Mauswheel. That kind of potential has me very interested...