Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies create new opportunities, says Bank of America

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies create new opportunities, says Bank of America


LOL. They are *just now* figuring things out.


I have a feeling the banks are already in crypto. They caused the FUD last month and bought in. The news always comes later then the event.


The government recently spoke differently But apparently, they realized that they didn't even particularly destabilize the market, I didn't even have to transfer my funds on USDT


BoA are one of the shittest banks in the US. Their product/services are stuck in 1990 and rely on customers who aren't capable of researching comparable products/services from other, more innovative banks. Technology has reduced their workloads exponentially yet they charge the same fees. They routinely and systematically deploy anti-consumer tactics of charging undue fees on accounts which rely on customers to raise awareness of and dispute before they are reversed. Many competitors now offer accounts with equally beneficial interest rates with no minimum account deposits, maintenance fees, overdraft fees and bank transfer fees whilst offering the same services under the same protections. Abandon ship for a something better.


Capital one is the worst IMO


Aren't they just a credit company? Not like, an actual bank?


You are right .Let's celebrate More and more institutions getting involved in the space!


tldr; Bank of America Securities is launching a cryptocurrency research department. The new product will aim to bring detailed information about the cryptocurrency market to Wall Street. Earlier this year, the bank opened Bitcoin futures trading to selected customers. However, in March, BofA stated that there were no good reasons to own Bitcoin. *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*


Umm. Make up your mind BofA. 🩴🩴🩴


How many more times do they have to be told?!!


What they should do is provide their customers with a BofA hotwallet that is covered by the FDIC limit. Why not?


Darn right they do.


They paid a research team to tell them this..? God how do I apply to get that job.