Snagged some Old Bay seasoning… now what do I do?

Snagged some Old Bay seasoning… now what do I do?




this is the answer. lol


Found the Marylander.


Leave him blind but tasty.


It's great on wings! Sounds weird, but its delicious!


From Baltimore- can confirm this.


FRENCH FRIES!! (Chips), popcorn and butter. Basically anything buttery.


Love it on corn on the cob instead of just salt too!


YESSSSSS SUCH A GOOD ADDITION! I am very passionate about old bay phew


Old Bay Popcorn is the tits


i said literally this exact phrase last night when i made popcorn and put s&p on half and old bay on the other. my partner wouldn't touch the old bay bowl, which was fine for me, bc it's all mine anyway. so good!


Salt AND PEPPER on popcorn? Why haven't I thought of putting pepper on my popcorn?? Thank you for this!


Try nutritional yeast, with or without pepper, it's great.


I do truffle infused oil, salt, nutritional yeast, and a teensy bit of onion powder + paprika. It’s like fuckin’ drugs, I could eat it until I die.


Old Bay and parmesan/romano grated cheese is a really good combination.


Try some nutritional yeast!


That shit is so good. Lifesaver since I quit dairy.


I love nootch on popcorn. Not because I quit dairy, just because it's delicious.


I second french fries and chips.


If you put it on chips, also add a little malt vinegar. Don't over season either, a little goes a long way.


Pretty much. My mom will even put it on pizza when we go to ball games.


“Cajun” fries. This is where it’s at. Surprised I had to scroll all the way down to see this.


For the best Cajun fries use Slap your Mama seasoning. You'll never regret it.


Try slap your mama on a dill pickle. Love that stuff


Put it in steamed seafood as a seasoning or over fries


Put that shit on everything. Then make yourself a Bloody Mary with the glass rimmed with old bay. Or a beer with some old bay mixed in. But if you want the real Maryland experience, rail a line of old bay off the bar on a bet.


The Old Bay hot sauce is a great addition to Bloody Mary’s also.


Old Bay Hot Sauce??? I think my life has just changed…


Shits crazy good on eggs with cheese.


This shit is life changing. Bought it on a whim from the grocery store, me and the lady killed the bottle in days. Now we buy it by the half gallon online...


Found the true Marylander, username and all!


It’s an older reference, but it checks out. (I’ve actually lived all over the mid Atlantic, but spent a lot of time in MD in the 90s)


"Spent a lot of time in MD in the 90s" Is that where snorting the old bay like it was coke came from?


I can neither confirm nor deny these rumors.


“I used to do drugs in the 70s, now I do them in any temperature “


“I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to too.”


You rang?


Old man here. A line of Old Bay on a bet? What was the wager? Please tell me you were imbibing an alcoholic beverage at the time of the challenge?


A. I don’t remember. B. See A.


Was going to say this. Basically, sprinkled on just about anything savory it is going to taste pretty good.


This. Also any potato product. Frozen hash browns, potato skins. In America we use it as the seasoning for our boiling water. Add water, add old bay, boil, steam crab, clams, muscles, whatever.


\*In certain parts of America...in the Deep South, it's Zatarain's all the way.


South Carolina checking in, God I love Old Bay, but last time I did a Lowcountry boil, I put a dash of liquid Zatarain's in the pot too and HOT damn that was potent. Got a little bit on my finger, licked it off and thought I was gonna die my man


I had never saw anyone using Old Bay in SE Louisiana. I tried Old Bay and didn't care for it.


I can't say I've ever steamed any seafood in my life. Only grilled, smoked, pan fried, and baked. What would you recommend steaming?




Pretty much the only way to eat mussels. I don't know if Old Bay works with them, although I also am in the UK and have an unopened pack I picked up out of curiosity. Anyway a simple mussel recipe from my provencal motherland. Feeds 2, about 1lb each of mussels. - 1 kg/2lb mussels - 1 x 400g tin (15oz??) decent tomatoes - Tomato concentrate - 2 fresh tomatoes - 3 or 4 shallots - 2 cloves garlic - half a bunch (lol what is that) fresh basil (basically to taste) - Pinches of oregano - Possible herbes de provence, but I read recently that in the US that can also include lavender?? If there's lavender don't use it lol Clean up and sort through the mussels. Cleaning is aesthetic only, so go as far as you can be bothered. I do none. Sorting is important - make sure you run them under some fresh water and give them a tap. I do this by gently moving them round a colander. Any that have not closed should be discarded. Soften the shallots and garlic in some olive oil. Use a nice big pot with a lid. Add the chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, basil, oregano (maybe herbes de prov.), and the mussels. Gently mix together and season. Don't break too many shells! Bring to a strong simmer and put the lid on for 10-15 minutes. When you remove the lid, the mussels should be open. Chop the fresh tomatoes and throw them in. Gently mix, season, then leave for another five minutes. Serve straight from the pot into bowls, ladling sauce as desired, with nice crusty bread, fine wine and fine company. --- One note, my cooking time looks high there - I don't remember it ever taking 15 minutes, 10 sounds more correct. Either way, they steam up fast.


Anything shelled- it’s also great mixed with butter and lemon baked on a white fish


Crab! I can't imagine cooking crab any other way. Crawdads are also amazing steamed. If you want to go all out, chop some corn on the cob into thirds, and add some baby red potatos. Cook those first and throw the crab or crawdads on top at the end. An all out Cajun boil!


I started smoking it. It's really good. I like steamed still, too. But smoked crab is amazing.


Please don’t smoke Old Bay, I don’t think it would be good for the lungs in the long run


Live fast, die young.


Live young, die fast.


And have a good looking corpse


Yeah I throw it on my charcoal smoker sometimes and it's fantastic.


Just an add on, it may be easier to get Langoustines than crawfish (crayfish/crawdads/etc.). My Cajun wife finds them a good substitute when we’ve lived in countries we can’t get them.


Shrimp, crayfish, crabs are the main three, steamed in heavily seasoned water (plain or delicately flavored water won’t do)


That sounds pretty awesome. Kind of makes me wish I wasn't in a landlocked, drought-stricken state.


Understood. My sympathies. If you ever have the discretionary income (which these days in particular might be hard), you can get them delivered. I highly recommend [Giovanni's Fish Market](https://www.giosfish.com/), particularly their Mexican White Jumbo Prawns.




Also, the owner is a genuinely good guy. He went viral a couple of years ago for buying a 70 lb octopus from one of his seafood vendors just to set it free. https://www.sanluisobispo.com/news/local/environment/article211469954.html


You can sprinkle Old Bay on seafood, chicken, or pork before you grill or bake it, too. Add it to marinades, as well. I put it in hummus.


Aside from seafood, people really like it on French fries.


Throw it in some Kraft mac & cheese with the powder mix and it’s a serious game changer


I make honey old bay wings. I marinade the wings in a lot of old bay seasoning and put them in the fridge either overnight or for a few hours. Bake them in the oven and then when there's 10 -15 minutes left drizzle them with honey and put them back in until they are done.


A severely underrated/unknown. It's so good. Even better if you have the hot old bay!


I feel rather sheepish now...i have lived in Maryland like my entire life give or take a few years and i never knew there was hot old bay seasoning. Guess i will be making a trip to the grocery store.


Yeah! I've only seen it in the small cans though.


Same here. I even have lemon pepper old bay but haven't seen or heard of hot old bay.




🎉🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀 🎉


I love sprinkling it on buttered corn on the cob.


Make cheddar bay biscuits


That sounds amazing - do you have a recipe you’d recommend?


Remember, American biscuits, not British biscuit.


I can’t find it (I usually just google cheddar bay biscuits). There’s one recipe that has the old bay in the biscuit mix and the butter topping. And the biscuits are nice and dark. That’s my favorite.


Here’s a link: https://thecookingjar.com/cheddar-bay-biscuits/ I’d up the Old Bay seasoning from 1/4th of a teaspoon. OP, Bisquick might be a US specific ingredient? It’s mostly flour with some leavening and fat mixed in. Here’s a recipe for that: https://www.mybakingaddiction.com/homemade-bisquick/


Yeah! That’s the exact one except I add a little old bay to the butter topping as well! Thanks


One thing I don’t see mentioned elsewhere on the thread is using it on hard boiled eggs. You can just sprinkle it on as a condiment in place of salt & pepper for those that enjoy an occasional hard boiled egg for breakfast, or use it in making deviled eggs.


I FUCKING love Old Bay on hard boiled eggs. That was an absolute game changer for me.


Oh man, thank you! Hard boiled eggs are my summer go-to. Can't believe I never thought of this.


From Maryland here, the home of old bay. We put it on french fries (chips) all the time. It’s used in copious amounts on steamed shellfish like crabs amd shrimp where it gets all over your hands while you peel them. I love it on pizza. Stores here sell “Old Bay flavor potato chips” (crisps) which are my favorite. We used to call them crab chips, though there’s no crab, just the old bay. Good in a Portuguese style fish stew (“Manhattan clam chowder”) or a maryland crab chowder. Other than the saltiness, don’t skimp on it. You can basically use it like a season salt. It has a distinctive flavor, I think from celery seeds. Fun fact: it was invented by a German Jewish immigrant (which has a tinge of irony since it’s used so often on shellfish)


Fellow (former) Marylander - still love it on corn on the cob, Mac n cheese, green beans, pop corn, and the rim of a beer glass. Anywhere you'd use salt, you could try Old Bay!


Another Marylander here to heartily second the Mac and cheese rec!


Oh yeah, Bloody Mary with it is a must. And popcorn. They now sell cheese and old bay corn puffs.


> Anywhere you'd use salt, you could try Old Bay! Except ice cream, don't put it in ice cream.


I've had it in ice cream before- it was the salt in a "salted caramel" style, and wasn't half bad! At The Charmery in Hampden if I remember right


Ah, see I wasn't a fan, but I'm a Maryland transplant so it's probably just that I don't have the palette for it!


Proximity to the bay, as well as length of contact with the Chesapeake, increases the likelihood of enjoying OB. I was born in Maryland and lived there for nearly thirty years. I now spend more money than I should getting crabs delivered on holidays. When I go home, I bring an extra bag for cans of old bay and utz crab chips. The likelihood of me getting a Maryland themed tattoo featuring mr. boh and our beloved spice? Fairly likely. Where ya from? What’s your area’s “crabs and football?”


Next time I visit I'm getting the tat "From the land of pleasant living" - straight from the Boh can.




Lol I just watched this movie for the first time last night, and I've never seen that pic used in a meme before now. Life is funny






Those stupid Utz Crab chips are my kryptonite, I can’t buy them or the whole bag is gone in one sitting because of how good they are


i'm not a marylander but from northern va originally so i grew up with old bay and i'd definitely agree with you and say it's the celery seed that gives it that distinctive savory flavor. sometimes when i'm out of old bay i'll put celery salt on my eggs or veggies just to get that ob-adjacent taste. it's obviously more complex than that but the celery is a big component and i love it.


Hi fellow Marylander :)


Hello fellow Marylanders


old bay chips are the fucking bomb. well, anything with old bay is the bomb. i went to grad school in MD and old bay took over my life when i was there and im better for it


Just pour it straight into your open mouth


I love old bay on fried chicken, French fries, mixed in mayonnaise for dipping. I’m allergic to shellfish, but I wasn’t always, and when I was a kid I’d eat crab cakes seasoned with old bay & served with a mustardy sauce for dipping. I’ve also used it to make Mac & cheese with crab for my shellfish-eating friends and roasted pulled chicken for my non-shellfish eating friends


Mmmmmmm hot chicken but old bay brb


Where I live we put this stuff on everything


There’s a number of dipping sauce recipes out there, can confirm this type of dip is great with potato wedges https://hellolittlehome.com/old-bay-roasted-potato-wedges/ and I can imagine it good on some burgers or sandwiches. Making it into a dip may make it more versatile. As is, it’s great with shrimp or shrimp and grits, sprinkled on french fries, you MUST put it in crab cakes, and I think it would go great on a grilled white fish.


Old bay based dips are amazing. My favorite is old bay and ranch


I use it in my potato salad... so yummy!


Bacon. Definitely bacon. I call it old bay-con. Also french fries. Fried chicken. Edited to add: any type of potato really. Hash browns in particular. And I already said french fries.


Baltimoron here, just put that shit on everything. It’s even used in chocolate.


If you want to get a good sense of what it tastes like before combining it with other things or using it on something expensive like seafood, try seasoning some broth with it to cook rice - you'll get a clear sense of the flavour profile and can decide how you'd like to use it. I also like it mixed into the mashed potato component of twice-baked potatoes - all the flavours work well in there.


Ice cream… apparently https://youtu.be/tjmzfOUOw08


We live near a dairy farm that makes ice cream with Old Bay. They call it "Crabby Cow." I still haven't tried it. I use Old Bay a lot, but not sure about ice cream.


Great in Bloody Mary’s


Seafood boil is the main use,but you can also use as a rub on fish or put a bit in the water when you do corn on the cob..not bad with broccoli either!


Classics are well covered in the thread already. Personally I like to use it with chicken quesadillas. I pre-cook the chicken and then dice it and toss it with Old Bay, and then sprinkle a little on the outside of the tortilla after baking. Can even mix it in with the sour cream to dip in. That's my one weird use of it.


In this area, Old Bay is everything lol. We literally have: Old Bay Seasoning Old Bay Hot Sauce Old Bay Popcorn Old Bay Chicken Wings Old Bay Bloody Mary Old Bay Cheetos Old Bay Chips Old Bay Beer Old Bay Onion Rings Old Bay Shrimp Old Bay Crab It keeps going lol. ​ For beginners, you can definitely use it for seafood.


Fellow Marylander?


what gave it away? lol


This is the greatest thing to do with that! https://damndelicious.net/2017/02/13/sheet-pan-shrimp-boil/


Same idea but I like this one better... the toast makes it fantastic: https://cravingsbychrissyteigen.com/recipes/sheet-pan-shrimp-boil-with-buttery-spiced-toasts/


So many good ways (blue crabs and shrimp being the ultimate) are covered here but I love it on egg salad, deviled eggs and potato salad too!


First, you buy more in anticipation of running out, then you put it on anything. Literally anything not sweet: roasting vegetables, fried chicken, seafood boils (the classic), corn on the cob, popcorn, french fries, anything you can imagine.


Shrimp. All the Shrimp. **Edit:** I mean literally all the Shrimp you can get your hands on.


Old bay makes a plain avocado exponentially more tasty.


I knew a native of its home region and his policy was: "put it on or in everything". Not helpful.


How is that not helpful? Put it on everything.


[Checks menu] Yes, I'll have the Old Bay baked Alaska please.


On fried chicken (in the breading or right before consumption), French fries, steamed shrimp, Maryland-style crab cakes. You really can't go wrong.


Here is Maryland, it is used on almost anything! Obviously steamed seafood is what it is most know for, but I love it on all forms of Potatoes, Mac and Cheese, and in Mayonnaise as a sandwich spread.


Marinated chicken thighs! Add old bay, coriander, salt and black pepper and let it sit overnight in the fridge. Grill up those bad boys and you will be everyone's favorite chef!


Here's how I like to use it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMJMDEDXwec


This is my favorite old bay recipe. I’ve made it a bunch of times: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bonappetit.com/recipe/shrimp-with-mustard-lime-dipping-sauce/amp I saw a user from Maryland mentioned getting the old bay all over your fingers and the eating being kind of messy, that’s the spirit of this recipe, very fun.


Well it is traditionally used for a seafood boil. You boil the food and add old bay. Nothing else since there is plenty of salt in old bay. Drain and serve. And feel free to add a little more on top if you want.


It is from the Mid-Atlantic region where they traditionally DO NOT EVER boil seafood, but rather they steam seafood. Old Bay is primarily (+/- 70%) celery salt. Knowing that should help you not over salt things. Celery seed is super-common in south asian/Indian dishes, maybe think of it like curry powder with salt in it and you’ll find some interesting uses. Mix it into mayonnaise as a spread for a sandwich, add it to drawn butter, put it on popcorn, use as a salt replacement for any seafood dish (steamed, pan seared, fried), or use on veggies.


I stand corrected. Boiling was how my mom always did shrimp using it.


Didn’t mean for that to be rude 😉. South of Virginia boiling is the common method (and north of Long Island) but Old Bay is (or was) primarily a MD, DE, VA, PA thing. I prefer boiling for most things, but blue crab is better steamed IMO. And I think of Old Bay as first and foremost a Blue crab accoutrement.


> I think of Old Bay as first and foremost a Blue crab accoutrement. I lived in Annapolis for a while and worked in a few restaurants and that's how I think of it. Shrimp steamed with Old Bay was common too, but steamed blue crab was *always* served with it. Period. You'd see it with fin fish once in a while.


If you're in the Maryland area, Blue Crab is an Old Bay accouterment. They love that stuff for some reason.


Some places here use J.O., but I find that shit to be mostly salt and a lot less flavor than Old Bay. I have no idea why some people prefer JO.


Some rumor started circulating a while back that the crab shacks in MD use JO spice, not old bay. I don’t buy it.


Some do. The semi famous Bethesda Crab House uses it (RBG ate there). I love the place, but your brain throbs after from how salty JO is.


I use it to boil. But the corn, sausage and potatoes are on the bottom getting boiled. The seafood sits on top.


Sometimes our mothers gave us bad habits. She made shoe leather out of a good piece of liver, and I was 23 before I had it cooked properly. It is amazing. Even with Old bay. heh.


Can confirm, from Chesapeake, Va.


I think “fish boil” is often a misnomer and it’s steamed. I agree with steaming, except in those places where they have a continuous pot of water which is full of the flavor of many batches of cooked seafood, like often done in Maine with lobster


Yes or the creole/cajun shrimp boil / crawfish boil.


Great on fried eggs 👌


My go-to brunch is fried tilapia and eggs. A lime squeezed over the fish, and then sprinkle both with Old Bay.


I like to sprinkle it on chicken salad


Seafood, fries, and corn are my favorite. Also great if you mix ranch with old bay. Can mix buffalo sauce with it too.


[Put it on everything!!!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMJMDEDXwec)


Taste great on popcorn, and sweet fruits like watermelon.


I make a shrimp marinade by heating olive oil, butter, fresh grated garlic, old bay seasoning, and a bit of lemon juice. Let it cook until fragrant. Remove from heat and let it cool. Once it’s cooled, put the shrimp and marinade into a bag. Make sure the shrimp are well coated. Let it sit in the fridge for 30 minutes to an hour. Cook the shrimp on a grill. Delicious, easy, and tastes great as leftovers too.


Put it in chicken dredge. My little secret


It's lovely in gumbo.


A lot of folks are going to suggest seafood being the suitable application for Old Bay but I’ll let you in on one of my favorite things to do with it. Marinate 5-6 boneless chicken thighs in 1/2 cup mustard, 1 tablespoon Worcester sauce, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, pinch of S&P. Reserve some marinade. Refridgerate for 4 hours. Grill direct over medium flame until a good slight char builds up from the mustard and lay on some more reserved mustard sauce. Mix blackening seasoning and old bay in a seperate bowl 1:2 and coat chicken with this seasoning and grill till another slight char builds. The mustard doesn’t do too much in the end other than give the chicken a slight tang and allow the Old bay and blackening to bind. Throw this chicken in an Alfredo sauce and serve it up for some Cajun Alfredo.


What you could do, is get you some Cobbs of corn. Butter it. Once it's buttered put the old bay seasoning on. Wrap the corn in aluminum foil and grill it till the aluminum foil is a brownish almost black color. That's how you know it's cooked all the way. Be generous with the old bay seasoning, as when you grill it most of the seasoning is lost. I'm from Maryland (USA) (Where old bay is from) and I do that everytime I go camping.


I use some in my blackened seasoning in addition to the other uses already posted


Steamed spiced shrimp is a classic use for Old Bay. I would start with that for a real old bay 'recipe'. In the interim, before you have shrimp in the house, sprinkle it on chips/French fries.


Let me just add one more thing, I live on the Chesapeake Bay and we put Old Bay on literally everything.


I grew up at the south Jersey beaches and we put it on pizza and fries too. Also everything.


Put it in rice. It's is yummy.


I’m from Midwest/Southern US and here we honestly use it for almost any savory kind of food. I’ve put it on fish, chicken, green beans, greens etc. Maybe just try it on some fish first and get acquainted with the taste to see how you might want to cook with it.


One of my favourite uses is crab cakes. Combine cooked crab meat with breadcrumbs or cracker crumbs, egg, minced onion, and Old Bay, form patties, and fry. It's also pretty tasty to use canned salmon or another cooked fish instead of crab.


I use it on literally everything ha. Seasoning pork chops. Chicken. Fries. Literally my go to seasoning. It's very versatile, and combined with other spices can bring out some interesting notes of other things like pepper, garlic, or paprika. Maybe not how it's traditional used but, yeah, I love my old bay.


As someone born into the Oldbay life, it can literally be a use all for stuff if you want. Below are my favorite uses Added into bloody mary mix dusted on top of fries used as a wing sauce (melt butter and make wing sauce as usual add Old Bay lemon juice and buffalo sauce if you choose) Steamed shrimp topping (my personal favorite) grilled chicken ​ It literally is a use all. Try it on fries (chips for you) and if you like it, explore. I believe the celery part of the mix is strong so it fits really well with poultry and seafood (mainly white fish and shellfish IMHO)


Don't use it to season wienerschnitzel. I mean I still married my husband when he did that the night he proposed, but I wouldn't recommend it. I dig it on popcorn, myself! Yum.


toss shrimp with it, let it sit for 10 min, then cook on med-high heat!


Season chicken wings with it!


Steam some shrimp and when they're done and still hot, mix them with a couple chunks of butter and a generous seasoning of old bay. Peel and eat alongside a nice beer


popcorn. corn on the cob. fries. mix it in mayo or sour cream or cream cheese to make spreads or dips. season roast veggies. chicken and pork really love it, as do thick steak-cut pieces of fish. it's great in marinades for things like kebabs and grilled meats, it goes well in potato and pasta salads (any carby cold salad, really) and it's delightful on eggs. sometimes i even sprinkle it on my buttered toast. it's a great savory season-all, really. just try it and see what you like!


Put it on everything! Shellfish, potatoes, bloody marys, scrambled eggs Edit: Also works great as a dry rub on chicken wings


Its considered rude to not sprinkle Old Bay on yourself before entering a Marylander’s home. But in all seriousness, it really works well with everything. Ive even added it to my sauces with plain spaghetti and it was great, sprinkled some on my eggs. Old Bay is best paired with steamed shellfish (mainly crabs and shrimp) along with an ice cold beverage which is typically alcoholic in nature.


Try it on Fish and Chips


I recently had an Old Bay bagel and it was amazing.


Roasted sweet potatoes or russet ...tuna fish sandwich, Mac cheese, tuna casserole, shrimp!!!


My dad always uses Old Bay when cooking eggs, especially fried eggs. I highly recommend it!


Put peeled shrimp, cut pieces of corn and small potatoes cut in half or quartered into a big bowl add some of your old bay and a bit of olive oil, mix together dump it out onto a cookie sheet or bake pan - cook at 375 F about 10-15 min keep an eye on it. Enjoy - thank me later.


It's just pepper, celery salt, and paprika. Do what you would with those ingredients.


Get a bag of shrimp, add a buttload of that old bay to the shrimp bag. Toss shrimp in old bay till literally caked in it. Steam shrimp. Enjoy. Hydrate with national bohemian for the full experience.


I'm surprised nobody has mentioned wings yet! Fry up some wings however you prefer, toss them in a little bit (or a lot) of melted butter, then give them a healthy sprinkling of Old Bay.


Snort it. But actually mostly shellfish and fries are the best for them


It’s pretty good on fries or shrimp. Separate or together as a combo!


Literally anything. Vanilla ice cream, popcorn, corn, on a bagel with cream cheese, chicken, seafood, mayo-based dips, etc.


Use sparingly until you really understand how it effects literally everything. It does work for pretty much everything so test it out. You will find the foods it works best with based on your tastes. I do not consider it a go to for everything unless in a pinch. Works perfectly for most seafood, really good on other meats, tasty on Veggies if used lightly (you shouldn't be able taste it specifically, just adding a touch of umami).


Get yourself some crabs, corn, potatoes and sausage. Then boil those with the old bay in the water, your life will change. Nothing brings me back to my childhood like old bay does, summer boils and beaches. Enjoy!


It'll be delicious on anything fried (ex: fish & chips) and pizza. Its very salty though, so start with less and add more if needed. And 3/4 old bay and 1/4 brown sugar makes a good rub for grilled chicken


BUTTER AND SEAFOOD this is the way


It's great on freshly-popped popcorn.


I love old bay on roasted vegetables (broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, onions)!


Dust some fried chicken wings with it


If you're feeling adventurous, add it to white chocolate. They served it at a winery I was at and at first I was like absolutely not. However, wine making me more adventurous, I tried it. It was surprisingly good


Every now and then I like to put some Old Bay on my fries (chips). Sometimes I'll put some in sour cream to make a dip for my chips (crisps).


Cook corn of the cob. Lather up the cob with good amount of butter. Then put lots of oldbay all over it. Favorite summer side dish for sure.


Sprinkle it under your armpits.


I typically add it to dips (it's great in tartar and cocktail sauce and you get more of the flavor that's typically stuck to shrimp shells or left in the water), sprinkle it on fish as it's cooking, on french fries or baked potatoes. Also a very important addition to my Bloody Marys. Anything that can use a kick of celery seed will benefit from Old Bay.


Put it on skewers with fresh market veggies and anduoille sausage for an awesome grill meal. Make it plant sausage for vegitarian thats how I did it but im sure it would be great with meat.