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Sir, we aren't miracle workers.


Butt rubs keep me pretty happy.


Butt rubs are pretty good, but I prefer back rubs.


Know her love language and her needs. It’s easy to love people based on how you feel loved but that may not translate to how she feels loved. Also remember small details: favorite color, foods, flowers, birthdate, etc. Keep a notepad file on your phone if that helps, she’ll be extremely impressed you remembered and she didn’t have to tell you 20 times.


Just give a shit and show them that you do. Ask about their day. Tell her she’s pretty and sexy and fun to be around. Offer to listen if something is wrong (without automatically trying to fix their situation, ask if they want advice. Sometimes people want to just bitch). Surprise them with shit sometimes, can be little things like their favorite candy or snack. Watch the shows and movies they like to watch or offer to try activities they are interested in. If you’re not sure what they like or appreciate talk to them. Just try and it will go a long way with the right girl lol


let her bite you. be silly with each other fr good sex and helping with stress so that sex is appealing cuddling late night drives where you trade off favorite albums listening skills and genuinely respecting her as an interesting and equal human being you're lucky to be with, and feeling that luck be mutual


Discover your own self worth.


Ask her what makes her happy, listen to her, and work with her to find a way to make you both happy.


Ever had a girlfriend before? Ask her then do that? Worst advice ever.


I'm sorry that all of your girlfriends have been too immature to realize when you were being honest, and trying to make both of you happy.


Tell her she's pretty even when she's not, tell her she's gorgeous especially when she is. Surprise her (wait for her with dinner ready, buy her favorite dessert, organize dates). Honestly we don't need the moon to be happy. We just want to feel like we matter and having us in your life makes it a bit nicer.


Hugging me from behind usually works a treat


just cook for me when i'm sad 🙄


A good girl : she wants to be treated good but not like a princess A baddie : she wants to be treated like trash A whore: she wants a dick