Can't stop imagining all the things I'll do once we are out of the lockdown

Can't stop imagining all the things I'll do once we are out of the lockdown

  • By - JephS


Here’s me, an introvert who only leaves the house to go to work, dreaming of wearing sundresses in cafes while reading deep and meaningful books. I’ve started to romanticise the dumbest shit. When lockdown ends I’ll probably still be doomscrolling and hissing at the sunlight.


I lost it at 'hissing at the sunlight." It's like when Bart says, "Has the air always been this fresh?" Then starts panicking and wants to go back indoors.


> dreaming of wearing sundresses in cafes while reading deep and meaningful books. It's just knowing that I have the **option** to do it that makes me feel good enough.




Lockdown ends. You obviously will suddenly feel compelled to meet 30 of your best friends for a picnic and drinks in the park every single day of every weekend. Obviously. Right?


It’s made me realize that really what I sell to my employer at a low down, dirty rate is my desire to go out and be social and have friends.


Choosing to stay home and being forced to a stay home gives me different feelings.


My girl friend said this. She also struggles with the groundhog nature of covid, the constant upheavals.


Think about it as you’re choosing to not break the rules. Because nobody could stop you if you went out, so you’re not being forced. You’re choosing it’s the best option.


We are being forced to stay at home because so many public places are closed. That's why they are closed - to make sure people stay at home. Not that I'm complaining, but in most situations there's just not an option to go out.


I was thinking I just want to get in the car and go for a drive in the country.. then I remembered I felt that way after the last big lockdown and after being back at work for a few days I was already sick of driving over 2 hours a day to and from work and I hated people again lol


Oof. where's you and your work? I've been debating driving to work but it's 40km one way lmao


I just want to get drunk in public like a normal person.


fuckin oath


Me with my new meds from start of month, I can't even get drunk... Unless I wanna cause brain damage big sad lolll only way is to pretend to be drunk on atmosphere whoo




This but at relative houses (as a uni student)


I'm a introvert so nothing really changes for me lol. Everyone else I know is really struggling though. They wanna get out of the house. Some even wanna return back to the office haha. But I'm definitely missing the gym and my random nightly walks. Also travel distance limits kinda stops me from doing my favorite activity, which is squidding (squid fishing). I guess when the 25km limit is here, I can go to a local lake and fish for some redfins.


Night walks are the best


I imagine reddies would be fun on ultra light gear


I know it's a joke but my god once we're out this won't be me. I have a huge list of places to go, people to see.


I just wanna get out of the city for a while. Drive. Take a walk in the bush. The city is suffocating at the best of times, but now? Downright claustrophobic. There have been plenty of gaps to go and do this but when the time comes? Couch is always competing (I'm tired).


Same!!! Talk about a backlog of things to do right haha


But at least you'll have the option of going out and doing things if you want to?


Me and my mates have a pact, after we bailed on going out during the week of freedom between lockdown 5 and 6 we are doing a full weekend bender. Y'all better be vaccinated as well be going to 20 different venues.


Yes, but now my kid will be at school while I lay on the couch. OK, I'll be working while she's at school. But still.




Me, but the imagined couch is in New Zealand. Tired of the abusive leadership of this country, Labor and LNP both are horrendously corrupt and I have no hope at all it can be turned around sadly


I was really exhausted after returning from lockdown. I even lost my voice from talking too much.


Ha, I forgot how to do small talk when I went back to the office for a few days between lockdowns.


This is the thing .. before lockdown I suffered from *massive* social fatigue every damn week. A weekend in, with no plans, WAS THE GOAL back then; I absolutely treasured a weekend without social commitments. I feel tired just thinking about returning to that. I don't think it will quite be so bad now, but I don't even want half of it.


I think we have to treat it like returning to exercise after an absence. Need to slowly work up to it. For two weeks my throat was so hoarse. I literally had to limit my talking, that's how bad it got. I've learnt my lesson. Going to slowly ease into this time round.


As a Texan, I couldn't imagine still being locked down. We were only "locked down" for a couple months and it wasn't even enforced. You Australians are wild.


That's pretty much me until the metro/regional gap is closed.


Does anyone actually choose to limit movement with the acknowledgement we are in a pandemic? I mean without feeling locked down or restricted? Or am I alone in doing this?


lol isn't economic depression and fascism fun


huh interesting ​ love from QLD


Yes! They were the best seasons.


wait there’s a lockdown in sydney


Don't have to imagine. Here in SA we just carry on. Only restriction is wearing a mask in public indoor places. And we wouldn't be doing that if Sydney had 🤔🤐


>And we wouldn't be doing that if Sydney had There hasn't been a new community case in SA for weeks, even months. Not NSW's fault your premier is mandating masks.


Consider yourself incredibly fortunate.


I'm not from South Australia lmao, just pointing out their ridiculous laws


Sorry, my reply was to go to CaughtIntheWry - I clearly clicked the wrong arrow!


It's not NSW' fault that the Chinese flu escaped the lab


it sort of is their fault it escaped that limo though, right? remember all of Aus and NZ virus comes from that single index case right now.


https://www.reddit.com/r/CoronavirusDownunder/comments/pqjrxy/photo_taken_by_a_matrixnews_photojournalist/ Why is this post locked as an "unverified report" and other posts are being deleted when there are multiple photos and videos showing this indeed happened?