MTVs Teen Mom. Although they still act like teenagers, the moms are in their 30s.


Part of me thinks the only reason it's still on is because MTV knows several of the cast member have no other way to make money and they're waiting to see if any of the kids become teen parents.


I think it's more because MTV knows it's main demographic are the aging millennials that watched the original series and still finds comfort in the same cast. Teen Moms isn't really about teenage pregnancy, it's more just mini Truman Shows of a few people.


I agree with this. Still can't believe my wife watches this gahhbage


Barb, is that you?


Well Janelle.... I *seen* yuh wif Keifuh


That could definitely be part of it, yea.


We are waiting for the second generation of teen moms.




Good ol Farrah


MTV is a channel who’s shows are made by people in there 50s for people in there 30s who still think they are teenagers.


> still act like teenagers Some of them act WORSE, like Farrah or Kail. Jenelle hasn’t actually changed, she’s exactly as she was when she was 16.


I wonder how much of it is genuine, and how much she acts a certain way to maintain the character she “plays” in the show that is supporting them financially. (I don’t watch the show, just wondering)


Jenelles got 3 kids by 3 dudes, married to a jobless moocher who killed their French bulldog puppy for nipping at their preschool daughters face, for behavior the father encouraged the daughter to do. Killed the poor thing in front of three or four kids. Same dude who beat his ex girlfriend into premature labor and no longer has rights to the child. Three of their kids were removed from their custody a few years ago due to the dog killing incident, only to get them back on a technicality a few months later. As for employment, their source of revenue is a pg13 rated OnlyFans, which is shockingly their longest running venture with like, 6 months under their collective belts. Am I ashamed of myself for knowing this? Yes, yes I am.


I stopped after Amber tried to machete her baby daddy (while he was holding their son) and MTV turned around and not only kept her on the show but tried to make HIM look bad. even going as far as having people say he was using/instigating her. Yet they kicked Farrah off for doing porn??


A better question would be what franchise HASN'T been milked to death. Something like 9 out of 10 "blockbusters" these days are remakes/sequels/rehashes etc.


If we have to have nonstop remakes, I wish they’d at least make good remakes of bad movies/shows that had potential but were poorly executed for whatever reason, instead of mediocre at best remakes of classics.


Personally wish they'd just make a new Face Off every year with the top 2 actors of that year. I'd watch every single one.


Back to the future has been left alone...so far!


Great Scott!!!


Don't jinx it.


Ironic since exploiting the past for personal gain is a theme in that series.


Grey's Anatomy. For Gods sake just end it


Ellen Pompeo can’t because she can never get a different role at this point


It's still going?? 5 years after I last said "it's still going??"


Certainly nothing netflix has created. Get hooked on a show with solid potential and bam....its canceled.


Netflix’s Dark Crystal amazingly resurrected a Jim Henson masterpiece, set up an entire world to explore, and cancelled it after one season.


Still mad about that one. Beautiful, unique and critically acclaimed. The set pieces had been produced already. Therefore the continuation would have been much cheaper than S1. If they stuck with it, there had certainly been a good chance of drawing in much more viewers.


I have no idea why they cancelled it in the first place. It received consistently great reviews.


Cost was a phrase I saw thrown around yet they blew a ton of cash on "Jupiter's Legacy" which failed.


Crying in Santa Clarita Diet and Mindhunter.


I think Mindhunter had more to do with David Fincher wanting to focus on other projects, not them just outright cancelling. I may be incorrect though.


There was also apparently a ballooning budget and scheduling concerns that has put the show on infinite hiatus. From the sounds of it, it's on "infinite hiatus" and Netflix wasn't exactly thrilled by the decision, hence why they funded *Mank* no questions asked.


I LOVED Mindhunter. It's one of the few things I've ever repeat watched. from what I remember, Fincher didn't so much want to work on "other projects" as much as he had became completely burnt out. the quality of the show had been elevated SO HIGH (because of Netflix throwing money around like crazy) that the production process had become untenable. there is some general structure to creating film + tv shows. reinventing the wheel is rarely an efficient process. the normal "structure" got turned on it's head when netflix unleashed a 13+ BILLION dollar budget for new content (that's for one year). imagine making "Friends" with the money and intensity of a marvel movie. these shows were given the money and had to use it. regardless of whether it was a good idea or not. check out one of the vfx breakdowns from the show. really, why the hell is there even a vfx breakdown for this show?! [https://youtu.be/Di4Byf1EzRE?t=133](https://youtu.be/Di4Byf1EzRE?t=133)


Santa Clarita Diet had so much fucking potential.


That entire cast was top notch, I wish they made more zany comedies like that


I’m mad about Glow and I Am Not Okay With This


My daughter and I watched I am Not Okay With This and LOVED IT. She would check every other week on news for the second season and then showed me it was cancelled. I was disappointed, she was devastated.


I thought my wife and I were alone in our sadness for IANOWT.


Glow was great


Still mad about the OA and archive 81


The OA not having the third season just broke me. I fear committing to anything Netflix puts out.


Same! It's a travesty.


I enjoyed Archive 81. It was just different enough from the podcast that you didn’t know exactly how it was going to go. I would like to have seen how they were going to go forward with it since the second season was so bonkers.


The OA was a masterpiece and my life hasn't been the same since they cancelled it


*Archive 81* was meh to me, but the *OA* was so bonkers I just wanted to know what the hell was going to happen next.


STILL upset about The OA


Santa Clarita diet. 😭


Another life, altered carbon, sense8, the OA, etc. One of the few things they finished, and I think they finished it very well, was Lucifer. Granted, they didn’t start it either but yeah. Edit: Travelers was another, the way the wrapped the final season, it kinda worked out. The ending worked out to feel like it could be final while still leaving it open enough they could completely redo the timeline with even more ridiculous time travel shit, should they decided to revisit it with another season.


They have canceled basically every anime they have created that I liked. I pretty much refuse to watch any of their original animes until online forums say they are concluded. Come to think of it a lot of the times they aren't canceled, it's just been 4 years sitting in purgatory and assumed canceled.


They rely exclusively on the algorithm. If it doesn't project the expected views for future seasons they ax it, but they never consider that people like to build up a season or two for bingeing.


All of them. We need new shit.


Absolutely. I'm aware there have always been adaptations and sequels, among original content. But jeeeeeeesus, now most of what seems to be funded are remakes, adaptations, sequels, prequels, and reboots of stuff...


I agree, as long as the entertainment industry start to shift towards creating with passion and leave behind the lusts of money


Yeah, it’s brutal. It’s a publisher/producers thing. Big movies or games cost a crazy amount of money to make these days and are taking longer and longer to make. Thus the people writing the paycheck are afraid to take new risks and obsess over pleasing fans. Thus we end up with these franchises that start to feel like new iterations are just parodying the originals. For the example of games, this is the reason why so many of my favorite games these days come from smaller or independent studios. They’re more likely to give you something fresh.


Fast n furious


You should forget about it cuh






I ain’t never narc’ed on NOBODY!


Stupid but fun movies, though I gotta admit F9 ruined that fun by being self aware


Honestly, they should've just ended it with F5. It completely stopped being about street-racing and heists after that.


What? And deny us the insanity of F6? I don’t want to remember life before I witnessed a 45 minute high speed car chase down a single airport runway.


Someone did the math and I think the runway has to be 15 miles long or something like that.


You’re right but I think it was more like 26


I was done with F6 when Dom decides to jump off a car over an interstate crossing to land on a tank or other car or whatever. Not even sure but it was certainly worth forgetting about


I remember everybody on the cinema just going like "nah wtf was that" when that happened, too wild even got the younger audiences


I guess Fast Five would've been a nice place to end but they wanted money but if they really cared they would've stopped at Furious 7 with Walkers passing but then they made Fate and F9 and Fast X while bringing back his character


What?? They brought him back? I’m a couple movies behind now


Kind of. He’s still alive in the films and the last one had his car arriving to the barbecue at the end. You don’t actually see him though.


Is the next Halloween ***really*** going to be the last one or no?


Don’t forget, EVIL DIES **TONIGHT**! Or until they revive it by 2028.


I thought you were talking about the holiday lol


You never know when the nuclear war will hit.


Everyone's going as "sexy radiation burn victim" next year


Based on the series history, nothing is stopping us from getting more sequels that ignore the previous entries. We have: Mike is the boogeyman and then we have killer masks. Mike is her brother and it runs in the family. Mike is your brother and he’s a cult creation. Mike is your brother and you’re gonna finish it, but not really here comes busta rhymes!!! And now Mike is some guy you don’t know and he’s now pushing 70 but he can knock you all down like a hobo on bathsalts in a Chucky cheese ball pit. My hope is we get, “The mask is cursed and now anyone can be Captain Kirk.”


Halloween 99. A geriatric Lori finally kills Michael on her 99th birthday, only for the mask to possess her. She morphs into a 6ft something hulking Michael Myers. She discovers that her real brother has been dead since the first movie and all the other "Michael"s had been other poor souls who had been taken by the mask.


It'll be something like this. *"The Laurie Strode vs Michael Myers saga is over, BUT, Michael LIVES!"*


Forever? No way. Michael Myers is an “immortal” character. The End of the current story? Yes.


I love assassins creed but 12 main games and 17 spinoffs is probably what you’d consider milked to death. That said, i will still be getting mirage and probably anything afterwards


Holy shot I thought there was like 6 assassins games


AC 1, 2, brotherhood, revelations, 3, blackflag, rogue, unity, odessy, origins, valhalla, liberations, the 2.5d spinoffs, ezio collection and the reboot of 3. thats all i believe


I played AC 1 & 2, then Black Flag and am now working through Valhalla. I think it's the best way to experience those games; just pick one that sounds kinda fun. Valhalla is a blast, I absolutely love it. But I'll take a AC hiatus for 5 or 6 after this. I think there are some characters/story lines from previous games, but I don't care and don't need to know to find the game fun and exciting.


When Jason started killing in Manhattan, possessing people’s bodies, and killing on a futuristic spaceship in outer space, I felt the Friday the 13th. Series was getting a bit ridiculous. Although Jason X wasn’t that bad.


Jason X is fun tbf


Jason X is goated, one of my favorite cheesy movies haha


Those long horror franchises are at their best when they get super out there in the later entries. Jason X, Leprechaun 6: Back 2 da hood, that new Paranormal Activity Amish edition


Tbf the spaceship one has that sick death where the lady's head gets frozen and then shattered


Ben 10. I enjoyed the first 3 shows, 4th one is mixed for me, but that 5th show which is that reboot that came after was unnecessary and just shows that Cartoon Network is reliant on making money from toy sales rather than telling a good story from that reboot.


There were more than two?


Ben 10, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, Omniverse, Reboot.


Should’ve stopped at Ben 3. Ten was just way too many.


The walking dead


Absolutely. I stopped watching when I found myself actively hoping the protagonists would be killed in gruesome ways.


I stopped when I missed it one week and realized I didn’t care to go back and watch it


After Glenn I was out tbh


I've never seen a show so blatantly jump the shark the way TWD did when Glenn died. I've seen so many people say they stopped watching after it and I did the same.


Completely agree. This is coming from Game of Thrones fan……


Ironic given Glen’s death was from the source. It was a “shock” there two but it was meant to establish Negan as something different then a generic big bad of an arc.


Came here to say this...I was a huge fan for the first like 3-4 seasons and then it just got boring...am still watching it at this point because I've come this far...but never really got into any of the spin-offs.


I just got an ad for the Jurassic World: Dominion extended edition. Pretty sure nobody has been asking for more runtime of that movie


I’m shocked I had to get this deep in the thread to find jurassic park! Holy shit how can you fuck up movies about genetically engineered dinosaurs running amok? Seriously?


Exactly bro. I paid to watch dinosaurs bite peoples head off not a story about a clone girl and a locust infestation.


My thoughts exactly. They could’ve gone in so many different directions with Blue being out in the wild and dinosaurs being sold to collectors. If I wanted to see a movie about locusts I would have gone to see a movie about locusts.


It's very funny to see the first film in the amazing comeback tour of the franchise being like "hey, everyone thinks dinosaurs are boring now, and also these things aren't even real dinosaurs anyway, so we invented this sickass mutant thing to draw in new viewers" and by the third film, they have officially gone "well, we've released dinosaurs all over the world and very little has meaningfully changed about society, and we invented sickass bugs to be the villains." And I suspect that's the issue; the films stopped being about the splendor and terror of nature at its apex being reborn in the modern day, and instead ended up being about the latest assortment of weird sci-fi crap with just enough dinosaurs involved to sell toys.


90 Day Fiancé. There must be like 20 spinoffs from that show, including Pillow Talk (which has former cast members commenting on episodes) and then a Pillow Talk for the Pillow Talk episodes. Not to mention the individual spin offs like The Family Chantel and Darcey & Stacey.


I'll watch them though. All those people are complete fucking loons and they make me feel better about myself lol




I have so much fear for the next GTA. I feel like with the insane success of shark cards in GTA Online, that GTA 6 will be solely designed to sell as much shark cards as possible.


gta 6? you must be really young and healthy or immortal to concern yourself with such matters.


Rockstar have been pretty great at spacing out single player games so they don't become oversaturated (cough Ubisoft cough cough). But with the launch of GTA V online they turned incredibly toxic.


GTA V released when i started middle school, and now ive graduated about to be 21 lol. That should say enough


There were three released within four years when I was a youngin. All for the PS2. To be fair, I’m pretty sure V is bigger than those three games combined, but still.


It's sad that the only PS4 GTA game is a remaster and the PS5 probably won't get more than the remaster either. They milked this game for 3 generations of consoles.The PS6 will probably get a "retro" edition release before GTA VI comes out.


Call of Duty


Or fifa, Madden, NHL, MLB, etc etc. Pay full price for the same game with only changes to team rosters.


To be fair, the sport didn't change either so a big change is hard. I always found it pitty that Fifa didn't have a wide variety of economic options to increase your club budget (sponsors, tv rights, merch, ticketting,...)


There was an online multiplayer mode in NHL 09 where every player on the ice could be controlled by a real person. I don't think there're all that many people who want to play a whole football game as a center compared to a QB, RB or WR but there is room to expand in the non hockey games listed where the way was paved a decade ago.


Name one that hasn't at this rate.




It's still decaying.




Breaking Bad -> Better Call Saul. Ended the franchise on a super high note.


Rhythm heaven


I’d love another rhythm heaven game


Gimme one for the Switch this time, I wanna take a crack at it.


Five Nights at Freddy’s Like Jesus, Scott…the third one was enough!


Scott doesn’t actually have anything to do with the FNAF games any more. He gave up on it himself 😂


IIRC he retired and really only just serves a consulting role for the FNAF franchise.


Five nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach had a lot of potential but oh my god the bugs and the extremely lack luster plot. I liked the move ability of it and definitely the creepy factor. But unfortunately it fell short overall. But definitely agree it’s a cash cow now 🐄


> the bugs and the extremely lack luster plot and the criminally underused game world. Every area, aside from the upgrade room and the pizza kitchen, was used exactly once (and the kitchen was only twice). Why does security level 10 even exist as a concept when they only implemented what, 6 levels? What's the difference between those unopenable doors and just making it a mundane fake door drawn on the wall texture? Oh right, you can glitch them open by walking up to them in Freddy and they only lead into empty untextured rooms. The fact that those doors can open at all suggests they planned upgrades all the way to level 10 as well as stuff inside those rooms, and it was all cut. Hell, it was cut before the world was finished *and they still implemented the doors*. And the whole no-saves-after-6am bit. Like half the content is played after 6am. Trying to 100% the game just becomes a speedrun where you're retreading more and more old ground, over and over and over, re-collecting the same collectibles, for no justifiable reason. PS - The only actually frightening jumpscare in the whole game is the map bot. Change my mind.


I really enjoyed 4 and 5 though, just the books and security breach and all this shit is really too much. I also really enjoyed watching MatPat's theories on the game theorists channel but now it's just too much.


The kardashian/jenners


Honestly star wars The prequels and originals were ok but they tell a consistent story were as they kept adding more movies on with no explanation to why this certain character returned or why this event happened They told they’re story now they are milking it


*"Somehow Palpatine has returned..."*


I liked Rogue One, but wasn't a fan of anything that came after


Grey's anatomy? Edit: wow this blew up! and thank you for the award kind stranger


It’s so repetitive and just ridiculous now, I gave up in season 10, then tried again and caught up a few seasons but it’s just kind of relentless, ruins good characters and rapidly churns out new, forgettable ones


I haven't watched Grey's in a while, but I do enjoy the spinoff, Station 19. However, multiple times last season I referred to it as "tragedy porn." How can these people continue to endure so many deaths and personal tragedies? I'm a bigger fan of Chicago Fire.


I always feel like it ended when I stopped watching after, what, season 4?


It seriously needs to end. I don’t want to watch it any more but I’ve been committed and need to see it all the way through to the end. Ellen Pompeo even wants it to end.


Should’ve ended after the pandemic season and maybe way before that


Freaking Minions


The Lion King. The last CGI movie should have been a final nail in the coffin. Now we’re getting Mufasa’s backstory?


I love the original, but I don't feel like it needed any remakes or spin-offs. I didn't even know about a Mufasa movie lol


> Mufasa's backstory What backstory? He's a freaking lion. He doesn't need a backstory. The most interesting event in his life is when his younger brother plotted against him and killed him. Fortunately, that part was already included in the Lion King.


Got milk


Hungry for Apples?


*snaps* yes!


My man!


Slow down!




Yea after t2 they really should have stopped. I love them so pretend that's how they ended. Having said that I loved seen Linda and Arnie reunited in the latest one.


*really should have Terminated it


crying in sarah conner chronicles




Marvel. It use to be a big event when they released projects. Now new things are coming out every month. Quality has gone down


I agree. Disney have required Marvel to produce multiple shows to keep the Disney+ pipeline going and as a result I no longer care to keep up with the MCU. Like Star Wars, the whole brand has been cheapened as a result.


>Like Star Wars, the whole brand has been cheapened as a result. Reminds me of when my friend and I were trying to come up with things to watch. Decided to watch Solo but stopped halfway through because we realized we had already watched it but had forgotten.


Has nothing to do with Disney. The MCU is just becoming what comic books have been for decades. Too many characters. Too many crossovers. Too many continuity issues. Expect some big event in another few years that “resets” the MCU timeline. Then we’ll get Iron Man and Captain America stuff all over again like it’s 2008. Comics have been dealing with this crap since the 90s.


Yeah, they kind of sealed their own fate there as well. With almost everything continuing the same story, if you miss one of the dozens of movies, tv shows, video games, etc. suddenly you have no idea what's going on. As someone who pretty much got out after the first Avengers movie, I tried to get back in around Infinity war and there was way too much to catch up on I literally just couldn't do it.


That was my biggest issue with the new Dr Strange. Relied heavily on viewers seeing WandaVision. I mean, I stopped reading comics because I got tired of needing to read a dozen different titles to complete a story line.


Funny enough that's the exact reason I lost interest in reading Marvel comics in the 90s. Too many crossover events that assumed I had enough allowance money to buy issues of titles I didn't even like so I could follow the story.


Star Wars. **Please, just stop.**


It would be fine they stopped using the same ten characters and three storylines for every single movie and show. The universe is interesting and has potential but we’ll never see it because they have to slap something Skywalker related in front of it.


Tbh, it seems like they might get back on track. Mando season 3 looks like a really cool story that’ll expand on the mandalorians, the new clone wars esque show focuses on a pre-sith dooku and young qui gon, and andor looks like a really cool rebellion story with a darker tone. Looks like a lot of good content focusing on under developed characters and exploring lesser storylines


Marvel franchise


MCU is getting dangerously close. I can barely keep up with all the new shows and movies.


They already concluded their crossover event with Thanos. Everyone's stories culminated in a final showdown that had a very satisfying ending. I don't want any more crossovers. I just want to watch Dr. Strange solve a magic problem without worrying about needing to know the backstory of alternate timeline versions of 4 new characters whose Disney+ spinoff series I haven't watched yet. Unfortunately we can tell that they're trying to recapture that multi-phase Thanos hype with this Kang the Conquerer villain except now the stakes are HIGHER THIS TIME because 35 additional heroes need to team up to save EVERY alternate universe EVER and unfortunately it won't be nearly as interesting because of brand fatigue. :(


yeah, this is exactly why I stopped reading comics in the first place




It's the same game plan that drug down Marvel in the 90s. At some point, the story is going to be too intricate for anyone to understand without context of every other thing they've put out.


Transformers Resident Evil


Theres transformers in resident evil now?


Kardashians. Every member of that family is just wearing on my last nerve.


SpongeBob, I feel like the actors want to stop SpongeBob, however Nickelodeon is milking the show to the last drop.


The creator didn’t want spin-offs. Once he died Nickelodeon started announcing them..


I had to scroll cause I knew SpongeBob would be mentioned, Nickelodeon has beat this dead horse and I honestly am disappointed cause I used to love Nick, but the way they treat animated shows other then SpongeBob is sad :(


Dude will be rolling in his grave for eternity.


Disney. Between the MCU and remakes, it's just utter garbage.


Eventually they are going to come full circle and start making live-action remakes of the live-action remakes.


Cartoon adaptations of the live action remakes of cartoons.


Toy Story, fight me about it


There's nothing to fight because it's true. Toy Story 4 didn't need to exist and yet it does.


I agree, it was the perfect trilogy. Toy Story 4 is absolute garbage, completely changing Woody's character and contradicting the all themes/message the franchise stood for.


Don’t forget that they dumbed down Buzz. Never gonna forgive them for that.


The Walking Dead, never seen so many unjustified spin-offs. With their success/stinker ratio usually tending towards the latter, it baffles me.


The Cowboys. Man do they suck a fat one.


Star Wars




Superhero movies in general


Yeah, I'm ready for them to take a \~15 year break.


My uterus


If you have milk coming out of your uterus you may wanna see a doctor.


If you have milk coming out of your uterus, you may be entitled to compensation.


Name checks out.


Kinda have conflicting feelings about this one, but Pokemon. Its not that they have explored every possible avenues for the franchise, its that in a lot of ways they have been extremely slow to change things up, and fans are as concerned about bringing things back as they are about moving forwards. Sword and Shield was not even an RPG in a lot of ways.


I would’ve probably agreed before, but I can at least say Arceus felt like a step in the right direction, even if a little hollow at times.


The Fairly Odd Parents, being cancelled then brought back at least twice, with the last few seasons being a steep decline in quality, adding more characters as an attempt to make the series feel fresh, having multiple bad live action movies, and a terrible rushed revival that adds absolutely nothing to series, I think it's fine for it to never come back.


Chloe didn't even need to be there and yet she is. And because of her, there's a supposed "fairy shortage". She doesn't even need fairies! She's a goody-two-shoes overachiever teacher's pet!