This video was directed towards me after I was calling people out for faking mental illness. Person claims to have over 200 personalities. (DiD)

This video was directed towards me after I was calling people out for faking mental illness. Person claims to have over 200 personalities. (DiD)

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This is what happens when you let the internet raise your child


It’s true. I have a 10 year old daughter and one of her friends is essentially like this. I don’t think she understands half of what she is claiming on tik tok. It’s really scary how she’s one of millions of kids soaking up all the content from strangers like a sponge.


If it makes you feel better (or worse), I had a friend in middle school who was like this and claimed multiple personalities. Me and my friends all used to rp in Aol instant messenger by changing colors and fonts to show a different character was talking. We were just having fun, but she took it too far (as most do). My point being that people like this existed before tik tok and social media as a whole. Last I heard of her, she's doing ok now and probably cringes as hard as I do thinking about our teenage selves. Most kids grow out of this kinda stuff.


That is true to an extent, but social media is a lot different than it was during the AOL or even MySpace days. The way social media is engineered now days is nothing like it was back then. Tik tok is pushing sexuality, politics, race, mental disabilities to young kids like nothing I’ve ever seen before and the kids are just regurgitating what the see without even understanding what half of it means and basing their identities around it. All we can do is teach our kids the best we know how and limit exposure to these socially engineered addictive apps but for example even if my daughter doesn’t go on them all her friends and classmates are on tik tok and it affects her. I know kids being raised by their iPad and it’s scary. I truly worry about this youngest generations future.


Plus it's recorded forever. You'll be able to find it in 20 years somewhere. That's a huge difference to some shit a few kids from school might remember if you brought it up


This is why my kid's not on the fucking internet. I watch YouTube with him (instead of him watching by himself) and he plays chatless Minecraft (usually pvp). That's it.


How old is your kid? Wife and I are trying to find a good system of limiting internet that works. Always curious about others experiences




Thanks u/loadsock




Thanks, made me spew my morning coffee on the kitchen counter.


I use Apple screentime. It limits what your kid can do and how long they can be on the device. I have my kids’ set up so that if they ask permission (on their devices) to use google whatever link they click on requires me to approve that as well.


Thats a nice system I wish my parents would have done that because back in the early 2000 the internet made me discover everything horrible


No it depends on which parts of the internet raised you I was essentially raised by the internet since my mom never gave me attention and mostly neglected me and I turned out juuuust fine.... ( cries in the shower )


I was raised on the streets of Runescape. The day I gave away my rune armor to be trimmed was the day I lost my innocence.


I was a raised in the streets of the Spanish Youtuber community the day I started watching English speaking Youtubers is the day it all went to shit


I was raised by goatse


True. I’ve never seen so many “non-binary, pansexual” literal children before.


My baby sister made a whole debacle out of “coming out” as asexual at 11 to our parents (who gave 0 fucks). I told her I genuinely thought that she still had a lot of time to learn how her own body worked before she even thought about the nuances of who she was attracted to for the rest of her life, and she scoffed and called me a bigot or some shit. The next year she turned 12 and had a big puberty spurt and realized she did actually have sexual hormones. Kids are being effectively taught to create new identity labels and shoehorn themselves into existing label boxes because they want to feel a sense of community and shared struggle. But you can’t force that, as your identity is constantly evolving and looking for neat labels to slap onto yourself helps no one, not even yourself.


Why didn’t they just say the words they wrote on the screen?


Because they'd rather audition for Bad Lip Sync's YouTube channel


I think they just didn’t know all the words in the chorus…


TikTok brain


Because they wanted to lip sync along with Mr. Krabs singing the worst song ever conceived


Ah yes, faking DID. Why do people do this? These shits are pretending to have a disorder which is typically caused by immense childhood trauma. I think it is an insult to people who actually have the disorder. The only disorder they have is being an attention whore.


Because they think being happy one day and grumpy the next are different personalities.


It’s almost like when good things happen to me I’m happy but the second something bad happens I’m not happy anymore. I must be neurodivergent.


no it means you are a victim of the white man and also are queer and have stage 69 ADHD and have PTSD from thinking about said ADHD


also somewhere on the autism spectrum and OCD and gender fluid and any other emotion that makes you different to the hypothetical perfect person


I’m low on gender fluid, can you recommend a good shop?


I can lend a teaspoon or so


So then he replies, “Only a teaspoon!” This leads to him pulling out a comically large teaspoon.


The punchline is his dick




mmmm this gender fluid 🅱️ hittin


What is gender fluid? Little bit of dick, a little bit of puss?


Check if it's going where it needs to go, if it's leaking it may be clogged by Daddy Issues.


Dude at work tells me he'd got split personalities. I'm like bruh, you're an adult who throws tantrums lol.


Coworker said he's in "little space" I'm like nah bro you just shit yourself


One of my alters is when I have diarrhea


Tbh i swear I become a different person when i’ve had food poisoning so technically it’s true




I genuinely believe that these people think normal people are always happy 100% of the time and therefore all of their bad/grumpy days mean that they’re depressed or have PTSD or DID but in reality they just…never learned to cope with negative emotions. And when you tell them that they accuse you of gatekeeping.


That's because they grew up on social media and manufactured reality TV where everyone is fucking happy all the time. They think that if their life isn't perfect, there must be something wrong.


Omg I totally wear different Seven Dwarves shirts depending on my mood, I'm soooo neuro-divergent!


It's like all the weird gen z Tiktokers that make endless videos ranting about how they saw one of their past lives in a dream or mastered "lucid dreaming." By the time their lengthy video rant is over all you can do is shake your head and wonder why these kids are trying to turn a normal ass dream that everyone has into some next-level out of this world special experience to stand out as unique. Then they all share their instructional videos on how to leave your body and have these magical experiences. Bitch, just close your eyes and go to sleep!


I have a feeling this kid is gonna look back on this behavior in 10 years and cringe hard.


oof that will probably gonna hit so hard.


We can only hope it's less time than that...


I hope OP saves this and reminds him when he’s 20 😂


maybe so they can do shitty or cringe things and shift the blame to thier “other identity”


Haha oh no sorry that was my other identity Kyle who asked you out. But since you don’t want to go out with him, do you want to go out with me? Haha oh no sorry that was my other identity Steve that asked you out. But since you don’t want to go out with him, do you want to go out with me? Haha oh no sorry…


“Sorry my other personality took my phone lmao xD


What the fuck is your profile pic


someone getting screwed


Eye got screwed


No lie. DiD *usually* manifests during childhood. Mainly when children are heavily abused. Whether that be sexually, mentally, or physically. Shit manifests as a coping mechanism. In its early stages. it allows the person an escape from abusive situations. The whole TikTok fad of pretending to have mental disorders for likes boils my blood. >>but I guess, if we’re being honest. Teens have always pretended to have issues cuz they think it’s cool to have multiple personalities. Or Schizophrenia or ***BIPOLAR*** Wtf is wrong with teens thinking mental disorders are cool


it's edgy and "different"


Many teens can't stand the thought of being *just like everyone else* It's just that most of them accept it at one point or another. When the person in the video finally does.... Well, if it were me I'd probably straight up die of embarrassment.


Meanwhile, the kids who are *actually* different often want to be like everyone else.


The ones that make me angriest are when they have their alters react to eating foods, listening to music, watching videos, etc. This isn’t about your cast of characters playing with gummy bears. Stop diminishing the struggle of those that really suffer.


Also, all of their alters have such cool personalities like some interdimentional elf kind who is also gay and not a single one of them is like Marco the car mechanic


To some effect I wonder sometimes if the act of dedicating oneself so entirely to faking that disorder is indicative of another kind? I am no psychologist so I dare not name it, but something along the lines of narcissism or compulsions to lie or something with large amounts of need for attention. Now, I don’t believe this child on the internet is so serious, because he can simply try to fake it when the camera is on. I’m saying those people who go to shrinks for it.


I think these people don't really associate it with being a disorder, so they think it's just a quirky personality trait To put it simply they have no fucking clue what the DID is


My grandma has did and she had I think like twenty and she was really struggling to forget who I was some days and it hurt me, one day I made her a gift in art class and she destroyed it because "your not my grandson" and it actually made me think will she ever remember me I later found out from mum it was her dad who use to hurt her and how she never got therapy because there weren't a lot of people who were available at the time so she use it as a coping method, that's why I study psychology now


Damn bro, that's sad.I hope you are doing good now.Im sorry.


She passed away quietly in peace so hopefully shes healthier somewhere else, yeah I'm getting better with my mental health issues nice to meet someone who's nice


99% of people claiming DID and OSDD are faking. It’s fucking insane.


If they post about it on tiktok: 99% fake If they confide in you privately: 99% real People faking illnesses are disgusting because they make people who are really hurting seem like they aren't credible.


I also think that some of these people are getting confused with kinning. If you don’t know what kinning is, or if anybody reading this reply doesn’t know what kinning is, it’s basically a connection to a character in some way. Some kins can become delusional attachments, in which the person with the kins may believe they are legitimately that character. Typically people switch between kins depending on how they feel, and they call these “kin shifts.” This is where I think the false belief that they have DID comes in, because they think that since they feel like a different person, that it means they have DID, but obviously it’s not the exact same. I’m no psychologist but I’m sure DID comes with tons of other symptoms other than just other personalities, such as amnesia, mind fog, depersonalization/derealization….. I wish they’d just say they’re kinning rather than fake a disorder, but hopefully they’ll realize they’re wrong eventually.


And they probably still have a juvenile mental maturity. We've all gone through an awkward phase where we assume shit, wise and knowledgeable teens that we were. In Japan, they call this "chuu-ni-byou" and it pertains to teenager angst and delusions.


English keeps dropping new words I just can't keep up with this shit


They have, what I like to call, the now all too common 'Low Functional Purpose' Disorder where the afflicted individual slowly loses all basic/complex neurological functions over time. This results with mental decline, falling in and out of lucid states while suffering from paranoid delusions or total separation from reality similar to psychotic episodes. Finally their mental state will be heavily shifted due to the delusion that they are in fact suffering from various other mental health disorders, resulting with multiple catastrophic personality changes or sudden and violent neurotic behavioral patterns. Truly tragic.


It's because in the modern age suffering is a social currency. The more suffering you go through the more sympathy you can garner. It's a really sad side effect of our generation being complete fucking narcissists


It takes a decent effort to be and stay a proper empathetic person. Easiest road is getting of off garbage social media


Wait is most of this sub like 12? Because that kid is not in my generation lol


I disagree. People were always narcissistic attention seekers, the internet just allows you to display it more easily


Not even so much display, it’s validated and rewarded now.


Apparently my BFF is doing this as well. Never in a million years would I have expected this out of her. It's heart breaking. 💔


I always think about the parents of these people. Probably good, loving people and having their kid pretend to have awful childhood trauma could be linked to them being “bad parents” it’s awful


I think their lip-synching was off a little.


This person was singing an entirely different song




I mean that's how it seems, but I could be wrong and it's just a god awful lip sync


No it was just terrible lip sync, also apparently they have a personality that doesn't know how to give a middle finger because they fuck that up at some point. Edit: it's around 45 seconds in for anyone who cares, found it mildly amusing.


48/49 second but yeah they put their pointer finger up first, haha




There's more than just the lip-synching being off with that attention whore


This kid looks like they're what, 13? Imagine how hard they'll cringe looking back on this.


Too bad for them, they're using their face... i remember my og youtube channel that i didn't even use my voice in these videos but jesus christ they were cringe


for real. this is forever...


I already cringe at my old pictures. Can not imagine this.


If they ever grow out of it. Probably


good point. no guarantees. im not sure i appreciated school bullies nearly enough.


Gonna have to create another 200 personalities to withstand the cringe


I have 201 personalities. Look at me!


202 here. nbd


420.69 pbd.


My personality’s have all collided and now they are fighting over waffles and pancakes and my brain hurts


Oh yeah? I have over a thousand personalities, my hair is 5 feet long and stands straight up and my dad happens to be Charles Xavier.


What's the deal with edgelords and stupid carnival music?


What song is it anyway? I don't recognize it.


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Good bot


Good bot


Good bot


why did reddit automatically hide this comment


holy shit thats a good bot


Why would you recognize it, are you a fan of new age carnival rock?


No but I see cringe compilations often. Fitting that clowns love this type of stuff.


you can tell by the way it is that its one of those shitty youtube songs about five nights at freddys or undertale or whatever hentai theyre into. edit: i was right its a song about cuphead.


All these weird ass cringe tik toks always use the same weird as body movements and shitty songs, I don't understand it. Do they have a Fb group where they share pointers or something??


No they use tiktok


Probably some hazbin hotel bendy and the ink machine bullshit


I was thinking Cuphead maybe because of the casino angle, but I'm not up to date with my cringe fandom music, so I dunno.


It is Cuphead the first verse is the intro I believe or something like that


It's in the same vein as the Tim Burton/Invader Zim cringe scene only for this generation it's Five Nights at Freddy's, Bendy and The Ink Machine + video game music from other obscure $5 steam horror games. *my generation's cringe was so much better than this generation's cringe


I liked the music, reminds me of Panic! At the Disco




Oooooh, I bet OP is trembling rn.


Hello, Barry Goldberg from the hit show on ABC “The Goldberg’s” written and produced by Adam F. Goldberg, how are you?


that's big tastey to you.




they claim to “not care” when people call out their bs yet they cared enough to post a passive aggressive video responding to it 🤔


I could be crazy but flipping off the camera several times and addressing the person directly doesn't seem very passive aggressive.


True. They literally mimicked be heading, emphasized ‘dead’ and showed the middle finger. Seems more like active aggressive.




It’s just cause they want even more attention, and what better way is there to get attention than to say “keep giving me attention!”


If this were my kid, I’d block social media from my household.


People faking DID feel like they’re creating a ton of cringe OC’s and making them their personalities. Really sad to see this.


Has zero personality


Has 200 personalities, and each individual one has zero personality! Impressive I’d say!


200x0 is still zero after all


Scary 😨😱😱😱😰😰😨😰😨😰😱😰😨😨😨🤭😨🤭😨🤭😱😱😱😱😱 I might just….S-S-S-SSSS—SHIT MYSELF! 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰🤭🤭


I’m pissing an shitting (I am browsing Reddit on the toilet)


I’m pissing and shitting too (I am browsing Reddit on the bus)


I'm doing the same. I even have my poop knife with me.


Poop knife?


Poop knife!


I'm sat behind you, cut it out these shoes are new!


"I'm Gilbert Gotfried, I'm pissing and shitting and cumming"


Consider m-me timbers shivered 🥶🧊


If you’ve ever seen real DID this will disgust you too, especially people who regress to a younger version of themselves or a different child with a “normal” upbringing that they developed to forget about traumatic events of the past. It’s absolutely soul crushing, nobody who actually has it acts this way. What a big egotistical sack of shit.


Wait when they say give me a good laugh is it her or is it one of the 199 other fuckers






Yeah but they're 2400 in DID years


I always wonder how these kids will be integrated into society when they’re older…they’re genuinely weird and that’s not me trying to be mean. I’ve tried to understand them but they’re legit lost. How’s this going to turn out??


I think there actually is some kind of mental issue, just not the one being proclaimed...


They probably just lack attention and after seeing sympathy given out to people with mental disorders it becomes a "race to the bottom" for which ever gets more attention at the time. Enough people did Tourette's Syndrome so that one ran out and it was on to multiple personalities and so on. Whatever will get the likes and comments coming in is what they'll do next.


Kids have been doing this for a millenial. They'll equalize out. Usually.


Ugh, why are they ALL the same? Serious bandwagon shit. My sister is one of these clones with every disorder too.


Yeah. Like what’s the appeal??? Someone at my school, who I have known since MIDDLE SCHOOL, right at the last like three weeks, started pretending to have DID or Tourette’s or something and faked tics and stuff? When they had NEVER done that before. Why pretend to have a disability? It’s so thoughtless and offensive to people who really struggle with mental illnesses


I wonder which one of the 200 is fronting, I thought they were all supposed to have unique ~signatures~ or emojis ⛓👽👾


I don't know about the "other" 199, but this one is certainly sideways.


pronouns are I'm/dumb


And attention/whore.


And also dumb/ass


alongside that wank/stain


How British. Upvote from me


Hate to admit it but that’s what this is, they’re so needy and starved for attention they think it’s cool to have mental illness because no ones interested in their otherwise complete lack of personality


I wanna kick my own ass for seeing this.


God I fucking hate people who glamorize this shit for popularity. Having DID is horrible, it's **life-ruining.** It's the result of trauma so fucking severe that *your brain literally generates a second personality so you don't have to shoulder it alone.* You DON'T KNOW your other personalities, you just... *blank out* and come back in later. They're *not you.* It's terrifying. It's *torture.* But, we live in a post-fact era where you're the bad guy if you try to, with the best of intentions, let these kids know they're hurting people. DemonDice put it best. *"Don't care to witness careless villainy out in plain sight,* *So I'm glad that you can make some money off what's killin' me in real life!"*


I don’t think people understand that regular trauma won’t cause DID. You won’t get DID from being in a car accident. You won’t get DID from a few instances of sexual abuse. It’s really severe trauma. Like the most severe that I have ever heard. Trauma that’s unimaginable. Not your mom yelling at you because you didn’t do your homework.


Literally, as a person who has severe trauma, I still don't have DID, but a friend of mine has actual (diagnosed) DID. It's fucking terrifying to hear her talk about her traumas because her traumas happened repeatedly, over a period of time.


Most people I met who have suffered from severe abuse develop masochistic tendencies and ptsd. Even severe abuse wont always cause DiD. Whats weird is this person didnt claim to have DiD, but something I never heard of called OSDD. Which is where there is no loss of conciousness.. Which doesnt that defeat the point of did as a coping mechanism as they are creatinf a personality to take their place?


For reference, the type of trauma that triggers development of DID is literally *torture*. You have to be *tortured* as a child, causing you to disassociate entirely so that you don't experience the severity of what is happening to you. And it's not a one off deal, but something that is more like a learned behavior to protect oneself from repeated *severe* trauma.


Exactly. It’s why people who do this (make a mockery of it) are scum of the earth, in my opinion. They’re making a mockery out of something that is caused by unspeakable levels of (usually childhood) trauma.


It’s always the same Hollywood description too, they act like it’s a fucking gathering of people in a hotel. They also over-exaggerate a trait in order to differentiate them. It’s total horseshit. In reality, they may not even be aware they have it. Also most cases the different personalities were similar enough to the person, most people wouldn’t be able to tell you had DID except for extreme changes. They also aren’t always fully functional. Its not like you are 20 people living in one body, you are one person who is fragmented due to trauma.


“Personally I dont care about hate” Which one?


Clip your nails dude.


Clip your teeth while you're at it.


I wonder if any of these people have actually gone to a doctor


Breadstick looking-ass


Also has the personality(ies) of one.


Got to love the 'you can't comprehend that' as if the issue is you just not understanding the claim they're making, rather than you fully understanding and just not believing them.


Ofc he dosent seem to have any relevant paperwork like id assume someone who has 200 personalities would


Fucker looks like he eats his corn on the cob vertically.


The other personalities are fursonas


Is DiD the new Van Dutch? Why is everyone claiming to have it?


Social media is a cancer to planet earth


I attended group therapy sessions for depression not long ago, and seeing people who deal with these illnesses for real is so sad to see. If they only knew how hard it is for those people's day to day lives and the amount of medication they have to take just to live "normally".


Fucking hell, how can you be this delusional lmao. Kid thinks a serious mental health issue is an Anime super power. Just from watching how they act, facial expressions and such (even exaggerated ones due to it being a tiktok) I get serious narcissist vibes, as if this kid thinks they're above everyone else because they're a special little snowflake in their own head.


Someone call this kids mom and show her this shit


I'd imagine she would be as confused as I am. I have no idea what's going on.


a) He clearly does care about hate, he made a video dedicated to it. b) Is that a fucking Cuphead song in the background.


Under 14 years old ✅ Minecraft stan ✅ Weeb ✅ Cringe as fuck ✅


I’m grateful I didn’t go to school with fruitcakes like this. Good god.


I’m just going to leave this [here.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/talking-about-trauma/201312/understanding-dissociative-identity-disorder-in-children%3famp). That way, if you’re reading this comment section, and realize there are a lot of people here who don’t understand DID, you can click the link to make sure you get correct and verified information. There is also [this](https://www.nami.org/About-Mental-Illness/Mental-Health-Conditions/Dissociative-Disorders). Please do more research before babbling bullshit you’ve heard on dumb social media platforms, like TikTok. Happy living!


And people still try to fake it.... ugh. Especially reading about what typically leads to people struggling with DID. It’s actually heartbreaking to think that people will really struggle with it and then a bunch of dipshits will try to use it to seem qUirKy and sPeciAL


…the song has nothing to do with what he’s talking about… No part of this has to do with greed. I’m so confused


People faking disabilities really makes it harder on people who do actually have them. I have Tourette's and OCD. And because so many people recently have been faking it, I have a lot of people who won't take me seriously. I have friends with other medical conditions that get faked a lot and they struggle with this same problem


whoa, he even flipped the finger, what a baddie, dont mess with him!


I was looking for people with fake disorders the other day and had no luck. Where do you find them?


r/illnessfakers is a good one


r/fakedisordercringe might also be a good recommendation.




“Yeah fuck people with real disability’s, I just want attention because my parents never gave me any as a child”. Honestly this pisses me off so much at the fact that these people will fake disability’s for internet points well people with **actual disability’s** have to listen to their bull crap. Mad Respect to those who are actually dealing with these problems. Apologize for all the bullshit you have to put up with, Keep fighting and stay well.


With DiD don't majority of your personalities not know each other? How could they sit and count them all? Most have at max 12....people really need to do their research if they're gonna fake shit.