I think a lot needs to be done to make autoguns viable vs the other options. Sights are the biggest thing but also damage.


It doesn’t really make sense that headhunter mkVII maxes out at 165dmg and 23 ammo. Infantry mkI does 139dmg and 31 ammo, Braced MkVIII does 165dmg and 41 ammo. Meaning the low ammo sniper rifle (but with no scope) doesn’t do as much as damage as the braced autogun despite having half the ammo. And the mid-range infantry one does less damage than both, and has half the semi-auto fire rate. Meanwhile the kantrael XII does a whopping 288dmg and 36 shots. Half the fire rate as the infantry semi auto though. Further, a bolter has 75% of the ammo as the headhunter, but 3 times the damage, armor piercing, and only 50% longer reload. The bolter also gets rending!! I will say, the braced and infantry Autoguns are viable too, but only when damage and ammo is near maxed out.


Headhunter guns are dogshit. ​ I actually find the infantry autoguns, specifically the Agrippa, with HIGH STABILITY and that's important, are very good.


Although the braced AGs have a lot of damage keep in mind that they only have a 1.15 weakspot multiplier while the infantry AGs for example can be up to 2.6. Headhunters are still underpowered though.


"this aint cod"


Yeah... because that ain't a real world thing either xD


I just now realized that I must be playing on unacceptably low settings.


Guardsman, is that tritium sanctioned? Improving equipment is tech heresy. Forfeit all your progress, back to lvl 1 penal legion status with you.


There was a list of weapon modifications from one of the 40k TT RPGs. That stuff went way beyond "make sights usable" and it was common practice.


i mean, cawl has made improvements to the bolter, which is one of, if not THE holiest weapon in 40k and he's still okay. so, who's going to care if it improves the killing proficiency of inquisitorial agents, ya know? p.s. yeah i get the joke, i'm just saying that a commissar isn't going to care that especially when the inquisition is involved.


Cawl absolutely should not be used as a yardstick for what's OK, a random person doing stuff 'because it was OK for Cawl to do' would be executed publicly within a day.


counterpoint, our characters are apart of an inquistor's retinue, so i think they'd be okay with it. a commissar isn't going to shoot someone that is working for an inquisitor for no reason.


A commissar sure probably not (though they've executed *full inquisitors* in the past for things they considered heresy, so I wouldn't bet my life on it), Tech priests will *absolutely* execute someone for tech heresy though and be outside anyone elses authority (remember, they're *parallel* to the inquisition, the inquisition technically can't make them do anything, like with space marines and arbites they have their own chains of command and authority). Again, this is with full Inquisitors, just because we're some inquisition grunt wouldn't protect us from the worst zealots of the mechanicus.


We don't need to fear the worst of the mechanicus. We have Hadron, who can do sanctioned modifications for us. The only reason we can't customize weapons is because they wanted to have the Mod points/Perk/Blessing system and add on the layer of variants to pad out playtime so high level players don't have a straight path to progress their items, and casual players are stuck with crap cause they don't check shop every hour and do all their weeklies


Agreed - we absolutely can have Hadron doing it (and it seems what she's there for), but she'd *also* be executed in a day for half the shit Cawl does. If Cawl didn't have his own private army and navy (as well as until recently his own *more and better space marines than the whole rest of the imperium put together*!) things may well have been very different for him.


Easily reversible field modifications are almost certainly unofficially permitted, even if official policy says otherwise. Placing a dot of high contrast paint on a front sight is highly unlikely to register as tech heresy. Fucking around with the fire control group with unauthorized filing or replacement of sears, on the other hand...


My go to example is from Abnett's *Straight Silver*, the 6th novel in the Gaunt's Ghosts series. The sharpshooters in the regiment will add and remove and switch between different types of scopes and have to calibrate the settings for their various digital scopes to suit their preferences. No one even considers tech heresy until the regiment's top sniper opens up his scope and starts tweaking and overriding the internal systems, but the trooper who observes him do this thinks to himself "If Larkin had to be a heretic to shoot so well, that was fine with [him]."


in the guardsmen codex its says that a part of the uplifting infantrymen's primer are a list of approved modifications including alternate weapon housings, stocks, sights, and under barrel attachments guardsman can use or requisition.


I agree it'll probably be the type of thing that's fine. That said it's up to the techpriest, some will be fine with you changing out a charging circuit with a better one, others will execute someone for not saying the right litany while *reloading,* so I wouldn't bet my life on a modification like that. Imagine the types of people who usually go into a priesthood nowadays (the too technically minded in admech who don't have faith enough stay enginseers and almost never advance to priest), and what they get like by the time they're 70 years old+, now imagine that same person is 300 years old at least and you get an idea of what tech priests are likely to start at, there's a reason people avoid interacting with them!


"newfangled 9mms are tech heresy, .45 won two crusades back to back!" "who needs optics, hives need more carotene in their corpse starch" "when the STC specifies a generic structurally sound material for the hand guard it must be wood"


but what is tech heresy? is it me adding on a red dot optic to my lasrifle or is it me changing the wiring out for something with less resistance so as to be more efficient? i mean a tech priest won't shpot a guy for adjusting the mechanical range finder would they?


The answer is probably somewhere between "surprisingly intolerant" and "not as ridiculous as the fans think it is".


probably, but as always it's upto the writer/s involved


It's down to the techpriest, there's examples in lore of some being fine with someone swapping out their lasgun charging circuit with a better one (so quite tolerant) and others executing people for forgetting the litany of loading (a prayer you say when changing magazine/laspack). I think I wouldn't risk it when you're dealing with priests that are hundreds of years old...


It's anything that caters to the mentality which made Terminator happen during the Dark Age of Technology. So pretty much any form of R&D advancing tech.


The big I can certainly shield their acolytes from a tech priest because plenty of specialized Inquisitorial gear is extremely heretical, xenos made or even demonic, lol. The Inquisition could, theoretically, order entire chapters of space marines around. Its authority is pretty much absolute and second only to the Emperor himself, so it certainly cares not about what your average high ranking tech priest says. Inquisitors they have the authority to *destroy worlds* : they are not parallel to anything except other Inquisitors. Of course, sane Inquisitors know that ordering space marines, great magos or the High Lords around would probably end up very badly for them, so they try to ask for their help or work around them.


Inquisitors have the authority to order the Navy to destroy worlds, which triggers *techpriests* firing the weapon - how do you think that works out in practice? You see the problem with the parallel authority, now? Inquisitors need to politic carefully where space marines or admech are involved (or even arbites or commissars, and commissars are *definitely* technically below them). The problem with techpriests is they're a separate organization with their own structure, and they can be super-obstructive if they want (almost all tech needs them). There's plenty of examples in lore of Inquisitors trying to order regular techpriests around and just getting ignored, there's examples of commissars killing inquisitors for heresy (in their opinion), examples of arbites not cooperating or working against them and space marines outright shooting them for stepping outside of what they consider reasonable (but still well within Inquisitorial authority, the first Tau contact being a glaring example). The *Inquisition* is very powerful, an unpopular *Inquisitor* not so much (and the inquisition won't usually be willing to weaken its position by sticking its neck out for a dead inquisitor after the fact unless there's a good reason). The line you're saying is what inquisitors need people to believe, but it's *not actually that way* in practice. Any important tech priest who kills an inquisition goon for tech-heresy is not likely to face repercussions unless it's immediate. Destroying worlds isn't a big deal in 40k, admech, space marines, navy, rogue traders and yes, inquisition all do it (yes they have their own *admech supplied, built and crewed* inquisitorial cruisers, it doesn't have to be navy).


> Destroying worlds isn't a big deal in 40k Patent nonsense. Exterminatus is not declared willy nilly, it's a last resort.


I meant it's not something special and unique to the Inquisition, obviously, in this context. Space Marines, Imperial Navy, Adeptus Mechanicus, Rogue Traders and the Inquisition all have the authority to initiate Exterminatus. I was responding to: >Inquisitors they have the authority to *destroy worlds* : they are not parallel to anything except other Inquisitors. Does that make sense? This isn't some fancy thing that makes the Inquisition some super-authority (they are that, but not for the ability to order exterminatus) EDIT: Also a note it *can* be declared willy nilly, look up Inquisitor Kryptmann.


The average Inquisitor, with a strong enough case behind their proposal, can destroy a world. This is a right also given to the likes of Lord High Admirals, Chapter Masters, and Lord Commanders - the highest levels of similarly heavyweight Imperial institutions. I rather think you're shooting yourself in the foot here. >EDIT: Also a note it can be declared willy nilly, look up Inquisitor Kryptmann. Lord Inquisitor Kryptmann deployed his plan - one that was strongly opposed by his Ordo, despite his already exalted status as Lord Inquisitor - in order to employ scorched earth strategies against the Tyranids at a grand scale. The same Tyranids that represent an imminent existential threat towards the Imperium. Despite the apparent success of his plan, he's still being hunted down. Minimizing the gravity of Exterminatus based on such circumstances is a profound decontextualization.


>Inquisitors have the authority to order the Navy to destroy worlds, which triggers *techpriests* firing the weapon - how do you think that works out in practice? It means that tech priests can be ordered around but Inquisitors tend to not do that for obvious reasons. The lore is also full of Inquisitors ordering tech priests and commissars around, (that's half of the Ciaphas Cain books) but also commissars and officier ordering tech priests. Techpriests acolytes are both tech priests and inquisitoriak acolytes, so they can be ordered around by both factions. Who wins? The one with the closest gun, ususally. Most of your post can be answered with:. 1) politics. Inquisitors can clearly remove planetary governors and can bring down anything they want on the Arbites and this is pretty clearly stated everywhere. Ofc, again, they try to not do so because such people are usually valid allies. 2) whoever has the bigger gun wins, Which is the solution to almost any problem. A commissar can execute an Inquisitor? Not really, in theory. In practice? People die in a war zone all the time, but he better cover his tracks up and be damn sure of why he did that, because someone will be looking into this. Now, was the Inquisitor well known or clearly an heretic? Had he allies in the conclave? Because the conclave isn't gonna be intimated by a guy with a fancy hat. You also forgot to address my point about how Inquisitors and their acolyte deal with tech heresies and xeno artifacts pretty much any day of the week. >Destroying worlds isn't a big deal in 40k, admech, space marines, navy, rogue traders and yes, inquisition all do it (yes they have their own *admech supplied, built and crewed* inquisitorial cruisers, it doesn't have to be navy). It depends on the world. An Inquisitor could order your ship to destroy a world though, which other characters usually can't do. Tl;dr: No one is going to blam our characters for mounting a different sight on a weapon. If Hadron can supercharge our power swords she can also fix an autogun sight. But if Grendyl wanted to give us tau plasma rifles or heretically improved bolters he could do that even if Hadron didn't approve. It would probably cause him more problems than they are worth (and they are worth a lot), but he could definitely do that.


Weapon modifications aren’t tech heresy. Attachments (manufactured by the Mechanicus btw) are very different than weapon patterns, and even then there is an approval process for new weapon patterns by the council on mars. Dumb shit like this makes me wonder if you’re a servitor.


You know there's in lore examples of tech-priests executing people for not *reloading* properly (not reciting the litany of loading), right? Just because one tech-priest allows something doesn't mean another won't shoot someone in the back of the head for the same thing. There's examples of tech-priests being OK with people changing out recharge circuits in a lasgun, too, so yes, it goes both ways. A blanket statement like yours is a quick way to end up a servitor, trust me, I'd know beep boop.


The examples don’t really apply here though, a techpriest can’t really “execute” an acolyte of the inquisition, as their authority exceeds the techpriests. It would likely end in a shoot out if the tech priest was determined. Scratch that, it would probably end in a shoot out with guardsmen too, if his squad was nearby. Anyways, it’s apples to oranges. In darktide we’re members of his holy inquisition.


Ah I see, you're one of the people who thinks inquisitors are magic - *commissars* have executed *full inquisitors*, a tech-priest would absolutely execute an acolyte. It's a parallel organization like arbites, space marines or rogue traders, not a subordinate one (like the commissariat, which, as I mentioned, kills even full inquisitors sometimes). Yes, it might end up in a shootout. Of course it might. The consequences of that shootout depends on how popular each side was with their respective faction, though.


Oh that is truely curious. Of course one can simply shoot someone, but did they have the right? What was the fate of that commissar? Likely execution, right? The circumstances where a commissar is justified in killing an inquisitor is an extraordinary one. Oh, one last thing. Rogue traders are a subordinate organization while within the imperium, they really only carry authority around and beyond the edges of the imperiums influence.


A day? More like an hour. Cawl gets away with some grade A shenanigans.


NEW ITEMS Update : Single green dot now available at the cash shop for 1800 why are they not buying more stuff- tencent


You joke, but the entire model is changed in cosmetics - including sights. So this is a possibility. I.e. The three Lucius rifles all have different iron sights. However, if you put on a cosmetic (even just the ones you can buy for gold), they all become the exact same default one. So, if you liked one of the other two iron sights but want a cool cosmetic? Even just the red skin? Well that's just too damn bad.


And other weapons, which don’t have variants, have new geometry with the red-skin from the Ordo docket shop. E.g. the twin stubber, revolver


The only one I've encountered that doesn't do this so far is the imperial edition mortis regiment ones, it seems to have variants for different types.


Brother, This is the mark IX headhunter autogun i am using for my heresy runs as i find it ammo efficient (And i want something different because i am using the same bolter since the second phase of the beta): [https://imgur.com/a/9vU4iHf](https://imgur.com/a/9vU4iHf) If you look at the front sight on the right, you will notice that it is ***the same 'Flat oil drab' color with the walls.*** What we desperately need is something like the one on the left picture. https://preview.redd.it/a0t8u3czxkda1.png?width=1416&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=330e8ba7b1d843c7a8b53532add763732124d3d7 I cannot see the front post. On the *third picture* you will see that i am lining up on a bunch of enemies. Please look at it, you will undestand what i am trying to say. The muscle memory i have developed during many years is helping me to properly use this gun. Plus even if i line up the perfect shot, the bullets are always going above where the front post is aligned to (*Second imgurl picture*). The gun i have shared, and most of the guns, ***have rails for attachments***. Some people on Fatshark side keeps saying that this is not COD (Battlefield or Escape from Tarkov), i understand that the developers are trying to distance themselves from such monstrosities but for the love of the Emperor all those titles have gunplay as well as Darktide. And most of us have seen how weapon customization can be implemented to games with gunplay mechanics. Therefore we are asking for it. If you do not want to implement any scopes or reflex sights, i am completely ok with it. But please take every Fatshark member to a range with a bunch of rifles and teach them how to change the magazine, charge the gun, and how to use front/rear posts to shoot a target. Perhaps the individual responsible for modeling the autogun i am using will understand that the posts have to be painted to a different and easily distinguishable color (Such as white, green or yellow), and you do not have to use the charging handle every single time when you switch back and forth as long as there is ammo inside the clip. Look Fatshark, there are so many small changes we are asking but you people are not listening! The post change i am asking can be done in a jiffy and can even be released as a hotfix. This does not mean that you will release a paid weapon skin which has clearer posts as brother tail has mentioned. This game could be the greatest of 2023, you have absolutely deserve that **63% negative review**. There are tons of shitposts but also feedback such as this one here on Reddit but it only works if you listen.


​ well said


This sounds like heresy!


Lol CoD did that but it was a red dot. I think it cost $5 for a red dot. https://www.techspot.com/images2/news/bigimage/2018/12/2018-12-31-image.jpg


Or you know... give us the fucking attachment weapon customization you talked up years ago!


Ditched for the RNG Mod score/Perk/Blessing system THEN adding on variants that aren't clear on what they do. Massive shame too. There is no lore reason why we can't, Hadron could easily do it for us like what she does currently, so it wouldn't be tech heresy


I honestly don't have a problem with ironsights, the Recon Lasgun as example has good and visible ADS, but some (like the Vraks MkIII) are just terrible because you can't see where you actually aim at.


You want to be able to see stuff from the developers that put in lights out mode?


fair point xD


My problem with the autoguns is how on controller they seem to shoot up into the air above enemy heads. And I'm not talking about regular recoil, I'm talking it's like some funky magnets are pulling them into the air.


All the sights are a casualty of abandoning attachments in favour of weapons marks (so they could design cosmetics for them much easier).


You must appease the machine spirit so every shot lands true.


Yes, sometimes I swear I be hitting deadeyes, but i'm just half a cm too far


Just better sights options across the board would be fantastic


Or just add the attachments they promised.


In the 41st millennium night sights are heresy and against the Emperor's will.


Power malfunction + iron sights....


It's the 41st millennium and tritium sights aren't standard? This isn't a good looking future, gents...


I think the weird CoD bigotry is stemming from this idea that because Vermintide was a M1 melee game, then the identity of Darktide shouldn't stray from that, and so guns should have their importance downplayed. What I don't think Fatshark (or their leads anyway) quite get is that they made a shooter, not Vermintide with some guns. Whether they like it or not, the audience that will now judge their product as worth spending money on are people that shoot guns.


They included the bolter, it’s a shooter now, simple as. But for real, the greatest variety of combat style comes from the ranged weapons in darktide, not the melees.


What about using custom desktop logo and just put a green dot in the middle of your screen?


I had to do this with my monitor


Can't believe this is down voted as it is technically the only solution since we won't see this from the sharks anytime soon. I know I know be angry at the devs for missing features...but people are doing themselves a disservice by downvoting people genuine trying to help... seriously... I use Crossover it's loaded with easy to use crosshairs and it lets me use whatever gun I want regardless of the iron sights. Since you were trying to be helpful, I'll offer you a tip that may help you as well: If you hold Ctrl+alt and then mouse wheel in or out you can zoom beyond normal weapon zoom. This is great for fire fights. Also if you have a Razer mouse you can make it into a macro and every gun becomes a sniper. (If it doesn't work try turning windows magnifier on and set it to Fullscreen mode)


The worst part is when your gun gets damaged and the sight gets effected. Broken sight is pain to deal with.




Your gun can get visual damage to it, in with some bad luck its your sight that gets effected.


Wtf. In 300h I never had something like that happen. You serious?


A bit hard to see but this image shows a broken sight. [https://imgur.com/a/DPPa5ik](https://imgur.com/a/DPPa5ik) Happen a few times for me, once with an autogun where the middle metal thingy was fully gone.


that definitly is some kind of graphical glitch/bug


Hmh, could be, maybe some bug where wall damage affects the gun and just stays there.


I want to amend the "how to fix it" to instead say just delete ads (unless you put a useful scope on it). Ads on any no-zoom weapon shouldn't exist in any game, it just slows gameplay down.


Found the cs pro




I'm used to iron sights from playing a bunch of WW2 FPS games back in the day, but they really should've given us options to customize weapon sights...


Which autogun is that? I don't recognize it.


Vraks Mk III


A little bit of glowey paint sounds too advanced for 40, 000 years in the future.


"Tritium sights are tech-heresy or something." Fatshark Hedge, probably


Even without this horrendous issue, some of the autoguns have a fucking AWFUL sight picture.


Unpopular opinion: Iron sights ADS sucks in video games. I can never see wtf I'm aiming at, especially in a chaotic combat situation.


I cry desperately when aiming down sights of Autogun watching picatinny rail and asking myself “if inquisition run out of sights for guns we might as well exterminatus place while we can!” Buff AG ammo, damage or make billets pen armour better than lasers!!! and recoil and were good. Also even las pistol sight would be fine with me!


i almost always index on one of the white dots with the bolter iron sights if i'm not staring at the white dot on the hipfire crosshair before i press right click.