That's kinda cool. I wonder what Dallas Mavs are gonna do. Mark Cuban is a rather avid supporter for crypto.


Mark Cuban will do what he always does - seek out maximum profit and / or maximum publicity. Not knocking him, that's what a smart businessman does.


It's actually a little odd to me that he didn't strike first with this. I would've wagered money that the Mavs would've been first to do this.


I don't know if an NBA team accepting a sponsor paying them money is considered "adopting Crypto." Usually it's highest bidder. Clippers have Bumble as their sponsor lol. But the Jazz did discuss an NFT or something regarding virtual locker room access. I'm to bet the NFL will get in on it once Goodell figures out how he can make it very profitable


Grayscale is a sponsor for the New York Giants. They play commercials during the games. https://www.giants.com/news/grayscale-investments-first-cryptocurrency-partner-of-nfl-team


StormX is a cool project. They have an actual working product that is very useful. The token is useful as well. It’s all tied in with the app.


When little league endorse moons


The NBA is a lot more progressive on many things, human rights and new tech like crypto. You can kind of see this with their partnership with Dapper Labs on NBA Topshots. But dont think for one moment they are doing this because they believe in the decentralized ideology of crypto, they just know where the money is and are smart to embrace that


I think the NFL is preventing individual teams and players because they're going to implement something league wide


The blazers haven’t been any good since Scottie Pippen and Stoudamire lol.


Hah those were the days. That Rasheed, Sabonis, Stoudamire, Pippen, Schrempf team was good.


tldr; Crypto.com announced it will be the official ad patch for the Philadelphia 76ers this season. This is the second jersey patch partnership with a crypto company in NBA history. Crypto.com will also create a series of NFT tokens for the team, available throughout this upcoming season for purchase. *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*