Daily Pulls/Memes/Fan Art Megathread

Daily Pulls/Memes/Fan Art Megathread


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Easily the best pull I've ever had. I love this banner. https://m.imgur.com/a/xtdwjz1


Wow, 4 different cat leads.


Yeah, it was pretty crazy. I was hoping for SSBE Vegeta or the Bardock, but I can't complain


Damn only on step 3. gottta get some stones! hope i get a lucky pull like this on Cat step. Need android cat lead. LR cell would be fun to use


Hopefully top grossing happens soon so that may be around 50. And part two of the celebration should bring Kid Buu's EZA, it might take a bit but you'll get to the LR step. Best of luck, hope you get MVP 17


I gave in and got the 120 stones. had 20 so it was just enough. Got LR Broly, which was new for me. Pulled Dupes of Super 17 and SBE vegeta on Cat lead multi


I still have to wait a bit for my last LR step, Broly is definitely the one I want the most. Those are solid pulls


Yeah i was really hoping for Broly or Trunks. So im glad i got one of the ones i hoped for! Well hope you get Broly if its the one you hope for most!!! I also Pulled a jiren dupe on the EZA multi with the last int Ult gohan needed to rainbow him. didnt get crazy lucky like some but im happy!


Thank you. I'm hoping for him or Bojack for my movie boss team, first cycle gave me Beerus so that was awesome. Glad you had some fire pulls. This banner is insane


I hate this banner I only have 1 cat lead AND IT GAVE ME A DUPE!!!


https://imgur.com/gallery/N3DvpoD best banner ever


Yo wtf






Man that’s good. I got 3 but they were all on different pulls.


[This](https://imgur.com/gallery/ywUHAzZ) godly multi is probably my best one, used 150 stones each on SSBE Vegeta banner and on Future Gohan banner and didn’t get neither of them, I was so happy that I finally pulled both of them!! (SSBE Vegeta and SSJ3 Bardock)


Wheres future gohan?


What I meant is I was pulling on Future Gohan for SSJ3 Bardock, sorry if I confused you.


Ahhh I get you grats brother


[SSJ3 Gotenks snickering because of what I was about to pull](https://imgur.com/gallery/Jqe9gi6)


Nice nickname there my dude...


http://imgur.com/a/Nyhb6O1 This pull just happened for me!


[What I Got Off Of The Two Step Up Rotations](https://imgur.com/gallery/VFAbCOL)


Dude those pulls are actually ridiculous


Ya, I do feel the three Goten and Trunks was a tad excessive though, like what are the freakin’ chances? All three are dupes btw. I’m not complaining but for my last Guaranteed LR I was kinda let down it was the third dupe instead of a an LR i didn’t have like Broly who I haven’t been able to pull on Global or JP. My Global needs an LR AOE unit badly for WT.


Those are some godly pulls


https://i.imgur.com/rKEVHMh.jpg First Cell, first Bojack dupe.


And a Cooler at that.


https://i.imgur.com/YWJ5ud5.jpg This banner is fucking nuts. Fuck gogeta fuck Broly this banner is the truth


I see so many people pulling MVP and I’m jealous. I didn’t get him or SSBE Vegeta in my 2 rounds. Got one Turles dupe, that was my best card besides the GLRs.


I’d give anything to have that beautiful man on my team


https://imgur.com/gallery/8T0CuFZ This was my 2 best multis plus what I got on 2 rotations on Glb and 1 rotation on JP hopefully we get more stones so I can fished the second most hype I had pulling on this game


After finishing the step up did a yolo single http://imgur.com/Sbzl0p5 Second dupe


to bad that gohan is ass in todays dokkan.


https://i.imgur.com/PPO9MlG.jpg Still in awe of this banner


You got 4 LRs?? Good shit dude! I wish I had that luck


http://imgur.com/57mj4Vz Wasnt expecting to nut this early in step 2


http://imgur.com/P9BqFyf I will most likely never pull a double LR again. Although it's part of a guarantee, it's still really cool. Both new for me too. 😊


That Cell art is one of the best in dokkan.


I love this banner. I had 3 cat lead dupes, 4 eza units dupes and 3 extreme 120% lead dupes. After the 2 rotations, i still missed 2 super 120% lead and had no 100% units on the banner so i did 3 multis. I'm okay with this https://imgur.com/gallery/qfLhpng


I did both rotations and got a little greedy now 3 days later. Pulled Beerus and Mighty mask as my GLR.. one multi after a few days and pulled an LR Bojack dupe. Do I continue to go in on this banner or wait for Gogeta and Broly? So conflicted. 😭😭


This pull was so satisfying lol http://imgur.com/a/kboPzBs


These are easily my best pulls ever. http://imgur.com/a/0caSHLJ


https://i.imgur.com/zYUXz4I.jpg Thanks to top grossing, was hoping for broly but complain here!


love this banner so much! [first multi](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dv-KjxNXcAAmOtQ?format=jpg&name=medium) [second multi](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dv-Kk1_WoAAreCI?format=jpg&name=medium) so happy


[Best 20 Stones I spent](https://imgur.com/gallery/ThNKjyg) You know how to get money from me dokkan!


Nice pull on global for the category summon stage. https://i.imgur.com/YzlIgaa.jpg


Just finished pulling on global then switched to JP. All dupes besides 17 but still holy shit my first 6 SSR multi! https://i.imgur.com/68LHMM8.jpg


W.T.F dude that's some ridiculous luck.


One of the best pulls I ever had, and it was only 20 DS! (Literally the first try at this banner and it was amazing.) [https://imgur.com/Zgv4FZ6](https://imgur.com/Zgv4FZ6)


https://imgur.com/a/V6qT8nI step 3 new year ok


Got this in the first step (i had just 20 stones bc of Gogeta's fault) and I know that he isn't a monster LR but he's my fav DB characters and i'm so happy https://imgur.com/a/V0MK6Wr


https://imgur.com/a/urN5lLs All I wanted was SSJ3 Bardock or a new LR like Beerus or Cell, instead I got shafted and pulled nothing but dupes and a Gogeta which is going to be replaced by his STR counterpart.


https://i.imgur.com/NSlYhWx.jpg holy shit


https://imgur.com/a/QjibPKm Was only expecting one super type lead but this works too I guess


https://imgur.com/7vJHPGs Thank you top grossing...


My fave part of this is I didn't think he was on this banner! My fav villain! [https://i.imgur.com/D20o5EO.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/D20o5EO.jpg)


[Summoned with the 50 stones we got for #1, finally got to rainbow this guy. Makes my SSJ3 and Buu Saga teams a bit better.](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DwCPViCWwAExLyJ.jpg) Probably shoulda saved the stones for Gogeta/Broly but whatever, plus I can't complain since he hits like a fucking truck.


For glb all i needed was lr gohan, ssj3 bardock and ssbe vegeta. Pulled all of them on the banner. Best new years ever!


FP Frieza (already rainbowed) STR SSJ Goku (already rainbowed) Teq Perfect Cell 2x STR Janemba Teq SSJ3 Angel Goku (3rd dupe) Int Gogeta (Rainbowed) Int UI Goku (1st Dupe) 2x STR Jiren (2nd, 3rd dupe) PHY SSJ Bardock (2nd dupe) Int SSJ Trunks 2x STR LSSJ Broly (2nd, 3rd dupe) 2x SSBE Vegeta (1st, 2nd dupe) edit: STR Godku (Rainbowed) Teq Kid Buu LR Goten & Trunks LR Trunks Overall a pretty all right haul I suppose.


Wish i had taken a screenshot but got lr black and lr goku in the same pull Turles x2 Str janemba Int kid buu Lr gohan Lr black x2 Lr goku Full power freeza Str broly Int gogeta Agl super android 17 Str Ssj4 goku Best banner i have ever pulled on


Still waiting to get DS to finish my round... but so far I think I got lucky : 2 EZA Perfect Cell for 1st Jiren (new) + Gogeta (last dupe) for 2nd Omega Shenron (1st dupe) + SSJ3 Broly (new) for 3rd SSBE Vegeta (new) for 4th Missing 27 DS for the 5th, I only got one gacha LR (Gohan) so I will be happy whatever the results ​


My main account may have gotten the better LRs (Trunks & Goku Black), but my alt got the better Category leaders (Turles, SSBE Vegeta,& MVP 17)


Yeah.. game, now you decide to give me what I want huh ? Finally got the 50 stones necessary for the category step, and the game gives me an unexpected PHY 17 and Jiren too, the unit I've been chasing since his debut.




My recommendation is to summon on the New Years banner and see what you get. Afterwards you can post in this thread what you got an ask if it’s a good starting account, and I’m sure someone will help you out. Make sure to not post summons outside of this thread though. Also, don’t baba shop any SSRs. Good luck!


1st batch: 2 int gogeta 2 str janemba 1 phy super buu 1 UI goku 1 jiren 1 int survival #17 1 LR goku black ​ 2nd batch: 1 int gogeta (2 paths) 1 str janemba (2 paths) 1 masked saiyan (2 paths) 1 phy survival #17 1 LR cell ​ 50 stones 1 UI goku (2 paths) 1 LR majin vegeta (1 path) ​ pretty freaking amazing, i saved so many stones for int gogeta but never got him every single time he came back and now i got 3! wasnt expecting the LR at the very end since its not guaranteed either! so happy\~ ​


So I pulled the 400 stones. Then I pulled 7 more multis for 350 stones. 7 multis and 6 featured units. Ssj3 agl goku, ssj3 godtenks, int super gogeta, ssj4 vegeta, omega, and cooler. Pulled zero LR cards. Pulled 7 other ssrs. So 7 multis, 6 featured, 7 non featured. Lucky? Id say yes


Just got LR Trunks (Teen). I have to wait a couple days to awaken him though.


LR SSJ3 Goku, cannot complain ever.


I got him too, how does he rank on the LR scale? I almost got him dokkan'd but suffering through the Hildegarn event now with no flutes.


He's pretty high up from all the calculations, probably top 3.


Did 4 steps on the amazing banner, got str btoly new, ssj4 vegeta new, ssj4 goku new, ssj3 broly new, ssb vegeta new, ui goku new, pshy vegito 1st dupe....amazing banner so fat...need 28 stones for the last step




Bottom right path dude if your first dupe, or top left if second. TUR Broly is getting less and less relevant now, oftentimes he is more a liability than valuable addition to the team.


Hey guys, I've just pulled a lr broly dupe and have a doubt. It is still better to have the tur as a linking buddy? Or should I open the bottom right path?


Bottom right path. Especially cause the new movie broly is called super saiyan broly as well


Got the hercules riding buu animation, got ssj4 vegeta -_-


If a dokkan fest exclusive is on the banner Hercule riding Buu does not = an LR.


Did anybody pull Lr goku black from the banner? Haven’t seen him at all


I pulled him on my 2nd GLR


Two LR brolys in my first guaranteed LR multi. Not too sure how I felt about it but LRs are always nice.


New player here and just did one rotation of the step up. Need help in figuring out whats good and where to go from here. I got: * The Strongest Shadow Dragon - Omega Shenron * A Destined Return - Broly (he can be LR) * Brazen Fighting Spirit - Kid Buu * Extreme Power Brawl - SS3 Goku (Angel) * Flare of Death - Perfect Cell * Proud Heir - SSGSS Vegeta * A New Legend Begins - SS Bardock * Omens of Awakening - SS2 Goku (GT) I don’t plan on paying money for stones. So far been grinding out Ginyu Force and don’t have many other characters. Trying to figure out what’s most efficient for me to pursue. Working towards getting another 200 stones for another step up rotation.


Best banner that ever existed, I got all the cards I wanted to get. Dupes: SS4 Gogeta, Int ultimate Gohan, agl SS3 Goku, int kid buu, SS3 Goku (angel), teq kaioken Goku, phys SS3 Gotenks, SS3 Broly, teq SSGSS Vegeta, agl SS2 Vegeta. New cards: Turles, SSBE Vegeta, LR Gohan, LR Black, LR Beerus. The new units are exactly what I wanted except Gohan, he was a bonus.


I pulled Lr Cell and a dupe ( didn't think of keeping the dupe as Tur so i put it in the HP). Is it better to put aa or crit ?


Finally finished the NY banner. I just started playing the game so I had no LR's other than f2p few. I got Boujack on the first one, and Boujack on the second one... I can't really complain about a guaranteed LR but damn. So anyway, what should I do with his dupe? Which path to unlock?


TUR is not a bad option as a partner. But always bottom right first.


You mean getting one to LR and keeping the other as a sub? Also, is that a rule of thumb for Hidden Potential? And what's the reason? Sorry for the barrage of questions x)


Bottom right gives the most stats, your character just has to have special attack level 10 to access all of it. In addition, the level 120 Boujack and the level 150 Boujack have two different names, so they can be on the same team. They have a lot of links shared, so it makes for a great tandem.


Thanks mate! Great help! I'll keep both for now, since I'm lacking units!


Atta boy, you are very welcome


So, is this any good? [https://imgur.com/gallery/5EYvWXM](https://imgur.com/gallery/5EYvWXM)


I'd re-roll. You can pull better units.


https://i.imgur.com/60qMm44.jpg I want to die Althought my cat leads pull was nice https://i.imgur.com/YrTi6z2.jpg


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I tried my hand at lr majin vegeta, the one I pulled (https://imgur.com/THZpZrV)