Wi-Fi extender?

Wi-Fi extender?


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I have hard wired ethernet port to all my rooms but the wifi router is all the way in the back so bought a second router and plugged that into one of the ethernet ports in the room more middle of the condo


Getting an external USB wifi adapter with a big antenna can make a big difference


Good idea.. Worth trying.


Be careful to check what kind of authentication the condo wifi service uses. Many WiFi have Mac filtering enabled and only allow access to certain devices so your range extender will not work unless the Mac address is added in the router. If your WiFi uses normal WPA-PSK password then it's ok.


A genuine question: Given the cost of fibre in bkk with ais true or 3bb, why would you want an insecure low-bandwith shared connection to your home decices?


First of all, I was genuinely asking for a friend. That friend is on a 3 month short term lease in a Jomtien condo. The Condo only allows TOT internet connections. TOT charges nearly 5000 baht for a 3 month contract along with an installation fee. The building wifi is free. She will use her more secure mobile data connection for transactions that require a secure connection however, using her phone as a hotspot for TV streaming is impractical. That is why.


Wi fi extender will work only when it receive the wifi/internet signal from the source. so it need to be halfway between the router and her room. 30 Meters seems to be too long for just one extender? In my room itself, the router is in the living room, but I need an extender to be able to use it in the bedroom not even 10 meters away (thru the wall, and door)


Thanks. That's the information I was looking for. So there is nothing really that receives the weak signal in the room and boosts it? Funny but your situation is the opposite of a situation I had in my Bangkok condo. I was in a corner unit with no common walls with other condo's but there were adjacent hallways. Even though I kept my router as far back from the front of my unit as I could, the signal was so strong, it would easily go through my front wall and still be near full strength 50 meters down to the other end of the building. I was constantly having issues with people nearby trying to pirate my signal. I had to frequently change passwords as it seems that password hacking apps have gotten pretty effective. This was, BTW, a standard issue 3BB fibre router.


Yes, it will boost the weak signal, to a strong one on the transmit side, but it will still be receiving a weak signal on it's receive side, so you don't gain much if anything (garbage in/garbage out). Have you asked if the management will install a repeater for you? Worst they can say is no.


Yeah, not sure if it's the thickness of the wall/door or the position of the router. for Boosting the receiver, I've heard about changing to high gain antenna, but have no personal experience.