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My husband brines the turkey, stuffs it with aromatics, and roasts it low and slow so that it's nice and juicy and flavorful. Macque choux, sweet potato gnocchi, green bean casserole. There are some tasty vittles. Then there's the stuff my mother-in-law contributes....


Sounds delish. I do my bird similarly plus I use a Cajun rub and stuff it with citrus fruit, usually lemons and limes. Edit: I do need to say the gravy is killer good using the spices and citrus. Those flavors come through subtly. I also kick it up a notch with poultry demi-glace. The good stuff from Williams-Sonoma.


Have you ever added liquid crab boil to the roasting pan? A little goes a long way


Thanks for the tip! I have not but I will do it with a roasted chicken for now. How much do you add to the pan?


Just a splash or two. It really does go a long way. I’ve had the same bottle for years


I’m doing a dry citrus brine on my turkey this year.. tell me more of what to add for stuffing it with more citrus.. do you add any herbs with the stuffed citrus?


I make a Cajun spice paste using a bit of olive oil and spread it on the skin and rub inside as well. Cut up lemons and limes and stuff them in the carcass, giving them a bit of a squeeze as you do. The spice mix includes paprika, salt, ground black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, thyme, and oregano. Message me and I’ll send amount of each one.


That sounds good! Thank you!!! I’ve never stuffed the bird with sliced citrus before but excited to try it!!!!


We dont even have thanksgiving in my country so like. Duh.


Agreed. I do like mashed potatoes and stuffing, but turkey is just too dry for me. And I would pick pizza over mashed potatoes and stuffing any day.


Omg so agree!!!! My least favorite, I always make my own dish of either Italian pasta or tacos!


Texan here. I am planning on smoking a turkey because oven baked Turkeys taste like ass.


Turkey is dry af. Chicken is a superior meat


Same. Honestly people should just do whatever they like.


Yea it’s overrated . I like some stuff and turkey sandwiches though


Yeah I don't like it either


100%. Last year it was just our small family unit because of Covid. None of us likes the traditional meal. We each picked our favorite food that has turkey in it and served all of those dishes. It was great.


Never been a fan of thanksgiving turkey. We always do a prime rib instead


Look at Richie Rich over here. Jk we did a beef tenderloin one year for Christmas and it’s one of the the best meals I’ve ever had


Overrated. I mostly just eat the salad and maybe have a piece of pie.


100% I hate Turkey.. We're doing a standing ribroast instead with rosemary garlic butter crust


Truth it is so overrated


Agreed. Turkey is good. All the sides- blahhhh


Depends on the food. I think candied yams are amazing any time but really only make them for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Same thing with fresh made cranberry sauce. Stuffing always sucks. No way in hell I’m make a full turkey any time other than thanksgiving still think it’s pretty good though.


A well cooked turkey is amazing, stuffing is delicious, and there aren't enough excuses to make cranberry sauce. The rest of it is quantity over quality though.


I just like the sandwiches and soup.


This belongs on unpopular opinions


Mods over there are so finicky about what gets posted. On previous accounts I’ve posted there and they always end up locking the post and reason being something along the lines of “not an unpopular opinion”


The classic tale of reddit unfortunately :/


Gimme the muthafuckin dark meat.


Anyone that thinks that clearly hasn't had the real stuff. Maybe its more of a regional thing. Go get the real deal, some real Southern cooking and you'll find its worth the hype.


Honestly I love stuffing. And I like to explore various recipes with leftover turkey such as turkey pot pie, a soup, casserole etc


I agree when it comes to turkey. I made Cornish hens last year and they were fantastic. I do enjoy all the sides from thanksgiving though


I concur!