Almost halfway done with the year! How are things going in terms of 2021 goals and ambitions? Things working out as planned?

Almost halfway done with the year! How are things going in terms of 2021 goals and ambitions? Things working out as planned?


Well, I paid off some debt, getting my schooling done, making more money at a job I love, I feel so much more confident and capable, I'm losing weight finally... You know what, I have been feeling shitty about this year. This helps to show me I actually made progress. Bad things have happened, putplans on delay- and that sucks, overall net positive though.


You are doing great! Happy for you.


Good for you on the debt pay off. That’s not easy but you did it! Next stop r/wallstreetbets or r/investing!


Jesus christ are we halfway through the year already? I have accomplished NOTHING


RIGHT? I can't believe we're halfway through the year.😭 I'm having an existential crisis thinking about this.


Same ugh. Can’t believe I’m going to waste this year just like I did last year.


You didn’t waste last year, you survived it.


Well that’s true.


Don’t remind me. My friend is about to give birth to her second quarantine baby and I’m just here like 🤡


That is a lot of babies in a short period of time, tbh. Sounds exhausting to me.


My exact reaction 😂


I finally beat Luigi’s Mansion 3… 🙃


If you’re still rolling in the age of Covid that’s not a bad thing


Yay! I'm not alone?


Right there with you!


I feel the same but still have the second half to gain some points. I always say “at least you know there is a problem”


It’s almost as bad as last year but with the shots, I have one less catastrophic risk out there, and with administration change, one less existential threat to my kids’ future. So…hooray, I guess? Getting back to 2015 was not a 2021 goal i would have predicted back in 2015, but here we are.


Same boat! Looking for a new job and it feels like 2015 all over again.


The last few years have been something, alright. Lol. Best of luck to you and yours.


Not at all, everyone thought this year would be great in comparison to 2020 but it's more disastrous than last year, I'd many important exams that cancelled out and it's a huge loss because my hardwork goes all in vain, I though about starting a healthy lifestyle but my grandfather died in April due to Covid and my both parents were covid positive, it was hell for me and my brother, and then I too got the fever and coughing, only I was tested covid negative, my health declined in that 2weeks of fever and well I just wish the rest of year be good for me and my family


Oh no, sending you internet hugs, hope things improve soon x


Yeah it's been a terrible year tbh


I'm so sorry. I didn't get COVID, but I did get diagnosed with another serious medical condition that requires months of treatment and recovery time. It's definitely not what I was hoping for out of 2021!


I hope you feel better soon and can get back on track. You might have had covid despite testing negative so if it takes a while to get your energy back don’t feel bad - I was properly sick for 2 weeks with it but was exhausted, muggy and a bit down for another six weeks. Take care


Things are going good! Three years ago, my side hustle became my full time thing. This year the whole operation moved from both my spare rooms and my garage to a premises literally the street over, so I still have fuck all of a commute (and I can still hang out with my dog all day ☺️). I thought the pandemic would slow business but, if anything, it took off. The last 14 months have been crazy busy and I’m really grateful. I have other goals for my business for this year. Two are on track and the third might have to be pushed back to next year but I’m cool with it. It’ll happen when it happens. Life in general is good! Hope your 2021 is going to plan, too :-)


Congratulations! What's your side hustle if you don't mind me asking? I've got really into mine lately (painting) and love hearing about people who've expanded theirs.


Thanks! I design and sell feminist apparel- hoodies, t-shirts, stickers, phone cases, mugs etc etc. 10% of each sale goes to women’s charities here in the UK. Do you have an Etsy or anything please? Always on the look out to support my fellow female entrepreneurs 💖


What's the former side hustle turned full time career?


My goal was to make 2 new recipes every week. I have accomplished it so far! I've learned along the way, I've made some great and some terrible foods, and ive explained my diet. So yeah, things are working out as planned.


I love this goal. I don’t cook and want to learn.


What's been your favourite one so far? What was your worst one?


My worst one was a crockpot blueberry cobbler, it was terrible. But the best one was a quinoa taco salad so far! Plenty of time to find a new best and worst for the year.


Share the quinoa taco salad recipe please


Indeed, props to you and keep it up!


Your achievement is inspiring. I want to cook two recipes a week! Inspired!


My biggest goal for this year was a continue my workout regime and feel stronger, more confident, etc. I’ve been really off my game since December, but yesterday I accidentally bought 10 class credits for spin class instead of one (biiiiig price difference) While I was upset at first, I decided to take it as a sign that I needed a push into getting started, so despite my bank account taking a hit without my intention lol, I signed up for two classes this week and I’m feeling motivated for the first time this year💪


Omg 10 classes haha. You got this 💪


I was just thinking about this yesterday, lol. I gotta say: this year started terrible. I lost my cat in January, only 6 days before my 20th birthday. I moved in with my boyfriend, but his family is making things super rough for us (they all hate me and I don't know why or what I did wrong). My job starts more and more to feel like a huge mistake, I'm a super boring office clerk and I feel like I didn't accomplish anything in my life so far. I know I still got a lot of time left, but still. So, nothing is working out at the moment. But I'm sure things will get better soon.


I'm so sorry you're having a hard time :( and just wanted to mention that your bf's family hating you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with *them*. I'm sorry they suck though, it's not a good position to be in unfortunately


Thank you for your kind words!


Sorry you’re having a tough time. Other people’s families can be weird so it might not even be personal. I did 6 years of boring office work before I found my feet int current career. Learnt what I could and networked and used the time to pay the bills while I worked out what to do. So maybe your job is a stopgap rather than a mistake. Hope things get better for you.


2020 was bad but 2021 is worse. Lost a close family member very suddenly at the start, up to my eyeballs in student debt, and I'm completely burnt out trying to finish my education. Battling extreme loneliness, anxiety, and depression. It's been a rough 6 months.


Hold on girlfriend. You are brave. You can do this. You got this. This too shall pass. Soon you will look back and you won't know how the F you got through it all, but you will and you will be stronger because of it. A beautiful life is waiting to be lived and I am sure it is in the making - just keep on keeping on. Cheers.


Thank you ❤


My weight loss isn’t going well… I’ve only lost 4kg instead of 10. I’m a clown 🤡


You ain't a clown!! I'm so proud of you! Losing 4 kgs itself is such a big deal! Congratulations!!


Halfway through the year and about halfway to your goal seems good! Good luck 💫


Slow progress is progress. Keep going


My depression is getting way way worse for some reason. I feel like I’ve completely lost myself and am trying to figure who I am again.


Right there with you. Its hard if you lost touch with yourself. But I think the positive to this is that you realised it. And this my friend is valuable. This gives you a chance to figure it out. Celebrate it. It's your chance to be there for yourself and to show up for yourself. Because no-one else will. Once you reconnect with your true inner self and show the world a middle finger it becomes empowering. You will rise from the ashes and conquer your life. All of the best. May the odds be ever in your favour. Peace.


Same. Calling this post-pandemic letdown. Where is my purpose?


Plan? There was a plan? What plan?


I don’t even have a pla… huh


I started my job right before 2021, and I still have it. It also looks as if my 2 year contract with become permanent! I'm frustrated because I am bored. My leg is refusing to work so my hiking plans went down the toilet. Also, my friends are unavailable and difficult to plan anything with. And I am still extremely single, and frustrated because of that.. All in all though, I consider myself a lucky human. My job is going really well right now and I'm enjoying my current project. I am currently working on making myself more busy in other ways on my spare time.


Every month, I’m closer to graduating with my B.A. in Creative Writing (Dec 2021), which I’m very excited about, but I’m also scared to not have school to fall back on anymore. I’m happy that I will finally be able to show my degree to companies since most are hell bent on seeing that piece of paper. Since the pandemic, I’ve moved out of my field and into customer service. I’ve worked 3 temp jobs in customer service since January and each was worse than that last. Hoping 4th times the charm? I did land an editing internship in May and I will be starting a freelance ghost writing job soon, so I have that going for me. I’ve been applying to anything with “writing” “editing” or “creative” in the job title. I started working on my novel and although I’m moving at a snail’s pace, I’m glad I finally took that first step.


Yaas fellow writer! You got it!!


Well done on the writing - hopefully the customer service jobs are just a stopgap until you get into something which uses your writing skills. Well done on starting the novel too :)


Just as unemployed as last year, only this time I'm well enough to be applying and now getting rejection letters, and ignored resumes. So that's progress lol


I'm turning 17 in three weeks, and I've successful self published my poetry book, and I'm so close to self publishing my novel, and that's a goal I've been working towards for years... I can't help but feel proud about it.




An incredible achievement for someone not yet 18. Well done!!


We bought a house and I paid off my credit card. We're financially way better off now than we were a year ago. Still no baby, but we're trying. Husband just got a new job that he starts next week. My business is going really well. We kept our plans sort of loose, but so far the year's going really well.


I've done many things I didn't think of on new year, and I haven't done all I wanted to. I've written much of my master's thesis, I'm still unemployed, but therapy helps me with the bigger issues in my life, and I'm finally setting boundaries. I started doing new things - just today I climbed on a garage to pick some cherries - and I have a good plan for the next 1-2 months. It's looking good


I'm *almost* done with my first game! It's just a fun little "dating" sim, but I've been working on it for some time. And I'm finishing my first year of college! I only cried twice!! Things are going pretty smooth


Things are going reasonably to plan! I wanted to finish writing my novel. I'm no where near that goal. I launched my little macrame business in November and wanted it to at least be showing signs of success this year. I've managed to get my DIY kits in a local craft shop, I'm scheduled to host two workshops once I'm vaccinated, I've been promoted by a local small business' promoter (dunno what to call them...they run an instagram account that supports and shows off local business' and events) and I've done an awesome custom order that looks like it's gonna lead to more custom work! I'm no where near making profit yet - I spend far too much money on cord just coming up with ideas and trying stuff out - but given that my goal was to show signs of success, I'd say I've achieved that!


Things are going well for me. Moved to my dream city and almost a year into a new job and its going great! I am struggling to make new friends here but going out and doing things on my own have been fulfilling. I honestly didn't believe I would ever achieve this even if it's the most mundane thing (being in a cool city and liking my job). I constantly feel like I'll have to move back home in a year for whatever reason.


Sort of lol. Starting my dream school program in the fall! But we're trying to buy a house and all of our offers have been rejected. We're always in the top 3 but that won't do us any good 😫


Well, I considered suicide very seriously for 3 straight weeks in January. Now, even though I lost my job, my 3-year relationship, and the means to see a private therapist; I'm the best I've been in my entire life. Both mentally and physically. So I'd say I'm doing not bad; _because_ things didn't work out as planned :)


I graduated college and got a job!


Started off as a shitty year, but suprises keep happening. I thought I wouldn't graduate high school, but I did. I thought I wouldn't get accepted into any schools, but got accepted into my top pick. I have no idea what the hell is happening, both of those things were kind of close calls, but things are looking up for me for now :)


a little better than planned, there’s been unfortunate events so far but in terms of my life goals and goals I’ve set for myself this year, I’m cruising thru it! i switched college majors, got a part time job to just help me financially get thru college, and I’ve met some amazing people so far this year so, with that part of my life, no complaints




We'll... Fuck...


Well, January-April of this year was utterly terrible: my long-term boyfriend cheated on me (then tried - and is still trying - to get me back), I lost 3 family members to COVID, my kitten died, it was horrendous. Probably from May onwards, 2021 drastically improved: I busted out of my hermit shell, became more social and confident, became more outspoken (and less of a 'doormat' that people walked on as my friends would say), started a new relationship with a man who makes me feel like I'm on top of the world, and transforming into the person I've always wanted to be. It's been a bit of a mixed bag this year, but I hope things are only positive from here. My warmest hugs to everyone who's been fighting an uphill battle this year. My thoughts and love are with you <3


THINGS ARE SO GOOD! I just finished my second year of university, and in January I said that my goal this year was to get any experience I could get in my field--volunteer, intern, whatever I could get. Well in May I got a FULL TIME JOB in my field! I literally cry of excitement every day. It's super stressful but I'm really happy that I'm getting the experience. I'm also going to be able to move out of my parents house by the end of the year and into the city!


Woo hoo


Not exactly as planned but that wasn't my choice. But work/education are going my way and I'm finely willing to work on my mental health again because of the things that happened. I think I'm on a good way considering the things that have happened in the last months


I’m doing okay. I’m half way through my last year of grad school. On track to graduate in December. My garden is doing incredible. My family is happy and healthy. Been making good headway on house projects and keeping up with work projects. One thing I haven’t been doing so great about is diet and exercise. But a person can only focus on so much at once. So it’s all good.


Eh. I told myself that I would make a conscious effort to lose weight, but I haven’t. I have lost 20 pounds though (prob bc of work & other school activities). I keep telling myself that I’ll start working out today, but I never do, so we’ll see I guess.


Finally losing weight, picking out a new appartment, getting good grades. I did not know it would ever be like this 2 years ago.


Lol no


Honestly this year has been pretty rough. My husband and I moved from Germany back to Canada (he grew up in Germany, I did in Canada) in February this year. Because of the pandemic, his paperwork is delayed so I had to get a corporate admin assistant job to support us both. I was originally planning to go back to my private piano instructor job which is my passion. It’s really tough being stuck in this in-between life stage. We want to start a family, but as long as my husband can’t work, I can’t afford to get pregnant. As much as I’m trying to embrace this job and the stage we’re in, my depression is really setting back in and I have to stop myself from quitting each day.


Hugs that sounds rough


Nope nothing is working as planned, maybe it's because I didn't plan anything 🥲


Well.... it is kind of in the crapper and I'm ready to give up on 2021. My husband and I never stopped working during covid and neither of us had a work from home option because we're essential, I suppose? I don't know. Anyways. Since everything was shut down, we never went anywhere or did anything besides work, so we're both just burnt the fuck out. I got pregnant in March, lost the baby at the beginning of June, tomorrow is my birthday and I could not possibly care the fuck less. I'm bitter, angry, depressed but still ok? Does that make sense? Fuck 2021 and the fucking horse/pig/shit stain it rode in on.


Oh I am so sorry wish I could give you a hug/buy you a drink or something! That’s rough


I lost half the weight I wanted to! Only 10 more pounds to go!


It’s going pretty well to be honest. I feel like I’m doing good work in my co-op/internship and I’m on track to hit most of my fitness goals (but not all). I’m hoping it all pays off because next year is when I need some big goals (graduate, find a job, move somewhere, be an adult). I had planned 2021 to be my prep time for becoming an adult


I'm currently on a waiting list for a job that I have wanted since high school for the JET Program. I am proud of getting an Alternate result for the harder position offered, but I am a bit anxious about whether I will get upgraded and work in Japan. If I do, then it will be a dream come true. Either way, I have been studying Japanese every day to prepare myself for the job. Also, I lost 12 lbs and still have less than 45 lbs to go, but I am proud of myself. Cheers to others losing weight too!


Currently finishing up my fifth year, my fingers are crossed for you ✨


If you don't mind me asking, where were you placed? I always love hearing different JETs talk about their experiences * o *


Down in Kyushu near Fukuoka. It’s very rural, but I’ve loved it. The people here are so kind and the food is good.


Not even sort of lol. I didn’t get into grad school and now I’m trying to figure out a different direction with my career and job searching for a new position. Definitely wasn’t what I expected from this year lol


This year sucks in different ways. I'm no longer acutely afraid for my health or for my loved ones now that we're all vaccinated, which is an improvement for sure. But my job is about to have its 4th furlough in 12 months and the pandemic unemployment assistance has ended, so there won't be any safety net to make up the lost income this time. Last raise was in 2018, so it's not like things were great even before the pandemic. Bosses can't seem to understand why employee morale would be low even though things have been so shaky for so long. I see the writing on the wall that I need to look for another job, but job hunting sucks. Plus, my field is pretty specialized and I will likely have to move. I don't want to leave my friends - I had finally made huge strides in my social anxiety at the end of 2019 and I want to rebuild my social life with the community I had just found pre-pandemic, not start completely over somewhere new.


I've never been this happy. I left a job that was draining my soul and moved several states away to live with my partner. I've started a new job I really enjoy and I'm certain this man is my forever. Even our dogs are happier.


I’ve wanted to live by the beach for about 10 years now and I’m finally moving to Hawaii at the beginning of July. Three months ago I was living in my parents basement and now I’m in the last stages of packing and saying good bye to my family :’)


Well... I've basically had to stop all my hobbies/interests/stretching because I couldn't handle it on top of university, so... not good. But I did get a lot of A's in my master's degree because of it. 7/8 grades were A's. I don't know, I feel like an imposter though.


Had an offer on a house accepted this weekend so pretty swelll!!! Can’t stop smiling, daydreaming and manically pinteresting lol


Well for me another new year just started


Happy birthday!


Wtff. My birthday is in 7 minutes. I actually meant I made resolutions a month back so a new year started for me lol 😂


Thank you for asking! ☺️I’ve made it a lot further in one of my grad school application processes than I thought I would. If it doesn’t work out, it’s given me the encouragement to apply to other schools after years of telling myself it wasn’t worth it.


I feel like for me, the year didn't really start until I received my covid vaccine doses. That's when I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, start planning things again, and had hope. I received my second dose at the beginning of April, and since then, things have definitely been on the upswing. I've improved my eating habits and am dropping the depression and pandemic weight I gained (depression started before the pandemi, so this is like 2.5 yrs of weight gain I'm working off), down 25lbs so far. I'm being social again. My whole friend group has been vaccinated, my city is doing great on that front too. I've been going out to drinks, camping, yoga classes. It's been great.




I quit a terrible job, got a much better job, moved a friend cross country to love with me, got vaccinated, broke up with my abusive partner, lost the few covid pounds I gained, have been hiking and exploring the outdoors every week. School f*cked me and now I can't graduate on time. Overall not bad.


YES! I completed my master’s thesis, landed my first job out of school, and started sport climbing more seriously! I had some set-backs with many things, but this post reminded me to focus on my accomplishments! I hope all of you will take this opportunity to focus on your own accomplishments!


Dumped my abusive alcoholic boyfriend, lost a bit of weight and connected with some old friends. I told myself 2021 was going to be different, I never knew how happy it would make me.


I paid off my last medical debt from cancer back in 2016. That was my main financial goal!


Weird. In the process of loosing my dream apartment that I got last year. Alongside like 80 kg of boyfriend who doesn't love me anymore. But I've grown a lot. Made a lot of friends, took on a lot of responsibilities at committees in uni. It sort of balances out in a weird way, in that I now know that I am a complete person and don't need him even though I never expected to go through life without him.


I started working full time, got engaged, and bought a condo! If you had told me on January 1st that any of those things were going to happen I would have laughed in your face...and yet somehow all three happened. The world is full of surprises.


It's funny, because on paper everything I am doing is checking all my boxes and I am reaching my goals. I graduated from my master's program (walking in August!), became a certified PMP, I am correcting my form and getting stronger for my powerlifting/bodybuilding goals, and saving and investing. But, mentally I feel like I am not doing enough, or that I AM not enough. I have been been travelling for working nonstop since March and have been away from my home and dogs. I am getting stronger but I am not as lean as I was before, so that's hard to see in mirrors. My work still hasn't given me a raise even though I have been there for 1+ years, so that's disheartening. Idk what I should do. Therapy maybe? Only when I get time...


Depression and my mom’s death last year fucked me up and now I can’t get a decent job because of the 3 year gap on my resume. I’m finally trying to turn things around though :)


2021 has been super productive for me unlike 2020. My goals were 1. Get a job 2. Read atleast 24 books 3. Lose weight I got a job in Jan. Read 24 books by May. Now I'm on my weight loss journey and have lost 5kg so far. Still 5kg more to go.


I was definitely on the right path. I picked up playing piano which I’ve wanted to do for years. I was working out consistently, working hard on my mental health, giving back to the community by volunteering, working on my passions consistently, just all around working on myself as a person and theeeeen I got pregnant and got so sick I stopped doing everything. I’m just now starting to get good enough to eat again. It makes me sad because I put all my hardwork on pause but I’m sure this is just another part of the journey.


Wow congratulations


I don’t really have any ambitions anymore . I’ve been in emotional survival mode for about a year now. It hasn’t all been bad, but I have chronic depression and a bad breakup in the winter before COVID really messed me up. I function, I enjoy my kids, I go to work, I bought a new home in August, but I don’t have friends, hobbies, exercise, etc. I just exist through the day. COVID basically allowed me to draw in on myself more than I ever have. I know I need to change this, set small achievable goals, get out, reach out, get involved, etc. I talk about it with my counselor, and I do to the extent that it’s for my kids (library activities, softball, the playground, etc). I’ve always been awkward, introverted, withdrawn, etc, but it’s so much worse now.


I moved back out of my parents and in to my new Home without my weak ass emotionally abusive ex. Decorated every single room in the house. Now just having a week chilling before I start on my business. Not bad so far 👌🏻


Good for you!


I bought a house in February, which was a huge goal of mine. I also completed my second semester of my masters program successfully, started a novel (which is slow going but I got the beginning out of my head and onto paper so it’s a start), my husband and I are planning a big bucket list international trip for 2022, and I randomly signed up for a ballet class just because. Last year was rough because I lost multiple family members but this year is looking better.


Graduated college on time during a pandemic!!!! Navigating online classes were a hit or miss, many folks opted to take time off or take less classes at once (valid), but I just wanted to finish school to avoid paying more (tuition and housing)


Just want to say that I feel like everyone is still somewhat trying to get back to normal and that’s ok. No matter if you have reached that goal you have set for yourself yet or not, focus on what you HAVE accomplished. Don’t be too hard on yourself.


I had three New Years Resolutions for 2021: -get another dog -get a house -be able to run a 5k So far, we've gotten the dog (she is a Golden Retriever and about seven months old now), we've got the house being built (as of this month), and I'm going to the gym regularly to do cardio. This will be the first year I've actually completed some resolutions so I'm very proud of myself and trying to keep my momentum and drive up for the 5k dream!


Planned to have a good year. Maybe some trips, getting off some meds, spending time with friends, and spending lots of time with my mom doing most of these since she's the most important person in my world. Well, spending time with my mom certainly came true. She got diagnosed thyroid cancer at the very end of 2020, surgery in January, radioactive iodine in March, and diagnosed with lung cancer in May. Next surgery is planned for July, right after my birthday. We spent the entire year together, and that's been amazing.. but the reason isn't. Hopefully she'll get through this, and we can spend the rest of the year in peace and health... and lots of years to come.


I think I regressed from all the goals I set . Is it possible to go backwards? I’m still unemployed and mentally ill




ive improved quite a bit on my art, done really well at my college course (college, not uni, i'm in the UK lol) and I've finally begun working with social services to leave my shitty family. I'd say I've done alright for myself so far. Hopefully I'll be out by the end of the year, keep going at art and then I can really take a crack at fixing up my mental health.


All my friends are moving out of town. I got a new job that pays pretty well but I don’t really like it. Happy to be vaccinated!


Great! I'm vaccinated, got my solar panels, was selected to serve on my city's planning commission, and looks like I'll be able to sell my duplex for a tidy little profit after 20 years.






This year I've gotten heavily into trading and investing in general which has been a lot of fun for me. I'm a bartender so I tend to have a bit of extra cash handy and this has made me feel a lot more confident with my expenses since I feel I am putting it towards more growth for myself. I went from unemployed (job shut down due to covid) to having something to learn about and follow 5 days a week. It's very mentally stimulating which I love. I'm hoping this new side hustle/hobby can become more lucrative as time goes on, and I get to focus more time on my health and other hobbies and family as well. I'm working at a new spot as well, the schedule fits in well with my exercise regimen so I'm probably the fittest I've been yet and on top of that the work environment is perfect and my coworkers are great. Learning about trading and getting more serious about my health were for my two major focuses for the year so I'm very pleased with where I am at right now.


Paying down debt, I'm scheduled to pay off one by August. Woohoo! I was promoted, but it's not working out and I still hate the job. I'm looking for a new one. But, so far 2021 has been okay.


My life is a train wreck right now to say the least. It started off well enough and then just started going downhill and I don't really see it getting better any time soon. Honestly 2020 was a really good year for me when it came to personal development and achieving some long term goals I set for myself. But this year is probably the worst year of my life and it has lead me to a really dark place from which I don't see myself coming out of.


luckily it's been a pretty easy year for me, but I graduated high school three days ago, and that comes with its own challenges... I have no idea where I'm supposed to go from here.


2021 goals are to stay alive. Seems I'm succeeding for now


Gained muscle, following a good routine. Looking good to be honest, if I ignore one slip up


Well I decided to apply to level 6 computer arts in college (UK) and got offered an HND in animation based solely on my portfolio! This is 2 levels above what I applied for and I can't wait to start in September! I'm 28 and missed out on higher education for many reasons but I'm getting back into it!


Better than I even hoped! I sold my tiny suburban flat for 4x the amount that I bought it for and bought a big house near the coast. It means we'll be closer to our families and can regain a feeling of connection to them. In the same week I successfully interviewed for a permanent, full time position at the place where I work. So I now get 13 weeks paid holiday a year and a great pension in a job I love with people who are great. This will enable me to put a car on the driveway of my new house! At the beginning of the year my only goal was to get a full time job.


it was not what i expected, and i didnt have high expectations. i got into a lot of dark places mentally, but i also got out, and im finding more and more motivation to do things everyday, so it’s safe to say everything’s going uphill and i couldnt be more glad :) i’ll pass some of my fortune to all of u. you can do it.


Actually, yes!! Im down 40 pounds, have actually been hanging out with people as Im usually someone who stays in alllll the time, been dating, and just doing things I normally wouldnt. I always wanted to do these things and I finally followed through with them. Got rid of EVERYONE who didnt treat me well and started focusing my efforts on myself for once, and Im so happy I did!


Actually they weren't what I thought at all, and I've been loving life lately! At the beginning of the year I felt like I had to get my shit together at work and really commit myself to my studies and work. Now I've left a job I actually hated for a job I really like, I have two new sports that I love and have so much passion for, I can actually build up discipline for my studies again and I've accepted that it will never be my top priority because I just don't love it. But I can get over that now, and regardless of that work for it. I also decided to become a yoga teacher and will be starting my teacher training in September. So I've been loving life the last few months! Sometimes goals you set for yourself are things you're forcing on yourself, and it's sometimes better to go into a new road for the sake of your own happiness :)


Ugh. Thats the best summary. Im way behind where I want to be financially and I already know I'm not getting a raise/bonus this year (announced months ago) so im also stuck debating my work future on whether or not I can financially stay in this job. Getting car repairs done right now that aren't really worth it (in terms of the cars age and mileage) but I cant afford to replace it and they need to be fixed or replaced so fixing it is. Im just really hoping no other major issues pop up with it while I try saving up to replace it (to help it feel worth the $ im putting into it today). On the plus side, I moved out of parents house and mentally am doing way better because of it. As much as I think of how much better off id be financially right now if I was saving the bulk of my current rent, I still can't regret that because im in a much better place mentally. And I expect eventually the financials will work out, they're just not where I had expected them to be at this point


Started a part time job in the evenings as a community Health Care Worker and quit my job working in long term care. To make some extra money I started dog walking in March and that has now turned into a full time dog daycare. Now I am debating cutting back hours in my health care job but I honestly love it so much it'll be hard to leave! At least I'm finally saving enough to apply for a 2 year diploma program in Vancouver! Hoping to get accepted for September 2022 🤞🤞


My goal was to exercise and get in shape to alleviate chronic back pain. Have done so since January which is amazing. However, the chronic pain is due to large breasts so now I need to get s reduction and -of course- insurance will not commit to pay until after. C'est la vie. I have the money and will do it because it hurts to wear a bra due to shoulder pain and not wearing bra (at night) causes excruciating back pain. But i am in pretty decent shape after exercising consistently for 6 mo! So YAY!


I realised I have invested a lot of time and money in a career that frankly, wasn't for me. I started a job I had 0 experience in, now i wake up every day without feeling miserable about going to work, which I was starting to think it was impossible. I cannot say that I am completely happy about my life, but I am getting out of depression, which feels amazing. Slowly getting there!


The only goal we have reached so far is paying off our debt.


Things are going well. I am halfway through a rewrite of a sequel and first book is going to be published this August. I have to write and finish other two books in the series but I know I can do it. I also coached my first client with writing and she loved it so I’m glad everything’s working out slowly. Taking my time to find more meaningful relationships (friends, partner) but life is good. Not perfect but good. Also my cats are doing great! Hope everyone’s 2021 is going well :)


atp I’m just tryna survive


Yes! I wanted to read more books, get vaccinated and travel more! I’ve got only my second dose to go, and have a few trips planned for the rest of the year. I also wanted to find a job, but I signed up for a Masters instead! Only goal unfulfilled is to lose weight, but I’m working on it


Kind of a mixed bag for me: The Good: my new job is going well (or at least I think and hope it is, end of probationary 6 months meeting is in a few days). I am not going mad with booze this year. I feel in a decent frame of mind mentally which is a big thing for me given the recent past and the whole pandemic isolation thing. The bad: I'm struggling to consistently make time for the creative things I keep vowing to spend more time on like writing, singing, playing guitar and writing music. I have spells where I will randomly have a couple of days doing a few hours and then nothing for a month again. I am eating too much junk food for a 35 year old who isn't exercising as much and I have gained a stone and am on the verge of completely going up a dress size. There's no need for this and I have lots of clothes I like and want to get back into (they still technically fit but now look too tight). Also I really need to get more exercise. My family is prone to high blood pressure and heart stuff.


Honestly I'm not doing too well compared to what I had expected at the start of the year but I'm still kind of pleased that I'm doing better than I was this time last year


Honestly, it's been all right on the whole. There have been some pretty major changes I wasn't expecting and a few plans that are still on hold from last year, but I finally moved into my own place and have been really enjoying that, plus have had some major successes in both my main job and side hustle. However, I think the biggest area where I've had breakthroughs has been in terms of my mental health. I feel like this has been the first time I've made consistent and sustained progress with that and I'm in a really good place. So I may not be exactly where I thought or hoped I'd be six months ago, but I'm happy with where I'm at right now.


My province is still in a lockdown so that'll be a no for me.


I have accomplished all of my goals, and it’s just the middle of the year! Super happy 🥰


If only the suicide booths in futurama were real. Jk… kinda.


I finally got a part-time job related to my field, after graduating in 2020. Nothing has worked out as planned, but I think I’m living life more intentionally and am excited about the year ahead.


All going really well, apart from my new motorhome/house having lots of things wrong with it that it shouldn't...but nevermind. Once I get it up on the road I am off on my new life, fresh start. Can't wait.


I am not quite there. This year I was supposed to have a loan paid off by July and be able to start putting that money into savings for a down payment on a home. As of right now, I am projected to pay the loan off in December. Not terribly off from what I wanted to accomplish but a little disappointing being so far behind.


After two falling through I’m half way though the process of buying my first flat (all on my own with no-one else’s help) by next year, the goal was to have it done by March but the cladding scandal gripping the UK pushed everything back. I’m happy with my deadline being missed because it meant I didn’t rush to buy an unsafe flat with £100k worth of fire safety refurbishment due on it. My heart bleeds for those suffering with these costs landed on them.


Year started out with me and my family getting a the virus, followed by a month of extreme stress and anxiety for all of us, and me because I had a major exam coming up. Got a skin disease just as I recovered from the virus, and as I was finishing the final days of my skin disease my grandmother passed away. More stress and grief, followed by stress for our family's well being and also my exams. Situation did get better, but then the country faced the second wave of covid. Because of the pandemic, my major exam has been cancelled and alternate means of assessment will be used to judge student based on past performance. I don't think I'll be able to make into my university of choice (very competitive) with the grade I will receive, and now I have to resort to private options, which I'm trying to not attach to my self worth as a student 👍. Shit did hit the fan, but I can say most of the dark time has passed us by. My family has recovered from the grief of my grandmother passing away. College selections are never easy, and I have been told time and again that success is not related to the reputation of my future University, so I take respite in the fact. I still look forward to the rest of the year when I can finally start producing music and video editing after I get into college. Not the best year, but I think 2021 still has potential to be better than 2020.


So sorry for your losses, glad things are looking up


Good! Lost the weight I gained in quarantine and I’m doing the cooking challenge I wanted too.


Got a job, doing some major savings while paying down my debt, and started house hunting. Things are definitely working out way better than planned.


This is a good question to think about. I have to say, so far so good. Got promoted and my salary was increased, did some alterations at my home with both kitchen and bathroom, finally visited my gyn and endo and started taking better care of myself. Still working on coming to terms with two relationships crashing in timespan of one year, but it's all manageable somehow. I'm in that place in my head where I don't complain anymore but rather take things in my hands and change what I can and accept what I can't change.


Definitely not even close to what I expected, but I’m doing okay. And that was my biggest goal for this year.


Oh hell yea. Better than expected. Needed to get a job, still haven’t got one but my family (including in laws) are jumping through their asses to get me to some big family events all over the country this year that I thought I was gonna have to miss, and I’m starting to get interviews. I’m also prepping for wedding stuff and I’m about a year in advance getting that done so I can focus on job hunting.


At this point it's just a waiting game for my life to start... Waiting for the school year so my high school "career" can start at this new school. honestly i'm just bored 🤷🏼‍♀️ not complaining tho


Well. I just started a new job last week after being in a miserable position for 4 years. Goal achieved. Next is to just settle in, learn the ropes and then get back into the dating scene. One big change at a time for me


I didn’t make any real new years resolutions. Last year was so bad that my goal was just to have a better year than last year. So far, that’s happening.


I can not wait to make more money! After I'm certified ( in February), I can immediately double my pay and really advance in my career and my savings and work towards being the best I can in my field hopefully with a impressive firm. I cant wait!!!


Work-wise, fantastic. Got a promotion which puts me right where I wanted to be and have been able to be around my work friends again thanks to the vaccination. I’ve been able to start really saving up for a home and future. Friend-wise pretty good. I lost a huge chunk of friends through COVID but made some more good ones. Still single as hell tho lol.


Well, professionally.. Yes! Personally, the guy I've been talking to for a while started dating an other woman. So yeah, I guess quite balanced!


I really didn't make any set goals because it is a little hard to plan things when life is so much up in the air right now with everything pandemic related, but we have already paid off student loans, done a few little house projects, and I have read a ton. Now that the adults in my house are fully vaccinated, our stress levels have lowered a bit and we are very excited for the fall when our children should be up for vaccination. Then hopefully we will feel like things are almost back to "normal."


I don’t really make resolutions but the lowest grade I got in my courses (3rd/4th year uni, online) in the Winter semester was an A. This brought my cumulative GPA over an A- (my goal... made up for the year I was diagnosed with bipolar). I also got the job I’ve wanted for the past two summers (it just never worked out right) and am loving it. I’m doing a dual degree (BSc and BA) and I only have one year left now and I feel super motivated to keep my grades up (even though I have to do molecular genetics and biochemistry which makes me terrified). I’m coming up on two years without cutting or purging on July 1st... something I never in a million years thought was possible. Overall, I’m really proud of where I’m at! Oh. And I’m fully vaccinated!!!


2020 was a GOOD year for me. I know I shouldn't say that because of everything that happened but on a personal level it was pretty awesome. 2021 is so far just as good. I dread the thought of having to stop working from home in September but hopefully I can convince my boss that I can continue to work from home a few days a week. In general, I love my job so I can't really complain much. I'm lucky to have a job I really enjoy. My partner moved in with me in the beginning of this year and I've definitely put in some weight since. I'm in the middle of trying to lose it. Health is meh. I've had a weird stomach pain for months now and I don't know what to do. I went to the ER when it was really bad but they didn't find anything. I want to start trying to get pregnant this year but I need to have the talk with my partner. He is four years younger and don't really feel the need to rush but I'm turning 37 in six months and he needs to realise that getting pregnant probably will take time (if it happens at all).


i started therapy after a horrendous breakup at the beginning of the year and am focusing more on self care this year by doing what i love! am also enjoying each day to the fullest and not focusing too much on the future :-) hope you’re on track with your goals too!!


It's not been too bad, thanks. I've finally been able to go swimming again which is great, I'm trying to go once a week. Hoping to get fit again and lose the lockdown belly but it's slow going. I've not managed to start a proper vegetable garden but I have some potatoes and onions in pots so we'll see if anything comes of that. Also, my lavender bush is thriving which is a good start to my bee garden. The main thing I was hoping to do this year was travel but obviously, that's not really an option for another year or so.


My biggest plan was to find a new job, after COVID cratered my industry. Still working on it. (I did earn separate DEI and project management certifications so at least I'm on a role with my "never stop learning" initiative. I also launched my side hustle as an official LLC.)


Finally stopped speaking to a very toxic friend in the first 10 days of the year, started reading loads again, and actually met someone and fell in love. Getting new hobbies again and getting out of my house as often as possible. This year, so far, is going great. Only area I’ve not made any changes in yet is my career, where I’m very bored/unfulfilled in my current job, but hoping to find somewhere else soon!


Nope, but I don't care because I'm happy just the way things went/are going.


Ummm the only thing different this year than last is that I don’t have to wear a mask when I take my daughter to hockey now. She’s been homeschooled for years so that wasn’t different. We did move to a new state yet again but that’s not strange for us either. It does feel strange that we are half way through the year though.


Nothing is going to plan! We want to move to a better house, but we're having trouble finding a decent one we can afford.


Break up 2 mo ago set me back soooo hard. I have done nothing productive and the little I had done, I lost like weight goals and career goals. So I'm starting over. The only one good thing this year is finally got the guts to get the car I wanted and still happy with my decision


Didn't get the job I apply for, but I am pretty happy where I am and got good constructive feedback. And planned to come off birth control and try for a baby by the end of the year, but we felt ready sooner so I have already come off 🤭


Well my 2021 year started out pretty good, I started working on my Master's degree thesis and was due to give my exams in Feb, but I wasn't in a good head space and only passed 3 classes out of 8 that I signed up for that sem... But in my current semester I think I'm doing much better and my thesis work is progressing. If I do pass all my exams in July-August and stay on track with my thesis, I should be able to graduate by September or October at the latest. And that is very daunting for me, as that would officially be the end of my student life. I have never worked full time only internships till date. And as a 24 year old that will (hopefully) transition from student and become a full-time working adult, this is a BIG step for me and quite frankly I'm terrified for the next 3 months to see how it turns out... Here's to hoping I graduate and begin adulting 🍻


I changed jobs to a better paid one and closer to home 2 months ago so my work life right now is awesome. My social and love life could be better. So in general, my life is going 70/100


Absolutely no... 🙂


Not much different than last year, except now without masks.


I got promoted, moved to a bigger apartment and adopted a cat. All I need now is to find a partner, but not crazy about it :) It will happen