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Broadcasting what authorities are saying is not the news. I can't believe I have to say this.




Because you are in their construction of the overton window. Because they do it all the time you think it's normal. It's not normal. Why do I need to know what a regulator is thinking? Why does an unelected beurocratic entity like Basel have any control over what I do with my money. Who gave them power and how would we go about removing it? Why doesn't the media speak truth to power and question what is going on? Journalism died long ago.




It's great that they are eliminating all fractional reserve banking! What a big step in the right direction!!




How do people still not get this? The divisiveness, fear and mental health issues caused by the dramatic sensationalism over anything Coronavirus showed their colours in full view. Hits, views, revenue, bias and opinin trumped reputation and loyalty-branding worldwide. Deploying sensationalist semantic fields and rhetoric where we required reassurance and real (helpful) news.. Heh, Imagine needing main stream media anymore, or the government for that matter. Scary thing is I think we're going to see masses upon masses of future libertarians and if a government does not serve you.. what use is it? I have lost faith


tldr; The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has said cryptocurrencies should come with the toughest bank capital rules to avoid putting the wider financial system at risk should their value collapse suddenly. The committee is proposing a “new conservative prudential treatment” for crypto-assets that would force banks to put aside enough capital to cover 100% of potential losses. However, it said looser rules could apply to stablecoins.{} *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*


The Guardian has been awful for a long time.


they'll literally reporting on what someone else said. How does that make them biased? guardian is leaps and bounds ahead of a lot of other uk media


Even if they simply report what someone else says, they are still biased because they are choosing which people to quote, what narrative to take from that, etc. No one is immune from bias. That goes for historians too. There is no such thing as simply reporting the news, because it's the journalist's job to decide what is newsworthy and how to tell the story. That involves subjective judgment. This isn't a bad thing, but it should be recognized.


wdym leaps and bounds, theyre probably the third shittiest in the uk, beside daily mail/sun


That's what I thought too, though the tone is pretty obvious. No tin foil hat here but if you read the articles on BTC (recent ones but also from few years back) you'll see there is a pattern. They most certainly don't love crypto.


all of the mainstream media does is lie, nothing new


More people will read this comment than will read that shite


Yes, but it's not just Bitcoin they do that to...


Scumbags - the banks and government have the most to lose here because crypto gives power to the people. They will manipulate the media to help them retain favour which is why the crypto community needs to be stronger than ever in these times.


On this specific one, I read it as essentially saying "no fractional lending". Given the abuse of fractional reserve banking at present, I don't think thats an entirely bad thing.


good let them miss out


This might discourage Banks to invest and also other financial instituions. I dont think this ia good gor BTC unless I am missing something. I too hold few BTCs


Have fun staying poor.


They’re all being drawn out into the light so everyone can see.👀 Now you know.


sad? so before now, you liked them? you have some learning to do about the world then.


Yes I was reading articles now and then and regarded them as highly professional and somewhat objective, but lately I've been noticing the highly biased tone against bitcoin and crypto in general. It's amazing how they simply repeat the same debunked shit (tulip bubble comparison etc). I guess I do have some learning to do about the world, then.