I think the title of the post is a bit misleading, from what I read they just want to make it more transparent.


exactly. I dont see anything justifying the title.


Thats the perfect usecase for Monero! Monero is unstoppable!


Top Monero holders 1.??? 2.??? 3.??? 4.??? 5.???


Privacy coins will get a big bust the more limitations government will use.


They’re banned because govts can trace em And people use em because govt banned them because it’s untraceable


After reading the linked article, I'd recommend having the title changed as it's very misleading. While the EU are looking to ensure visibility of each and every crypto transaction between "*crypto-asset service providers and un-hosted wallets*", there is no indication of them looking to ban private ownership of crypto, as per your title.


They cannot stop us, we are free.


Look into the European digital identity...


Monero: no


The article says that they want exchanges to keep details of their customers & transactions. They already do that anyway. Anything you do on an exchange is not private at the moment. No one has said anything about banning private ownership. They can't do that, that's why it's private... If you want to hide crypto from the government you will have to find a way to cash out anonymously anyway, as it's not declared.


To *”effectiveness of the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing,”* - they’re not coming after us bro


Something something save the children. Ban it!


Germany has been investing hardcore this year i doubt it but now that AM is out nobody knows


lol, given Germany's reluctance to digitalize, I doubt they could stay on top of shit on this front. Seems government institutions still struggle with the concept of sending emails. Even heard stories of people printing and subsequently scanning emails so they have a digital copy...


I'd like to add a number of EU countries to this.. I don't think Germany is alone in the resistance to digitise.


Really? Any proof?


Shit, am I a brexiteer now?


Oh god they planning to do a India!


Now it's EU's time to spread some FUD...


Ship has sailed




Its no Crypto haven in the first place...we pay a ton of taxes for other things...só you get butfucked on other ways lol


I read the proposal. They want to ban anonymous crypto wallets because they "do not allow the traceability of crypto-asset transfers, whilst also making it difficult to identify linked transactions". The blockchain is the most traceable and transparent system in the world. They really don't understand what they're talking about.


anonymous crypto wallets? that is privacy coins like Monero? or bitcoin stored in Trezor/Ledger wallets etc.


I think they mean any wallet with no KYC. So basically everything but exchanges. But they have absolutely no idea what they're doing. They even want all crypto transactions to include full information about the sender. Yeah, as if BTC and ETH were going to update their blockchain codes so that the sender's KYC was attached to each transaction. Good luck trying to force that.


They just want to associate names to the adresses and if one has no name it will be blacklisted, tbh, im not too worried about this, so many workarounds, also, privacy is going to be more and more prominent in The future, just like http to https


How does that even work, how can they even ban something they have such little control of?


They can't. They are old, clueless, and scared.


They could legally penalize you for using defi or wallets. They can shut down centralized exchange so you would have no where to cash out your crypto if needed or wanted to. Its not going to happen.


I wont tell you what can they suck from my body. If they do that I will send them a receipt demanding a refund in my Trezor.


This would be more than a stupid move against crypto. Politicians seems to not understand crypto.


It about taxes, it’s always about taxes. And they can fuck right off


# Joke on them i mine Eth 👍


They can’t tell is what to do with our money. Crypto is out money.


This made me laugh. they actually think this is possible? Silly old people.


Paranoid FUD. They are only thinking about banning anonymous ownership of crypto to block money laundering and certainly also tax evasion. I am fine with both. How should this block the blockchain and dApp system from becoming mainstream? The opposite is true. Regulation is a prerequisite for mass adoption although many on this sub won’t like to hear it.


Where exactly you see "banning private ownership" I dint see it in the website you linked. Can you paste that part here?


FUD by the OP. The link is about anonymous ownership.


Yes, thats what I understood too. Its against Monero and his friends...


Exactly. Plus regulated exchanges. To me this sounds like steps towards mass adoption.


"Western empire" Im curipia what would you call China?


The "free" world


That’s not what the article says at all. Here is a direct quote and the most important part: “The aim of the proposal is to introduce an obligation for crypto-asset service providers to collect and make accessible full information about the sender and beneficiary of the transfers of virtual or crypto assets they operate. This is what payment service providers currently do for wire transfers. The purpose is to ensure traceability of crypto-asset transfers, so as to be able to better identify possible suspicious transactions and if necessary blocking them.” Tbh I thought they already did this with KYC


The EU really wants to be the new Soviet Union doesn't it?