I wonder if dogs get depressed and lose their sense of purpose when they retire like some people do, or if this would be a reward from the dogs perspective as well


They can get depressed. I remember seeing a show about a retirement home for police dogs. They give the dogs a bunch of really easy to do fake work so they think they're still being helpful. An example being an old car with the doors removed and a ramp built so the dogs don't have to jump to get in the car and search it for drugs. They then plant a bag with drug residue for the dogs to get excited when they find it.


"Johnson, get a baggie with residue from Evidence!" "Yessir.... here's one right here in my pocket actually um... from.. Evidence...." "No, no, no paperwork... just sprinkle some crack on him and let's get outta here..."


If you're actually curious it's typically cotton balls soaked In a mixture of marijuana and water. That gives a small amount into the cotton That lasts a super long time.


Yup some dogs need to feel important. I have 2 dogs and one is always guarding the door or letting us know if there is a bug around. The other one thinks herself a princess and that we humans are here to serve her.




Oh that’s cool that they have a retirement system for the dogs, they def deserve it! Curious but do LGDs need a lot of training to be effective guardians? Or is most of it already instinctive?


It's in their genes. They've been doing it for thousands of years


A lot of it is instinct. We rescued a Great Pyrenees (same breed as Casper) and it was remarkable how independent, smart, and serious he was about guarding us and the property. Really never seen anything like it, I had a lab/shepherd mix growing up and had a basset hound as well, but those dogs were nothing like our “ice bear” as I liked to call him. Our Pyr would stay outside no matter what the weather and patrol along the fence every few hours to make sure everything was just right. He would come inside to sleep, but he would sleep in our bedroom right in front of the door facing out to “guard” us. He had an incredible variety of barks (you’ll laugh, but it was true!) Just based on the pitch and length of his bark I could tell what was bothering him. Sometimes it was a “Hey, come look at this” bark, and I would usually tell him it’s ok and to go back to his nap (he never really napped, he would rest his eyes but keep them both slightly open to make sure he didn’t miss anything.) Sometimes he would see a deer or rabbit or other critter, and he would have a sharper warning bark for them if they got too close to the backyard. The bark he reserved for coyotes and other dogs he wasn’t sure about was pretty scary. Best dog ever. They’re very different from what most people would consider a family dog, but they are incredible companions if you know and understand the breed.


My Pyr let out about 15 different barks while I was reading your comment, lol. My sweet boy was born in a field, didn’t see a person until he was 6 weeks old, and is now a 10yo geezer that barks at everything. I know without a doubt he would put his life on the line for me or my wife. Also, he hates birds with the power of a thousand suns


LGDs do need training, but that’s more on how to handle people and boundaries than how to guard livestock. The livestock guarding itself is pretty instinctual, and you can basically use an experienced LGD to train a puppy for it. It’s not uncommon to keep them in pairs for this reason.


Boy be like “I seen some shit, man” at the dog park.


He's got the two thousand yard stare


Thousand island stare - get that pup a big mac


Other dogs be like, "GUYS--It's the dude who killed 43 wolves and a mountain lion for looking at him wrong! Heads up!"




It's like an alternate universe John Wick, where a retired assassin is killed by coyotes and his dog tracks them down for revenge.




>Now those few surviving coyotes The title implies there are none, all fear doggo. Also I've seen a couple comments suggesting the eye is injured causing this grizzled look. Looks like he's just got different colored eyes, to me.


He didn't has PTSD, he is the traumatic event.


Man looks like a war veteran


Yeah, you can see that distant look in his eyes. He’s seen things.


Coyotes broke into the wrong goddamn rec room


Those coyotes were denied critical, need-to-know information.


I have a particular set of skills.


His eye. He fought valiantly. And won.








Goddamnit would I watch that movie


Why can't we have movies like this??? Not comedies per se, but replace the actors with dogs? I want that movie! Think Scarface, but with dogs.


This is giving me flashbacks of "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" and "G Force", so I assure you they DO exist, no matter how many times I try to forget....


But I'm talking about unironic straight up dramas with just one crucial difference that is never addressed.


So Bojack Horseman


Not sure how I feel about a pupper snorting a mountain of cocaine...


Nah Scarface is definitely a cat and definitely has a giant heap of catnip on his desk.


All I got is my word and my *paws* I don't break 'em for nobody.


You wanna play rough, OK I PLAY WITH YOU.




Just make it a breed that's gone extinct, but make the reason it went extinct was because it was a breed that had a proclivity for cocaine and hookers and we as humans just ain't putting up with that shit from our dogs.


Dogs are already expensive. A dog with a coke habit? Get outta here


>Think Scarface, but with dogs. All of youse is a bunch of fucking chi-hua-huas! I'll kill every last one of you sons of bitches!


El Lobo - that son of a bitch!


¡El Lobo es un hijo puta!


Somewhere deep in the mountains by an isolated cabin, a military general steps off of one of several black helicopters. "It's time to come out of retirement," said the general. He ordered his tense soldiers to lower their guard; Casper is trustworthy. Besides... the soldiers wouldn't stand a chance anyway. Casper stopped chopping wood. His ears perked when the general told him, "we finally located the last coyote. Siberia."


“Alright, what’s the… catch?” Says Casper in his usual gruff way, *scene fades* *scene returns, Casper now staring down the last coyote, everyone in visible disbelief at suddenly being in a new location* “What’s it gonna be, bub….” *the coyote, trembling* “wait, I thought I’d seen the last of you that night on the farm?!?” “A guard dog never loses a scent trail, plus it’s easy enough to find you, coyotes smell like… dead… sheep..:” *anger swells in Casper’s voice which turns into a low growl, unintelligible at this point. The coyote shrinks into a corner as Casper closes in* *scene fades* *back stateside, at Casper’s homestead, casper is talking to the general who told him about the coyotes whereabouts* “You did good out there killer.” Says the man who bestows upon Casper his retirement papers. “It’s just another day in the life” Casper takes the papers and chews on them *scene comes to a close with the man walking away and Casper staring into the sunset, As his owner comes home from work*


At 08:20 in a US submarine crossing the Barents Straight, the general interrupted Casper meditating in the sauna. Casper dried himself off with a rigorous shake and looked across the room. "What is this, general? I told you. I work alone." At the other end of the cabin room was a sleek Husky. Elyena. The general replied, "Elyena will be your handler on this operation. She may look like a blue-eyed supermodel love interest to the hero in some action thriller, but I assure you she is exceptionally capable." "She'll just slow me down." Elyena woofed with a thick russian accent. Casper considered her eloquently reasoned point and relented. "Fine."


*fade in * Snow fell softly across the treetops as Casper and Elyena laid down atop an outcropping “There” Elyena whispered softly, nodding toward the metal doors of a bunker. “There the damned-able coyote *wretch* hides.” Elyena grunted out a curse in her Russian language, and Casper had to force himself to not wag his tail. “How many?” He asked “Intelligence reports at least seven *borzai* inside. We move when the bunker doors open.” As if on cue, the doors began to open slowly. A husky came out, sniffed the air, and Casper saw the husky’s hackles raise on its back. “We’ve been made.” Casper said. Elyena was already in motion, bounding through the tree line. Casper’s elite herding senses hadn’t even noticed her movement. In moments, the husky had been incapacitated - he would awaken hours later. Casper stood on the outcropping, grinning. Exceptional indeed. Elyena’s blue eyes found Casper’s, and shot through him like icy steel. “KO MNE” she shouted, and Casper did as he was told, because Casper is a good boy. As they breached the bunker door, they quietly slid inside, low to the ground. “I’ve been here before,” she said. “RYADOM, but stay low.”


Chews on them 😂




Are you back, Casper?


You know, people keep asking me that, and now I’m thinking, yeah, I’m back!


Caper served, and will be of service. Casper should have a very comfy bed and at least two young pups bring him treats.


Will you fetch..? This dog: Yeah... I'm thinking I'll fetch... *Music starts*


I read this in Clint Eastwoods voice and I’m convinced that is the only voice for this dog.


So you have to ask yourself ‘Are you the next coyote I kill?’ Are you feeling lucky punk?


He killed three coyotes with a stick A fucking *stick*


lol that line always stuck out at me because of the way that actor pronounced the word PEN-SILL


Doggo Yaga




[Dog Wick?](https://youtu.be/iGpZ9xaQLYQ)


“Here I go killing again”




Only from being removed from the action. Great Pyrenees were bred for just this sort of thing. Casper probably had the time of his life.


Cue slow-mo multi coyote murder spree scene with "The time of my life" playing.


Casper: “Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don’t turn it off! It wasn’t my herding! You asked me, I didn’t ask you! And I did what I had to do to win! But somebody wouldn’t let us win! And I come back to the world and I see all those maggots at the vet’s office, protesting me, spitting. Calling me pup killer and all kinds of vile crap! Who are they to protest me, huh? Who are they? Unless they’ve been me and been there and know what the hell they’re yelling about!”


“Are you telling me that 11 coyotes against your dog is a no win situation for the coyotes?” “You send that many, don’t forget one thing.” “What?” “A good supply of body bags”


Fuck, First Blood is such a great movie.


>“A good supply of body bags” A good supply of ~~body~~ doggie bags.


Dog: *I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for coyotes like you. If you let my sheep go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.*


Coyote: Good luck...




I just knew I wouldn't have to scroll down too far to find this.


This dog looks like he has seen some shit.


Man IS a war veteran


Dog looks like he committed atrocities on both sides


Cause he is.


"you gonna die for some sheep?" "Someone is."


"I understand that if any more barks come pouring out your c\*nt mouth, I'm gonna have to eat every fucking coyote in this field."


Casper has seen some shit.


Made some ghosts too.


Growing up on a ranch, our cowdogs would go to the pastures and fight coyotes every night to defend the herd. They'd come back with cuts sometimes, but they always won the fight.


Hank and Drover?


Oh you just took me back to elementary school, I loved those books.


Matthew McConaughey reads the audiobooks for that series. Highly enjoyable even as an adult.


Sam and Ralph


Mornin Sam.


Morning, Ralph!


My GF and I were living different shifts for a while and every morning we greeted each other by these names as I went to bed and she got up.


I loved the one where Hank tried the outlaw life and hooked up with that coyote named Missy.


Heh, I can imagine that. Saw a video of coyotes trying to lure pet dogs away so they can gang up on him. Imagine yipping and feinting to lead a doggo to your coyote bros for an easy dinner...then fucking Casper shows up with a shit-eating grin: "well, aren't you boys going to eat me?" Better hope ACME has healthcare kits.


The bait coyote leading him back is wondering about the boss music thats getting louder.


“Alright boys let’s eat em! Oh shit hey, why does he have a health bar now?”


"Weird, I just found a bunch of first aid kits and ammo. Why would they just put that he...uh oh."


Shit I thought that boss music was us not him!


I remember hearing a story on a podcast about how a pack of coyotes tried to do this with a pitbull who was a rescue from a dogfighting ring. The owner was just in the house and realized he couldn’t find his dog anywhere and opened his front door to go look for him. The dog was waiting for him outside the front door, covered in blood and tiny scratches, wagging his tail with the biggest smile on his face. The owner took the dog inside and followed a trail of blood that the dog had left. It brought him to a clearing in the nearby woods where he found 8 dead coyotes ripped apart by his dog. The coyotes basically lured what they thought was easy prey into the woods, but turns out they lured a multi-time gladiatorial champion who proceeded to do exactly what he was bred to do.


What a champion. They thought they were getting some chump, instead they got fucking Spartacus






None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with *ME*!


Now I wanna hear this podcast episode


Casper looks like he might be a Great Pyrenees, coyotes fucked up **big time** trying to tangle with a Pyr. My Pyr puppy is around four months old and she's already almost as big as my German Shepherd, they're absolute tanks solely bred for herd protection.


My first thought as well. Our farm has 3 fully grown German Shepherds, but our 6 month old Pyr is the scariest of the bunch.


Exactly. The GS were bred to be all-around herd dogs. GP were bred to fight off bears. Big difference, you do not want to tangle with a pissed-off Pyr.




\*Doom music kicks in as he pulls his lips back and flashes them teeth\* Well punk?


All I'm surrounded by is fear. And dead pests


Growing up in the suburbs, my dog would hide behind the toilet if it rained.


Can you actually retire a dog like that?


Retire as in they will just get a new herding dog.. This good boy can live the rest of his life in the house




My old lady dog was retired to guard rescue kittens. She liked to bathe them and tease them with her tail. She passed away just over a year ago and the kittens we've had since aren't nearly as well socialized.


That’s so sweet. Sorry about her passing and sure her little kitties miss her.


If you read the news covering the story they had two dogs. Casper was fighting and Daisy was behind him protecting the herd. > Early Friday morning, his dogs, Casper and Daisy, were protecting five sheep near Wierwille’s home. As he walked outside in the dark, he saw several coyotes. Daisy had the sheep backed up in a corner and was standing in front of them. Casper was standing in front of Daisy. https://decaturish.com/2022/11/livestock-dog-saves-sheep-kills-8-coyotes-in-laurel-ridge-neighborhood/


This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for posting the link!


Thank you.


These pups are the ones home invaders get to feed


Dog Wick


Now we need a movie where a dog goes on a killing spree when his owner gets murdered.


[Got you fam](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGpZ9xaQLYQ)


"No law in here says dogs can't shoot people" - banger




*"You killed John Wick's dog's human. And that human was John Wick."*


"it's not what you did pup that angers me. It's who you did it to". "father?" . "Dog wick is a canine of focus, commitment and sheer fucking will. He once killed 3 dogs in a bar with a tennis ball. A fucking tennis ball. He will come for you and there is nothing you can do except bark".


that's a ducking banger video lmaoo


imagine a dog like that with rabies. That would make one hell of a book. They might even make a movie.


Years later, Casper is roused from sleep by a knock on his doghouse door. It's a shepherd from a few towns over, weeping in the rain. Casper exhales deeply as he straps on his collar for one last job.


"Just when I thought I was out... they pulled me back in."


they leashed me back in*


I know he was making a reference, but I now only associate this with [Silvio Dante](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c2/1d/6c/c21d6c6510e1b3b1e66616eaf9ac602b.jpg)


“I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don’t have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for coyotes like you. If you let my sheep go now that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.”


I'd pay good money to watch that movie.


This is some Baba Yaga level backstory, "***He didn't rest with killing 8, he hunted down the other 3 to complete his revenge because he is a dog of focus, commitment and sheer fucking will***". \-----some cattle farmer.




Dog of War: Barknorok


'This dog once killed 3 coyotes with a twig...A FUCKING TWIG!!!'


"His vet said he was lucky to be alive...." The look on that dog's face suggests luck had nothing to do with it Good doggie


For real. Luck isn't the thing that kills 11 coyotes. That boy is a steel chested, rock-ribbed, born fighter. The vet is the one who's lucky. Lucky to meet him.


after talking that shit, the vet is lucky to be alive






















John Wick of doggos.


I come from the Pyrenees in France, I can confirm we still use "Great Pyrenees" dogs to protect our herds from bears and wolves, I now understand why!


Watched ours jump an 8ft fence like it was nothing to them wrangle a coyote out of the goat pin (like it was nothing). And yet she was the gentlest dog any other time. They really are incredible.


I have 2. They are gentle animals. Great around kids.


If you see me comin', better step aside A lotta coyotes didn't, a lotta coyotes died One paw of iron, the other of steel If the right one don't get you Then the left one will


I come from the land of eagles and Walmart scooters, but I've owned a couple Pyrenees and they are the BEST. We didn't/don't actually use them as working dogs, but I could tell that our first one would have been fearsome if she was trained for defense. The second one, well... she's a little light in the grey matter department, but such a lovely girl.


>The second one, well... she's a little light in the grey matter department, but such a lovely girl. Smooth brain, but sweet heart. The best kind of derps. >I come from the land of eagles and Walmart scooters Also this is hilarious


Smoother the brain, sweeter the heart 🤣🤣🤣


We had a Pyrenees mix that retired from farm life (not protecting farm animals though, just grew veggies). She was the sweetest, most placid dog in the world. First day we had her, she killed 3 opossums and then would do regular “perimeter checks” around the fence line every morning and night. Any stranger that would need to come in, she would stand between them and you like an impenetrable wall, only moving when you let her know it was ok. And then she’d give you the biggest derpy smile and lean against your leg. She was the best!


Not herding, just protecting.


This is correct. Great Pyrenees have been bred for hundreds of years to be guardian dogs. They are placed with a herd to protect against predators, but their day to day life is mostly just sitting around, looking huge, and acting like they are ignoring you. Herding would be way too much activity. Lol They're awesome dogs. Incredibly smart, very sweet with people (that they know) and other pets, but they can be stubborn. If they think the command you just gave them is stupid, they'll look at you like you're stupid and 50% of the time just ignore you, even after training. And they don't just guard herds of cattle or sheep. When we got our Great Pyrenees puppy, we were told by the breeder that the mother was at the lake guarding the flock of ducks that she had been assigned.


My pyr mix's favorite thing to do in the whole wide world is guard. He'll sit for hours just hoping something will jump off, or there will be a critter or person that needs to be told to bugger off lol


Pyr owner here. Can confirm that she looks at me like I'm stupid.


Ah I can see you have spy cameras set up in my house. 80-90% of the day my Pyr mix is laying around with one eye open just being large and keeping an eye on shit. Maybe lumber over 10 feet away to get a new spot to lie down in. When does he get up/get excited? 1.) To patrol the “perimeter” aka check around the loop of the fence in the back yard watching for invaders. He frequently does this at a dead sprint covering several yards per stride, he’s ridiculous. 2.) Scouting the “outer perimeter” aka going on walks in the neighborhood and sniffing evvvvvvvvverything to make sure no weird shit has showed up. Trying to understand whether the local deer population is friend or foe and never really being quite sure. 3.) Leaning at a 45° angle into the body of anyone giving him positive attention, his tail spiraling like a helicopter, placing about 80% of his (substantial) body weight against their legs. Just as long as they enter with his known humans and don’t try to come in over the fence.


"I possess a very particular set of skills..."


> I pawssess


Retire? Sounds like he loves his job.


That's what I thought, these dogs live to protect. It's like, "great job bud, you're fired."


He is being retired for the safety of the local Coyotes. Their union reached out about the extremely unsafe working conditions.


That dog will be miserable if forced to retire. Working is what they live for.


Agreed. I have a GSD who is a house dog, but only wants to work and guard. If she’s bored, she’ll come up to me and sit quietly, almost like she’s waiting for her next command. Just one, “Heidi. Find [X item]” and she’s off.


I had a GSD for a little bit and she had her guard post that she always hung out in when she wasn't with me. Eyeballing anyone walking down the sidewalk in case they fucked around and approached out front door.




Those coyotes will be telling stories to their pups about Casper coming for them if they don't behave.


No they won't...at least not of Casper can help it


I don't think there are any coyotes left in that pack to tell the tale.


Oh my God, Willie! They are just children!


Jeb and Dutch were standing at the edge of the pasture, looking out over the rolling plains as the orange ball of the sun edged below the horizon. Dutch, the newest cowhand, broke the silence. "I heard you don't have coyotes out here?" "Nope." "Why's that?" "Casper." "Whaddya mean, Casper?" "Old cowdog." "I ain't seen him around?" "He was Mr. Simmons' first pup when they started this place. Before the sign went up over the old road even." "Old Mr. Simmons?" "Yup." "But that was like, 50 years ago or summthing. How old is Casper?" "Casper's dead son. Been dead a long time." "But there still ain't no coyotes?" "Nope." "Huh." Dutch started heading back to the truck, getting read to head back in. Jeb, feeling his age in his bones, looked at the sunset awhile longer. Shadows lengthened and fiery orange deepened into infrared as the sun finally gave way to night, but not before it briefly silhouetted a ghostly figure sitting on the rise across the shallow coulee at the edge of the ranch, its back to Jeb. An old cowdog, watching the prairie. "*Good boy, Casper*," Jeb whispered into the deepening dusk.


Damn those coyotes fucked with the wrong herd


It's not what you've done, it's who you ve done it to.


Casper the coyote slayer.


Dog's arn't people mate. That dog is hard wired to do this job till he dies. You can give him a younger puppers to teach and raise up and he will let the youngin take an active role, but a dog like this is on guard till he is in the ground. Such a cute puppers!


You aren't wrong. Some of the changes are so hard wired it's visible in brain scans from breed to breed.


I had an Alaskan Samoa when I was a kid and she took being a part time mom super seriously. Until she literally stopped moving she was glued to my baby brother and even ran off a full grown man who got to close to him. She DID NOT play when it came to him. He final breath was nuzzling him when he came back from college. Dogs are awesome.


"Casper you mind telling me why you've been gone for two days?" "Sir, finishing the fight"


*choir intensifies*


No Country for Old Dogs.


When the Doom music kicks in


https://www.cbsnews.com/news/casper-sheepdog-kills-8-coyotes-that-attacked-his-flock-farmer-georgia/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2022/12/09/sheepdog-coyote-attack-killed-eight/


This happened near me. Can you send some clicks to the independent news site that actually broke the story? https://decaturish.com/2022/11/livestock-dog-saves-sheep-kills-8-coyotes-in-laurel-ridge-neighborhood/


Yeah, Decaturish has not been happy that national media have not credited them for breaking this story: https://decaturish.com/2022/12/coyote-ugly-other-media-decline-to-credit-decaturish-again/


Job wasn't done. This filth of this city reeked of bad coyote and only one thing stood between it and destruction: my razor sharp canines. My name is Casper, and this is my story.


Coyotes: Surrender! We have you surrounded! Casper: The only thing I am surrounded by is fear and dead coyotes.


The John Wick of dogs.


That might feel like punishment to the dog, he does a good job and now he’s not allowed to do what he is used to doing everyday? Maybe start by cutting back his time out there instead of a full retirement right away.


Man I haven’t seen it quite as bad before this thread but the comments in here repeat relentlessly like word for word. I know there are karma farming bots that will copy comments, but when there are this many it’s fucking hard to know what’s real.


Man I haven’t seen it quite as bad before this thread but the comments in here repeat relentlessly like word for word. I know there are karma farming bots that will copy comments, but when there are this many it’s fucking hard to know what’s real.