Guess whos selling all their TSLA at open tomorrow morning

Guess whos selling all their TSLA at open tomorrow morning


Waiting to see how tomorrow morning looks!


If this drops the S&P below 4k it will be a blood bath


Go Woke, Go Broke DogeFather is smoking the hard stuff now


People that don't know what they're doing are selling. People that know what they're doing are buying.


Tomorrow is going to be a Buy day.


Overall that’s true but if the leader of the company believes the easily disproved FUD that he tweeted out today then I don’t trust my money with him. He’s a bullshit artist and my money is better in BTC anyway.




Yeah people don't understand that Bitcoin is the best money since gold. They don't realize this can be a 10-100 trillion market cap.


It's not FUD though, it's true. Bitcoin is PoW which requires energy for the "work". Due to a lack of reliable renewable energy generation in many countries that means a lot of the "work" is done using energy derived from fossil fuels etc. It's not a problem with Bitcoin, it's a problem with energy generation. However until the latter changes it's an issue for any PoW cryptocurrency




You are wrong that the majority of the hash rate comes from renewable energy. That is just false.


74% comes from renewable energy. [https://finance.yahoo.com/news/study-over-74-bitcoin-mining-180300738.html](https://finance.yahoo.com/news/study-over-74-bitcoin-mining-180300738.html)


74% used at some time. So as long as miner uses renewable for a minute it counts in that 74% More realistically it’s like 39%


Yup, people keep parroting this stat without realizing it refers to which miners use renewables sometimes, not what % of miners energy comes from renewables


More "whataboutism", this is r/Bitcoin please remain on topic and discuss Bitcoin. It's like saying it's fine to murder one person someone because serial killers exist. Got a peer reviewed source that shows exact figures for how much of the hashrate comes from renewables? Would be good to read!


And the banking industry runs on unicorn farts. This environmentalist issue is a totalitarian plot. An arbitrary way to tell you what is acceptable to do with your money and your energy. Don't agree? You must be a criminal who hates the planet then. By the way shoudn't half of Europe be under water by now according to predictions from the 90s?


I'm not on this sub for conspiracy theories but thanks for your concern.




You seem upset, focus on facts instead of emotions.


This post hurt to read


BTC or Tesla stock? Assume the former






I was one of those in Both. Since I hate politics I'm now just in Bitcoin.


fuck tesla


It was toast in a few years anyways when all the rest start launching their electric cars and trucks.


Especially trucks. No farmers or rednecks I know would be caught DEAD in a cybertruck. Thing is ugly AF.


I plan to trade in my Silverado for one as soon as they hit the pre-owned market -Missouri


No, fuck that. He needs to know that shit has consequences. Hopefully TSLA doesn't go back up because of this, because he deserves to be punished for his reckless behavior. Plenty of money to be made elsewhere.


I'm pretty sure that if you invest with those kind of emotions, you'll be rekt in no time. Good luck.


Call it #Flippening


Could it be the day?


Elon is billionaire. He does NOT care about you and me. Unfollow him. Stop investing because of his bs tweets. Problem solved. Just ignore him


People in the crypto space paying too much attention to those public figures. Cult of personality is strong for some, I know...


Decentralized structurally, and yet still looking for (social) nodes to base decisions on


I never did. A bunch of other people do, though, and thus what he says still affects me.


I've been pretty forgiving of Elon's shenanigans, but dumping 1.5 billion dollars of your company's cash reserves into something that you then denounce 3 months later is the height of reckless stupidity. Man needs to be given a vacation by his board.


I mean he didn't really denounce it he's just hodling, he specifically said they aren't selling.


Never said he won't be buying the dip though


why would he?


Because there's a possibility he's done this to manipulate the market and buy at a price 15% lower than what he would've had to originally. All speculation, but yeah


I don't think it's news to elon that electricity is harmful to the planet


that’s got nothing to do with “Never said he won't be buying the dip though” why would he announce that he is going to buy the dip? it would most likely prevent the dip


It's almost like he is challenging the Crypto developer base right? It seems to me like it's what he would do to his own engineers. "This idea is great, but make it better!"




I'm extremely worried about the climate crisis and I think we may already be at the cusp of some positive feedback loops that will lead to extremely bad destruction down the line. That being said, there are bigger fish to fry than bitcoin, bitcoin is decentralized so you can't just 'wish' it to be better, it has to be a software upgrade, which is always tricky and time consuming for something this massive, and we haven't definitively proved that energy-efficient alternatives like Proof of Stake work at such a large scale yet, but we are about to see if it does with coin2 2.0, so if we wait a bit longer we might get our proof of an alternative anyway. And regardless of how true the problem is with bitoin, Elon shouldn't have even jumped into the game in the first place without knowing how much bitcoin used it was in the first place, so to do this is an asshole move to begin with. I still respect the work he's doing for electric vehicles, but fuck him for his personality (wasn't a fan of his trivializing Covid-19 last year either).


Yeah buy ADA instead


exactly what i thought. a morpheus move. knowing the path and walking the path are not the same.




This is all it is. Musky is stepping on the fine line that borders market manipulation. He knows his clout and has been using it to his advantage ever since Tesla became public. Buy the fckin dip, that's all. Don't follow his words, follow the actions.


It wasn't planned it was just a micromanager taking all the decisions without listening to anyone.


Are you forgetting GME? If our community got together we could bury his company


How? By short selling Tesla? Even if we somehow had the money to do that, then we'd just get rekt the same way Melvin Capital did once we shorted more shares than the underlying had available.


GME is a bit easier. All you have to do to fight back there is buy stock and get your friends to join in and buy stock also. What do you do to hurt the price of TSLA stock, especially if you don't already own it? Can't sell what you don't own. You could short it, but that assumes you can trust the rest of the market to sell, and you're ultimately still borrowing TSLA stock in order to short it anyway. Like I would have taken a retaliatory action against TSLA today if I could, but I never bought the stock in the first place (and I'm not crazy enough to risk losing my shirt in short sales). Best I can do is speak up and hope I convince a few TSLA holders to sell today.


Did you happen to catch how much of a profit he made with that act of "reckless stupidity?" No, I don't think his board would agree with you.


Yeah he's either really careless, or a douchebag. I mean, how does one not look into this stuff prior to diving in, if it's such a concern? I also find it hilariously hypocritical that the guy helming a solar energy company doesn't know enough about crypto to have a grasp about crypto's true energy consumption/needs; and even if it were a considerable consumer of non-renewable energy, shouldn't Tesla be the perfect company to supply said energy with renewables? What, Tesla can't do that? So how are they going to power all the cars and trucks renewably? The only scenario here where Musk doesn't come out like an idiot makes him an asshole. And I say this as a shareholder, and former casual fan.


not stupidity. it 's called PUMP and DUMP. really really really basic stuff


Just think. Tesla owns over $1 billion in bitcoin and with one tweet he causes a $100,000,000 asset loss, tanks Bitcoin, tanks TSLA.




That explains the dump for past 2 weeks, we don’t need Elon :)


Man that would be crazy. But definitely possible.


#dumptesla #hodlbtc


I never really understood the hype around being able to transact in BTC anyway. Store of value is the best use case and implies you aren't transacting it (though it would obviously be possible to do so). I can see us more putting our btc on ice and taking loans against it to transact in USD or other central bank shittokens


Taking out a loan against something so volatile is a bad idea


Yes I never understood it as well, why sell an appreciating asset for a depreciating vehicle?


This is the way


You ever read the white paper?


He didn't.


How do you know? how can you trust a guy that 3 months after buying bitcoin pretends to realise to have just found out about bitcoin energy costs? wake up


Of course he sold before the announcing everything else would be dumb.


Elon you suck $365 billion wiped off crypto market after Tesla stops car purchases with bitcoin https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/13/bitcoin-btc-price-falls-after-tesla-stops-car-purchases-with-crypto.html?__source=iosappshare%7Ccom.apple.UIKit.activity.CopyToPasteboard


He crash us, we crash him. Lol




Yeah, I don't get how that's a crash. It's called consolidation where in from until the weekly or monthly looks bearish. Far from bearish on those still...


Exactly I was going to say the 1.5b was likely 2.5b


Didn’t elon crash himself? If he had $1.5 billion worth, just think how much he lost with each coin losing $8000


He stated that although they aren’t accepting BTC as payment for the cars, Tesla will still be holding its BTC reserve. So no, Elon didn’t crash himself. He’s holding. Probably bought more off of his dip.


Given that he is still holding, chances of him buying the dip he created are extremely likely.


I agree. That was just for dramatic effect.


How do you know he is holding? Tesla is a public company and will report their BTC on the quarterly, but Elon is an individual and can sell at any time without telling us. ​ The message only stated Tesla is not selling. Not Elon.


TSLA Liquidated 10% position recently, could've bought back in 2.5 times the btc for same price from a tweet. This is how it's done folks. Edit: all completely legal and a good stress test for btc


Isn't it a good stress test for *manipulating* Bitcoin? Otherwise, what would be the point of stress testing a system with conditions it's not designed to prevent?


This is my fear. If anything, the past year has shown how easy it is to manipulate btc. Same game, new players. All the new people looking to make money are going to dump- the same people that were making bitcoin strong in the eyes of the world.


He’s said he’s holding. He’s also likely buying.


Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if he sold...and now he has a "reason" to. Before he moves on to the next coin for his company for a quick profit since his actual business doesn't generate any profit.


He probably had a big short on it. The wonders of unregulated markets.


Im sure the richest man on the planet is shaking in his 12 billion dollar boots.


Hunger Games "if we burn, you burn."


Haha, would be amazing if more did this 🙌


I wonder how much how much energy the fiat banks use? 😆


same here - selling my TSLA stocks tmrw


As long as you sell it and buy the btc dip I say go for it.


Exactly this - this dip is too tempting not to buy


Terrible choice man. Hold both its all FUD


Elon sucks. F us twice in 1 week


It's mostly us. We give and praise this guy to much that he can influence crypto. We have brought hell upon us own.


Do good research, buy and hold forever. I guarantee you’ll never be disappointed.


I definitely have some btc that I never will touch, but also good to takes some chips off the table and place some other bets, if you are the gambling type :) I think it's good for Tesla not to take actions that are a bit opposite to it's mission statement. I think BTC will take a hit but it will be short term and there will be more buying opportunities over the next year or two while BTC/crypto and the rest of the world figures out clean energy.




Same, selling all my TSLA and my actual TESLA, Volvo here I go.


That's quite a reactionary move, all over a single tweet.


If Elon can manipulate things so easily then why aren't Ferraris cheaper?


Let's get #SellTesla trending 😁


As soon as he brought Bitcoin he had plans of manipulation along with creating opportunities to make money for himself. You don't drop a billion dollars down with out knowing everything there is to know including the carbon footprint. FFS with power comes no responsibility, look at every billion air that has ever lived. You do t get to that level of money without a fair bit of fuckery along the way.


Dump it


Rule 1: No emotions at wallstreet..


You can no longer sell your Bitcoin to buy a Tesla, but you can still sell your Tesla to buy Bitcoin


That will show Elon. He’s worth $166 BILLION. Your sale will knock him down to $166 billion


He cares more about looking cool at this point.


Satoshi forever, Elon Musk never!


well elon admitted tesla isnt good for the environment so thats probably the right move


Haha. We should tweet. Bitcoin community will no longer accept selling of Bitcoin for Tesla cars due to gay bear concerns




Sold my Tesla stock and bought more Bitcoin Dip!


10,000 BTC just got transfered out of coinbase probably a large corporation like JP Morgan taking advantage of the dip.


Btc hodlers should never buy a tesla..... Go fuxx yourself Elon.


People have been selling TSLA for months.


Short the fuck out of that arrogant prick!


Good luck dumb dumb


How can you type while pleasing Elon?


Me! I'm selling Tesla!






Yes you.


Couldn't be


Then who?


Musk took the cookie from the cookie jar


Always gave credit to Elon for being a bit of a rogue, an independent free thinking autist that inspired others to tread their own path. In the face of overwhelming evidence that BTC is one of the greenest markets I am at a loss to believe anything other than that he is a clown and a shill. I lost someone I look up to and it makes me a bit sad.


Money makes it that way for people. I also thought him to be inspiring. It's sad to know the realities


This is the way! 🚀 You can list her for sale on [findmyelectric.com](https://www.findmyelectric.com) — and yes, we absolutely have Bitcoin as a payment option!


So salty in here... Billionaire just drank your milkshake


Lol no, BTC is up over 12x in the last 14 months. We are doing fine my man. BTC will be over 100k this year


Selling TSLA during a gas shortage and everyone thinking environmentally now? Did you eat lead as a child?


Wait until the market recovers but I hear ya


To buy more Bitcoin? Lol


Sell the dip, eh?


If you don’t think Elon is buying after tanking the market on a tweet, you’re wrong.


I'm going to make mine selling all my 5 TSLA, let's him to pay for this insane [email protected]#t.


Good man. Dump that shit and put your cash into something beautiful (BTC).


I can like his companies and still think he's shit. It's unfortunate.


Sold all mine in Apr at 240% return, seems like a boom-and-bust type business run by a boom-and-bust sort of dude


Yeah. They outlayed 1.5 billion dollars for bitcoin only to realise it used electricity? They're lunatics.


Cannot sell cause im on a loss 😭


Sold my 5 shares of TSLA at the beginning of the crypto bull run back in November. But if I still held some I'd definitely sell in solidarity.


Driving a Tesla in 2021 is like driving a Prius in 2006 that shit is boomer af


Sold my tesla stock the other day myself inflated stock imo


Kathie wood?


I sold my TSLA stock as well. Elon is a liability.


Thank you for not owning tsla lol


Imagine I bought just 7 days ago. So annoying.


A bunch of Tesla cucks are mad at Elon right now. This is so funny. A lot of people in crypto community are Tesla cucks or Elon fanboys. Stop worshipping that man you dumbass.


I like it. Thank you papa Elon for the discount. Just bought more.


that'll teach elon


no...no it wont


So maybe he is trying to incentivise a greener Bitcoin system, maybe he is thinking about the future of the plant and not the price of the coin, he knows that long-term Bitcoin will have to reduce it energy output, Im sure over the coming decades we will see sanctions for energy use. So perhaps consider the possibility that long term this is good and will result in a better coin. Ps before you have a hissy fit and sell Telsa and if you are sceptical about Musk’s motives, perhaps remember they sell solar too, perhaps part of the solution. Don’t take it so personal guys, he doesn’t know you. I think long term this will work better.


Stop being naive, Elon knew about BTC mining and energy consumption when Tesla bought it 3 months ago, he is not doing this for the environment.




Yes, it's pretty clear that energy consumption matters to people. The Bitcoin crowd here seems oblivious to that. When PE firms are buying up decommissioned low-efficiency fossil fuel powerplants to mine bitcoin, we need to admit there's a problem: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2021/05/private-equity-firm-revives-zombie-fossil-fuel-power-plant-to-mine-bitcoin/


By "people" you are referring to the people who are tuned into corporate media 24/7 and have lost all ability to evaluate the veracity of information for themselves. Ars Technica has been maliciously ignorant about Bitcoin and other issues for several years now. Turn off the propagandists.


However well you illuminate the irony, the point still remains that the energy consumption issue is a likely challenge the BTC will need to overcome long term. I agree the narrative is full of hypocrisy, but that the issue is still there, its not going away without action...


Not really. I don't believe the utility of Bitcoin has been fully realized. The security of the main chain is paramount, and high volume transactions will occur on second/third layers which are extremely efficient. In due time, Bitcoin will be viewed as far more efficient than the legacy financial networks we deal with today.


Maybe it will, I can see that as likely, but you could say that about most of the Crytpos. I guess the question is ‘can it be more efficient than other cryptos?’, I see that as its main competitor not the archaic financial systems.


>can it be more efficient than other cryptos? The answer is obviously yes. Shitcoins do not offer anything at all that Bitcoin cannot replicate, except for the part about making truckloads of money for the shitcoin creators. That's literally their only proven use case to date. >I see that as its main competitor not the archaic financial systems. Bitcoin has no competition from any other cryptocurrency thus far. There is a lot of dumb money sloshing around right now, but I don't take dumb money seriously.


Tsla fire sale


Fuck Elon, I almost got liquidated today. I was literally 0.5% away from losing as Binance had all of the redeem features off for like 20 minutes... Hopefully this is it for the onslaught but I threw more collateral in to weather a drop to $45k.


Playing with fire my man. Love it


i'm selling all my tesla stock tomorrow


Ill still hold my tiny 2 shares that i got @ 400...


Dump it, the you can re buy at lower price, the dump it again when goes up


This Is The Way !




Your fractional share?


Sold mine weeks ago. Bought Bitcoin. It’s the first time I’ve made money off a hunch in my life.


I'll sell too. Tesla and SpaceX is not eco-friendly, Elon not eco-friendly too, LOL))


Really hope that they will go bankruptcy with their shity cars 🚗, all crypto communities should now boycott Elon


I make rational decisions on my investments. I won’t bitch quit a stock bc of a tweet.


Why do that, don't shoot yourself in the foot


TSLA is overpriced and every other automobile manufacturer has a much higher build quality.


Not higher, a more consistent build quality.....what happens when you have decades of automotive experience.


Sounds like a fun thing to do. If you want to buy it back later you always can after it has gone down a lot. Ole Elon is sure a goofy ole squaw.


Great, create a fire sale for smart traders to buy a great stock!


Short the shit out of it. We should put WSB on that


Time to short Tesla


Yeah, the fucker its messing with the top coin. He deserves it.


Elon Who?


Fuck Elon !


Sold all mine at +$800 for NOK.... people called me an idiot but so far it was the better move.


I’m selling too.


Please don't make it worse. I love BTC and I am HODLing since 2017, but I am also holding TSLA stocks, because of the technology. If you sell TSLA stocks you are giving a bad time to all of the shareholders who are small investors like me or any other average guy. Please don't do this! Instead buy the dip in BTC and TSLA!!


I'm assuming you bought TSLA when Elon allowed buint teslas with btc. What a bunch of crybabies, a billionaire doesn't believe in our cult anymore, let's go after him. (sounds exactly like cult to me)


I like this.


only non-mineable coins will survive, get it people.


No thanks might as well use fiat instead of shitcoins


Man. That’s rough. Tesla will likely never recover after that sale.