... Please don't tell me I'm going to have to fight her again.


she destroyed me when i first played undertale 💀


My muscle memory will kill me if we fight her


we are not long for this world


i personally am looking forward to being destroyed again


Of course not. You'll **get** to fight her again!


I don't like the implications of this.


Undyne Secret Boss confirmed?


You won't have the option to run this time




God if that's the case I'm going to cry she was tough...


[same here](https://youtu.be/VM3uXu1Dq4c)




This image was labeled as Ch4 so maybe?


It was? Where?


File name.


All of the images, other than Green room, are labeled as Chapter 4. Green Room doesn't have a chapter in the label. But likely chapter 3.


It'd be funny if toby is just messing with us and all of it is actually for chapter 3 but then again it's toby of course he would


I figured it would be that, since the track 'Hometown Day''s description suggests that the day after the night in dark world 3 that the sun was shining, which it would be in the photo since it was raining. Though considering most exploration of Hometown takes place AFTER a dark world, do you think the police only get involved after ch 4? Or maybe they just policed the station down for the festival as all the police are over there instead and nothing bad happened at all.


Maybe it's just a stupid joke like it is closed because it's raining or something


Hello? Police? Help me! Cant. Why? It’s raining, sorry.


Latam moment


maybe it's like chapter 1 ice-e's and it's closed because everyone is out of office


That... Makes more sense


Or it's closed because everyone is out recapturing the dogs.






I mean she did call the police at the end


but the police never arrived either


Most responsible police force:


That's just standard for police though


Not that we know of


Nobody really talking about how this implies something bad happening with the police as well if they’re closed


That is possible! We just don’t know.


I will die if Undyne is in the dark world in chapter 3. That would be hella cool man. But also if Toriel was in the dark world. That would be awesome too


Better start writing your will then


Fr lmao


I'm hoping for napstablook honestly, the joke with undyne not knowing about the dark world despite people telling her about it is too good


I'm thinking it might be Napstablook too, since when we last saw Undyne chasing the Wet Nose Bandits. The other possibility is that the dark world shenanigans wrap up in a few hours like before and neither of them end up inside because arrive next morning (I don't recall how Toriel's call went but I do recall that it happened a while after the tires had been slashed since she waited for Kris and Susie went to sleep I think).


So Susie falls into the fountain and a familiar sepia intro begins, showing a lone monster falling into a subterranean world. If only there was a name for this... *underground area*


Considering how much Undyne looked up to Asgore in Undertale, I have no doubt that Undyne may resent Toriel for whatever happened to her mentor. It's entirely possible that Undyne will be the Berdly of the chapter and we're going to have Toriel as a temporary party member. After all, she has fire power and we know Undyne doesn't really like the heat.


Ooh ya that makes sense, but it also makes me wonder why she didn't have any problems with Toriel in Undertale then


She had problems with Toriel. In some endings, she led a revolution against her, who wanted to treat humans as friend, after Frisk killed a bunch of monsters.


toriel is in chair at the end scene so i feel like she will be in the dark world unless kris is like only transporting themselves to a dark world or something wacky like that you never know with toby fox


Fr lmao it's kind of cool for it to be a mystery tho so when the game comes out it's all new ya know


Good observation




I'm pretty sure it's implied chapter 2 was Friday, so the next couple of chapters will be the weekend (assuming one ch per day continues). The police take the weekend off because we all know nobody does crime on the weekend.


I like this theory, fits Toby Fox’s humor well lol


Maybe-- but it could also mean that they closed bc they're attending/guarding the Festival that some characters talked about.


It’s during chapter 4, and I’m pretty sure the Festival is during Ch 7 right?


I mean, doesn't susie say at the end of chapter two that the festival will be tomorrow?


She only says it's "coming up", like everyone else. Though it would be reasonable to assume there's no school tomorrow because of the festival, and they mention it a bit too much for it to only happen like 7 years from now when Chapter 7 finally comes out.


I can imagine this in chapter 3: Undyne and Susie: anger! Destruction! Strength! Kris and napstablook: chilling out with chill beats. Ralsei and Toriel: enjoying snail facts.


If I remember correctly Susie in chapter 2 was hiding from undyne


Well that doesn't stop Dark Wold Shenanigans™ from making them friends!


Made me realize that while similar, they pheraps would try to avoid them. Susie would avoid undyne. And maybe ralsei would try to avoid Toriel (because Asriel maybe), and Kris would try to avoid napstablook (maybe as a ghost they could tell if something is possesing Kris) Idk


If we've done the snowgrave route do you think there's any chance of us seeing an investigation into Berdly's death?


That's a pretty good idea


I feel like what's gonna happen is in Chapter 3 we wake up in a Dark World, go through the whole thing, seal the fountain, walk outside, and some sort of Dark World into Light World leakage is gonna be happening and then the Chapter ends, so that'd leave Chapter 4 as the same day which does make sense if Undyne and Napstablook are like still recovering


Everyone: It means we're going to go kill undyne in another weird route! Me: Toby's just screwing with us, she and Blooky are just punching out all the rain drops so the festival ground don't get wet.


Finally, ACAB


Bruh. Also it took me like a minute to realize that didn’t mean “Assigned Cop At Birth”


Nepotism has gone too far.


I meant the will be involved


How in what way would this be related


You can't be running a police station if your busy at someone's house. There is only two police officers.


In the first chapter it was closed that didn't mean anything. Also that would happen whether they were involved or not given they were still looking at toriel's house if anything if that means they're involved that would mean that there wasn't a dark world in kris's house that day (which is what I believe)


In chapter one, there is still someone in the inside the police station, so there was no closed sign. Idk I could be wrong. Just thought it was something to point out


I very much think you are cuz the police station was still closed even if it didn't have the sign up. You strike me as the kind of guy who believes the next chapter is going to be in kris's house and it messes with the timeline if it is


I think it will be, with new teasers showing a TV related dark world and Kris seemingly making a dark fountain.


No no they're not TV related you just think that because that's what your brain was already thinking you were predetermined to think about TVs so it could have shown anything and you would have thought it was TV related. And it was in the end of chapter cutscene so like it's very possible that Toby just doesn't have that be the case and then just never addresses it again I very much think that is what's going to happen. Also I don't understand how TV stations could become darkners as they're not really a thing it's more wavelengths being sent to your TV that then tell your TV to do specific noises or flash certain lights so I don't really think that could become a darkener so I don't really see how this could be a TV related anything.




Haha funny now give me an answer.


Spamton was spam email, the Addisons were adds, the Tasque is a task. The teasers show two characters that look weather reporters. There is a location that looks like a film. There is character hinted at named Tenna, as in antenna. "Predetermined to think it's TV themed" doesn't really work.


No no they're not what they're forecasters their weather themed enemies your brain was already thinking TV related things but those aren't weather forecasters. An email is a thing that the actual thing even a digital thing could be turned into same for the ads. Tasks are just the apps and s*** that the task manager would be looking over. For all we know Tenna could literally just be something for spamton side plot and there's another one that says the TV is off which implies that tenna would be dead


Kris turns the TV at the end of Chapter 2. The TV also smiles at the end of Chapter 2. Also, what are you trying to say about the adds and tasks? You should probably improve your grammer, I can't understand you.


…did you just ignore kris and Susie watching TV in chapter 2?


programs in the computer lab became darkners


Yes but it's different they are strands of code that are on the computer. The way TVs work is completely different it's not something on the TV it's something being broadcasted to the TV not only what the broadcast change wildly the next day it would also not be able to connect the Wi-Fi was turned off so all the stuff that was on the computers were stuck there essentially that is evidently not the case for the TV's given we literally use them.


We literally have already seen what the weather channel looks like when turned into a darkner? Or what do you think the weather duo is? We also now know of a different character in addition to Mike, that being Tenna, the actual target of Spamton's anger. And tenna is awfully close to antenna, so a full name of something like Ann Tenna is low-key to be expected. Also Spammy seems to have issues with "Cathode's crew" and clearly hates televisions. Also, the Shadowmen enemies are quite likely the figurines you can see in your living room on the windowsills, not to mention as some have pointed out, the "green room" is most likely Kris' and Asriel's bedroom. So overall, next chapter will most likely be in Kris' home, and TV will play some part of it.


It can't be asriel's bedroom because the door is closed unless toriel randomly opened it which is what we call plot convenience. A cathode is literally just where electrons enter electrical objects. The weather enemy could literally just be f****** anything related to the weather not necessarily a weather forecaster they could be a magazine or a toy or literally anything. My theory which says that the church is going to be the next dark world says that the next dark world is going to take place in church store room with a bunch of knick knacks and s*** so can definitely be something like that along with those figures most likely being religious they would have the stored there. I believe that the mic and tena thing is based on a side plot and not the actual a plot even then that contradicts the game where he specifically says that he hates Mike also this could all just be a metaphor given I think that might is the night who abuse spamton so tena could just be the angel after he realizes that they're two different things. Oh so sorry if my grammar s*** doesn't make sense just to ask for clarification I'm using speak to text.


Asriel and Kris share the same bedroom, not sure what you mean with it being closed? While true that cathode could mean anything, the tenna page where spamton says he'll take revenge on them all, except Mike, it is the page with a crossed out tv on it, and in the neo fight he says "THOSE [Cathode Screens] INTO [Cathode Screams] And fair I guess, the weather enemies *could* be anything, but considering how Susie briefly scrolled trough weather news and having attire you'd except from a meteorologist paired with the hand staff perfect for pointing around that weather map like you'd do, I'm gonna have to keep believing they are indeed made from a weather channel. Also, when does Spamton ever *explicitly* state he hates Mike? Sure, his shop dialogue implied he did when he just says Mike's name, then tells us to not trust someone on TV, but that doesn't *necessarily* mean he hates mike, but could've meant that this entire time it was all a "pronoun game". And again, the Tenna page explicitly states that Spamton will have revenge on everyone *except* Mike, so he clearly doesn't actually hate him. Also, briefly forgot the blink page with a waking up dark world susie, which would perfectly fit at the start of next chapter when she suddenly wakes up in a dark world after a sleep over Also, what causes you to say that the next chapter exactly should be in the Church? I mean sure, Rudy says he'll try going there that day, but that just means he's visiting a church first thing he can after having not been able to, and since it's unclear if his condition will stay good he might not be able to go later. And since Alphys Alphys explicitly reminds there's no school tomorrow, I don't think that tomorrow would be Saturday, since having no school would be obvious.


How would the next chapter taking place in kris's house mess up the timeline?


WELL. Seven chapters 7 days we start on Monday at the end of the week we have the festival seven dark worlds for 7 days we've already seen a crap ton of hometown content and they would need to fit in absorbently high amount of more in chapter 3 to pound all the time for the rest of the day that's how I would mess up the timeline.


Well even if the end of chapter 2 is a fake out how would the 3rd one start without completely ignoring what happened


Here's the funny part it would. Even not that it's just spawn us right next to the fountain you could immediately close it I just imagine the cutscene is entirely the same but it's super anticlimactic. Or we'd have all of the darkness idolize us because we're they're Creator so they bring us to the dark mountain no problem and then we immediately close it or we can have it that kris bailed to create a dark fountain. Or if the light to bringer theory is correct and it's simply a bright source of light that closes them there's no brighter source of light than the Sun.


Well the fountain being closed immediately is better than them just waking up and ignoring the last chapters ending but how do you explain the weather people or the green room or tenna


Where else would the CH 3 dark world be? In the pizza place? In the bunker? Kris made a fucking fountain in KRIS' HOUSE. WHY would the dark world be anywhere beside Kris' house?????


Because Toby would want us to guess. It's mentioned that church is tomorrow which makes no f****** sense if that doesn't amount to anything. There's also cracked holes that would need to be waved away.


Imagine if the police station is just closed on that day and it has nothing to do with the dark world. Probably not gonna happen, but it's funny to think about.


Probably the pacifist run where you tell that there was nothing suspicious to Undyne. And it’s just a Saturday.


I mean Toriel called the police. Maybe when Undyne arrives she stumbles into the fountain? Could be hilarious.


I think napstablook just wants to chill by themself


Everyone gangsta until *distant piano music*


oooooorrrr undyne is out with alphys and left nabstablook in charge of the police station and they just closed it for some reason, thats my theory, but its probably not true


Undyne is the only character in the town who you can talk to about the dark world, and if you do Kris tells her how dangerous the dark fountains are and that new fountains might appear, Undyne doesn't take it seriously, so my guess is Kris wants the police to do something about the dark fountains, that's why they slash the tires, and open the door at the end of the chapter, so that the police can come in and see it with their own eyes and than do something about it


this is a good theory




Ngl stupid theory


What teaser is this from?


Maybe fountain in the police station?


idk maybe its closed cuz of the rain or something


Could be. But I think Alphys says that the police are practically useless, so perhaps they Mayor has shut them down


The police will not be involved in the next chapter because they are closed.


Wasn't that obvious? I mean, Tori called the police to come over, so it's definetly gonna be in chapter 3, right?


Nah she's just on break


Remember my genocide experience... HELL NO


Might be another fun secret boss


Noticed this first day teaser was released. I think it ties into the whole Undyne genocide route theory


I think that undyne will be in the next chapter bc toriel called her at the very end of chapter 2, this practly affirms this its epic


K1ll her 2 times is not a Big problem


I'm scared for the next chapter. That's because avoiding spoilers after it's released is gonna be real hard especially waiting for it to come to switch since this one is going to be costing money.


I hope this is a hint to Napstablook and not Undyne. I will just stop playing once I reach the Undyne fight. (Unless she doesn't use the green soul.)


It’s important to note that the day of ch.3/4 school is closed and there’s church. So it may simply be closed because everyone is at service.




May I ask why


C3 weird Route Mayhaps ?