because selling right now would have 0 net benefit to my lifestyle, my future, or anything. I will sell when it makes a material difference to my life and my future, or when it goes to 0.


Why would sell at $0?


Tax deduction in the USA at least. You can write off up to 3k each year and it carries forward


Garbage disposal I guess 😜


All or nothing kind of investment. I respect that.


I hope that if it goes to zero, you won't suicide like other people. When I read people saying things like "rich or zero" I have the feeling it comes from people that would be devastated if their investment indeed went to zero.


There are lots of things more important in life than money. But IMO it's simply the best strategy for crypto; if you wanted a safe investment, there are tons outside of the crypto space that can get you a decent 10% return year over year. Why be in crypto? And anyway, I never actually put in any fiat into crypto (in fact I still never did any KYC), it's just that I've been in it since 2014, so my free bitcoins from back then are now worth 5-6 figure territory. I don't believe in the "playing with house money" fallacy, but like... yeah.


If suicide is an option for anyone trading, crypto or stock, that sort of person is exactly who shouldn’t be trading in the first place. If you have put money in the market assuming you’ll gain eventually, you’re doing it wrong. If you put money in the market and assume it’s already gone, you’ll never be disappointed. I think people who think positively in these times understand the latter point more effectively.


It comes from people who invested more than they could afford to lose. No mentally stable person would commit suicide when their investment goes to zero if they didn't invest more then they can afford to lose.


I just collect crypto as pokemons


I’m with u on this!!!


Why hold when you can just buy more?


Exactly my plan


And it's not like I'm gonna go hungry if I don't sell them. Plus ramen tastes so good when market is in red.


It's a loss, only if I sell.


Depends on the coin you hold. BTC? Sure. Shiba? *coughs*🌚🌝


This is a funny saying because sold or not you still lost the value of your money. You can buy now the same amount of coins you had few days ago with less money.


👀 So if you’re down, will you be avg down?


Because it's so simple, I literally don't have to do anything.


Buy. Wait. Crazy shit happens. Wait. 5 years go by. Retire.


It's so foolproof


I never planned to sell soon anyway


Do you have a PT in mind for the coins you’re holding?


Cause we all saw what happened from 2017 till now.


In 5 years people will post about how epic it must have been to buy at these 'insanely low' prices of sub $100k.


What’s the benefit of selling? Just simple tell me how do I benefit if I’m selling? Just by not watching how my investment isn’t going down? You only lose if you sell now. Keep it until is back up and sell it then. Such questions. Why do I even have Reddit on my phone


Selling can equate to realized losses to help with taxes before years end. So I’m curious if people are taking realized losses.


I for one am not


The only benefit of selling is if you have been DCAing and regularly taking profits at set price targets. Allows you to have extra on the side to buy the dips when they happen, and provides peace of mind because you have a plan. Investing without a plan can make you become emotional about your money, and emotions do not belong when it comes to investing. And like you said, if you are down, just step away for a few weeks and everything will be fine!!


I’m hodling because I invested for the long term


Same. I’m hodling because it was my plan anyway. Same reason I didn’t sell at 69.


Same here. It’s been tempting but the potential is massive in the next decade or so.


What kind of timeframe are you looking at? Years, decades?






I would say years but that doesn’t matter either. The goal is to reach financial freedom eventually!




I'm hodling because I don't know what am I doing


😆😆and I thought it was just me


Because I was sleeping.


Because the market will eventually return to where it was at minimal. It always does.


But not for every coin though. Some coins don't make it to the next bull run


Why not?


The only reason to sell now would be for tax purposes. But I have a feeling few of us on this sub are big enough fish for that to matter. Might as well hold till $100k whether it's next year or the year after.


My lifestyle doesnt change if I sell now. I am here for a house and a house I will get.


I don't need the money right now, so why sell. It might take weeks or months, but there will be a recovery in the end


Because I invested only what I could afford to lose,and i don't need that money right now and i am invested for the long term and this crash/dip doesn't really affect me that much So I just HODL and DCA


Buy the dip. Hodl. I’m a complete dumbass robot. It’s all I know.




Because you should no sell with loss. You must be patient, this is a serious question? Seems like this has been discussed many times with the same conclusion.


Realized losses are sometimes a great way to mitigate taxes. So I’m wondering if people are utilizing this strategy.


No way I'm declaring crypto to my country's version of IRS. They are vicious. Any case, no profit or loss until selling.


Fuckin A 👍🏻


Buy low, sell high. Basic investing strategy. Buy when there is blood in the streets. To quote the new coach of Florida Gators, scared money don’t make money.


Because I am still far, far in the green on all the projects I am in?


Awesome! Not everyone is in that position, I have only ever seen green, so that’s why I ask.


Because selling now would not make any difference... I didn't invest with the idea of getting rich overnight. I invested with the idea, that I'm in full control of my money and not some bank. I thought it might make me some money, whilst learning lot's of stuff. I'm also fully aware I might loose it all, but I only invested what I could miss. These dips mean nothing to me, there's a big possibility that if I look at my wallet next week, it might be worth a lot more. So nowp, during this "dip" I didn't even flinch.


Perfectly stated. I love LRC for the reason that I won’t get rich overnight. I got in around .5 and see it going much higher because of their zkrollups and their marketplace. There is a lot to look forward to.


If I were 100% certain it will be dip after dip after dip from here I would sell. But I am not certain of this. Of course with hindsight it would have been better to sell 2 weeks ago,... but now? It risks crystalising losses and in the event that (eg evergrande/covid etc) is not as bad as feared) and things pick up, then you would be down. I guess I would rather risk losses which I believe to be tempory than risk getting left behind due to panic selling in a time the market move that may not work out


Thank you for that insight. I have been following the macro market since Jan and now seems different than any other time. Both stocks and crypto are taking hits. Something that hasn’t happened other than when the markets are crashing.


I think it’s because every crash recovers and each time the market had achieved ATH. So why would you sell today? It’s not like the market is going to zero, it’s going to pick back up and probably quickly.


That’s the hope!


Holding with various financial goals in mind. Still think the tech is growing? Keep holding! I don’t care about price today or tomorrow, I only care about price eventually.


# I don't know how to sell! Never looked it up




HODL the door.


It’s the easiest thing to do.


Because I have already lost around 300 eur and if I sold now they are gone forever. But if I hold, market could bounce back, and I would be even.


Apart from my belief and expectations of the asset class? Because there aren't any alternatives where I'd allocate my capital.


You can't really lose until you sell at a loss, and I sure as hell won't be doing that.


Because this was baked into my plan so there was no action necessary. If you don't have a plan, or at least have the awareness that this could happen, you are driving blind. Not referring to the OP, just buyers in general.


Why would you sell at minimal profit or a loss? Crypto has always bounced back.


Not all crypto, but I understand what you mean.


Yeah I guess I was vague there. The sector as a whole*


For ![gif](giphy|6901DbEbbm4o0)


I hold because selling when everything is red is dumb. Buy red/sell green


I'm not smart enough to do anything else


Why do I hold? Because I'm not a day trader. I'm in my investments for 3-5 years


Too one day retire. Profits don’t matter now. I have a job I live off of. I dca And hodl to one day be able to retire. I will not sell a single satoshi until then, Regardless of price action


Think I'd only sell if it was to help pay for my first home, I'm not there yet, so I'm very happy to just keep buying and holding. Even then, I hope I'm never in a position where I have to sell all of my bitcoin/portfolio, the dream is one day taking fiat loans out against it, Juan day, a decade or two away maybe, maybe sooner.


If nothing has fundamentally changed in the projects I have invested in, I continue to invest in them 🤷 I trade pairs during dips sometimes as they can swing wildly as things rebound.


Because how you make money is selling when it's up, not when it's down I mean.....its science


I only went through how to buy this stuff videos...


Because selling at loss & potentially buying again at higher price isn't going to be a good move.


I'm not worried about getting rich quick (but I'd be okay with that). It's like your retirement accounts, we're in it for the long haul. There will be ups and downs.


Cause i 2x my intitial investment :) the rest i stake em and hodl. No worries :)


Woke up? Dude, I woke up to alerts on my phone at 12 am EST. Cracked open a bottle of Johnnie Walker black, drank about 2/3 of it in a hour, then bought 100k CRO at 50 cents a piece. Like a real man.


Not in the mood to pay the taxman their capital gains.


I've only been in for a month and have invested a fair bit, possibly more than I should have, but nothing that's going to have me homeless if it all reduces to zero, which I'm pretty confident won't actually happen. In such a short time, I've read alot and learned more about finances/investments than I'd ever learned up til the point I got in at. Yes it's worrying, pretty much YOLO'ing into it and then seeing all your years of saving being drastically reduced in minutes, but by zooming out and seeing how the whole thing has moved since its creation, I still think it was a wise move to make. Wild swings are what brought me into it, however, hoped they'd be going the other way. Coming back out of it now would mean this whole thing would have crippled me, staying in, riding the storm and waiting for it to recover is the only option I have. I understood the risks before getting involved, hoped I'd be in the green before a moment like this, but still doesn't change my general outlook on the whole adventure.


I sold some shitcoins this morning that were only down 9% and used the cash to buy BTC while it was down 16%.


Do you mean March 2021?


I’m buying crypto to some day change my life. My life feels pretty much the same, so I hodl.




What else would I hold? Sell to buy a home.


I invested based on the technology and not the hype so I’m in for the long haul. Plus as others have said, I don’t need the money so there is really no need to sell and stress about timing the market. I did take advantage of the discount though and bought more.


Because staking is always free no matter the price 🤷🏻‍♂️


Because this sub tells me too 🤣 Also, seeing the patterns, it makes sense to hold reputable projects... Others it might be worth selling, but always risk missing a 🚀


I've siad it before on this sub but I went ALL IN right before this bull run took off. Not on purpose. Not by design. Totally by luck. Within a few days I was massively in the green with no more fiat to spend. So now i just sit back and relax. Why sell? Im still in the green.


What is sell?


You Don’t Hold- Hold On for Dear Life…. You Accumulate More… Mining and Farming So when Crypto $ price Drops… we see it as a Sale… Buy, buy, buy…. Setup your system for Mining and Farming LP Deposit Gains back into your Setup… Accumulate More… 🤓 Good Luck


Because we have no idea what tomorrow will entail, the safest bet is to just hold and wait it out.


I HODL because I find it too stressful to try and time the market I just DCA & HODL and trust the process I'm more than happy with BTC's historical 200% CAGR


I don't know how to sell. I only know how to buy.


In case that some of those aré More valuable in 2-5 years than what i paid for them.


A smart man once told in a movie who has survived being shot 9 times "Get rich or die trying"


Why didn't someone tell me last week about the upcoming dip? Thought ya'll were my friends.😷


Only sell if your trying to time the peak, which is super fucking hard. And if your selling the dip, you’re a dummy or put too much in


Hold! Coz you haven’t got a choice?


All in on XRP. 5 figures deep and ready for settlement.


Even if it went to zero I’m holding. Makes no sense to withdraw an asset with no value.


I hold because i hate losing money


Because YouTube experts say this is nothing and to trust their entertainment purposes video.


I joined for the ride and i'll be in for the WHOLE ride, plus, just doubling my investment isn't enough to get something life changing.


Because at this point, the bags are holding them.


Majority of my holdings are in CRO. Im holding because everything I have is either staked for my Jade green, or staked in my DeFi wallet.


I'm holding pretty much hodl all the good crypto and won't even consider selling until my kids future kids are 20yrs


So i don't lose money lol


Scared money don’t make money. As long as you believe in the projects you’ve invested in then there’s no reason to sell at a loss. That’s if you’re long on your investments of course.


It's the only thing I know how to do properly.


Do you prefer one cookie now or two in 1h test. Applied that to crypto just change 1h to 10 years


Because I get staking rewards. And crypto only goes up.


simple reason for me i only started a few weeks ago so if i sold now i would lose a whole 7 usd i can not let that happy meal go


Why would I sell low like a paper handz bitch? “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”


I hold because I think prices eventually go higher then they are today.


Because why not? 😅I am not hedge fund manager with investors breathing down my neck, I don’t have a time limit to reach and I haven’t staked money I can’t afford to lose. If I sell now I’ll be worse off or at the very least be further away from my goal. I’m sure people in May thought the bull run was over and things will remain quite for a while but the bull run happened again, not saying it will happen again soon but in general, the value of cryptos has only gotten better. People right now compare this to the 2017 crash but in 2017 was there this much growth in the industry? We have celebrities endorsing crypto exchanges, major sports team sponsored by exchanges, athletes and celebrities who want to be paid in cryptos, NFTs being exchanged for huge sums of money and metaverse projects that keep becoming more audacious. It’s only a matter of time till cryptos become a staple in technology infrastructure. This isn’t a hunch like the housing the market with guaranteed returns, we all know the risks but we also acknowledge the huge benefits from this and the impact it has for the future.


Since the money you put in should be money you don't care about losing, it wouldn't matter if it went down. Buy more if you can and wait until it goes up


Can't leave if you can't find your pants


Because homie, hodl requires nothing on my part. Buying the dip requires nothing on my part (limit buys). I’m good at doing nothing. And I have unshakable faith in my bags.


I hodl because I know a lot of my bag will be just fine. For instance, I highly doubt anything will impact BTC and ETH's future growth so this latest crash is a just a bump in the road.


Think: is the smart money selling now?


Because I both DCA in and out. Buying and just holding is great, but it gives me peace of mind that I have my selling price targets set and have realized some profits. Then when stuff like this happens I have stablecoin on the side to buy more up. Repeat the cycle over again.


It's not a loss till you sell.


Still can’t afford a house in the south, when I can I’ll get me some real estate and start stacking again


i dont sell.


Lambo no?


Because selling right now at a loss is dumb, a lot of the bounce back has already occurred, and in copy trading troughs are very beneficial.


Whatever I’m holding is mostly above water, except Ada, also everything is staked so I can’t


Because selling now would be to abandon. And also : I've not reach my goals.


Because bitcoin trends up with time on a macro scale. Trying to predict short term price action will get the average person absolutely wrecked. I dollar cost average in every paycheck and leave it to grow over time. If it goes to 0, I still have my job and I won't miss my rent payment, so it would suck, but I'd live on. The potential gains in the future are just too good to pass up.


I use to gamble on football, now I gamble on crypto. This seems to make more sende


Cuz people got left "holding the bag" when they bought BTC for 10 - 20k in 2017


I don’t sell the top I sell small amounts on the way up. If I have enough profits I just ride the rest to hell.


It would suck more to cash out and watch it all skyrocket to my previous targets than see it all crash down 80%


Why? Because Im investing not trading