Your luckiest/hypest pulls of 2018

Your luckiest/hypest pulls of 2018


Pulled 2 STR Rosé in back to back singles...no I’m not joking


I got him two times in the first two steps of his banner too (It was something like 3 and then 5 units?) not quite as good, but I was definitely damn blessed. Also pulled two LR Blacks when hunting for orb-changer bardock on the TEQ banner in 300 stones.


How. I've been trying to get him or the agl one since the release of both and have failed countless times ;_;


Immense luck I guess lol


Same here. Let me find the screenshot... [Found it](https://i.imgur.com/ycHGKJt.png). Also got LR Trunkten on the very first single of a banner, the one right as Broly's EZA came out.


Man, what's with the level of salt in this thread? Literally everyone describing their luckiest pulls is getting downvoted. Here's a hint for the rest of you: if you're mad about your pulls, maybe don't go into a thread with the title, "What are your luckiest pulls of 2018?"


Username checks out


Some crybaby is downvoting every comment on other threads too,even if its a positive message lmao


The votes are to make posts that contribute to the discussion easier to see. For a thread about luckiest pulls, any good pull is contributing to the discussion, no matter how much people don't like it xD




Yeah, at the time, there were 10+ comments all with 0 or -1 karma. Glad to see that turned around.


Pulled LR Vegito on my first single on the thank you banner


I got my 2nd lr gogeta dupe the same way! 2nd summon gave me android 16, 3rd gave me shit and I gave up lol


What the fuck man I spent 900 f2p stones trying to get him during the anniversary and then another 150 stones on the thank you banner and got absolutely nothing but here you are getting him on a single... I'm so jealous... Vegito is my favorite character and I want him so bad.


No shit I pulled LR Gogeta on my first single. The then three days ago I pulled LR Vegito on a single.


Thank you banner FPSS4 and LR gogeta In back-to-back singles


what the fuck.


Report about this to your superiors


Excuse me lol


The cult of singles lives on!


The only reason I hate seeing these types of pulls, is that it always inspires me to go for a single or two (or in my case 5,) and pull nothing :(


Just gonna leave this here. Almost had a heart attack doing these pulls. https://imgur.com/gallery/BNwMfCR


I think it’s time to buy a lottery ticket. Amazing multi though


Nah, he already used all his luck on that multi.


Oh wow Xeno Trunks, hype


Welcome to karma hell, boys.


I pulled 2 LR Gogeta in a single multi




Yeah bro, here you go and thanks for the tip ArthurT_17 https://imgur.com/gallery/KY9vT0n


I pulled LR bojack (first copie) and a dupe of LR Gohan in the same multi. I took a screenshot if you want it.


[Here's my counterpart screenshot](https://i.imgur.com/gXpCmyE.jpg) of my 2 **LR** [Vegito](/int) in one multi to compile with that if you want it lol




maybe you should crop your name/rank/ds


Pulled both lr Sv and gogeta in the first multi of their campaign


Single summoned lr goku and frieza ( My very first summonable lr)


I've had a pretty lucky year on Dokkan to be honest: I single summoned the last INT Fierce Battle unit I needed to get LR Vegito Blue the day he finally released I pulled Kefla off the only multi I was planning on her banner Got my first summonable LR (PHY Trunks) on first multi after GSSR was implemented Finally pullled SSJ4 Gogeta on anniversary banner Pulled Transforming TEQ Frieza And finally pulled SFPS4 Goku and PHY Frieza GT in my first multi on the banner.


Ayyyy I got my first LR on that banner too and it was Trunks


[My Best JP Pull of 2018](https://imgur.com/gallery/BSEZFrf) [My Best Global Pull(s) As These Were Back To Back](https://imgur.com/gallery/bJida4u)


No shit! I got the same back to back LR multisummons, first was Goku Frieza and the next was Beerus. What are the odds


Yeah, I was so hyped but Beerus is a LR I’ve pulled on both my JP counts and as you saw my main Global. Grinding his medals is a bitch too lol


3 double LR multis on my main: Majin Vegeta and Mighty Mask, Mighty Mask and Goku Black (able to rainbow mighty mask on this one), and Boujack and Gohan. I also started a new JP during 250M and got SSBE Vegeta and UI Goku on back to back cards in a multi, then the next day pulled LR Goku and Frieza as well as LR Cell in a multi.


To give some context for mine, cell is my favorite villain. Not only that but Int perfect cell was my first ssr, and I got him back when he first launched, back in the 2% rate days. So I was hyped for LR Cell's banner. Of course the android lead banner was right before that and I wasn't super lucky with that, having only, and exactly, 50 stones left over. But I tried my luck on the lr cell banner, prepared to spend some cash. I didn't need to, because I got my boy Cell on the first multi. It was damn, beautiful, fate.


I remember that. That influenced me to pull on the Cell banner as well. Got him 2nd multi. Been one of my favorite LRs


I remember that too! That was a great day.


Awesome. If I ever pull lr cell I think I'm going to try to throw together a full cell team. I think best leader for that would be eza int cell.


This is my first year of playing this game (around 270 days) started a few days or weeks before the lr bojack banner dropped on global. I read on the sub reddit that it's a trap banner and no1 should summon so being me I summoned once the moment I hit 50 stones. I pulled lr bojack but I didn't realize it at first I run to my brothers room shouting 'Holy shit is this lr bojack? Can you check please?' 'turned out I pulled lr bojack on 1 multi lol...


I pulled Lr Vegito and Gogeta back to back off of the ticket summons during the 3 year anniversary on global. A few days later I got lr ssj3 goku off of the free ticket banner.


The SFPS4 banner (NOT the LR one) where I managed to pull SFPS4 Goku, SS4 Vegeta, AND SS4 Gogeta. I fully expect to get shafted when the movie banner drops.


Goku and freezer lr banner, first multi majeta Lr, second multi Majeta Lr+black Lr.


My luckiest pull was 50 stones on SSBE vegeta banner 50 stones before I went on summoning strike for the movie banners !


1) Pulling UI Goku on a single (finally after over 1000 stones on two accounts ) 2) Pulling LR G&F unexpectedly 3) Pulling SSBE Vegeta on the first multi after wasting my saved stones on 17 banner earlier 4) don't know whether this counts or not since it was a reroll, but getting both LR vegito and LR gogeta after so many rerolls alongwith Int Gogeta and Phy SV


Well here, I consider being rather unlucky this year.   I pulled some good units, but through all the year when I was pulling on a banner, I never got the unit I truly was pulling for : VB/Rosé, Super Vegito, LR ones, 250M celebration units, Bardock, Vegeta Evo, C17...   I got some of those later (among those only VB and SV). Well maybe STR Ultimate Gohan. Got him with one or two multis.   At least on the Goku&Frieza banner, I pulled my first summonable LR in almost 1000 days : LR Trunks and LR Gohan. This is probably the best time of my year.   On a side note, I've been playing since more than 1000 days (took 2 pauses) and so I was here for every Dual Dokkan Fest since the beginning of the game. **I never pulled any main featured unit on any Dual Dokkan Fest**.   And everytime, I had **at least** 600 stones to try. This is a terrible feeling.


Pulling lr vegito and lr gogeta in 250 stones back at 3rd year anniversary.


After the dry-est year I've had on Dokkan, I tried my hand at the new transforming black Banner. Ended up doing a multi and got: [INT SSJ3 Bardock, TEQ Full Power SSJ4 Goku, STR Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black, and STR Rage Vegeta.](http://imgur.com/gallery/n32ShTH) Not as hype as some of the other pulls here, but I was jumping in my chair for sure


I pulled 3 UI goku in a 5 character multi... no i’m not joking


Please do you have a screenshot? I believe you ofc, but I just have to see that


[of course](https://twitter.com/salvadormv2/status/948258889606234113?s=21)


Did a single on the android 18 banner and got a SV animation and pulled #18


After spending around 450 stones (half f2p and half p2p) on the LR Gogeta Banner and only getting INT Gogeta, [I got this multi](https://i.imgur.com/IlbRwST.jpg). I spent like 5-10 minutes just looking at the screen in shock.


That's a spicy multi


Rainbowing LR gogeta in 200 stones


*Excuse me what the fuck*


Come again?


#Rainbowing LR gogeta in 200 stones


All on the same banner?


Luckiest for sure getting LR gogeta first multi in the gssr spot. Hypest was 2 ssj4 vegeta ,who was my white whale at that time, on the eza Broly banner.


Too many for me, I've had one hell of a lucky year. Pulled two UI Goku dupes in one multi, got LR Vegito and Gogeta during the anniversary, then two dupes for Vegito, both LR Black and Majin Vegeta off tickets, STR Rosé and two dupes from the Frieza banner. Then my first full power Goku dupe from my first and only pull on the thank you banner.


Lr Gohan on a single on the Goku&Frieza banner, I also pulled 2 UI goku on the same multi. Very Last multi on AGL goku banner gave me Agl Goku and Vegito both new units.


Pulling LR Vegito on a Yolo single on the Thank You Dokkan Festival


btw, can y’all stop downvoting all the comments, this is a thread specifically made to discuss lucky pulls.


I wanted to save for christmas so I told myself, "I will pull until I get a featured unit on the [SSBE Vegeta](/agl) banner. Doesn't matter which." Ended up pulling [SSBE Vegeta](/agl) on the first multi xD Suppose that was to help save for Broly before he was announced :)


Pulling my last dupe for ui goku with my 5 last stones


On the Super Class banner, I was able to pull UI Goku, AGL Goku, and TEQ Vegito Blue all in the same multi. Then a couple multis later, I pulled two SSJ3 Angelkus.


3rd ann. Tickets back to back LR pull.. Goku black an trunks


LR gohan and LR broly in the same multi.


last multi phy 17 b4 no stones last multi ssbe vegeta b4 no stones last multi lr goku freeza b4 no stones first multi fp ssj4 goku


started 22 days ago so been saving for broly but did get 3 lr from friendship in 1 pull


Turles, STR rosé, And LR gogeta all off singles! And LR broly From 3rd year anniversary tickets


Lr Broly from tickets ​ Lr Vegito from Thank You Banner-50 stones ​ Lr SSJ3 goku from lr goku frieza banner -50 stones ​ Transforming goku from a single ​ Lr Gogeta from 3 multis on his banner


Pulled lr ssj2 Gohan and lr beerus in a single multi. Was gassed about that one


I just finished battlefield and from the 30 stones I dis a multi on the discounted banner, then I go and check my box and who do I see there the new int black, I swear to you all I have no Idea how it got there cause I didn't have money to pull on his banner so thats my hypest pull so far I did singles from the ssj3 vegetas EZA


Pulling Lr Gohan from that GSSR ticket we got for when the new summon animations came to global (first LR outside of LR Vegito)


Full ability teq VB


Spending 500 ish stones on Transforming Goku and getting 3 TEQgito Blues, 3 SSJ3 Goku’s, 3 UI Goku’s and a Transforming Goku


Lr gohan from a single at the start of the year and pulling UI goku with my last 5 stones the day before his banner went away.


Damn. As a F2P, I managed to pull both LR Fusions, then I managed to pull both Goku and Frieza Super and Extreme leads. Then, on the LR Goku and Frieza banner, first multi I got SSJ3 Goku, second Multi, LR Goku & Frieza, third Multi, LR Trunks. So I can't complain! A 1100 days old account, started the year without any pullable LR, and ended the year (still have my 500+ stones for xmas, so maybe more will come) with 5 Pullable LR's!


I really feel like I should include my PHY LR Gogeta pull but it honestly wasn't the first thing that came to mind haha. I didn't even remember until I started reading through the comments that I pulled him, and I'm f2p too. He's amazingly sought after and a great card but I just don't use him much. I should say he certainly helped with Super PHY SBR but he's probably 4th or 5th on my list of best pulls this year (my other 3 are in my comment AGF, Transforming Frieza and TEQ SS4 Goku). I honestly think SS4 Gogeta was more hype than the LR for me because I love the SS4 aesthetic and he's been ever helpful since summoning him


for me it would have been the Rosè banner. did all te steps and got all the featured units on the banner or it would be pulling both LR gogeta and vegito in less then 200 stones.


Pulled LR Vegito and Gogeata in the same multi


I've had three that id say were contenders for the whole year, but I guess I have to go with my most recent one. I pulled a fpss4 Goku, str gt kid Goku and ssj3 bardock in one multi off of the top grossing stones reward. Gave me access to three aptimal teams (bardock: pure Saiyans, potara, and ssj3), the final atk boost I needed to complete season 8 of battlefield (fpss4) and a true shadow dragons saga leader so I can now make a legitimate run at all category SBRs (str kid Goku). Maybe not as strong as my second place multi, but easily the most valuable, even knowing that the kid Goku probably won't be enough to actually clear the SDS battleroad stage.


This was a very lucky year compared to 2017, and didn't have to spend a single dolar (yen) to get these cards: LR Goku and Vegeta (Vegetto) on my second multi) on the 3rd Year Anniversary Banner Future Gohan Banner: 1st Multi: SSJ3 Bardock dupe; 2nd Multi: TEQ Vegetto Blue; 3rd Multi: Future Gohan Transforming Goku Banner, in 150 DS: 2x UI Gokus; 1 Transforming Goku; 3x Kaioken Gokus. LR SSJ3 Goku on my third multi in Goku & Freeza banner (I never pulled for non dokkan fest LRs before)


Pulling LR Mighty Mask and Future Trunks in the same multi, and then pulling LR Bojack in the next multi.


Luckiest pulls... There's a few. On Global, SSBE Vegeta in the first and only multi, Android #21 in the first multi and getting LR Beerus, Goku & Frieza AND Black/Zamasu from the LR Cell banner in less than 9 multis. For JP; 2nd First multi on LR Goku & Frieza's banner and got them, Meta Cooler and a dupe in back to back multis and now on Blacks banner, 3 singles got SSJR Black for the first time, multi after than gave me the new Base Black after. Not too mention getting all the DB Heroes featured units with dupes and 3 being able to go to 100%. My luck has been insane in all honesty. I am so hoping my luck remains when the two Gods arrive for the movie celebration.


Pulled both my LR Gogetas from singles


On SSBE my first 3 multis I got a Jiren on every multi, my 4th I got SSBE. The second multi specifically I pulled Jiren, Dyspo, Teq MVP 17 and AGL Godku all together. The last summon I told myself I would do on the Full Power SSJ4 Goku banner didnt have a good summon animation. Turns out I got 2 fake out animations in that one multi, pulled Omega and FP SSJ4 Goku, both of which I was chasing. Back on the Broly EZA banner from earlier this year I pulled all 3 featured unitls in my first and only multi, STR Broly, SSBKK Goku and SSJ4 Vegeta. My very first multi on the game I pulled STR Rose. (I started during the Teq Vegito and STR Rose dual dokkan fest).


Phy 17 on my first multi and pulling both Lr vegito/gogeta in under 200 stones


Lr vegito on my first step up multi, lr majin vegeta on my first single on the lr goku/frieza banner, and getting Lr goku/frieza on my second multi on their banner after the majin vegeta.


Pulling LR goku/frieza on a single. Pulling Turles on my only multi on his banner Or back to back LRs from the most recent double rates banner (Cell and Rosemasu dupe) Yea ive had some good luck this year:) (insert my 900 stones used and no mvp 17 to show for it sadness)


This recent banner was good to me. My first SSJ4 Vegeta, first omega, full power ssj4 goku and a ssj4 gogeta dupe in about 250 stones. Probably Anniversary though. Five LRs. Majeta dupe, Boujack, Trunks and both fusions


Transforming Super Buu, one multi got me two new featured units: The Buu itself and Super Vegito PHY with a fake out


We just had a thread like this where I shared my pull but I guess for those who haven't seen it, it's definitely one of the best pulls of all time. Enjoy! http://imgur.com/gallery/Yq8sgV1


Not me, a friend of mine in our german dokkan whatsapp-Group (greetz to Roni!) made a Double-Unfeatured-LR-Multi. We were pretty jealous :D


Pulled LR Boujack of a single. I lost my shit


I pulled LR Vegito on my last ticket single and on the free ticket for the summon animation update i pulled a dupe LR Broly.


Pulled both LR Gogeta and LR Vegito in about 200 stones.... Yeah, that was insane. May have cried, it’s fine.


Pulled both LR gogeta / vegito when they dropped. Maybe 400 total in stones


Pulling LR Goku/Frieza and LR Black on my 3rd multi. My 2nd multi was pulling a dupe for LR Broly. I could not believe it.


Pulled LR Trunks on a single after dropping 200 stones right off the bat. After that, giving the Thank You banner a try and scoring a dupe for Gogeta.


Pulled LR Majin Vegeta and LR Mighty Mask in just 2 multis on the LR Goku Black banner. Also, I did a multi on the thank you banner (Goku didnt even turn ssj3) and got LR Gogeta


Pulling Lr Goku and Frieza on 1 multi in their banner


Pulled LR SS3 Goku, Gohan and Majin Vegeta in the same multi on JP during the Goku/Frieza celebration event.


Pulling STR Rosé, which was the last card I needed for optimal potara, on the first multi on the TEQ First Form Frieza banner.


I got a double LR Vegito multi immediately after pulling him in the previous multi. I haven’t really gotten any good units since


During 3rd anniversary spent every last bit of my ds, and right before the banners left I had 5 from login and daily missions iirc. I did a single on Lr Gogeta and what do you know ? Pulled my first LR off a single .


Got LR Cell and LR Goku and Frieza in 50 stones on their relevant banners. I am now TERRIFIED of pulling for any other units as I feel I burned all my luck on those two...


for me it was getting the new goku black in 50 stones then on glb getting lr vegito and lr gogeta in 450 stones


3 LR’s in one week. basically when the 250 Million DL’s campaign came, I pulled LR SSJ3 Goku on the TEQ Banner, then LR Majeta on my first multi on the LR Goku & Frieza Banner, then LR Trunks on the PHY banner. and also pulling 3 PHY SSJ3 Gotenks in one multi when PHY SV came out (later rainbowed the SSJ3 beast).


2 LR majin vegeta in the same multi.


Well I have a few There's this one [First Multi for STR Rose](https://i.imgur.com/0htgsm0.jpg) And on the FPSSJ4 Goku Banner, I decided to do 1 multi and then save for the Broly banner(s) and after a year of summoning on every banner He's been on, I finally pulled SSJ4 Gogeta Also Pulled transforming Goku in 1 multi and Frieza in 3. And pulled UI, minutes after my friend texted me that he pulled one off a single. Pretty solid year


STR Rosé in a single


Pulled Lr goku and frieza on a single


I started this year so all my lucky pulls are gonna be here Bardock ssj3 pulled him alongside 4 more ssrs in the 1st multi Pulled the entire UI goku banner in 200 stones (except golden freezer) Spent 60 stones to get vegetto LR and 50 and 90 more to get a dupe Got Black, my first one of the OG LRs, in a ticket that was login bonus, boii was I hyped Those are probably the luckiests, now I hope to have some luck for Broly's characters


Pulling both LR Vegito and Gogeta during the step up summons, then shortly after LR Rose/Zamasu and LR Bojack in legendary banner. The anniversary was good to me.


LR gogeta in a single and teq vb in a single


I pulled LR Gohan (in march) and LR Bojack (in august) in singles on Double rate banners, Bojack wad my first single.


Either rainbowing LR Gogeta within 10 minutes of summoning. Or getting 3 LRs(Bojack, SSJ3 Goku, and Broly) in consecutive pulls.


Can i borrow some is your luck my guy


If I could I would. I haven't pulled anything notable since. No SSBE Vegeta. No FP SSJ4 Goku. Nada.


Yooo actually you can keep it


Aww. Youre too kind.


Summons with a friend during lunch break on LR Beerus / Ticket Banners. We pulled 4 singles, both of us. 3 of them were LRs (Me: Beerus, Him: Mighty Mask & Majeta) Also, Rainbowing LR Vegito. Saved up methodically for half a year and it worked out.


LR gorieza of a single After spending like 4-5 multies on banner and just two days ago when 1 multi was enough for getting Black and FP SSJ4 goku


LR Majin Vegeta and LR Rosemasu in the same multi (Rising banner) I was so excited because they were my first gacha LRs


Pulling LR Goku and Frieza on my third multi on their banner, then pulling LR Phy Trunks two multis later (forgot if it was RDC or the G&F banner)


3rd anniv global, in 1 multi i got int android 17, phy syn, str majeta, 2 phy super vegito, 1 lr vegito in guarenteed SSR.


LR Boujack on the 2nd and last single on his own banner.


250million download celebration ticket banner, got lr gohan with my last ticket single


Pulled SSBE Vegeta on my first multi, and then pulled SSJFPSS4 Goku on my second multi


I pulled LR Broly and SSJ3 Goku from free tickets. Both from 3rd Year Anni. tickets.


Before the 3rd anniversary I was in the no-LR club. In the anniversary I pulled 2 LR Vegito, 1 LR Gogeta, an 2 LR Bojack and an LR SSJ3 Goku.


Within 4 singles on the FPSSJ4 Goku banner I pulled 2 FPSSJ4 Gokus and a Omega Shenron


I wanted to complete my STR SBR, so in order to make my rage trunks stronger I tried my luck at LR black banner hoping to get rage trunks specifically but instead ive gotten 2 lr black in 1 multi, good time.


Double LR Majeta on the AGL banner. Thats my luckiest pull ever not just this year.


Getting LR Mighty Mask and LR Broly in my first and only multi on the Rising Dragon Carnival banner after they introduced GSSR


Two LR Bojack on the Int type banner


I guess it was when I pulled 2 str roses in one multi along with super 17


Single summoned Cell LR on JP and Majin Vegeta LR and Goten and Trunks LR on ENG


Probably will do a 2018 recap post to talk about SBR progress etc. But my luckiest pulls this year were without a doubt during the 250M Celeb. Pulled angel freeza str rose and the new tec freeza in one step. Threw 100 stones at goku, got him. After that had 100 stones left, threw 50 at the LR Freeku banner got LR Majeta. Next day int support banner came out last 50 stones, fake out, got LR Gohan. It was my luckiest dokkan week in my 2 years of playing the game!


Single summoned LR goku black during the 3rd anniversary.


3rd anniversary Ticket singles : LR gohan dupe, LR goku black. 5 stones singles on Dmontygaming Stream: LR majin vegeta The best part is , those 3 pulls are within a span of 5 days ( I hate mobile format )


Pulled Lr Gofrieza , lr trunks and gohan from 3ndu anny tickets, both transforming gofrieza and ssbe vegeta.


I forget what banner it actually was but probably a rising dragon banner. The haul was LR SS3 Goku, LR Rose, AGL Tapion, and SSB vegeta father son galik gun. I took a screenshot because i couldnt believe it.


F2P so save stones for 3rd anniversary. Got Lr Gohan from the ticket banner. Then did some step up multi summons on vegito. Got 2 Lr Vegito and 1 phys vegito. Still had 100 stones thanks to some rewards and EZA. Did 2 multis in Gogeta. Got Ss4 Gogeta. Next Multi got Lr Gogeta. Started to save for Evolution Vegeta. Had 50 stones for Lr Black banner so I wanted to do a yolo single but did a multi by accident and got Lr Broly. Ticket banner for 250 mil dl came. Got Lr Majeeta from ticket banner. Then in stones ticket banner, did a Yolo and got Lr Trunks.


Can't remember getting any particularly hype pulls in 1 go, but the amount of luck I had on the AGL Goku banner was unreal. 1 + 3 dupes of AGL Goku, 1 + 1 dupe of VB, 3 dupes of UI Goku, 1 + 3 dupes of SSJ3 Angelku, 4 dupes of SSB Kaioken Goku and 2 TEQ Base Vegitos. All from 450 saved-up stones + all the stones I could manage to earn during that celebration. On the other end of the spectrum; 35-ish multis on the TEQ VB banner, didn't get VB, and only 1-2 of the other featured units.


[Here’s my two](https://imgur.com/a/UEUylfb/)


Did a multi and got phy sv did a single right after and got him again


EVO Vegeta, Jiren and Dyspo in my last multi. Was about to make a post about my salt and that happened.


I pulled 3 LR's in a row on ticket banner during 3d year celebration


I pulled a R piccolo in the friend’s banner,that’s about it


Got on my second multi 2 Rosé and 1 Teq first form Frieza (250 mio downloads) and on my first multi 1 angel gf and turles as my gssr. But when ssj4 goku was released, I got my first Super Vegito animation (4th single) and it was Goku


Pulled lr trunks twice in the same week and lr gohan a week or 2 after, all of them on singles


Grinded the last stone for a single summon...pulled LR Goku & Frieza from the LR Cell banner...i was speechless


After 1k dry spell of BO featured units, I yolo singled FPSSJ4 Goku and got more hyped than my first LR lol. Dry spells suck yknow


Pulled two LR Goku and Frieza in back to back multis. Single summoned LR Goku Black and LR Majin Vegeta.


Tried to get LR cell because he's my favorite villain, tried only one multi and walked away with LR Goku and Frieza instead. 2018 has been very kind, coming back to the game after a hiatus of over a year and a half (stopped playing before OG Gogota came out) Pulling Phy Super vegeto, AGL Turles, android 18, FP SS4Goku AND LR vegeto within the first two summons. I'm that guy Yall love to hate


Lr black off the 250 mil banner, lr goten and trunks off a single on the lr g and f banner, lr vegito off my last free multi on the 3 year anniversary banner


Did at least 5 multis on the goku and frieza LR banner didnt get him minutes before the banner went away i decided to do a single and it was the very first single i did on the banner and I pulled them


Did a multi on the LR banner after seeing pull posts. Ended up pulling both LR Bardock and my 2nd dupe for LR Majin Vegeta.


Luckiest: LR Black + LR Beerus in same multi on Rising Dragon banner in Nov ​ All my other LRs were also pulled this year: LR Broly (tickets), LR SSJ3 Goku (Rising Dragon), LR Trunks/Goten (Rising Dragon), LR Goku&Frieza (Main Banner), LR Super Gogeta (Main Banner) ​ As a F2P player since near the start of the game release , this year has been good going from 0 summonable LRs to 7.


TEQ LR Goku & Frieza PHY LR Gogeta AGL Evolution Vegeta


Had 35 stones laying around and did 7 singles on LR Cells Banner. Pulled Cell and LR Bojack. Pulled 3 SSBE Vegetas in 125 stones, first multi nothing, second multi one copy. Then did every login one single and pulled two more.




Managed to single summon lr gogeta from the thank you banner


3 singles in a row gave me phy omega, teq ssj4 gogeta, and ssj4 vegeta. Then I did a single the day after and got lr vegito.


The tickets from 250M downloads and 3 Year Anniversary gave me LR Boujack, LR Broly and LR Trunks. Otherwise, ive been pretty average luck i feel, with a good selection of categories to play.


Looked at FPSS4 banner when it first dropped knowing I only had 5 stones. Hilo’s it and got him first single, was insane.


I bought $16 worth of stones from the specials to do one multi on the thank you banner. Goku with trunks and goten, i don’t even theink he went ss2 if I recall. The very last unit was LR Gogeta. Lost my shit at work lol also I’ve noticed I pulled better units at work. I think it’s my new ritual.


LR Vegito on his first banner...this mf alongside LR Vegito Blue made me enjoy the game after all, as I started beating stuff when I made y first Potara team.


Pulled LR gohan on a single


This year I was able to pull (global): - OG SSJ4 Goku - LR vegita - LR Trunks - enough phys ssgssb vegito tonrainbow that tank


Hypest pull was probably my 3rd multi on the last Rising Dragon Carnival Banner we had. Got Tapion Giant lead, our Lord Shugesh and my very first LR dupe for Gohan! I was happy with Tapion already but man that blew me away.


The beginning of the year started very slow but these last few months have been insanely lucky for me. On JP i pulled 2 transforming Buu and 2 supreme west kai all back to back on singles and l got LR goten+trunks and LR bardock from singles. On GLB I got 3 MVP 17 and 2 TEQ 16's from 2 multis and I got LR broly and LR rosemasu from singles.


I always wanted LR Goku Frieza when it was first announced. I knew its near impossible, being a LR, but I did single every day. I managed to actually pull LR Goku Frieza in a single. Then a few weeks later pulled another one again!


https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/377920232825552897/519167195838808109/Screenshot_20181130-123837.png not on Dokkan, but this has to be mine for the year.


During the 250m celebration, with the free tickets we got, I pulled SS4 Goku, Int Kid Buu, and Goku Black in a single multi. I was still relatively new to the game. I was hyped! During the transforming Goku and Freeza banners, I pulled: AGL goku 2x Str Rose 2x TEQ Vegito 2x Phy Kaioken Goku Str final form Frieza All with less than 200 stones.


Back to Back single Pulls. LR Gohan LR Goku Frieza


I remember the 250 million download celebration, got UI goku, Angel SS3 Goku, TEQ Vegito Blue, PHY Vegito Blue, STR Gogeta (I did sink a multi into that banner after I got all the tickets), alongside PHY Super Vegito. Then... The Transforming Goku, Super banner. First multi, Screen crack, it's over frieza-- First one, Transforming Goku, And then, the next two were two Super Saiyan Blue Evolution vegeta's, back by back. Good times. I have a feeling that banner is where literally all my luck went, considering I've spent quite a few stones on the INT Black Banner and the heroes banner, and even if I got Masked saiyan INT and SS3 Vegeta xeno phy, I haven't gotten the true waifu Supreme^Kai^Of^Thicc .


well, i got my first LR Vegito in the first 30 ds summon in the 3rd anny and then on my first multi on the thank you banner i got a dupe lol, but i have to say i have been pretty lucky with the pulls just that 2 LR Vegitos in just 80 ds its too much even for me lol


LR broly on the ticket for the new summon animations


Either getting AGF on his premier banner to aid in the destruction of SS3 Goku's blasted EZA (I hated that event), getting the TEQ Frieza to beat EXT TEQ SBR, because I don't think I could have done it without him, or recently getting my first 5 SSR multi with TEQ SS4 Goku and SS4 Vegeta right next to each other. I know SS4 Golu is powerful and all but I've always liked SS4 Goku and have always been a big supporter of GT in general so it wasn't just him as a card, but also him as a character (and that form looks really cool)