It’s pretty simple, I don’t invest in high risk coins. If it’s ranked over 300-500, it’s likely (very) high risk. It’s essentially a lotto ticket.


Yeah, but that’s where the million dollar price is though! It’s funny because I refer to lottery tickets as “moron tax”. Somehow crypto is different. :p


If you like finding needles in haystacks, sure. But if you instead decide to invest in some more “well known” projects during a bear market, you could see 100x returns. ADA was below .02 about 18 months ago


Yeah, it’s funny how that works. For some reason I slept through the lows of ETH last year. So frustrating but I’m finally back on the DCA wagon now.


Bull markets make you money, bear markets make you rich. Just be sure to DCA even when it feels like Bitcoin is dead [again](https://99bitcoins.com/bitcoin-obituaries/)


yeah but the odds are much higher


I mostly stick to side projects I'm able to learn more about (ETH, XTZ, ALGO, that sort of thing).


Yeah as I’ve matured that’s what I’ve been doing as well. But in the beginning I bought anything with low value in search of mad gainz.


DBC was so hyped in 2017, coins comes and go, BTC/ETH will remain


One thing I like to do is join their subreddit/Telegram/Discord, stay there for 2-3 weeks, closely observe the kind of activity, comments, discussions there, and the involvment of devs, their AMAs, how they address queries and concerns of the people in those groups. If I am satisfied with the content and discussion quality, only then I buy a small amount. It doesnt give you the full picture, but it gives you sla start point.


Yeah looking at the community chat is definitely helpful. My problem with ShowCoin was that the english Telegram was dead but there seemed to be stuff going in a Korean official telegram. But it got really tedious trying to copy paste comments back and forth to google translate :p


Hahaha, maybe some other platform for the English channel? But I agree, if there are no modes of communication, it throws a red flag. I have been following 4-5 such newish/lesser known projects. 2 of them have their chat apps filled with one liners like 'great project' 'good' 'project is dead?'. But no talk from devs or mods of that group. They are close to being striked off from my list. 3 of them have very regular involvement from devs and mods in the community. Very regular AMAs, each question of members is answered no matter how many times it is asked. Of course there are the occasional 'to the moon', rocket emojis, 'lets shill guys' comments. But the serious discussion prevails. Again, this doesnt confirm that the project will have a bright future, but surely gives you some confidence.


>So a few years ago I bought some Deep Brain Chain (DBC) Now there's a throwback


hehe yeah, it was one of my first altcoins and I was convinced it would make me a millionaire in a year or two. It didn’t :p


To be honest, I don’t. I rarely ever add new coins.


Yeah I’ve stopped for the most part. Primarily because of the experiences above. Now I buy Eth and sometimes whatever people here have shilled for at least 6 months. So Nano and Algo.


what is DBC? man when i think i now something. something new appears. (at least for me)


It was/is a kind of decentralized way to run software, supposedly with AI involved. The idea was that you'd receive rewards for running a node that used the idle time on your computer to run that software.


Dbc not dead. Buy and drop your average.