Nice, but I just like the realism of MW2019 more. But to each their own


The big thing I appreciated going in was it was a soft reboot. In the MW trilogy alone you went from a nuke wiping out 30,000 US soldiers, to an airport massacre which results in WW3 and a Russian ground invasion of the United States. In MW19; old locations reappear, so do old characters but as new fresh faces. More importantly the stakes are reset so the writers can craft a new narrative that will naturally complement the originals instead of blatantly competing with them.


Campaign realism? sure, multiplayer realism? never.


Yea, campaign. Multiplayer is not realistic I know


I want them to remaster the trilogy but with modern warfare realism and graphics


I don't think they will😭. But, we are getting a new MW game next year with hopefully better maps. And if they can make the campaign better than it already is, than I'll be the happiest person alive


I hope we do though


mw2019 and mw trilogy are both great, ones a more arcadey cod feeling and the other is a realistic spin on it, but holy shit cw (except campaign and zombies) and vanguard are so half assed and a reskin of mw2019


Realism in a game with knife runners, where two melee attacks defeat fully automatic point blank fire from a high-caliber machine gun, jumping and sliding lowers the damage, etc? You're having a laugh, right? Just because they added ballistics and pretty animations doesn't make it realistic. And don't get me started on the campaign.


I'm talking about the campaign


Oh. The campaign that shows you options to make a choice and then immediately sends you to the latest checkpoint if you don’t choose what it wants. With levels so linear they’re a tunnel inside a corridor, where literally any wrong step makes you start again. With one-time gimmicks instead of good gameplay mechanics. Grenades that roll around cover on veteran and enemies wallhacking, just like in vanguard. With story so shallow it boils down to “Barkov is a sadist so he tortures a nation for 20 years”, no to mention the whole highway of death thing. There’s multiple levels that were great and memorable in the original trilogy. There only Clean House in MW and it plays exactly the same every time. Arma is realistic. Swat is realistic. Hell let loose and enlisted are realistic. Modern Warfare is Medal of Honor Doorfighter 2 with multiplayer for campers and backstabbing.


Calm down 👎


I am calm.


Sir, this is a Wendy’s.


And if you brought me my burger, I wouldn't still be standing here waiting for it, trying to kill time by talking about call of duty with a fellow customer. Don't you have work to get back to?


bro got so mad lmao💀


You think that's mad? I haven't even started.


Bruh veteran on this campaign was sooo easy, "enemies wallhacking" 😂😂😂 sounds like you just need to git gud. Also The Embassy mission, the stealth mission with Price, and the long range sniping mission were all memorable and fun, not just Clean House. Also you cant be complaining about realism, but also simultaneously be using the original mw trilogy as your point of a "better" comparison...... Yeah the original trilogy missions are more memorable.... maybe because they encompass an apocalyptic WW3 scenario? Where nukes are going off, planes are falling out of the sky, and the White House is destroyed and abandoned?? lmaooo but you didnt have a problem with the "realism" there did ya? MW2019 campaign is more subtle with its missions and plot, and at least the missions don't have infinitely respawning enemies.....


1. Enemies knowing your location when they clearly could not, as in you took a path that blocked their line of sight completely, is wallhacking. 2. Embassy mission is shock content and you can do it exactly 1 way. You MUST fire 4 lighting rounds. you MUST use the drone EXACTLY 4 times on the building. Then you get EXACTLY 4 cars. There is only one proper path, and enemies see you in a pitch black field. Going Dark is nice but it's Clean House with multiple buildings. Highway of Death can only be played ONE way. You can't change your position, you won't have proper line of sight. EDIT: On Veteran you get killed as soon as you try to change position before the game tells you to. 3. At no point did I call original trilogy realistic, only more memorable. Call of Duty never was realistic and shouldn't be because it will lose most of its player base. Because most want something easy and bombastic in their COD. 4. It's not more subtle, it's a bunch of meh missions with a non-existent plot that relies on news trends and shock content for the sake of relying on news trend and shock content. 5. This is the same series that has Black Ops 2 which had a much better plot, multiple endings, optional missions. level design that allowed multiple styles of play, loadout customization. Black Ops 3 had verticality and multiple paths through levels. Neighboring but multiple. It had deeper customization and upgrades. Original MW trilogy at least gave you flanking paths and levels like Safehouse which allowed you to complete objectives in any order. Infinite Warfare had loadout customization and Jackal upgrades and optional missions. MW 2019 has a tunnel inside a corridor with a person rushing you in 1 specific direction and smacking you over the back of the head if you try to step off the path. 6. Don't git gud me. I beat EVERY cod on Veteran. Black Ops 3 on Realistic. Alone.


1) The enemies knowing where you are, even without line of sight, or snapping right on you as soon as you pop out of cover, even if you're in their blind spot, has always been present in CoD campaigns 2) You basically just described No Russian, shock content for the sake of shock content and it can only be played one way or skipped completely, so that concept is not really anything new, but I also dont think it takes away from the campaign at all? Also not sure how there is only one way to play Highway to Hell, considering I did it only using the laser pointer thing to get the trophy, but Im pretty sure you can do that mission using guns if you want as well 😂 3) Well you started off by going off negavtively about the realism of MW, and then in that rant went on to compare it to the original trilogy in a way that favored the original, So yeah I get what you mean but there was still a bit of irony there. 4) Not even really sure what you mean by this.... "Meh missions" is simply your opinion and you cant say "non-existent plot" when theres very clearly a plot lol, whether or not you are invested in it. And missions relying on news trends and shock content? Like what? How is that different from any other campaign from any game that isnt set in a sci-fi fantasy world? Obviously missions based around war and conflict in a realistic universe are gonna be based on or inspired by things we've seen in history from past and recent conflicts... 5) and ooohh boy, yeah Bo2 and Bo3 had to add that extra shiny customization stuff in there to try and distract you because the campaigns were all over the place 😂😂 Bo2 campaign was decent but was pretty weird in some parts which made it hard to follow the story, and everyone Ive talked to about CoD campaigns HATED the choices and multiple endings of Bo2, just give us a story, its not an RPG.... And the Bo3 campaign was straight garbage lol, all new and uninteresting characters with writing and pacing that was all over the place, but hey I guess you could choose what weapon you wanted to use..... The IW campaign was good Ill give you that. But im also seeing a difference in preference here, I actually like having a curated experience in the campaign. I prefer them giving us the loadout because then it tells you what to expect from the upcoming mission, like when you spawn in with a supressed sniper or a lmg with grenade launcher AR secondary, you know what type of mission itll be. I also like progressing through a certain story in the way the devs intended. Mw2019 campaign felt like I was participating in a war movie/show and I loved that, where as you clearly enjoy and bit more freedom and options, which is fine. 6) Impressive.


1. There's two types of high difficulty bots in games. 1 is the type you get in Halo or FEAR, where they react to you, try to use tactics on you, etc. 2 is the type that just says "I'm a high difficulty bot, I one-shot you and my grenades heat-seek your position because F you that's why". Call of Duty has been leaning towards the latter for quite a few years but at least it tried to mask it previously. 2. No Russian is an interactive cutscene. Just like Aftermath and Davis Family Vacation. I'm fine with 1-2 per game but when they make the entire game like that, sorry, I want something more. Also, the laser pointer is in Embassy. Highway if Death is the sniper mission. There's no Highway to Hell. Previous games had plenty of one-way missions, Hunter-Killer being a good example, or Shock and Awe being another. But they balanced themselves out with the rest of the game. 3. Misunderstanding, ok. 4. So, the plot of the game is that Urzikstan had a civil war and Russia decided to intervene back in the 90s because????? Even in 2016 in Syria the Russians were invited by Al-Asad, whether it was wrong or not. Before then Russian invaded Georgia but since then international commission concluded that it was the Georgians who started shooting AND attacked Russian peacekeepers stationed in the region. So that's already unrealistic. Sticking its nose into other countries is more American style. So then they start gassing civilians. Which Russian has not done in forever, at least no proven case. Then they start putting people into camps and prisons and torturing them because why? I checked Russian media on the game and even the most pro-western outlets said Barkov's motivation seems to be that he's a sadist. At least Makarov wanted to restore the Soviet "glory", Menendez wanted to avenge decades of USA hurting his home, his people and killing his family. At least Rorke wanted to get back at those who he believed abandoned him. Also, Highway of Death is an American war crime that is used in the game as a Russian one. Hometown takes place in Haditha which is also the name of an Iraqi town where US servicemen killed multiple civilians. The writing is lazy and thin. And it end literally with "Barkov dead, here's some fanservice", 5. Black Ops 3 was written by the guy who wrote Zombies. He overdid it. BO2's criticism I saw was more about having to play the side missions and getting the wrong endings because they didn't pay enough attention. A curated experience can be good. Look at... Ghosts. It shined in Federation Day, Clockwork, Atlas Falls, Into The Deep and End of the Line. Because it managed to sell you the game's setting in atmosphere through those levels. It then ruined it with giving you "salvaged" helis that looked brand new, A-10 drones and a carrier group with a tank battalion and 2 space shuttles while claiming America was on its last legs. Welcome to the rest of the world, then, America. But the point still stands. In those levels Ghosts shined. Because they were carefully designed, paced and polished. You wouldn't take a wrong step because the game would work in a way you wouldn't want to. In MW the game punishes you for even thinking about it but doesn't really distract you from the thought. Not as bad as Vanguard (no you can't just shoot the sniper, you have to draw fire, with your own hand, so dumb) but still. Also, another example you always HAVE to one-shot BOTH guys at the truck in Hometown otherwise you're dead. AW was also a curated experience but it let you have mad fun with the tools it gave you. ​ PS: Ever tried shooting a tripwire in Hunting Party? I tried. It didn't explode or disintegrate. But i got a nice little bullet hole on the grenade. Realism.


What realism? You mean the gun sounds and graphics? Not much difference between the games really.


I mean it's less like an action movie, and a lot more realistic terrorism


I guess he meant the story, it wasnt the over the top power fantasy that (most) of the mw trilogy was.


Not much difference? Lol eveb bo2 has better feeling guns than vanguard.


Vanguard is a joke, but we were talking about MW 2019…


I meant in terms of whatever reality they're referring to. Maybe bullet velocity vs hitscan, I know that's a big difference and more realistic.


The good ol'days


I miss the old lobbies back in the day. Pure unadulterated cancer, but it was fantastic. The only bad thing was how they refused using dedicated servers, meaning if the host left, the lobby had a 50% chance of just being booted.


I miss third person 3v3


It was 4v4 but yeah I feel you, it was my favorite game mode on MW2.


Oh my god, i miss those old times...


1. Not an old meme. 2. He misused the meme.


3. Nobody cares, thanks for your input?


4. Ramirez didn’t deserve that disrespect


5. Foley doesn't do shit, only Ramirez


Nobody cares


Apology accepted


Why are you sorry ?


sorry to those who think mw2019 is the best mw, ig


this, this needs to be said mw19 is an absolutely great game but i feels like those people havent tried other cods


Only good thing about MW19 is the guns.


...and the soundtrack.


And the story and characters.


Oh lol , right


anyone who says that was just not around since the beginning. It is a solid game but not top tier


We’ll see, hard to compare a trilogy to one game. MW 2019 is a solid start and MW3 isn’t exactly the best example of a great cod game. MW and MW2 are quality though. Have to see how the two sequels to the new trilogy pan out.


Personally I really don’t like the three newest cods, havnt been able to keep me playing for more than a month


The new trilogy will be fire 😩


IF, it’s gonna be a trilogy in the first place, no one knows what IW will do after MWII


MWIII of course


Not a fan of realism. I liked the older cods.


That's your opinion and it's a common opinion. Out of the original 3 MWs, I prefer CoD 4 over the others because, for the time, it felt more grounded. I prefer MW2019 over MW2 and MW3 but that's just because I prefer having more open level, non-3 lane maps which I realize is unpopular.


MW2 And MW3 are love


You know that they actually hired back the devs that left after MW2 over Bobby Kotick stealing their bonuses, who then went to Respwn to make Titanfall, to make Modern Warfare right? MW2019 was fucking amazing. Perfect reimplementation until they had them add in MTX


as it should be, MW, MW2 and MW3 is far superior than any other cod.


Never enjoyed earlier MWs dogshit gun audios, mediocre gameplay, okaish campaign...overall it always felt boring for me


What a bold statement


I'm the other way around.


Kind of, yeah. MW2019 is imo better in campaign and MP, but the original MW trilogy is still funner.


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Can’t wait for next year’s MW


I don’t think there is anything special about that


I'm literally waiting for MW2-3 Full remaster. Cause I'm about to preorder them at the highest edition available.


Boiling hot take: I like MW2019 campaign's story more than the holy trilogy. And the gun feel too. But it's been years since I've last played the trilogy so I might give them a replay.


the trilogy will always be my favourite games of all time


MW3 spec ops and survival had me in love No idea how they screwed up 2019’s so badly.


Because they put in little to no effort and called it a day


They made it way too camp friendly which caused the majority of games to end by time limit


I agree 100%. MW2019 is indeed “brilliant” but the OT cant be topped




So brave.


I respect your opinion


It's too bad the servers are broken/dead/full of hackers


Tbh this meme really sums up mw2 vs pretty much any objectively better cod game. Bo1/2/3/mw3/cod4 are all brilliant, but I LIKE mw2 the best. I still get butterflies occasionally when remembering the good old days.


Unpopular opinion: MW3 (multiplayer) wasn't that good. 🤷‍♂️ MW2 is obv goated but I think Black Ops had the better trilogy of games. MW2019 made up for MW3 and Infinite Warfare immensely. What a great game!


Mw2019 is God tier against cold war and vanguard


Every single mw game from the old trilogy is better than mw 2019


I miss Strike Packages.


I’ll take 2019 over mw3 anyday


Ghost doesn’t die this time. That’s my reasoning.


I grew up on that trilogy ⁰7


Same, they’re really great. In fact, I believe MW remastered is the best cod game in a long time, it got a lot of criticism but it’s a remake of MW with all the old and great gameplay, simply amazing


Love Both


Are there people that actually prefer MW 3019?




As any sane person would.


You misused the meme.