[Artwork] I Am Batman promo art by Olivier Coipel confirming he's the series artist

[Artwork] I Am Batman promo art by Olivier Coipel confirming he's the series artist


Powerhouse creative team right there.


With a mouth-cover, so you know he is a hero.


Underrated comment


LMFAO!!! Nailed it


Thank god Coipel is the main artist! While I liked Second Son, Travel Foreman’s art was easily the weakest part of the book. With this all-star creative team this series will definitely be a hit. Can’t wait!


Yeah, I wasn't a fan of the art either. Weakest from Foreman so far.


Which is weird because I loved his work on Animal Man.


Maybe it was the schedule? Maybe he couldn't manage those weekly 10 pagers?


Was the follow up series even that good? Seemed all the buzz died after Future State? Also still, dudes a bit ambitious to go right for the title of the goddamn Batman.


It was alright. A little boring, but Ridley wrote very interesting backstory for Jace, and family dynamics were interesting. Don't know about the buzz, though, but we have to see sales of this series to judge for sure.


I think it’s more of a case that the fans who don’t like it are louder and more expressive about not liking it. Second Son has received mostly decent to positive reviews so there’s definitely a want for this character. And yes, imo the series was very good despite the ending being rushed a bit.


Actually, it's this one "I am Batman" that is the follow-up series. Second Son was more a small origin story bonus story to wait for the actual series. It was not that much a batman or superheroic book, but some exposition, backgroud and character development with the Fox family in the new Gotham status quo.


Wish that it was somehow combined into this series...like flashbacks


It was good but boring as hell. Ridley didn't feel the format. It also spent too much time setting up Future State stuff.


It’s been really good. Great character work and family dynamics. I think a lot of people went into it having already decided they didn’t like it and gave up on it quickly and then decided to be incredibly vocal about not liking it


Nah it was super boring.


"If he doesn't do that, then why is his mouth the only uncovered part of his body?" *Covers mouth*


Olivier Coipel + John Ridley? What a great creative team on this! After Future state, and a digital prelude, and a #0 prelude... This title took some time to finally arrive. Wonder how many issues it's gonna be.


Probably twelve. [This DC article](https://www.dccomics.com/blog/2021/02/22/catch-a-rising-hero-the-future-stars-of-future-state) mentions it: >This latest Dark Knight in Future State: The Next Batman, the 12-issue limited series The Next Batman, and the digital-first The Next Batman: Second Son. The name was probably changed to I Am Batman




Looking forward to this. I've been liking all of Jaces appearances so far


This is a new series?






You got that with Bruce already


Holy shit, Coipel is amazing. That's an instant pull for me, knowing he's on art.


Honestly sick of new batmen. One is enough for me and maybe Dick Greyson or Damian but thats about it imo.


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Why does he have to become Batman why not flesh him out into a new character instead of replacing a very beloved one?


He isn’t replacing Batman. He is just sharing the mantle.


Still wish he could become his own character as Batman to me belongs to those mentored by Bruce Wayne


He is his own character. Who is also batman


That’s not a new character that’s making him share a mantle with a better and a more original one


But he is a new character. (Effectively… hes actually from the 70’s batman comics) He has his own drive and motivation. He has his own personality and way of doing things. Hes just decided to become the bat.


I mean a new hero not just him becoming Batman. What I am trying to say is I wish they made him a separate hero instead of having two batmans


I get it. but also he looks cool as batman and has decided he wants to use his skills as a new batman. So I'm good with it. batman is a symbol. anyone with enough training and will can be batman theoretically. Jace is proving that. he has the drive the skill and the means to do that. .... and he just looks really fucking cool


Though I can understand a I have to disagree slightly. Batman to me IS Bruce Wayne. It’s the same as Clark Kent and Superman or Peter Parker and Spider-man. Yes, legacy characters are good and can create great stories but they shouldn’t exist solely to claim the mantle but rather to live up to the ideal in their own way.


Dude, I'm the same, but that doesn't mean he should just be ignored. Batman is just as Bruce says it is, a symbol. It isn't one person, it's something anyone can be. That's part of why I love Tim so far. Not just because Ridley's written him well, but he also has pretty much no connection to Bruce at all. The guy hadn't been in a book in 39 years, or the main focus of one in 40, so he's a clean slate. Personally I think it's better with Tim because using a former Robin for instance would've just felt predictable. A man is mortal, Batman is forever. Characters like Tim and Terry show that.


oh hell yes. i was disappointed when i found out he wasnt doing the second Magic Order series, but this is even better. I hope he stays on a while


I was already interested on where Ridley was taking this character, but now I'm all in on this with Coipel's name attached.


What a waste of a great artist on a boring character who can't even justify his own name.


Any body else think the suit look similar to the batman 2022 film in this


A bit because of those armored parts.


The suit reminds me from the Batman 202. Anyone else?


Maybe a bit cause it looks armored.


Yeah, probably that's the cause.