and since Ralsei is from the dark world that accepts anyone he might be able to go to any other dark world


And the reason it accepts everyone is because it's the *storage* closet. Everything can go in there.


Didn't realize that, I feel dumb now.




so I guess if the darkner fits the theme of the dark world they can be accepted, so imagine if the only reason starwalker can go into different dark worlds is because he’s so abstract he just fits the theme every single time, unused classroom? He’s a diamond. Computer lab? Now he’s a cursor. Hell, if he also appears in the tv dark world I’d bet on it being something about space programs that allows him to stay


or even a cartoon that allows him to stay. God this just goes deeper doesn't it /j




I like the theory that he's the devil horn headband Kris wore when they were younger, and therefore he fits anywhere Kris is.


he is submissive and marketable


He's a ralsei plushie


So what is the original starwalker in the overworld, just a miscellaneous bit of yellow plastic?


oh my god that makes so much sense actually


Oh fuck, that's a good point.


And since playing cards showing up in a family home isn't unusual...


He **always** comes back!


Now I want PJ Heywood to voice Jevil now...


That…actually makes a lot of sense.


Tha and the Fountain of Pure Darkness. Probably both, knowing Toby.


Honestly i get the feeling the "pure darkness" is an unsubstantiated claim from Ralsei, the fountain doesn't seem to be any different from the two others we've seen


The only other fountain we've seen from such a distance (as far as I recall, anyway) is the Cyber World's fountain, which appears blue from the Roller Coaster. The "Pure Fountain", on the other hand, is black even at such a great distance.


we haven't seen the grand fountain up close though


happy cake day




My theory is another. The storage closet was built on top of **THE** fountain by pure coincidence. This fountain is probably in the ocean or in the underground, and it was just inactive before Ralsei is not an object, he is a pure darkner, so he has no way to not belong in another dark world. I just don't like Ralsei being a headband


The headband idea is a neat concept, but it feels like it would be awkward to fit into the story and lore. Even if they did drop that reveal at some point, I feel like it would fall flat for and confuse all the players who didn't see that dialogue or forgot about it. I kind of hope you can find a dark-world version of the headband as an item in ch3 just to end that idea. Honestly it could even work as a secret boss character, as it would perfectly fit the "discarded, forgotten items" theme they seem to be going with. Having a secret boss come from that headband would also probably be interesting for Kris' character. Considering how Darkners sort of 'inherit' memories from the objects they come from, the headband would probably be able to reveal a lot about Kris from all the time Kris carried it around.


This is how recruiting works, because of course you can put computers in a storage closet


"And that's why there's 12 elephants in here"


That was another point yes, since Castle Town darkness accepts any type of darkner I think ralsie (assuming he's from the castle fountain) should be able to go into any dark world unharmed!


Exactly, this is what I've been trying to say for a while!


He said this in his own words.


Isn't he from the same one as Lancer?


no ralsei is from castle towns dark world while lancer is from card kingdoms dark world


How tf do darkners travel to other worlds without entering the light world Toby is literally Scott Cawthon 2.0


well in chapter one we entered card kingdom by going through the great door which proves that you don't need to go through the light world to travel to other dark worlds


I'm pretty sure Ralsei *did* say that he walked to Cyber World somewhere


Well it is worth mentioning that in Chapter 1 the Dark Worlds are right next door to each other. You head east to enter the Card Kingdom using the great doors and when you get out of CK there's a door on the western wall that connects to the closet (despite being locked).


Also. Imagine being the prince of pure darkness and not be able to visit other darkners fountains


I wonder if it's also parallel to Ralsei being accepting of everyone


Here’s my personal head cannon. The Darkners created by the Dark Fountain naturally are themed around the dark world they live in. But foreign Darkners who come from other fountains, (Other than Ralsei as he comes from a Universal Dark Fountain.) turn to stone, as they don’t fit with this new Dark World. (Take Lancer in chapter 2 for an example.) However, some Darkners can delay the stone transformation by trying to match with the new Dark World’s theme. For an example of this, look at Rouxls Kaard. In chapter 1, he’s the Duke Of Puzzles, and an irl rules card. Perfectly in-theme of his Fountain. In chapter 2, he’s dressed as a pirate. I believe this made him more themed to the Cyber World as he now somewhat represents internet piracy. However, he’s still not a part of this new Dark Fountain, so he eventually turns to stone. A potential addition to this theory is that if a Darkner already fits the theme of a new Dark World, they won’t turn to stone. (For example say Lancer was in a Dark World themed around poker. This theory states that he’d be fine due to him being a playing card irl.) This theory could be completely wrong, and Toby just does whatever for plot, but theme seems like the best answer to the dialogue you posted. T.L.D.R: Themes matter.


considering how the green room revealed in the sweepstakes has a Maus just chilling in the background, and the green room is most likely Kris' and Asriel's bedroom which has a computer and thus a mouse in it, at the very least your addition would seem to be true.


Completely forgot about the Maus. That basically confirms it


Yeah, Rouxls literally pirated the Thrash Machine, (as in steal and then mod) and only turned to stone when he tried to do his own thing (read: The reale powere of Rouxls Kaard).


Woah, I never noticed that!


Which begs the question, when will we see Rouxls’ full power as it’s foreshadowed? It’ll have to take place in Castle Town, which might mean Rouxls is planning coup, but as shown before with Queen, Rouxls is a natural follower, which means he’ll be working for/with someone, maybe a lightner? An actual enemy lightner working for their own gain? Not off the table!


Likely the Original Starwalker. He's gotta be important there's no way he's just a joke character


Why not? Starwalker is an easy to miss Easter egg, why would it be important




I assume we will see Rouxls' full power, but I also expect it to be incredibly underwhelming. Like he just changes color or something.


Or how about it’s initially underwhelming, and that’s the joke, but later on he appears as a boss in an area that compliments his underwhelming power, and he becomes super powerful! Relatively.


You might be onto something here


Also his head never turns to stone in the normal route and that's the part of his body he "modified" with the hat.


Does he have his pirate hat on in the weird route? I can't remember


I dont believe he does


He does, which kinda throws a wrench into the mix.


This also could be how Spamton has met Mike. He fit in the TV world as the commercial break.


This would ALSO explain how both spamton and tasque manager both seem to know jevil to some capacity. Though how jevil got to the cyber world and how he ft in there is a bit of a mystery


Jevil is a bit meta. Lots of video games are very meta. Do the math.


Jevil is a Twitter user


Jevil can do anything. I'm sure he can morph to fit the occasion.


We already know that Devilsknife (Jevil) didn't turn to stone in the Cyber World, and since Lancer turns to stone in your inventory no matter the route, it doesn't make sense as to why Devilsknife didn't turn to stone. There are three possible explanations. 1: Jevil is implied to be a Joker/Wild Card. Jokers aren't limited to any one card suit, fitting in with every card suit and being playable as any card (whether it be a king of spades or a 3 of diamonds). If since the normal rules of play don't apply to Jevil in games such as Go Fish or Poker, perhaps he overrides the rules of everything? Like the rule of fitting in with things in Dark Worlds? 2: Jevil has shapeshifting capabilities. Why not just morph into something that fits into the internet? 3: The thing at [deltarune.com/chair](https://deltarune.com/chair), "But what if it could... ...get darker than dark?" implies that there are things that are darker than dark. If Darkners are objects that turned into Darkners because of an excess amount of darkness from the fountains, could even more darkness cause them to turn into an object again? A sort of inception. Darkners such as Lancer, Rouxls, and Starwalker only turn into items when in the Light World. In Dark Worlds, they stay as themselves. Darkners such as Jevil or Spamton, however, can turn into different items in the player's inventory (Jevil = Devilsknife, Spamton = Dealmaker).\* Perhaps, if they are in fact "darker than dark," could they survive in a Dark World not their own? Ralsei is pure darkness, so he can survive alternate Dark Worlds. If something is darker than dark, could it survive in another Dark World? Hey, what do I know? I'm just a dumb theorist. And this is just a theory. A game theor- \*gets shot\* ​ \*The Jevilstail isn't Jevil himself, it's just his tail. I'm assuming that the PuppetScarf isn't actually Spamton, and rather it's made of the strings that kept him suspended in the air while in Neo form.


And since Queen has an unused solitaire attack, that could be how she met King


I love this headcanon tbh


**internet piracy** *SLOWLY REMOVES GLASSES* "My god..."


I remember seeing a joke comment that actually made a lot of sense. Sure Rouxls was *dressed* like a pirate but he didn't play the part exactly. If he did so much as swap his shitty shakespeare impression for a shitty pirate impression that could have been enough to save him


Well, he add least tried to _add_ one, although Ralsei told him to stop Holy crap Ralsei doomed Rouxls


Ralsei really went having two accents is punishable by death and yeah fair enough


he did steal (pirate) the thrash machine


maybe if he fully commited to the pirate accent, instead of stopping it when ralsei told him to, he wouldn't have turned to stone at all


My question is, could lancer have themed himself around solitaire and the dark fountain accept him?




Rouxls’ only begins transforming when he tries to go full power. It might be that whatever his full power is happens to be so incompatible with the theme he quickly began petrifying, only stopping when he changed enough that he stopped using that power.


I feel like it's worth noting that Roulx doesn't completely turn to stone. Except for the Snowgrave route, where he never gets to chance to become an internet pirate.


Yes he did https://i.imgur.com/RNY4kXI.png


The Original Star Walker doesn't turn into stone because he is so perfect he matches everything


And since Ralsei is a furry he fits perfectly into the internet


In order for ralsei to be a furry, he would have to be a human, which is definitely not true


By furry he means an anthropomorphic animal which are often referred to as furries same as people who are in the furry community


Since asriel is also a furry he will be fine in his house


My theory for this is that if they are Kris’ old headband, then they “fit” anywhere Kris has worn it in the past, aka: pretty much anywhere in town.


Originating from the pure Dark Fountain aside, Ralsei *does* resemble one of the two known dominant species of the regular world. If the Knight is a monster, I'd go out on a whim to say that a monster-esque darkner could easily fit in any Dark World created *by* a monster.


counter example: the original starwalker


What if THE KNIGHT is making these fountains, not because he wants to start the roaring, but because he doesn’t belong in any Dark world, and he’s trying to make one where he belongs


doesnt the knight have to be a lightner


I don’t think they explicitly said that. Correct me if I’m wrong please


Queen Explicitly Says That To Open A Dark Fountain You Need DETERMINATION, And Immediately After Says That Only Lighteners Have DETERMINATION.


Technically, Queen said that all lightners have determination, not that you NEED to be a lightner to have determination


Fair Enough I Guess.


It could be that SOME Darkners have Determination, like Undyne had some despite being a Monster. It's interesting that Queen's implication means that even Monsters in Deltarune have Determination.


Monsters In Undertale Also Have DETERMINATION It's Just That They Don't Have A Lot Of It.


Ah! Yes, I Think You're Right!


Determination comes from SOUL's. Spamton was trying to steal ours. It's possible the Knight is a Darkner who took a Lightner's SOUL.


A SOUL... Such as Dess's...?


Maybe. Though it's more likely Dess is still alive.


I hope so Besides, it's unknown if Monster SOULs still perish immediately in Deltarune or if the Holidays are boss monsters.


Why are you capitalizing like Queen


Because I Fell Like Doing It.


nooooooooo deltarune fans using facts and logic


I read a good theory a while back that Rouxls lasted longer than Lancer because the rules card in a deck fits better in a library than an actual playing card.


A popular theory I’ve heard, is that: it depends on where the fountain is, so some random cards that don’t fit into a computer room are stoneifed which is why the closet dark world can hold anything, it’s a closet


people are so busy asking "how did he not turn to stone" they're missing the real question which is "how did he get there"


I wouldn't be surprised if in the beginning of chapter 3 Susie is like "dude how the fuck do you get here???" And ralsei just explains that it's some goofy teleportation spell he can do. It's actually make sense if this was useable in the games menu as a way to warp back to castle town in the middle of a chapter real quick so the game doesn't have this rigid "you can only upgrade items at the end of every chapter whoops" feel that the game has right now. It feels weird not being allowed access to the bakery for 60 percent of the game


he hurried over, obviously probably just walked


How did he walk through the light world?


simple he walked obviously






Rouxls get in ur pocket at the start of the capter. When u go into the library dark world you cans see a litlle star flying away from Kris-> the same stars appears when he brings every darkners in castle town


> how did he not turn to stone This isn't talking about Rouxls.


talking about ralsei




The golden door is meant to represent the door on the left inside the unused classroom. There is nothing special about that door, it's just a representation of the real door.


It's not a universal portal. His world has a door to the card world because the closet it's in has a door to the closet the card world was in. They're physically connected


Each dark world has a theme. If you break the theme too much , you stand out and become stone. Chapter 1 is board game / kinda Alice in wonderland theme. Chapter 2 is old internet themed. At least that's my guess.


I think it's less alive and wonderland and more fantasy kingdom because checkers and cards have kings and queens and such


It’s toy themed. There’s card games, board games, the top, letter blocks, jacks, a bouncy ball, and animal crackers.


it would be so funny if the adisons were in the tv world as well


You know what I think it might be canon, we’ll see


Or, at least some version of them- maybe playing off of the Happy Fun Ball-esque commercials


i imagine that’s why we see a maus in the greenroom teaser. might fit in given asriel’s room has a computer


went on the same train as Ralsei.


and nubert


Yeah!! This is why I think Spamton was able to work in TV. I actually headcanon that Spamton was made for TV rather then the internet. Not in a literal sense, but more in the sense that he seemed to be a natural at presenting/hosting TV shows despite struggling at running ads on the Internet


Given that Spamton Is based off... well, spam, maybe spamton himself is, in universe, based off some TV mascot. Heck, maybe the scam advertisement later based itself on something like swatch later on.


Or he is the commercial break.


Plus, all the references to some “audience”


Finally someone notices! Thank god!


Jevil can exist in the cyber world cause the fountain mistakes him for one of the Twitter town residents.


Best comment


The one thing I find very curious is despite all of this, we know darkeners from different dark worlds have met each other before like King and Queen or Jevil and Spamton. How were they able to go to those places without turning into stone?


Or how are they able to do that given each dark world we encounter besides ralseis maybe is like at max a day old?


Maybe before the dark fountains they still had “consciousnesses” but couldn’t actually really do anything until the dark fountains gave them bodies


It's possible that the dark worlds that are being opened have been opened before, that could even explain why the knight is opening fountains in specific places


My best guess is that when a dark world is made, it generates a history for that dark world based on the objects within it, and things that have happened to those objects.


Still, unless it has something to do with however the Knight broke Jevil, it doesn't explain how he knew about Queen.


That classroom's unused now, who knows if it was always unused? Noelle might have taken her laptop in there at some point.


Somebody jammed the cards into a computer and broke it


it could make sense since he turned into stone earlier in snowgrave before he was a pirate (or at least i think he wasnt one, dont remember). also i still havent seen an explanation why starwalker didnt turn, maybe he didnt because he was in kris' pocket. or he might have joke character plot armor


*Starwalker belongs everywhere because they look like a recolored save point /hj


Starwalker belongs everywhere because he is the original Starwalker.


My theory is that the og starwalker is a hairpin, hairpins can be dropped everywhere, so he can be in any dark world




rouxls did leave the pocket at the start though meaning lancer would have stoned alarmingly fast if the pocket thing was true


He freezes in the pocket even earlier in the snowgrave route though


I think in the snowgrave route Lancer is turned to stone while inside of the pocket


He was a pirate https://i.imgur.com/RNY4kXI.png


My theory is that it depends on how well the darkner’s irl form fits into whatever location the Dark World is in. Like playing cards in a computer lab don’t really fit in, they end up turning to stone. It’s why the Closet can house everyone, you can throw just about anything in a closet and it’d make sense.


I wonder what that'd mean for the darkners created from the Dreemurrs' TV. Those things can practically be fucking anywhere these days.


My guess is the will of the fountains have to match, maybe meaning they were made by the same person or at least some people with the same "will" when creating it.


Wouldn't that imply that the computer lab dark room wasn't made by the knight?


The Cyber World and Card Kingdom fountains were both made by the Knight and Castle Town wasn't, though...


If i'm not mistaken there was never 100% confirmation that the knight made the classroom fountain, it's the most likely suspect of course, but characters only really mention the knight showing up, then the King of Spades came into power. However, if it is the case that the knight made the classroom fountain, then maybe it's will changed somewhat between making fountains, causing Lancer and Roulx to not belong. But hey, it's still early days, we don't have enough info at the moment.


So if Lancer is a playing card, we should have just found the Solitaire game that every computer has. He'd fit in just fine there.


Queen actually had a Solitare themed attack at one point, so maybe


And we still don't know how she and King know each other.


I mean given neubert and starwalker and the thrash machine I honestly think it just comes down to a matter of meshing with an area. Cards don’t belong in a computer lab, but machines and lights sure do.


Considering Queen is implied to have lived in the same world as the Spade King for a long enough time, I kinda thought that too


Well King's world is a classroom, a computer in a classroom isn't out of the ordinary


Not just that, remember queen is a **laptop** which makes even more sense


I have a theory of why some can belong and others can't I think it's related to their light world equivalents, for example: The Cyber World is the computer room, so no one would expect, I dunno... A card from a card game? Maybe they can "belong" if their light world object is related with the environment of the same. But here's the question: what Ralsei is in the Light World? I know, probably he doesn't even is a darkner, but if he is, he should have to be something that could belong in a board game room AND a computer room. Ps: If you think I'm wrong you can say your theory, but please don't harass me or say that I'm ignorant for not seeing a piece of the story, I just had this theory and wanted to share


I really like this way of thinking about it! I'm assuming that since Ralsie isn't seemingly based on an item, he's more of a manifestation of the dark world itself. (he is the dark or is purely made of darkness) that or Ralsie is more of an idea, a wish of Kris's to bring back Asriel in a sense. The third is that ralsie is a Lightner but I found that doubtful


I don't think the he can be a wish of Kris... Your theory is kinda cool ngl, but you forgot that Kris don't really fell anything for Ralsei. When Kris drink the Ralsei Tea, he's neutral, which is interesting if you have payed attention to how Kris misses Asriel. Ralsei have a connection to Kris somehow, but maybe the answer is somewhere else...


oh yeah I always forget about the tea! Good point.


This is why I believe Rouxls extended his life in Cyber World by becoming a (internet) pirate. He was able to adapt to a different theme. As others have said, any advertisement darkener would belong in any media themed dark world (tv, internet, etc.)


I want jigsaw puzzles coming with me!


I just think that Ralsei has no light world form sinse he is made of pure darkness, and he can also traverse through all dark worlds at will, when he senses a new dark world opening he goes there and waits for Kris and Susie, or the inverse if he travels particularly slowly


You are bound to have darkners compatible with multiple dark worlds when everyday objects are in nearly every room in the real world.


The recent discussion I’ve seen about this is mostly due to the large number of exceptions. The known travelers between Dark Worlds, ignoring immigrants to Ralsei’s kingdom as its presented as very compatible: * Ralsei x 2, presumably 3: Able * Lancer Stoned * Roulxs: 0.75 stoned (fully in the alt route, half in the main route) * Mean Machine: Able * Star Walker: Able * Jevil (tail or knife): No mention of turning to stone * Spamton: Presumably based on his familiarity with the TV Dark world and being a Jevil class being. As of Chapter 2 we are just in a weird place. All the major plot relevant Kard Kingdom darkeners turned to stone. The majority of darkeners didn’t. With each chapter we’ll probably get a better idea of the exact rules.


Here’s what I think of it. Darkners turn into stone based off of how much they fit in. Ralsei is so submitting to everything, that he doesn’t turn to stone. Lancer turns to stone because the ace of spades doesn’t really fit with modern cyber technology. Same goes for Rouxls Kaard, but because he was trying his best to fit in and make himself Queen’s right hand man, he didn’t fully turn to stone, with only his head remaining. This isn’t my theory. I can’t exactly remember where I got it from, but I think it was from JaruJaruJ on YouTube. It might be true, it might not. We’ll just have to wait until future chapters release to get a solid answer.


That would explain the Maus seen in the Green Room teaser.


I’m just really interested in why new Dark Worlds have fully formed people, personalities, and history (like Cyber City). I get that characters are based on what they represent, but some details imply or require a history of sentience.


This and Ralsei literally being the Prince of darkness. It wouldn't make sense if a dark prince couldn't see all of his domain


to us, “might” not belong sounds like “will” not belong. but to somebody like ralsei who’s boarderline autistic it would literally mean MIGHT not belong.


as an autistic person I can kinda see how ralsei is borderline autistic


Same, which is why i said so.


Reading is hard and theories are fun


Reading these comments throws a wrench in everything and I love it


okay, now Starwalker not turning into stone is also understandable(? I also wonder if this also depends on the world itself, like, maybe you could go to A or B world but the C world would turn you into stone, if that´s the case I wonder if Ralsei is going to have trouble in one :v7


I really hope this means Lancer will be able to tag along at some points in future chapters.


And railsi is made of pure darkness


Sorry too distracted by fluffy boy cant focus on your lore theory or whatever


Yeah ralsei can't say will not, because ralsei has to take in co.sideration that everyone is welcome in its castle, logical. All dark worlds only accepts their citizens apart ralsei castle because it fountain is made of pure darkness.


My headcannon Is that darkners are divided into two species. The ones that can exist in any darkworld, like ralsei, Jevil and Starwalker. While others can't absorb the darkness around them.


Might explain why there's a Maus in Dark World from chapter 3. Because there probably is a computer mouse in Toriel's house.


So ralsei got lucky?


Well the castle town dark fountain seems to be pure darkness, and assuming ralsie is from that fountain, it would explain why he can go to any dark world.


Yea like if there were a dark fountain in the living room, Lancer might be alright there right?


Good point. Ralsei still sketch af tho.


Damn bro got us all


Yea exactly


If we assume ralsei is a Darkner, we can explain this by saying that Ralsei does belong in all dark fountains, he is the prince of the dark after all


No need to assume, Ralsei being a Darkner is repeatedly confirmed both in the game and IRL.


I posited a theory on this a while ago but I think it's a very meta reason: Plot relevance. If a darkner is redundant to the "plot" of the dark world, like how Lancer had nothing to do after setting Kris free, they are turned to stone. Rouxls inserted himself into the story as a miniboss, giving him relevance for a short time but once his battle was over he was frozen too. (His head remaining unfrozen, i have no clue. Maybe because he was needed for the Mech assembly? in snowgrave he's completely converted, head and all, with no mech battle either) Ralsei is a key party member, so he's always relevant


idk the darkners that can access other dark worlds are from the original dark world any other darkner that arent from the og dark work can still access to the original one, but they cant access any other fake dark world


I think given ralsei’s personality, it’s not far-fetched to interpret it as a euphemism, which clearly a lot of people (myself included) did. But it’s also very possible and actually more likely that he was being literal and some darkners can “belong” in multiple dark worlds.


Yeah just look at the Original Starwalker


Maybe he belongs to a lot of worlds but... i am thinking: and if Ralsei is actually Asriel? Like he could just lie to Kris and Susie, no? I know this is stupid but it still could be true


This also seems to apply to other darkners though, like starwalker, maus, jevil (maybe)


I will know if my theory is true only when the game will proceed. For now this is all i can think