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He was tall and strong, somewhat handsome but had the personality of an untoasted toast. I was very into geeky stuff back then, and he barely watched the news sometimes. We lasted maybe three months, and I don't really remember much about him; we were a very strange couple and it would have never lasted. Even his friends asked me why were we together when we had nothing in common. I really wish I could describe him better, but I don't really remember if he was a good person or not, or any sort of personality trait besides "Sports"


High school boyfriend. Tall, lanky, Blonde haired eastern european soccer player. He was a sweetheart, truly a sweetheart. We took each other’s everything (both of us super awkward kids till about sophomore year, where we became friends, dated during the start of summer, till our graduation. He took my first kiss, first oral, my virginity, all of it.) granted it was awkward, but I remember how much I really liked him so we just kept doing it till we got good lol. Breakup sucked a little bit, but he was moving across the country and i was moving across the WORLD so it was bound to happen. Checked his facebook recently. Saw he was with a new girl. Super cute together. I’m really happy for him.


Angry, Horny, athletic hottie with severe daddy issues. The most intellectually intriguing partner I have ever had, she knew her business, was a Mensa member, and someone I would hire in a moment. Otherwise,a complete train wreck, but the nicest person you have ever met. I truly wish her the best, she deserves a happy life.


damn, can you give me her number?


Do you like to argue?


The one I'll never forget


Selfish but it kinda worked out. We were virgins = we didn’t fuck, “blowjobs are yucky” = no BJs. But I enjoyed eating he pussy that’s what we did. All we did. “Sexy time” was me eating her pussy. We dated like that for 7 years. Now I love eating pussy and can’t get enough of it


6th grade this girl was crushing on me hard outta nowhere so I confronted her and we made it official I guess you can say it was dumb puppy love but it was great to gain popularity out of it so that was a W 😅💯


The wrong choice


Sexually romantic, romantic or do you mean first sexual partner


Romantic and sexually romantic.


She was completely new to sex. Never even masturbated. Only kissed a guy once as a dare. She was nervous, wanted to do a lot but was afraid to pull the trigger. Once she did though she was down for anything, always up for something, whether it was a quickie or a night of passion. Then she became a serial cheat, manipulative and abusive towards me but that doesn't make for a fun answer


Unhealthy and toxic and constantly wet


Back from 10years in the future and sadly I haven’t been fortunate enough yet😔


He was a little crazy in a good way, until he started lying and cheating


A cheating bitch


She was a great human being. If she had just got a job I would have married her lol