Anyone else’s box looking way better since 3rd anniversary

Anyone else’s box looking way better since 3rd anniversary


I mean by better you mean lots of kais with no one to use them on then sure.


I almost have 30 teq kais. All my useful teq cards were already sa 10 before this. Idk what to drop them on.


Most of the chars I could use them on have farmable/semi farmable SAs or either not worth the kais. [Omega Shenron](/phy), [Gotenks](/phy),etc.


I ended up using like 6 PHY Kais on [Gotenks](/phy) Cause i needed space badly and wasted all my stones on the Gogeta banner. He actually hits decently hard with one dupe.


Use 19 for the upcoming LR Ginyu Goku. I'm doing the same.


Leaves me with 9 lol. I'll do that.


Useful Teq card*


What's a teq card? No seriously. Game won't give me any decent teq cards.


What is AGL card?


Only teq card is ever pulled that is worth anything is teq vegito blue. 750 days in btw.


If by better you mean "Like 12 AGL Bardocks that I'm keeping because they'll raise the SA of the INT SSJ3 Bardock if i ever fucking pull him" then yeah, they're better.


yea same thing with android 17. i'll never get super 17 i don't know why i keep these assholes.


yeah ive given up on that. Even if I got him, I don't really have the ex agl units to use him with, sooooooo BABA


i was ready to do that but then i just got crazy lucky and got lr majin vegeta so i feel like i gotta keep them. that and the fact that future/android stuff is seeing more content on jp side but that's 6 more months of these fucks in my box.


They guy is harder to get than an LR xD. Since he's never on banners xD. He was here like once after his debut.


I've given up on the idea of getting int ss3 bardock and just decided to rainbow the AGL one, and now I'm using the rest of them to raise the SA of my Str ss bardock.


They're are so many damned SS Bardocks I appreciate every SR Bardock I get, lol.


I shaved my box for the 3rd anniversary. Friend requests have gone up tenfold.


Now i am self conscious over my overuse of the word box


The 3rd anvi. Has been very generous with me as well, was able to build my optimal potara team along with my rainbowed lr vegito


Grand Kai MVP of the anniversary


Hell yeah. Pulled: - LR Vegito - LR Gogeta - Phy SV - Phy VB - Str Godku Maxed out: - LR Vegito (SA 1 --> 20) - LR Gogeta (SA 1 --> 20) - Phy SV (SA 1 --> 10) - Str Godku (SA 1 --> 20) - LR BlackMasu (SA 13 --> 20) - Agl Rose (SA 1 --> 10) - Phy VB (SA 1 --> 10) Thanks to the crap ton of kais and porunga wishes, I have 9 TEQ Grand Kais saved up for TEQ VB and SA 20 LR Broly is almost a reality


Not mine


Well, I gained my first two summonable LRs (Vegito and SSJ3 Goku), a butt-ton of dupes, some nice supports (Pan and Toppo), and some random SSRs. I have to say, it's like my box got a rebirth similar to PHY SSJ2 Gohan's.


The 2nd and 3rd year anniversaries are literally the only times my box has ever improved. I got totally dicked on like 5,000 stones in between. I have lot a lot of really good units now from just the celebration stones, so I think I'll spend some on Turles and then save for 4th anni after that.


I spent a good chunk of last night (and phone battery) cleaning out my box. Raising SA, baba shopping useless cards, putting dupes in potential system, awakening cards...the works. I think I cleaned a little over 100 spots. I hate clutter and the fact that my kais are grouped together but not in type order hurts my minor OCD.


I swear this anniversary has been a bit too generous to me, I've gotten just about everything I wanted from units to dupes and spent $50 on one 150 pack thanks to free stones on top of free stones its been nuts. And kais for days (though still somehow needing more). I'm pretty lucky with RNG but god damn. My box went from pretty damn solid to godlike for me.


Been pretty good for me. Upped my fusion team with LR Gogeta, rain owed my SSJ4 Gogeta, added two dupes to my INT Gogeta, and picked up SS3 Gotenks with the stone. Those all helped my mono teams as well as my first PHY SV plus a dupe. Picked up Majin Vegeta and LR Trunks off of the ticket banner so far. Grabbed some random useful SSRs as well like syn shenron, sealtenks, trenchcoat 17 and a few others.


Yes! I will have to say that my last lucky moment with this game was on SS4 Gogeta, which I just discovered was a year ago. After that I've been shafted in every single banner until anniversary countdown and it was not for lack of trying. Since the countdown started I've gotten 2 LRs out of the tickets, the 2 banner LR and 2 days ago I did a multi on the teq banner hoping for a cell, to try SBR, and some orbs and got f****** LR Goku. I'm already used to get shafted in this game, I can never follow the meta cause by the time I get the characters they are not too good anymore, but this time... Oooooh boy! I can finally play this game properly.


I basically just improved my ssj4 gogeta and int gogeta, so nope not at all unfortunately.


Rainbow PHY S-Vegito, Rainbow Int Kid Buu, All 120% Leads, Multiple Units at SA 10, LR Rosemasu, LR SS3 Goku Yeah, my box is looking much better




I haven't had a multi on the special banners that yielded more than 1 SSR - and they have been all trash (we're talking TEQ SSJ Vegeta tier of cards). The only saving grace from this banner for me was LR Gohan on tickets... but I can't even find a use for him.


Now that i think about it, i dont have any of the LR cat teams besides potara/rog for zamasu/vegito and fusions for LR gogeta(but i mean the normal gacha ones). Half of them are on Res warriors, which i dont ave xD. The others are on ssj3 and hybrid saiyans, which i also dont have. Movie villains still needs to come out. But I just realised i dont even have their cat teams xD. I only have teams for Zamasu. The LR's are mostly on like 3 teams xD.


id like to know whos box is worse off


3rd Anni was very good to me! Pulled LR Vegito, finished farming LR VB (with the pulls from the LR banner, got almost every INT and STR Fierce Battle units), could build a Potara team and now I'm wrecking every Dokkan Event. Lots of good units, lots of good dupes...the 100~200 bucks invested were really worth it!


Oh definitely. I pulled my first LR in Angel Goku & Vegeta which I'm ecstatic about since fusion was already my best team. I got dupes for Phy VB, SSJ4 Gogeta, INT Kid Buu and a couple other less notable dupes. I managed to SA 10 like 5 cards and SA20 on my LR. This also motivated me to finish LR VB, so I Dokkan'd like 25 cards during the fest, and now have a rainbowed LR VB. My roster is looking 10x better. I may not have gotten all the goodies I hoped for but I didn't get completely shafted so I'm content. Only spent $15 on deals as I'm in no position to whale.


Spent around 1000 stones with no Vegito but got PHY VB and LR Broly from the ticket banner so can't really complain!


Absolutely yes for me. I figure I sat slightly above average before. Best team was teq VB super team (1dupe). I got one LR gogeta, dupes to rainbow phy VB and int gogeta (one from the stone and one from pulls) agl Majin Vegeta off Anni ticket single, same with teq ss3 Goku (non LR), another kefla dupe ( one away from rainbow), phy otherworld Goku (the SS kaioken one), and the stamina campaign 30 stones came in and gave me exactly 50 stones at the time and I put them in LR vegito banner and got last dupe to rainbow LR vegito. My luck has been monstrous this anniversary and it scares me. I had 234 stones saved and bought all packs. If I had to bitch I would have liked a phy sv. And I'm pissed at myself because I fucked up the free LR VB because I thought there was enough medals to LR a rainbow and another to train in for sa20. Now I'm sitting on 20 str grand kais and I'm 20 medals short of a LR VB. So pissed about that. That includes the ten medals in the shop. Edit: never had a summon able LR before the Anni started.


My box is the third anniversary


i got 110 kais now, rip


Added 3 LRs and rainbowed a few others. Pretty damn good.


This anniversary was kind to me in the end. right before I ran out of stones, on my last Multi, LR Vegito popped up. Got INT Gogetax2, SSJ4 Gogeta, PHY and Agi SV's and LR Majeeta. Despite the overall rates, I am fully aware that Im a lucky bastard. Only missed on LR Gogeta to make it a full house. Hoping for LR Black on the upcoming banner, but I doubt it. :\ As for overall bolstering of the box and it's power, The SA's have never been better, and I still have over 150 Multi Friend summons to do and try my luck at extra Kais. Playing with them units maxed on SA is a lot better than scrapping by most of the times tbh . Overall, 9 / 10 Anniversary for me, even if I know some people that got utterly decimated and lost the will to play.


Same. Had no LR. My only neogods were SSJ3 Goku, kid buu and janemba, and my only category leads were Golden Freezer and Omega (and i had no ssj4s so unusable). Now ive got 3 LRs, phy sv, teq gogeta, another dupe for my phy gotenks, got my phy vb rainbow'd, overall im pretty pretty happy with this event. Also awakened a shitton of units i thought i would never use because of the new categories ( ssj phy bardock, farmed phy gotenks sa, and other grinds i had yet to do). last aniv event i got literally 0 new SSRs. Same for the 200 mill downloads. Finally got some good luck on this game!


Yes 100%. I got very good cards from the Anniversary and a ton of kais. Not enough kais but it's gonna make a massive difference once I start using them. My problem is I don't know who has priority over who in terms of kai investment so yeah.


Yep, got 2 dupes for both PHY VB and INTgeta which made me super happy since they were my OG carries and both hold a special place in my heart <3 Gives me warm fuzzies seeing them in the top row of my box


Definitely, lots of new ssrs , lots of dupes, lots of new SA 10 units trough kais or farmed, two new rainbow stars...


I pulled SS4 Gogeta and PHY Super Vegito for the first time, which made all of my Majin Buu and Fusion cards suddenly very useful. I also pulled a few dupes of the two new Vegetas, the STR Hit and I got to rainbow my STR Beerus. It didn't drastically improve my box but it certainly did give it a nice little bump.


Yeah, I pulled 3 LRs and many dupes for Potara and fusions as well as a ton of supporting characters for many mono type teams.


Let's see here... The Vegito banner basically handed me a Buu Saga team, I got LR Vegito... Yeah, it did.


It was the first time I got the main featured ssr's, i pulled the majority of my cards as a secondary options, now I'm stacked. I am too happy :)


I’ve gotten so many together tier ssrs and lrs I still can’t believe it


God blessed me with 5 lrs this anniversary. Box is definitley better :)


Heh. Nice joke.


I had 0 AGL and INT Android 17s. During this anniriggedsary, I managed to pull enough of both to max their SAs and open up all paths. But overall, yeah, I managed to open up paths of units I use every now and then and pulled half a dozen decent/good units. I just wanted PHY Super Vegito dupes (I have 0 dupes) and maybe a Kefla or two (haven’t pulled her once). Oh well, I hope others got more lucky than I did.


The anniversary was very good to me I had quit playing for 3 or 4 months ago. Before the anniversary I had two gacha LR's in Gohan and Trunks. But I somehow managed to pull 2 LR Vegito's and LR Gogeta with the 300 stones I had sitting in my Box when I logged in for the event. I quit playing because of how boring the gameplay is but it is really nice to log in and just manhandle whatever the newest Dokkan Event is.


Mine box surely improved a lot. Got Following LR Vegito with a Dupe LR Gogeta My First SSJ4 Gogeta with a dupe First Masked Saiyan First STR Gogeta First AGL Super Vegito STR Janemba Dupe Buuhan Dupe plus some other useful units


I went from having a decent at best RoG team to having a God tier Potara team. I pulled LR black and LR Vegito. Now all I need to make my team even better is Rose or SV or both preferably but I won't get my hopes up.


ugh man i wish they bring back the agl or str rose soon man only need him for the perfect potara team lol


I'm still kinda salty because i didn't get Phy SV, but i gotta admit i got some good cards, even great ones.


Pulled LR Bojack today off the ticket. Can't say I'm disappointed.


Aye me too! Now to wait to awaken the animal. Hope the rest of the anni serves you well


The luck did me well, pulled LR Vegito with the stones from the porunga wish today.


Atta boy!


Mine was already stacked, only now it's truly endgame levels of broken with a crapton of new rainbow units. Pretty much cruise control of everything minus Battlefield and SBR 2.0 and until they drastically shift things again next year.


Yeah A lot has improved. My box was for most part was pretty good, but now I have so many teams to run or different units in caterogies etc.... I still going to pull some more just need one dupe on like 2 to 3 units.


Got my first lr from tickets. It was gohan. Then got lr Vegito. Only other things of note are phy Vegito Blue and str god Goku.


My box drastically improved. Manage to pull LR vegito and LR gogeta with 1 dupe within the first 300 stones and my first phy super vegito with dupes for many cards. Best news was pulling my first non-dokkan fest LR goku black off the teq banner! Super happy with this anniversary as a F2P player!


Had a somewhat decent box before, but was lacking a lot of Leader cards. Managed to summon: LR SV (1 dupe), LR Gogeta, SSJ4 Gogeta (1 Dupe), AGL SV, INT Janemba Got dupes for: PHY SV, INT Buuhan And managed to Rainbow: PHY VB, INT Gogeta. 3rd Year Ticket Banner has been absolute shit for me, however.


It a night and day difference my friend. Im fairly new (day 87) and ever since i heard about the 3 year anniversary I managed to save about 600 plus i bought all the stones on sale except the 49.99 (still tempted to buy it once though but I'm going to hold off for now) so i had about 800 stones and got lr vegito and lr gogeta. I went from having just 1 team(team super) to now 4/5 teams(ROG,Potara,Super,INT). I would love a SS4 gogeta or a Caulifa but I couldnt be any more happier.


Shouldn’t worry about SSJ4 Gogeta, he’s on an amazing banner later on with SSJ4 Full Power Goku, Omega, and SSJ4 Vegeta. You got mainly the important units that don’t come back on a worth Banner anytime soon. You’ll have a decent shot at caulifa during a world tournament from tickets.


thank you for the head ups i feel better now :)


Did you already have UI Goku but pulled ROG units durimg the 3 year anni?


yes you got it i pulled a vegeta beerus and i also put in lr vegito to fill the spot


Yeah I know what you mean I’ve had 4 units rainbowed, three LRs added and a lot of units at SA 10


definitely.... Having picked up both LR's.... and a dupe for LR Gogeta.... I've also managed to rainbow 3 x 120 leads (INT Gogeta, INT Buu, STR Janemba) rainbow PHY VB, and enough dupes to rainbow STR Gogeta, masked saiyan and a few others that I really dont have the orbs for....


Can't say "way better," but it is better. My box honestly had the biggest improvement from UI Christmas banner.


Funny enough, I get shafted 24/7 during the year, but somehow that bad luck converts into amazing luck during the anniversary celebrations. I can now say that I will pull dog shit on SSBE Vegeta's banner.


My box, yes. My wallet, not so much lol