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Of course. I love many of my friends but I wouldn’t dream of having sex with them.


Yeah just its a different type of love


Exactly! Some people often unfortunatelly seeing word "love" mix it immediatelly with "pursuing to have sex with that person".


I think it’s because they think you’re talking about something different. The love really is a shit word because who knows wtf you’re talking about and in what way. Like I love cheez its, my mom, my dog, xQc, Skyrim, skiing, physics, my gf, socks, my friends, etc etc Love can refer to way too many things and in way too many ways.


Yes but it takes a ton of work. You have to work on it as much as any relationship.


I have such privilege to love my female bestie. 3 years already together as close friends :) She has boyfriend, but that doesn't kill chemistry between us - we hang out and have always amazing time with talking a lot, encouraging, supporting and just simple caring about our lives.


Good for you! Nurture that relationship.


Of course. There are many types of love and you can experience several at one time.


I definitely think it can. In most cases, no one knows you better than that person. Love doesn’t always have to involve sex (looking in the mirror and judging my own marriage here). You just have to make sure your respective partners understand the relationship that you and your friend have, the love you carry for each other, and the fact that, no matter what, you’re not leaving your partner.


Well said! I have such privilege to love my female bestie. 3 years already together as close friends :) She has boyfriend, but that doesn't kill chemistry between us - we hang out and have always amazing time with talking a lot, encouraging, supporting and just simple caring about our lives. Because of fact we are in different life situations, she has bf, it's natural there are some boudaries wchich we both repsect. Do I feel attracted to her, do I have feelings towards her? Yes! And she knows that. Why? Because she knows me more than anyone else. She knows my problems, she knows my dreams, she knows my vulnerability. So it's natural, that I love the person she is to me and I always will support and encourage. She also helped me a lot. Still, I accept her bf because she is happy and it's her decision. And love hanging out, there is always so much thing sto talk! It's just good to have good people around, and who is better that your best friend? She always will have special place in my heart, even if most of that pace will be later taken for future girlfriend, another kind of love...more intimate? ;)


We all feel love in a unique way toward whomever we choose to project it. No feel or circumstance is alike. Some connections are deeper than others. The most important aspect of it all is respect. There can be no real love without it.


Isn’t that what being friends is? It’s not romantic let’s have a family and share a toothbrush love but it’s still people who go through life together and cherish each other, right?


Yeah. I love my best friend. Would die and kill for him. I think he is good looking. But that it. We are best buds for a reason.


They are called close friends for a reason


Of course it can. But you have to be careful. I was in a situation where I had a friend and we just had such an insane chemistry, it started turning into something else. I was single, she was married, and it never did turn into an affair but it was very much headed that way.


Absolutely, 100%.


Study your Greek and you will know the answer.


Yup 100% but it's a fine line and hard to differentiate sometimes I'm M and both my best friends are F... except I dont talk to one anymore since she pulled me aside and asked if I loved her... while crying... right AFTER i got engaged...


Ooof. So hard, man.


My best friend is also the woman I lost my virginity to when we were kids (15). We went our separate ways during our college years but now we live in our hometown again, she's married to a cool dude who I smoke weed with a lot, and I'm in a relationship. We hang out almost every weekend.


It can exist, but nurturing it while maintaining your primary relationship can be challenging to navigate in the beginning.




I wish you meeting best friend. So much joy it can bring! :)


There are people who have amazing chemistry and love each others despite they aren't together but have own partners in my opinion. Surprisingly people often don't believe in it and also don't like, when someone says he loves his best friend, who is in relationship. I got downvoted by some people because I wrote that I love my bestie, but we aren't in relationship, because she has boyfriend. That doesn't mean we don't have a good time together and we are as close, as best friends can be respecting our life situations and boundaries. We help each others and encourage eachothers. Nothing more. But people somehow hate the fact of admitting that I love friend. We spent 3 years already like that and she is important person to me as a person she is. Valuable women, amazing, incredibly good heart and so positive human. Love her character and I am just glad, I have her presence in my life. And she knows that. We are cool and we know our boundaries. We care about each others and we care about our closest people in our environment. Just like that.




There’s a difference between loving someone and being in love


Yes. Even if they aren't in different relationships.


Absolutely, no question about it.