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The NFT's that could emerge from comic con are mind boggling.


Lots of people (including me...) don't fully understand the point of NFTs and why they sell for so much... But I'm starting to realize that they are exactly like stamps & coin collecting, trading card games, etc... If it can be collected, there will be bitters to collect it, and there will be bitters willing to spend a ton on it too. NFTs are especially unique because each one is... Well, unique. It's not like limited edition holographic cards where only 20 exist, or an old coin where only 300 were made. Each NFT only has 1 issued. But anyways, given the overlap between comic con fans & collector communities, you're right it's gonna be huge.


I agree but NFT can be so much more than collectibles. They can be discounts, coupons, tickets to an events, a way to connect personally to your favorite actor/artist. Now Metaverse is growing, NFTs can be the clothes your aviator wears, a piece of art hanging in your digital room, trophies you won in tournaments. I don’t think the true potential of digital objects will be understood until there’s a digital world to use it in.


Bull on people getting hyped about comic con


I love to see that I made the right bought when I entered in may buying MATIC. Great news!


is this from san diego comic con ?


LA Comic-Con.