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Ok so can guys counter with an acceptable BMI or weight chart?


No sirrrr…you know for some women it don’t work both ways. 😂😂😂


Fuck 'em.


Not if that BMI and weight ain't right lol




This series of comments are outta this fucking world.


Nah bro, fat bitches only. If she ain’t at least double my weight (I’m in the 170s), I don’t want her.


Just like my pappy used to say “if you can lift her, then you can’t love her” lol




But I mean… it really doesn’t work both ways. Either you want a fat ass and big titties or you want “an acceptable BMI.”


"Acceptable" is relative.


I want thin as a rail, pale as a ghost and flat as a board. And if they're not redheaded, I'll make 'em that way. LOL, black friend looked at me like I wanted to fuck scarecrow children.


I personally don't want a fat ass or fat tits. I like big tits but they're different than fat tits. I like a big ass but it's different than a fat ass


so this is exactly proving her point? you have specifications most women cant control which will cut them out of your prospects. so does this woman.


That’s the point though: we ALL have physical standards for potential partners. Nothing wrong with that, let’s just stop acting like we don’t by calling it body shaming to say “I don’t wanna fuck you.”


Damn this kinda blew my mind at 3 am. This is so true.


Not true. You can find well proportioned women who wear something smaller than a dress size 6 everywhere. I see the finest women jogging when I’m delivering packages daily.


Dress size is irrelevant to health or BMI. Every store has slightly different sizing and it changes with your proportions. Edit. Thirsty weirdos. I had to delete my original comment.


Why? When people do this, like, publicly tie their name and face to some dumbass shit like this? Well, I just assume that their life is NOT going well already. Like, show of hands who would post something like this on their socials? That means your family’s so ratchet they don’t care they’re associated with you, you’re single likely because your Twitter posts are probably an accurate reflection of your terrible personality, and your looks, or lack thereof can’t make up for it. It means your career can’t be going all that well because regularly posting shit like that publicly isn’t gonna keep you in a good job, so yeah, why come at her about her BMI or whatever? People that post this pathetic stuff are already down bad, and you’re only down bad if this somehow offended you. Even if you did have a smallie, is it really offending you that someone like this doesn’t fuck with you? /rant Sorry, I was only ranting cause I’m over here tryna BlackPeopleTwitter myself to sleep we got too many posts about people just being way too open about their crappy love lives. I just saw the one with the chick that got rules for the side piece. Smh. Gotta stop entertaining that negative energy. It’s embarrassing.


Social media in a nutshell is mostly a bunch of unhappy people exaggerating and bragging on happiness they wish they had. Then shitting on others that might post something that actually made them happy. And Twitter is the worst because at this point it’s mostly just a trollfest. Narcissists trolling for likes and others telling lies because they can. I feel like social media has made people stupid because it’s called into question truth itself.


>And Twitter is the worst because at this point it’s mostly just a trollfest. Narcissists trolling for likes and others telling lies because they can. Twitter can be great if you use it right. I follow a small number of authors, podcasts I really like, and other niche things. Only really see tweets about things I legitimately care about and never run into Twitter wars organically. Once you break into the wider world of Twitter it just turns to shit.


I fully understand the positives that twitter has brought us. That being said, it’s a net negative even if you consider the good stuff.


I’m convinced they’re joking, trying to be funny for clout. Like they’re just saying wild shit for the retweets and likes …at least that’s what I tell myself.


Exactly, any time people make exclamations of what people should be like or what they should do or what they should enjoy on twitter, it’s best not to engage because it really doesn’t reflect real life. You will find a tweet of a girl saying they want rough freaky sex that gets 20k likes. And then you can also find a tweet on twitter that says that people who like rough sex are ruined by porn and gets 20k likes. Both of these camps think their worldview is the truest. Don’t listen to twitter, try to be your best self, seek happiness and try not to harm others, that’s the only thing that matters. Letting other people, especially twitter dictate your life is a fools errand


Yeah go ahead, literally nothing is stopping you. You guys always throw this out there like men (and women) havent been commenting on what the appropriate feminine size is for decades. BDE/LDE comes up within the last 5 years and I guess that made yall forget all the jokes thrown in women's faces for the sake of comedy all the time. Seriously, make a size chart for acceptable women's body types. In fact just google it, there's already plenty made for you to choose from. You're not the outlier and that's why no one feels bad making lde jokes.


I understand that men (and women too) have made women feel bad for their bodies but why do the tit for tat and make men that have absolutely no involvement with that feel shamed? I'm not attacking you or nothing but genuinely asking why shame someone else? Especially when you know how bad it feels to be shamed


The problem with modern twitter is that MFs got accountability confused with pettiness. So you get the tit for tat shit and it gets praised. So instead of people trying to be better, the goal has become to push back. And before someone comes in with the “why should victims all of the sudden have to take abuse and be better.” I’m not saying that, what I’m saying is that focusing on being vindictive doesn’t make society better, it’s just a quick serotonin hit for your emotions but then you’re right back at square one dealing with the same shit, except now it’s elevated. You have to choose, do you wanna *solve* the problem or do you just wanna feel a little bit better at the moment.


BMI Below 18.5 Underweight 18.5—24.9 Healthy Weight 25.0—29.9 Overweight 30.0 and Above Obesity We don’t like underweight or obese


Why don't men think this also applies to them? I personally don't want a man overweight, obese or underweight.


Because women played themselves and created the whole “dad bod” push (or even the older “teddy bear”) not even realizing that men would never make an equivalent term for them and those types of bodies on women. Plus, media often shows the bigger guy with the slim knockout so 🤷🏾‍♀️


I didn’t say it doesn’t apply to us. Most men I know do actually worry about their weight.


I never understand the popularity of this sentiment ??? fat women are already considered to be outside the beauty standard…


literally, like everything ALWAYS has to be a dunk on fat women for some reason. the OP tweeter isn’t even fat and the joke is still somehow on fat women.


Like most men/people don’t do this anyway?


This is such a tired response. No one’s saying girlfriend here should be rude about dick sizes (although there are often legitimate medical and comfort reasons for folks with vaginas to care about dick size), but being fatphobic has no rationale. She’s not going to see it, but all the women suffering under gendered body norms will. Also, ngl, this is peak small dick energy.


I think you missed the point. The OP comment doesn’t think BMI is a legitimate thing to bring up. They’re saying something equally ridiculous to use one fucked up statement to show how fucked up the first statement actually is. Like, “oh we’re here to body shame? This is what you sound like fyi.”




Counter what? This one lady? Lady says she wants BDE and you want to *counter* with non-BDE? Bruh you just move on--no counter just go lmao. Leave the lady alone and don't fret about it


That's what I'm saying, like why do yall get so worked up about the mindset of a single person you're never going to meet let alone vibe with in the first place. Lmao just laugh at keep it moving.


> why do yall get so worked up Because hit dogs holler


Devil’s advocate: you can be fat and have good pussy, fuck you gon do with 3 inches of dick???


Some men will be be filtering their zero prospects even further with that. Nothing to lose I guess


What does your small dick have to do with someone’s weight? Y’all are just dumb


Nah you can’t lose weight and make ya dick bigger


Actually you can


that's why you go by things they can't control either; tiddy size, not too flat, not too saggy


I've never heard of a dick enhancement surgery tho


Oh bless, it can go so badly wrong. You don’t want to know but the urge to keep looking is real.


They just sew some fuckin' packing peanuts under the tip "There's your extra inch"


Yes, and that’s not a counter, that’s your specific preference. Live your truth (like I bet you’re already doing) and don’t act like what someone else says or does is gonna change how you feel about what you want. Why is this what you think of in response?


Shouldnt bra size be more fitting? Mf aint said u needed to be shredded


That’s how I KNOW it’s small cuz if u was big or average u wouldn’t be mad at her making a joke


Y’all don’t even have that standard women already do lol


Height chart too


It's little, but I eat that pussy like a St Bernard in a bowl of kibble


Yoooo chilllll….😂😂😂


Right?? Like, Cujo, chill dawg - ease up on the kibbles! Also, does be eat 🍑 like that? Asking for a friend ofc.....


That'll do. ![gif](giphy|8gandzQG187qzYiEjZ)


There should be a rating chart for frequency of 🍑 eating. Myself, I’m going down the country gonna eat me a lot of 🍑




Gives a whole new meaning to “the dog in me”


BDE dripping over here




The BDE that's being requested. lol.


Sounds like a Rottweiler drinking a bowl of maple syrup.


Listen! Dick I cherish but not more than oral some men are whole demons with their oral skills!!!


It's only "body shaming" when it's about women. Lol


To be fair, men aren’t as vocal about it, maybe because they don’t care, and maybe they don’t care because heavier men are already more social acceptable compared to their female counterparts who feel they need to be <130 and not have any physical imperfections. Not saying you’re wrong. There shouldn’t be double standards, but there are, and at least on the body positivity topic, men don’t have it as bad. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Edit: everyone that really thinks men are as vocal about body positivity as women, obviously doesn’t know anything about toxic masculinity. Gather 10 women and they’re way more likely to get on the same page and support each other about it. Gather 10 men? I want to be in your friend group if at least half of those men don’t deny it as an issue or clown you for feeling that way. Yeah, it SHOULDN’T be like that, but I don’t live in fantasy, I live in reality. But treat yourself right kings. There’s no shame in speaking up about body issues, mental health, or anything else on your mind.


Nah. There is no double standard. At least not when it comes to weight. Dudes are afraid of telling other people words hurt. So when the fat jokes do come out they play it off like it's nothing. Even after body positive movements got started. Meaning. The reason people don't generally stand up for overweight dudes is because dudes. ​ When it comes to penis size? Well, same thing but worse. It's crazy. Women weren't the ones to create the idea that women prefer bigger. That was dudes too. So now when a women does say it like the above? Dudes get all the way in the bag. As if any and all women want the same. Which also ain't true.


Exactly it's not women making porn titles and men still will say the prefer someone thick over nothing at all. The standards have always been created by us men. We basically internalized women to prefer outrageous dick sizes and then get mad when they prefer said size. Like I promise the casting director was most likely a man and most likely wanted a dick that could "destroy some pussy" because it's the sign of manhood the patriarchy chose. The bigger the dick the more of a man we are. And it worked until women internalized that through media and saw the peaks of human dick size and now that's the standard. One of the many mistakes men made was expecting women not to watch porn/see huge dicks.


It's crazy. It's like dudes punching themselves in the dick then blaming it on women. lol The extra crazy part? She didn't even go on a soap box and say all small dicks were bad. Even said big dick energy with a small one was preferred. But because of emotions.....a lot of dudes jumped clear across all of that. lol


I honestly think it's just cuz back in the day you could lie and women didn't really have anything to reference it too so they would like big dicks but think yours was big or something. Now everyone knows everyone's seen a huge dick online or in person you can't lie anymore, they know big is 6-7+ and since most men are average they don't fit the standard anymore.


You probably hit on why dudes are so mad. lol Not being able to lie to women as much or as well really is probably turning them red. lol I think you're right.


Cap on cap. There definitely is a double standard in both scenarios. If a guy is vocal about not wanting to be teased on his weight than he’s laughed at even more. If a female does that it normally is stopped in its track and let’s say the jokes continue and the girl cries then everyone stops the jokes asap and mr.hero steps to her side. If a guy cries as a result of too much teasing now he’s being laughed at for being fat and crying


So. You have a room a 9 guys and one woman. Some over weight woman comes in. The nine guys make fun of her over her weight. The one woman is against it. Then another time an over weight dude walks in. The nine guys make fun of him....and the one woman joins. ​ Would you call that a double standard? With that said. What category of human being do you know of gender wise who makes the most fat jokes? Men or women? Now. How many make the most small dick "jokes" Men or women? Over the entire life span of humanity. Which category has not only made more "jokes" about both people's weight and dude's dick size WHILE saying everybody is too overly sensitive and needs to grow a pair? ​ Again. What is your definition of a DOUBLE standard? Is it that you want to be able to tell women they can't say a thing while allowing dudes to say whatever they want? Is that your definition of double standard? If so, you're correct. It is. But it doesn't help your case here now does it.


So many words to say "i was wrong there is a double standard" smh. Neither men nor women should engage in body negativity against neither men nor women. Yet, it seems to be more socially acceptable when body negativism is targeted against men, whether it be by other men or women. That's a double standard, Gish Gallop.


Chiming in as a woman here, it's true women think they want big dicks because men definitely parade it around like it's something to be proud of, then should a woman experience big dick, then they realize (1) it hurts and (2) men still don't know how to use big dick. What's a big dick in my opinion is subjective, since every woman's body is different, every woman will experience different shapes and sizes differently. If the lady in the post needs a certain size for her to feel pleasure, it really shouldn't cause outrage, especially since she is heavily implying she herself appreciates being pleasured. To me when I see outrage towards this, all it's telling me is you wouldn't be able to satisfy this woman, and you find her attractive so you're mad you don't have a chance.


>To me when I see outrage towards this, all it's telling me is you wouldn't be able to satisfy this woman, and you find her attractive so you're mad you don't have a chance. ​ Nail on the head. They're tellin on themselves without ever realizing they're telling on themselves. lol And as a dude. It was a weird experience learning everything you just said. Porn had my mind all the way fucked up. Well, porn and other dudes. ​ It's crazy though. She even said the big dick energy thing. Meaning confidence. And dudes still displayed how much self confidence they don't have. Without doubt a sexism thing. Dudes feeling like they've entirely in charge of women's pleasure. But yeah. 100% agree with everything you said.


>To me when I see outrage towards this, all it's telling me is you wouldn't be able to satisfy this woman, and you find her attractive so you're mad you don't have a chance. ...you don't have to be a dude to find this obnoxious behaviour. People are way too comfortable on Twitter. Girl came up with a chart like she done a funded study on every cock she been with. This is just high school playground logic. "Ya only mad cause you can't handle meee" - girl, quit playing and grow up.


Men aren’t vocal about it bc if you complain about body shaming then people will assume you have a smaller penis Only way you can escape that assumption (that no man wants) is if you’re a pornstar or for some reason ppl publicly know you have a larger penis However, guys with big penises aren’t gonna stand up for the smaller guys ofc lol It’s the opposite, they’ll take advantage of the higher pedestal to get a girl


>men aren't as vocal about it That's part of the problem.


7” is like the 98th percentile…. 10” is literally like 5 standard deviations out lol. Saying 7” is average is like saying 34 DD is average


girl inches. Subtract like 2-3 for each category


I measure from the taint to the tip, rounding up to the next whole number.


Maybe it’s because I’m in Canada, but the official measurement here is from the centre of the anus, to a smidge past the tip.


Ah the metric system


Double it and add 30.


Oh, Canada.


LMAOOO put this on a shirt somewhere


I usually round to the next hole number, but you do you


“girl inches” lmao like women aren’t operating on men’s exaggerations. 5 inches call themselves 7 and you wonder why women’s math is skewed.


Is that why yall dick estimates be so trash? I swear women use 10 in as the default measurement for what they deem big. Ive sent pictures and had women say "that has to be like 10 inches". I'm like I've never measured but I guarantee its not close to 10. I can promise you that. So it comes from years of being lied to about what 10 inches really looks like?


yes. men literally do this from a young age i've experienced it a few times. almost every dude will tell you its 7 inches. even when its blatantly cap and no woman does research against otherwise for some reason. i had to check my high school sweetheart (he was my first) cuz he told me it was 7 and then a year or two later when we finally did stuff it just wasnt true at all. i spent so long believing that shit until i saw it im glad i didnt fall into the trap


I encourage yall to walk around with rollup tape measure in your purse. Oh and don't forget, a lot of people like to measure from the crack of their ass to a half inch past the tip of their dick. Oh and now you gotta watch out for the opposite liars such as myself that's gonna tell you my dick small as hell even though it's smedium, bordering small. But aye, happy hunting.....


like i said because of my job i can not only eye it but i wear my tool pouch everywhere (its better than a purse) and i keep a tape measure in there too. can normally approximate it with just my hand and eyes though. i will not ask a man what size he is cuz size never was the deciding factor in good sex for me. but if for some reason they themselves go out of their way to tell me what size they are then best believe if we ever get that far imma try to see if its cap or not. takes a special type of dude (or some high school idiot) to go around tellin people their exact dick size like they would care. normally the dudes who say the opposite or prefer to underplay their skills have something in the back pocket so thats cool. it's typically just funny. its those who lie upwards like that's supposed to mean something or im supposed to believe it that's problematic




I used to work for a pretty negative dick


Well at least they were pretty


If they fat


Oh shit never considered a really fat dude with a micro. It would be like a second bellybutton. Alright and I'm done for the night. I need to go watch some kittens or something.


Bro facts. I’ll probably delete this comment at one point, but I used to be kind of a trans chaser on Grindr. I’m a black dude (a lot of people on Grindr are into the whole BBC fantasy) with a dick that’s only 5.5” long (but it was kinda thick). You don’t know how many times people guessed a size that was way bigger. And I feel guilty for continuing the misinformation because I know that I would immediately get cut off if I actually said my dick was 5.5”. So I would say that it’s 8 or 9” and not only would they wholeheartedly believe that, but they never had a problem with it when I pulled it out in person. Unbelievable.


Aye man you do you dawg ain’t no shame. Yea lowkey I just lie about my size cause if you don’t they think you’re small even if their idea of a 9” is 5 lol. Im like 6.7 and I stopped telling women I’m 6.7 cause they all think it’s small lol. I say 10 and they go wild and everyone believe me so 😂🤷🏾‍♂️


Makes sense. I use magnums and I’m barely in her small category lol


Bro bro got that soda can thickness


Girls suck at sizing though. I’ve been told I’m much bigger than I am


Oh, absolutely, and we all know this. This is but a clarification. If she wants to believe I’m a 9” monster, by all means, I won’t complain lol


I believe there is a $10,000 unclaimed prize for anyone who can prove they have a 10” dong.


34dd is average


I did some extra digging - one site says this. All other data sources say it’s a C cup, not a DD. Also by that metric the US has the highest BMI at 29 to meet this metric (data is of 2022). So I question that single study. 34DD is no way the average. Edit: this was also ONLY for the US, which in that single study had the highest bust size (and weight) worldwide. If you average world standards, the pictures shifts more to B being average




Guys are kinda bad with bras like how women are bad with dick size. Cup size is meaningless if you don’t include the band size, since the volume changes. A 32D and a 38D are very different even tho the cup size is the same


If it’s helps make things make sense, a Victoria secret DD is closer to a C cup in many other brands. Vanity sizing is a thing.


It’s “average” because of obesity in the U.S…




The math nerd in me upset she has gaps in her size chart. Also justice for my travel sized kings


travel sized kings is OD lmao


fun sized is the officially recognized term


Nah, that's intentional. She's being nice and giving some guys outs via rounding lmao.


Feels bad when I still round down to average


"Rounding down to average" on this scale would imply your dick is over 7 inches. As someone else here said, that's like 98th percentile. That's way above average. The tweeter doesn't know what she's talking about.


Round to the nearest integer, then partition


Toxic Women: if ur dick small, ur under 6ft and u don't make a 100k a month ur trash Men: well I don't date fat bitches sooooo Toxic Women: HOW DARE YOU BODY SHAME HOW DARE YOU TRY TO SAY THEIRS SOMETHING WRONG WITH-


I like how the apparently nontoxic men call women "bitches" in this convo


And also how the woman (OP) isn't even fat, but fat women are still catching strays cause dudes are offended about her comments


It’s like when complain about toxic men and short guys catch strays as the go-to insult




You sound bitter they get chosen over you lmaoo


She’s just mad at her man. They be back together for a fish fry with shrimp.


.. fish fry with shrimp!! ![gif](giphy|3orieLWYouYT4W0bF6)


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You don’t want to attend their fish fry.


I think my phone just vomited.


Time to go waste her time lol ![gif](giphy|3oEduZqfSGNG0mdF1C|downsized)


Definitely wouldn’t blast this on twitter behind my actual name and face but I’m sure this is the preference of many. Average size and knowing how to use it is everything - tongue skill solely can’t satisfy you long term imo. Men can have preferences too if your preferences don’t align don’t lay down together - don’t date. 🤷🏽‍♀️


What about people who don't have penises tho? They somehow satisfy their partner, right?


And women who can't cum from penetration, or penetration alone.


As a happily married lesbian: **head til I’m d e a d**


Calling 7" the upper bound of average is insane though. It's both statistically incorrect and also past the point where your size starts to be an active detriment during sex with many women because you'll hit their cervix if you aren't careful.


that's literally what dating is. people going for their preferences. thats all it is and people just go crazy when they dont fit the bill and when you tell them why they try to justify why it shouldn't be a problem


I mean… she did say energy is required if you don’t meet other standards… if that helps.


They’re literally SKIPPING this part because they don’t have the confidence that requires BDE.


Do you have 'big booty energy'? lol what the fuck do you bitches even be talking about


Confidence and security


The entitlement to demand that other people be confident in themselves as they are given reasons not to is an amazing thing to see. And it is so common. At least if a woman asks for something like kindness or conversation skills, that's something you can work on. This whole "gotta have confidence" thing is sociopathic with the way dating works these days. The only way to have confidence is either having it reinforced by the world around you, or to be oblivious to everything that tears you down. Otherwise, you're just faking it.


....should be offered by both partners


Why do people keep bringing this up as if she didn’t blatantly contradict herself? “Don’t talk to me if you got a small dick” “If you got a small dick you gotta at least have BDE” *Pulls out chart for clarification* “Seriously though, I don’t like small dicks” That’s literally what she did. Besides the fact that the whole BDE/LDE is still a body shaming tactic.


Nah BDE and SDE is all bullshit too. It still propagates body shaming towards men.


I pity the 7.5" fool.


They always mistake it for 8 or 9 ;) we good.


Thank god she posts her opinions on social media this openly. At least people know her red flags 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩be waving like the UN building.


Ahhh so we got another dick detective 🤨


The phallus professor


Cock Constable


Schwanz Sheriff


penis profiler


The Defective Dicktective


Any dick attached to the right person is a good dick 😋💕


Yup I’m demi, so this is how it works for me lol


Me, hoping that chart is scientific standard: ![gif](giphy|OPz7AzK4nO8bdXrRgA|downsized)






It’s only body shaming when it’s against women but that’s not my battle here 😌 …also since 10+ existentially don’t exist (statistically maybe 2 in a billion) I think she safe on that end




Naw, its mostly smaller guys, even smaller girls, camera lenses and angles. Mandingo, known throughout his career as the biggest dick in porn (likely ever) was between 9.5-10” even though they would bill him as 12-13”. Most those big pornstars are around 7-9”.


No. I feel betrayed.


Watch next time you see a girl pretending to measure it in a video. They start at 3" and measure to 10". Camera tricks do a lot of work. And the girls are straight-up tiny, like 5'4 is tall for a porn star.


4-6 is that sweet spot for me 🤷🏼‍♀️


That's 90% if men.


Literally most men lol


Man says something foul about women - shame on him Woman says something foul about men - ohh boo hoo guys mad that we talking like yall. Zero accountability. Either way it goes I guess it’s mens fault.


Please no I don’t even get toys that big.


All that but she'll say it's big when you try something new with her the other end.


Say what you will but that size chart seems pretty generous. 7 inches seems pretty big to me.


7" or above is less than 2% of men, so it should be fairly rare for people to *actually* come in contact with one. Most of the time it's people thinking it's larger than it really is.


Too bad I’ve seen so many women talk about regularly coming in contact with people who are like 9” lol.


You know what... Good luck to her. Why should reality and statistics stand in her way. Get your king


If a woman is unhappy with her boob size she can change it. If a man is unhappy with his dick size there is not much he can do about it.


Exactly. I’m not understanding some of these other comments talking about men and double standards, it makes no sense when what you said is completely a fact


As someone in the huge department it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I work in a hospital and sometimes it’s hard to hide in scrubs. Most women can’t really suck it well and I end up touching their throats and teeth. Out of all the women I’ve been with maybe 3 could handle me orally. Deep throat is not really all that pleasurable for me, it feels like someone trying to ram my dick into a wall. I’ve never heard a woman say I was too big but most say “damn, didn’t see that coming.” Or “it’s the biggest thing on your body.” Even had one woman suggest I wear two pairs of draws lol. I wouldn’t trade my dick size for anything but just know it comes with its own set of problems.


Honestly surprised you never had a woman say its too big then. I got a solid 20cm and had some smaller / more petite girls really struggle. Brother of a friend supposedly has 25cm+ and had girls literally bail on him.


Yo those night shift nurses are wild when I worked hospital security some would aggressively hit on me and I'm average looking lol


Has she considered the possibility that she's actually just shit in bed lmao


I have a big dick but little dick energy.


I may not be big... but I cum super fast




Of course, Kiras chart is inaccurate. Its more like this. Youre welcome: https://www.reddit.com/r/insanepeoplefacebook/comments/fe362l/a_penis_size_chart_is_just_what_every_country/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb3x


Damn.... #teamteenyweenie


“We don’t like small or huge.” I like how she used the royal “we” to refer to herself and her vagina.


Porn has ruined us all. Dickage don't matter as much as foreplay and some fancy finger work and tonguein'.


Ong, it literally makes you feel that if you don't meet some ridiculous made up standard then you are completely unwanted. It's damaging to everyone, men and women alike.


You know what they say, give ‘em an inch and they want a mile


I have a tilted uterus, anything over 5 inches is legit painful to me. Also why are we shaming guys for something they can’t control


Thank goodness someone*^ else agrees, anything over 9 inches belongs in the field where horses dicks graze and gather. Being that big is not enjoyable reason being - it’s called having a cervix which is the literal ending to your coochie ✌🏾


When she says she's "been through enough", does she mean trauma or dicks?


I appreciate that finally someone on social media stopped perpetuating that *all women like them huge* myth.


Get in were fit in Too Short


Eh... if anything, no pun intended I just don't want a cocky guy. If you think because your dick is big, doesn't mean you have the best game out there. But some used that as a way to not try, and put all that confidence in a huge dick than having confidence he can please a partner, dick or not. A dude is so much more than his penis (if he even has one)


Yooo... If you're cool casually chatting about dick sizes with the rest of the internet like that. We don't even need to be talkin shawty. That type of thottery will catch you a disease before you can even spell S T D


Loose lips need big dicks


It goes both ways. If I'm about to fall into your pussy and never been seen again then we shouldn't be talking. Tight = 0.2" diameter Average = 0.5" diameter Loose = 1 - 2" diameter Void = Sliping into the Phantom Zone and chillen with Zod