That's impressive kudos to her


Dude it gets even better - the scene where she puts the bird in her mouth she actually did it. She went all in for this role and she is so good in it


[Here's the scene.](https://youtu.be/SMLHo89UwCo)


On the channel "Vore in Media". People are weird.


I mean that's as direct and blunt as a title you can get.


Wow, Frank got real weird with it.


This is that he looked like when he raised Dee and Denis. Young Dee was even in this scene


Fuck no, the what that was cut 100% did not have to stick a bird in her mouth. That bird flying out didn’t even look real. I’m not saying she didn’t do it but the editing makes so she didn’t even have to do it.


Well also abusing animals for entertainment is generally frowned upon.


Something doesn't add up about this. That *really* doesn't look real, so I went googling and found the source where she claims she did it and she says they did that scene in one take. But like, they literally didn't. Even if they had multiple cameras running at the same time to cover the angles (which probably wouldn't be the case in a feature film of this magnitude), they still would've had to at least do a *couple* more takes to get some of those angles. Maybe she's just misremembering that aspect or only did the live bird in the mouth for one take, and for the rest it was faked... but I don't think it went down exactly as she says it. I can believe she put a live bird in her mouth, but I think some movie magic probably helped in getting what ended up in the movie. It also would be *crazy* to rely on her doing it for real, especially in one take, at a time when you couldn't just cgi it in if the bird didn't cooperate or you blew the shot.


Both Michelle Pfeiffer and Tim Burton have talked about this scene several times over the years and have always said she had the bird in her mouth for a few seconds (implying she did it just once). Going by the above YouTube video: • from 0.36 to 0.50 it looks like she’s miming having the bird in her mouth • at 0.50 she opens her mouth and the bird flies out. It is a different camera angle than the rest of the scene • at 0.51 the bird is flying away from her, but it isn’t the same take as the bird coming out her mouth. So, camera cuts and movie magic made it look like she had the bird in her mouth for longer than she did, but I believe the shot at 0.50 is the single take they did of the bird coming out of her mouth.


You do that today on a movie and twitter would cancel you for animal mistreatment.


It was back in the day. No director would be able to get away with how Kubrick treated Shelley Duvall on The Shining either. Hell, William Friedkin slapped Ellen Burstyn in the face during production of The Exorcist. Hollywood used to be the Wild West it was crazy


Isn’t that like, kinda animal cruelty tho?


Not if the bird loved being in mouths


It was the early 90s - pretty sure stuff was more lax back then


It's a good scene, but title suggests she knocked the heads off with the whip, herself, instead of the heads being pulled off from behind by the grips hiding under the rail we see popping up at the end.


Ah I was wondering if this was actually the case. You generally wouldn’t leave it up to chance.


This really should be top comment.


I'll upvote it


Well that's much less impressive then.


probably why this was posted under a false title. if you watch the scene from a different angle and set to .25 speed, you can see the whip isn't even close. https://youtu.be/ZZKj_uz1a1I?t=121


I’m calling bullshit: those two guys in the blue shirts that pop up weren’t hiding behind the black boards for no reason. They were pulling strings to dislodge the heads. Notice the orange mannequin’s head fall forwards, then jerk back? And the last one’s hat moves before the whip is anywhere near it! The last whip crack looks like it would’ve pulled up short from the head Still great acting nonetheless


You can even see an arm pulling the the stone just after the first head comes off


I thought this too, but I think it might be a lens flare


Most impressive.


I remember reading that they originally wanted a stunt person for the whip scenes and Michelle wanted to do it herself.


jesus! that is a dangerous woman!


I just reviewed all her scenes and reminded myself how absolutely intimidating her character was. Her cat woman was not to be fucked with


she would definitely kick my ass 10/10


I never really think about how dangerous a whip is but when you think about it it’s quite a good weapon


man theres a whole history saying just how dangerous they are. shes got a scary skill in her toolbelt now.


Yeah I’ve looked it up and apparently whips can actually help you swing from stuff like Indiana Jones that’s crazy such a versatile weapon


Sounds *so* much better than D&D 5e whips


Or even worse, the Dark Souls whip


Anyone who uses a whip for work would be rather upset at you if you tried to swing from one of theirs. That is generally pretty bad for a whip. Modern synthetic material whips can handle it a little bit better, but it's still not a good idea. Most large bullwhips have a belly filled with lead shot, which can be torn open from excessive tension. Stretching any nice whip heavily is bad for it, shot belly or not.


Whips are a good weapon if you have a ton of space to wind up and your target is unarmored. Whips can leave nasty cuts but they aren't really going to stop someone from trying to kill you unless you take out an eye or something. Also if you miss, your fucked because of how long that wind up is.


I dunno man, ever had the speed of sound broken on your person, armored or not, it’s like a tiny bomb going off at the end of that thing. It can shred normal clothes and even thicker fabrics so even wearing a thick coat might not help you enough. I’m almost positive that you could get someone to rethink their current actions if you snapped them a couple times even if they were wearing armor, not to mention damage the shit out of their ears, it IS breaking the sound barrier.


I mean I've sure it would be shocking if your not expecting it. But it's probably about as damaging as a rubber bullet and harder to use. So I would call that not great on the the scale of weapons.


You’re completely unaware of the damage a pocket sonic boom can do aren’t you? Whips can break bones.


So can a fist when properly applied, my point that whips are hard to use and don't give you a major advantage over something like a quartstaff


A whip would either drag the quarter staff out of your hands or break it


They work at a longer distance than fists and are more portable than quarterstaffs.


In theory yes. In practice not a chance in hell. Their cousins the flail however....oh yeah. Here's why.... The whip requires a ton of space to use. Not necessarily a show stopper unless of course your actively in battle next to several other men all unable to swing their whip without hitting someone. Then there's the fact that yes its basically a bullet velocity IF you can get it going that fast. The one she has is just a leather knit. Itll make a deep cut no doubt. Take off an ear. More effective you attach some metal barbs to it and congrats mini bulllets...again if you can fully swing it. But... That requires a shit load of aim, like the best archers and rifleman would just look at you and ask why? To be effective. But next step. I've got armor on. Let's say its 1on1. Congrats your weapon is semi worthless. Not enough mass to get through even thick leather let alone metal. Maybe you attached those shiny bits....but alas still not directed enough to work. A really annoying clunk and scraped metal. Now let's fix it. We like the ability to transfer energy/momentum to the damage end. We don't like the wind up. So let's weight the handle down allowing it alone to be a useful club. Shorten the fulcrum so make it manageable, make it heavier overall but especially at the end we want to hit things with....boom there you go. Bonus now you can also use it on horseback. Now all of that being said. The guy with the short sword still likely stabs you before you get your flail around. But you'll likely shatter a wooden shield quickly. But any metal shield and your done....oh also....its likely you won't get a second swing....


Can’t you use your whip to tie it around someone’s neck if they have armor and pull them towards you or to the ground?That would be especially effective against clunky medieval armor


The neck would be fully covered. Also from a distance on a moving target good luck. Up close, you're just getting stabbed while you try and strangle a guy with a rope. Plus armor was highly functional. It wasn't as blocky or cumbersome as you think.


Flails seemed like effective weapons even when armor became a thing. I'd take a flail and knife over a sword. Stab unarmored people with knife, wack armored people with flail.


You are correct. However, the sword/piercing weapons >flails in most cases. Simply because of speed/ease of use. The flail is accurately more useful than a slashing weapon, but the issue is pointy things are just easy to use, require less range and less skill and give you a range advantage (even in comparison to the flail.) The flail is useful in regards to, if you hit someone they ARE goign to feel it. Even with a shield that arms likely broken. IF you hit body/leg likewise ribs and legs. A head blow and that's a wrap. BUT if you miss or if they survive/able to retaliate...you're dead. So its a high risk/high reward weapon. This is why on horse back it becomes super useful. That lowers the risk, since you're on a horse and increases the damage because you're on a horse. But even then the good ol' spear/pike wins out even over that. Because even a great flail only extends ~1ft-2ft passed your arm.


Forgot about spear users, that's the reason for mixed infantry. Flail still seems like a fun weapon if you remove the screams of pain from those hit by it.


She could definitely kick my ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I would let her 14/10


I probably would've enjoyed it.


No, a whip like that will gouge chunks off your back.


I will stipulate to not desiring to be whipped.


Best Catwoman. Fite me.


Yeah, but how is she in a game of one on one b-ball?




Especially now that she has magic quantum powers!


TIL that was an actual whip.


Did you think it was imaginary?


Thought it was a prop that wasn’t an actual working whip


It was a real whip but they loaded it with blanks.


How... would a prop whip be different than a real whip?


A piece of floppy soft rubber that mimicked a whip


That... would still be a whip




In... what way?


you really think a prop floppy rubber whip would do the same, if any, damage?


Uh... yea. Like, how would a rubber whip be structurally different from a leather one, besides it's composition? They'd both be whips lmao... and a rubber whip would be way worse because rubber is more adhesive than leather... The only way to have a prop whip would be to make a CGI one... like, what are you smoking?


Like a whippy piece of rubber?


Best cat woman (place table “change my mind” meme here)


There's no mind to be changed here, it's not like the others are hard to beat, Halle Berry was laughable and then there's whatever that was in Dark Knight Rises. Even thought I did like Camren Bicondova's take on the character in Gotham that's not even in the same ballpark of interpretation.


Whatever that was in Dark Knight Rises was hands down near perfection for me ... as Selina Kyle. Hathaway was pitch perfect as Selina; voice, looks, mannerisms, everything, it's just her Catwoman that was less than inspiring. She could have been great she was just dull. Compare Hathaway's Selina to Pfeiffer's PA-turned-Zombie-turned-nutcase Selina and Hathaway wins hands down, but once in costume it's Pfeiffer all the way. Then there's no comparison. And Halle Berry wasn't even Catwoman so it's not even worth mentioning.


Yeah I thought Anne Hathaway was great in that role.


I think that's what Nolan was aiming for in all the movies, to make these characters more human. Bale was the best Bruce Wayne for me, the movies showed the toll being the Bat took on him, but once in the suit, there was nothing exceptional. Most of the bad ass stuff was passed on to Bruce Wayne. I don't know if anyone has done this, but a study on how much time each actor spent inside the suit and as Bruce Wayne would be super interesting.


No love for Eartha Kitt?


Both of the 60s tv show Catwomen were very well-acted and well-written within the context of what that show was going for. No disrespect to Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar, but Michelle Pfeiffer’s had the best balance of sexuality and danger that Catwoman is known for.


Well put.


Plus she became the inspiration for modern iterations of Catwoman, although I think it had more to do with her costume


I banged her in an airplane bathroom


Was hoping I’d see this reference. I don’t think there’s a single Reddit thread mentioning Eartha Kitt that doesn’t have Pierce’s legendary line somewhere in there.


It came up naturally








*HWACK!* ... Barely felt it...




I liked DKR Catwoman.




I think this is the best realised character in a comic book movie change my mind


When I see behind-the-scenes footage like this, especially for something shot on film, I'm always surprised by how brightly lit the set is [compared to the final product](https://youtu.be/ZZKj_uz1a1I?t=118) (which is *gorgeous*, especially the shot of the security guards reacting to Catwoman). It really indicates how much genuine skill and artistry are needed, from start to finish, to make something look the way it does.


You have to keep in mind that behind the scenes footage is generally shot with much lower quality equipment. Camera hardware, settings, focal lengths, and lens types can made a huge difference. What you’re seeing in behind the scene footage also isn’t representative to reality; many point and shoot cameras have difficulties dealing with light- which is why even medium lit pictures can be incredibly dark. Because if this, a lot of them overcompensate by artificially raising the exposure which causes videos and pictures to look really washed out and bright like the video above. Not to deny the extreme skill and artistry behind these movies; just pointing out that the equipment used does make a pretty big difference here.


> Camera hardware, settings, focal lengths, and lens types can made a huge difference. Yep, that was the crux of why I'm impressed, knowing what all of those interactions (plus additional color grading and post-processing) will do to create an intended look. Though "low quality" video cameras do tend to be closer to what the human eye would perceive were we actually on set at the moment.


While that’s true, a shitty camera isn’t capable of much, even by the best filmmaker. I wasn’t trying to argue against the artistry, because it’s a huge skill- I worked as a photographer for the last few years (covid has stalled that). There’s a huge amount of knowledge and artistry needed, and video is a whole bother level. My point was just more that the behind the scenes shots aren’t representative of reality either. Absolutely disagreed about the low quality video cameras- what they see is largely different than what you would perceive with your own eyes. Lights tend to be incredibly over or underexposed, there’s very little in between. This was worse with older cameras (like the above video) which is why newer behind the scenes videos tend to look a lot better.


Nobody gonna talk about how Batman murdered that guy with *dynamite*?


It's semi-infamous and comes up from time to time. The camp of the film tends to make people gloss over it compared to other Batmen.


Poor little guy, he's all tuckered out.


No, you’re only allowed to criticize Affleck for killing, never the others.


They cut it anyway? So her doing that in one take didn’t even make it into the film?


That's actually fuckin badass. Can't help but mention, God she awoke some things in me with this role.


She awoke something in all of us in that role...


Legendary. Still my favorite Catwoman of all time.


You can see the shockwave from when the whip breaks the sound barrier on the fourth mannequin


I was pretty young the first time i watched Batman Returns. Later i named the feeling that Catwoman gave me a "fear-rection"


You were "scare-oused."


But really it's called a boner.


A [fear boner](https://youtu.be/vgqJmFPLQiA)


I guess for some it was a fur-rection


Michelle is pure perfection.


Pure purrrfection?


The no look on the first one is pretty damn cool


Her performance as Catwoman is iconic. She really committed to it - the vaccum sealing, putting a live bird in her mouth, learning the whip. I wish we got to see more of her in this role (but TBH, the Catwoman spin-off movie that was at first designed to star her looked like a terrible script).


What was the plot for it? Was it worse than Halle Berry’s Catwoman?


No...not worse than that, but not good either. The premise (in Daniel Waters' words): “after the traumas of the Batman Returns she has amnesia, and she doesn’t really remember why she has all these bullet holes in her body, so she goes to relax in Oasisburg. What Gotham City is to New York, Oasisburg is to Las Vegas-Los Angeles-Palm Springs. [It’s a] resort area in the middle of the desert. It’s run by superheroes, and the movie has great fun at making fun at the whole male superhero mythos. Then they end up being not very good at all deep down, and she’s got to go back to that whole Catwoman thing”.


Weird. Not what I expected it to be. I think in order for a good Catwoman movie it would have to involve some type of heist. Similar to the ocean’s 11 movies.


Yep, I would have made it a heist against a crime boss (The Roman) which starts out looking like a caper but then becomes more personal.


Just when I thought I couldn't love her more


https://youtu.be/ZZKj_uz1a1I Scene starts at 1:35


As an aside, Batman killed the fuck outta that dude when he explodes him.


I’d love to be a fly on the wall when someone informed Burton that Batman doesn’t kill. Or maybe that just never happened. Edit: kind of mostly not correct


Tim Burton's Batman gave zero fucks about killing. Check out 2:18. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFAjlMcvs74](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFAjlMcvs74)


She was so fucking fine as catwoman.


Still is as Janet


Holy fuck that’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while


I hope this doesn't awaken something in me - me at 12


Now I want to watch Batman Returns right now! She is so cool!


I saw this trending and had to watch the movie again and just finished it! I hadn’t see it again as an adult


I was so stoked to see it pop up on my Amazonprime app just a couple days ago. It was actually under the rent/purchase section. That damn app...


I wish the Batman Returns script/story lived up to the amazing performances.


The whole "I'm gonna drown Gotham's first-born kids" plotline is DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK when you think about it.


There was a McDonald's kids meal promo and toys for this movie.


I wanted that boat/hydrofoil thing he rides at the end. 10yr old me didn't realize how dark that movie really was.


Yeah I guess. Both of Burtons movies have great performances and design but the scripts were lackluster in my opinion.


Honestly, I was barely 10 when Batman Returns came out. I didn't realize just how creepy Penguin's plot really was until years later.


I love Burton movies, but isn’t that kind of his thing? Everything about the films, from characters and costumes to sets and music, is super interesting and inspired to the point that you won’t remember the actual plot if you don’t rewatch it for a decade. I grew up loving this movie but I’m not remembering half the shit people are saying about it here. I’m obviously overdue for a rewatch.


I pretty much have it memorized word-for-word. About the only real WTF question I never really thought about Batman '89 is: why all the missles, guns, and mines on the Batmobile and Batwing? I mean, if he's not trying to kill anyone... And speaking of which: why does he have wire cutters on the Batwing? That's a convenient Bat-gadget if ever I saw one--and to your point, it wasn't until relatively recently that it ever occurred to me to ask.


lol literal military equipment to take out low level thugs


The first one was pretty great, IMHO. Not really sure what else they could've done considering that the formula (at the time) was pretty new. The MCU wouldn't exist were it not, ironically, for the success of DC's most famous property.


I still like them. I was born in 89 so I grew up with them lol.


I was 8. Believe me...you couldn't escape Bat Mania that year.


Born in 83, I idolized Michelle Pfieffer and Goldie Hawn when I was young, I wanted to be a woman like Claudia Schiffer too. I dreamed of being that kind of gorgeous and that classy, I *wasn’t* ever going to be that pretty but I could try to be that classy. Catwoman in Batman Returns was just one of the top performances young me ever saw and I used to act like a cat-girl when nobody else was around...embarrassing to look back on but it really did shape the way I acted growing up. Ended up a stripper but hey, being fake glamorous and a pretend star is probably easier, more fun and less life-ruining than trying to be a real one.


She really was incredible! I just wish the story was better!


Could have been worse. It could have been buried treasure under the bat cave.


I don't know. I genuinely like how in Batman Returns, Batman had to fight three people who represent a part of who he is. Cat Woman is the vigilante turned bad. Max Shrek is the business man turned bad, and The Penguin is the orphan turned bad. I love this movie even if it isn't like other Batman stories or is "too campy"




This is so cool. What a badass.


What a woman...


Wow, michelle pfeiffer that white gold


Best live action catwoman, from wardrobe to actor




That was badass. So cool and what a movie too.


Did she really crack that whip so hard it made smoke appear?


Yep. It super heats the leather and makes it crumble off and I don't really know what I'm talking about.


That crack is literally a sonic boom


So this is how mannequin dies. With thunderous applause..


She looks like she had a blast in this role.


Now thats a catwoman


Even hotter now damn


lets not go too far, redditor


Whaaaaat? Never!!




Where do you go to learn to use a whip like that?


Hey that is actually really cool, and yes I still have a crush on her


What a queen. Best catwoman ever.


That would actually be intimidating. That first one just out of nowhere......


This has given me strong must-rewatch vibes


I thought she did a better job than Jack as the Joker. So many of her movements can be seen in roles Burton's wife plays.


Let’s see Anne Hathaway do that


Rigth away!






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Still my all time favorite Catwoman


i just want to wear a sexy cat suit and rob a store once in my life just once is that too much to ask




The nostalgia!!


This is legit cool! She is a great actress.


Need mmoreeeee


My buddy described her performance in this movie perfectly with one word: Fearection Edit: words


So this is how liberty dies


Badass. You can hear the amazement in the scene director’s voice.


Damn, I wish they would have made the Catwoman movie with her in it!


She’s so fucking beauty


Talented and dangerous. I like it


That’s Michelle Pfffifers!


Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman most certainly awoke something inside of 6 year old me.


I can't be the only one that wants her to be on The Flash film.


Sexiest Catwoman to date still, god i love Michelle Pfeiffer...


She is So dam hot!!


Those whip lashes aren't close. They said make it pretty and she did, perhaps thats why the applause. I do give her a A for that demonstration in whip play, I couldn't do that.. Beats Indiana Jones anyday.


I wonder if she uses the whip on her husband BDSM style because she does still have the whip and she's still good with it


Now let’s see her do that to me


Best cat woman. I miss the old batman movies.