Politicians they follow


"Hey guys!! it's me!!! ...make sure to like and subscribe. turned my life into an algorithm now. surviving only on notification bells. I die if you don't click!!!!!"


Here in the Netherlands people who live in Amsterdam base their personality on Amsterdam


Have you met the “New Yorker who is now an expat in Amsterdam”?


We all have


People move to Colorado and Colorado becomes their personality. They buy a jeep or Subaru and start wearing Chaco’s, and plaster Mountain Life all over everything they own.


LOL. Is Mountain Life like the Salt Life from Florida? (It's everywhere)


I see Salt Life stickers a lot where I live, *in Arkansas*. Like, my dudes, you're hours away from the ocean. And, of course, my husband read it as "Slut Life" once, so that's all he says when he sees them.


Not only that, but "Colorado native" is a whole thing too. I've met many people who have nothing to talk about except how bitter they are that people keep moving in and how much better it was when they were kids.




Moved from CO to the Pacific Northwest, it's the same everywhere. People in beautiful states/places hate transplants because they change the demo. Edit: bred from mountain people.


It’s that way for a lot of major cities around the world. Here in Canada each province’s capital city has a bunch of people basing their personality off of it.


In the UK I remember meeting some Canadians law school students and the ones from the GTA were so rude to the girl from Calgary because she wasn’t from Ontario.


Those students were really the worst case Ontario


Fuckin atodaso


Getting two birds stoned at once


Smokes let's go


There's people basing their personality off of being from Regina?


Lots of New Yorkers (City not state) guilty of this too. But it’s not just them. Los Angelinos, San Francisans, Chicago and DC are guilty too. Texans are probably the worst about it, especially the further they get away from Texas, then you’ve got people from Austin who are like the elitist Texans, they’re like the oddest mix of hippie and redneck. They often pride themselves on the hippie and denounce the redneck while still obviously being one.


As a Texan I'm offended and agree at the same time. Every Texan has a Texas shaped something and might have more state flags than U.S. flags.


Their job


Or just money in general. I worked with a guy who only *ever* talked about what things were worth, mostly vehicles. What he was thinking about buying. How much he could sell something for. The trades he wanted to make. How much our customers made. What motorbike he bought before from a guy on the street we happened to be on and what it's worth. That's *all.* It was annoying as fuck. Any conversation at all, you could be talking about your grandma, and he immediately tries to change the subject to value. It was literally the only small talk he knew. The fact he was poor just made it sad.


Omg my husband is kind of like this and as much as I love him, it's so frustrating. I'm just not all about money. We don't need to tell the kids how much their gifts cost. Idk. It makes me a little nuts.


My mom did this at every gift-giving holiday. Whenever my sister and I opened a gift, it would come with some version of "I hope you like that. It cost $x." I love my mother very much and understand now that there were reasons she did the things she did (remember, your parents are people with past traumas, too), but this ritual that accompanied every gift has made both my sister and me feel very guilty and unworthy of gifts given to us, which persists into today. People tell me that it's not normal, but whenever I'm given a gift, my first thought is something like "Oh no, you shouldn't have spent that amount of money on me - I don't deserve it/ I'm not worth it! I wish you'd have spent it on something more important to you." I'm not saying that that will happen to your kids, but it might be worth having a gentle discussion with him about telling them how much their gifts cost. Just let them enjoy the moment, being grateful for the gift and the thought alone, not the money that went into it.


That’s a bummer. The only time I tell someone what I paid for a gift is when I don’t want them thinking I spent a ton of money. Yeah I gave you a vintage Burberry raincoat or volcano vaporizer new in box. But I paid $25 at goodwill. I paid my friends cell phone bill(prepay) more months than not for 3 years when he was on hard times and his phone was disconnected when I called. He was pretty sure it was me but I didn’t tell him for another 5 years.


True, I lived it twice. First time I was a young, driven, ladder climber. Second I was a greedy, grab All the Cheeto’s before everything goes to pot… then when it did in 2008, financial collapse happened, I became lost. I’d let 95% of my identity become my job when it disappeared so did I. Took over a year to get my head right.


Yep. The world rewards you for going all in on your job. And I totally feel the, “I’ve gotta get MY chair before the music stops” mentality. It’s an easy trap in which to fall.


It does and it doesn't. The costs of going all-in on a job are just a lot more subtle than the immediate rewards. I work with a guy who safely clears 800k/year + properties + stocks. He's the richest, most career driven person i know; but his life is obviously way, way harder than mine. He regularly doesn't see his son for days. When he does its for less than an hour. He's so stressed that he's started drinking most days. He has 0 social life and no hobbies. He wasn't always like this. Slowly over the last decade everything became secondary to the job. I honestly think the "success" is killing him.


Firefighters are all about this. But to be fair, the ones I work with work so much forced overtime due to a decade long staff shortage that it basically is their whole life


The generation they're born in


You just don't get it because you're not a 90s kid


Said by someone born in 1998


"only 90s kids remember this"


Harley Davidson should be much higher.


Yes. My dad is one of these people, he owns a Harley and literally every t shirt and jacket he has is Harley Davidson merch. His truck is plastered with the Harley Davidson logo. He put it on my mom’s car’s front license plate. He wanted to put his stickers on my car. The walls in his garage are completely covered with Harley Davidson signs and decals to the point where you can’t tell what color the walls even are. Same with our fence. Harley Davidson neon lights are placed around the entire house. His phone case? Harley Davidson. Our flag pole? Harley Davidson flag (just below the American one, of course). It’s ridiculous.


‘Girl bosses’/MLM cult engagers And social media.


A friend of a friend was running one of those fad "You can drink milkshakes all day and lose weight" places. She tried for months to get me roped into her pyramid scheme but had to close her location down because after about a year she gained 100 pounds from her magic "weightloss" milkshakes and people stopped buying from her.


I am surely going to hell for laughing at this


Why? It seems to me she got her just desserts.


This is not a trifling matter!


There’s a Herbalife hun on my FB. Over the past 8 years I’ve improved health wise by diet and exercise. She has gained weight and looks unhealthy. She does Herbalife, I won’t touch the stuff or anything like it. It’s full of garbage.


Herbal life is a total BS pyramid scheme. They only thing you'll succeed in doing is driving every last friend and coworker away from you, because they don't want to buy any more of that CRAP after you pressure them into the first purchase.


When I was 19-ish I got roped into Herbalife by a coworker . I did the shakes, etc.for a month and then had to be hospitalized because it fucked my immune system and digestive system so hard. Sure, I lost 20 lbs and 3 dress sizes… but now I have so many health issues that docs can directly trace back to that. And after all of that, said coworker tried to get me on another “plan” that was “safer”. Fuck you, Charla, for preying on young women with body image issues.


In fairness, her magic weightloss milkshakes probably say to drink them instead of a meal, not to have a large lunch and then three shakes for dessert.


My grandma was a large woman and tried to lose weight so my father bought her some meal replacement shakes. She would drink them after she ate her meals and was surprised to be gaining weight. When we told her that those were supposed to replace her meal she was shocked.


Did she think the shakes had, like, negative calories?


They used to sell pills that had negative calories in them and would make you lose weight. >!They were full of tapeworm eggs.!<


Or that one that would literally make you shit out fat, that sounds like a fun one!


Oh god that Instagram tagging of girl boss and stuff. As a woman I’m embarrassed


They're basically the female equivalent of those losers who unironically call themselves "alpha males" and worship "the grind". Like, dude, you realise most of those "alpha male" meme are making fun of you right?




There are so many of these on Twitter. I'm sure they're 98% bots, but damn.


You ever see a police officers wife? It's crazy but they turn their entire existence into being a police spouse, it's very odd. I have two neighbors that are police, they younger the wife the more intense the alternate reality they create for themselves. The husbands never mention their profession but the wifes cant shut up about it and try and prove how much they know about local law enforcement.


Same for military wives


YoU wIlL aDdReSs Me bY mY HuSbAnD's RaNk


Thank you for your cervix.


My cousin's husband was in the Air Force. He was never deployed but whenever he would get sent out for field training, she was always talking about how hard being a military wife was and how much she missed her husband. Like girl, chill. He's gonna be gone for a week. Relax, don't shave your legs, sleep on the entire bed and do all the things you wouldn't normally do when he's home.


haha my bil was in the reserves and when the iraq war started he got deployed ... to Hawaii. So their whole family went to Hawaii for a few months, his wife still goes on about how stressful it was being in the reserves during the Iraq war.


My actual deployments in the global war on terror were always to tropical locales. I enjoyed the per diem and scuba diving, and never complain about stressful deployments.


Hehe my favorite. Get stationed in someplace nice and tropical like: "Yep, no terrorism here, better check the beach and bar to make sure tho. Don't worry, I'll go in civies so I don't stand out."


Had two classmates from HS enroll in the national guard. We graduated in 01, so when 911 hit, it wasn't a suprise a lot of folks I knew enlisted. Here's the thing about those two. I'm still friends with one of em, as he's got a level of self awareness you don't always see in ex military. We'll call him X, and the other friend M. X will say "M and I both enlisted because neither of us did well enough in highschool for college, and it was in place of an actual post-school plan." They both got assigned down at Gitmo. X had an IT job basically, setting up printers and shit for barracks and the brass. M landed a cushy office job. Which lasted for about 2 weeks before he was caught LOOKING AT PORN ON GOVERNMENT COMPUTERS, while he was supposed to be working. Got reprimanded, and demoted to shit perimiter guard, midday shifts where he'd sweat his ass off in the sun. X heard all about this and thought it was funny enough to tell the rest of us about it when he got home. And he was right, M's a dumbass and got what ye deserved. Well many years later, I've moved back to town to help my elderly parents, and I get an invitation from X for a 4th of July bbq. M shows up. Wearing his camo fatigues, like he was just coming home from active duty. "He likes being thanked for his service" X tells me. Later some fireworks go off in the distance, and M starts acting like his PTSD from combat is flaring up. Eventually leaves, and X confirms to us that M never got within 6 timezones of a battlefront, and the only loud noise or explosions he ever dealt with were in basic. So yeah, I often think about the whole thing where the military members who are called heroes don't usually like it as they'll tell you they just did what the training drilled into them and that anyone else would have done it. And then you have M who was literally jerking off in an office on government time and nearly got discharged for it, walking around soliciting attention and thanks for his service that largely consisted of him being a mallcop/groundskeeper.


You ever heard a dependa say "our rank"? Basic doesn't prepare you for such cringe.


"Aren't you going to salute me?"




I had, yes had, a friend who would only date cops. Walked around acting superior and talking only about cops. Married one who was promptly fired and cannot get rehired anywhere in our state as a cop. Now it's all a political witch hunt, etc . Do you have ANY idea how fucked up you must have been to get fired and you've reapplied all over the state and no one will touch you? No idea what he actually did. She refused to tell.


We call them badge bunnies


Like a lot lizard with an authoritarian personality


You have to be a pretty shitty cop to get blackballed. Cops get fired and go work the next town over all the time.


To be totally fair, you can also be blackballed for being too good of a cop - cooperating with investigations into fellow officers, whistleblowing on police abuses…


This. One of my co-worker’s husband was a cop and he got blackballed for reporting his superior after he caught him having sex with a 14 year old girl.


Oilfield wives. South Texas women love to brag about their oilfield man spoiling them rotten while they also claim government assistance. And their car decals 🙄


Same thing with entitled military spouses.


It's not as common anymore, but doctor's wives used to be like this. When women were only supposed to get married & have kids, they derived their status from who they married. Landing a doctor was like finding gold. Decades ago, I had a housemate/landlady (I rented her basement) whose dad was a doctor. They were both really nice, but her mother was a cow. More than once, she referred to her husband in conversation as "*Doctor* Wallace". Not "Jim" or "Katy's dad", but "*Doctor* Wallace" every time And you could hear the italics. She really thought that made her special.


Being a youtuber


For real though, the eyes say it all




Making your hobby your job sounds great on paper but in practice you are 100% relying on that hobby to pay your bills and it takes it’s toll


Especially when you're working for someone else, and especially especially when that someone else is an advertiser. At that point you're no longer doing your hobby, you're doing whatever they tell you while pretending it's your hobby.


Also if you make it big enough to be working for yourself but with employees. Having other people whose livelihoods rely on you continuing to do your job to a specific standard is not a burden every single person is cut out for


While I was reading the first part of ur comment Safiya popped in my head Obviously it’s all just speculation made from ppl who don’t KNOW these ppl and only have a glance into their lives but imo Safiya seems like she lost her passion and wants to move forward into a different phase of her life but like you said she can’t since her face/personality/brand/life is a business now that it’s responsible for more then just herself


Before you guys mentioned it, I didn’t even think of this change in her, but your words ring true. She changed a lot after the move and doesn’t seem to be enjoying her own content as much, or approach it with the same enthusiasm, as she used to. I considered unsubbing (I don’t care for her livestreams at all, they’re not my cup of tea), but I just can’t bring myself to do it, because she’s such a lovely person.


I used to really like her stuff but haven't watched anything since her wedding. I agree that her vibe changed a lot!


Christine from Simply Nailogical has a great video om her YouTube that is so sad. Basically her admitting how tired she was of making content. It was heartbreaking to watch.


Yeah it became clearly forced years before that video though. Christine’s quitting video dropped a couple of weeks ago. About two years ago is when I’d say I stopped watching her videos because she felt fake. Good she got out though.


And she got out in a way that works for her but still allows her to do what she loves. She streams now and is the CEO of her own nail polish brand. She's shifted her focus in a way that keeps things sustainable for her


Bunny from Graveyardgirl stopped being fun when she was forcing everything. She made it clear she had a lot of anxiety and depression and was self conscious. I stopped watching her not long after Shane Dawson interviewed her. I agreed with his pep talk he gave her. I followed her because she was a down to earth girl who just made Does This Thing Really Work videos for fun. Then it got forced and all I could see was a nervous wreck of a woman who refused to get help. Jenna Marbles got out of YouTube when it stopped being fun, and I can respect that. It sucks, because her content only got better with time because she did what she wanted, but I respect her decision.


I'm a former big League of Legends YouTuber (2015-ish) and I can completely confirm this. What started as a funny project because I was blasting with creative ideas, had suddenly turned into a fulltime job with 'forced' schedules, deadlines, and brainstorming sessions to keep the ball rolling. It's easy to get dependent on the easy money and the fame. But it certainly took its toll. At the time I decided to quit on my peak because I noticed I didn't enjoy the forced grind anymore. It was a stale job I dreaded doing. My dozens of creative theoretical ideas had all been turned into reality and I was happy & contempt. Once I had thoughts of faking videos, I knew it was time to quit and I don't regret it a single day. Edit: I now know "contempt" should have been "content".


As an extra-extra minor youtuber I can't even manage to post something every six months. I don't know how people do it weekly/regularly.


Being overworked and barely sleeping. Edit: To clarify, this isn’t meant to be an insult. I know exactly how it feels to work an ungodly amount of hours with little to no reprieve. It’s a routine that’s become ingrained in us and I think it’s important to remember being overworked, under slept, and having little to no time to ourselves is not healthy.


And the amount of caffeine you drink to compensate. This is me right now in the manufacturing field. Currently looking for a new job.


Some people complain with pride for some reason


Like that infamous video of some 25 year old on an oil rig staring smugly at the camera with the caption "lower your tone when you talk to me if you work less than 100hrs a week".


Loving Disney.


Adult who likes Disney: watches a Disney movie once in awhile, can enjoy a vacation to a Disney park, has a Mickey Mouse T-shirt or pair of earrings, fond of childhood memories relating to Disney. Disney Adult: House is a shrine of Disney merchandise, Disney car decals, every single vacation they take is to a Disney park, cries meeting Disney characters, half their wardrobe is Disney themed, insists on a Disney proposal/wedding/honeymoon, refusal to let to of childhood.


> refusal to let to of childhood. That’s the thing: it’s almost always Disney merchandise from a very specific era. Not many of them are collecting stuff from Amphibia or The Owl House.


I saw a video where someone was complaining that, due to rising prices, her annual Disney vacations (yes plural) now cost her over $30k. And she was talking about it like it was the cost of food, rent, or medicine. An essential expenditure that she just couldn’t go without. It’s utter insanity




And god forbid you ride horses, but have other interests as well. “You don’t want to be at the barn every second you’re free??? What is wrong with you?!?”


I fairness, horses really are a lifestyle. It's pretty similar to being a racecar driver. Takes dedicating your whole life to the pursuit. There are some whack-jobs in the horse world though.


Saying this as a horse person myself, "some whack-jobs" is an understatement. As someone who started riding in my 40s for fun, you really have to avoid barn drama. Trainers who act like you need to have the Olympics as a goal (regardless of age or desire), parents who are living vicariously through their kids, "mean girls" of all ages who want to have the most expensive horse/tack/clothes. It can be rough for people who just want to spend time with horses.


I can’t believe I had to scroll so much to find this answer. And I’m sorry but I’m not scrolling further than that to find the term « horse girl « . I had one as a roommate at some point. She was actually nice and we could get her to talk about something else… but I ran for cover the moment her friends came over.


Being a “boy mom”


My partners ex wife thrives on this. Absolutely does our head in. Like wow well done you birthed a boy, just like billions of other women. It doesn't make you special or unique!


I think women like this have man issues/ daddy issues and just live male attention, no matter the flavour. Lots of times these dynamics turn a bit emotional-incesty. “My big strong man (son), never gonna leave me.” “He might be your husband now, but he was my baby boy first. Nothing can change that.”


Barf. That's just as bad as the "I'm a girl dad and I got a shotgun. She was my princess first." just fucking barf.


Facebook picture caption: Raising a king! .... More likely raising a spoiled POS that ends up treating women badly in the future because he thinks he can walk all over them because his mom gave him everything and did everything for him!


Oh my gosh I work at a daycare and the children of those parents are an absolute nightmare in the classroom. Some people legit think that saying no to their kids is borderline child neglect, not knowing the chaos those kids then bring with them everywhere they go. So entitled, so whiny, still throwing temper tantrums when they're about to go off to kindergarten. It's ridiculous.


When I was a kid, my aunt and uncle came to visit with their then toddler. Said toddler decided to open the drawers of the bedroom dresser and start climbing up. Another aunt told her ‘no’ and moved her away from the dresser. Her mother responded with, “oh, we don’t tell Toddler no.” Lemme just say, almost 30 years later, my now adult cousin cannot handle any sort of failure to get her way.


It doesn't even surprise me anymore. It honestly seems like this sort of parenting style is becoming more common and accepted. My mother has worked in the daycare industry for over a decade now. I heard all about it before seeing it firsthand. We used to have a preschooler at our daycare who would eat frosting for breakfast every single morning, because she'd refused to get dressed if she didn't. It's honestly embarrassing how many grown ass adults allow their kids to boss them around. Kids don't naturally learn right from wrong, what's acceptable behavior and what isn't. They have to be taught those things, and neglecting that duty as a parent can lead to disasterous outcomes.


My 4 year old child would have died 4 times last week if I didn't say no to things.


A lot of it comes from instagram parenting where influencers attempt to condense entire books into stories, removing important context, or otherwise completely missing the point. Well meaning parents get sucked into it thinking they’re getting good advice. In reality, you can’t actually reduce volumes of literature into a couple of tweets and “gentle discipline” doesn’t actually equate to letting your 3 year old do whatever the fuck they want without consequence.


there's soft parenting and then there's just spinless parenting. i'm all for no yelling/no corporal punishment but with some parents it's like they're overcorrecting for the abuse they faced when they were younger and can't enforce a boundary to save their lives. like they're scared to oppose literally anything their child does


That definitely plays a role in it too in some cases. It's like some people don't realize that though kids are innocent, they lack all empathy and self control. I spend all day at work encouraging kids to share and to work together. They consistently have to be reminded not to hurt each other or steal things that don't belong to them. Kids don't just wake up one day as fully rational and empathetic adults. They require constant nurturing to get there.


I teach K. Once had a mom ask for a parent teacher conference the third week of school to "discuss [my] policies on forced-sharing". I didn't know how to explain to her that (1) these toys do not belong to your child, they belong to me/the class and my/the class rules are that they have to share and (2) your child punching another child because they don't want to share a fire truck is an unacceptable response to being told they need to share/take turns.


Hair color. If I hear my co-worker talk about how ‘natural red heads’ are or how you shouldn’t mess with them use it as an excuse for a shitty character trait, I’m gonna lose it.


As a redhead, I hate other redheads like that. It's so annoying. We are pretty much normal people. Just have some physical traits that differ


‘Pretty much’ lmao


Well yea there are some slight differences. We have a lower tolerance for heat, a higher tolerance for pain, and require about 10% more anesthesia to be put under than a non-redhead.


The anesthesia thing boggled my mind. Also redheads have a lower skin pH (more acidic). An old red headed friend of mine had to be very picky about perfumes and lotions because stuff that smelled fine on other people would sometimes smell acrid on her.


Dude, you just solved a mystery for me! My best friend growing up is a redhead and I always wondered why she smelled "funny" to me. Not bad but just weird. I didn't think about skin pH.


I had a red head gf in college that smelled amazing. I have had a whiff of her smell I think like twice in ten years since I knew her, and both times it instantly brought me back to her memories. And God I love that fucking smell. I'm not sure if I was more attracted to her or her smell. And I'm honestly still a bit confused about that... Lol Edit: I can't find what perfume it was. I wish I could. One day in about to go to a store and try all of them just so I freaking know and it stops sitting on the back of my mind 😂


Goddamn, the anesthesia thing. My hair is no longer visibly red but the damn gene remains. I found out about that through a very bad surgery experience and a confused doctor.


Same. Woke up during major surgery & that’s how I found out about my gene


We just have *the worst* superpower. Sure, if we could be an epic vigilante character in a comic book and somebody tries to knock us out with sleeping gas, at least we could have a "surprise, motherfucker!" moment; all we get is being aware that someone is currently cutting us open.


Pickup trucks. There are people that happen to own pickup trucks, then there are people who's pickup truck owns them. We all know the type, flood lights, muddn tires, grill racks, lifted, spotless paint with a wax, and optionally a diesel stack coming out of the bed, truck muts, and a snorkel. I get it, printing out business cards that tell people that you're a douche would be difficult to distribute on the highway at 70mph, but it might be more cost effective than your $100K Raptor.


Ahhh the brodozers


I've never heard this before but it has immediately entered my vocabulary.


Being in the military.


Ironically many of these people are vets that couldn’t wait to get out while they were active.


Lol sorry for the long rant but... Thank God someone said it! As a veteran myself, it's cringey. It's one thing if you're still in since that is your life 24/7 but veterans who make their whole personality about being a veteran gives me heartburn. You got out for a reason, enjoy life, figure out what you like, find your personality. Tbh, every veteran who I talk to that are fairly successful in great careers never mention they were in until it happens to come up. But the part that's even worse is the people who never served always trying to voice their opinion of "respect our troops" when 90% of the time we don't care. Just seen a fb video where some high schoolers painted over a parking lot (they do it every year) that had a USAF logo from last year. All the military moms were screaming in the comments but the actual vets just laughed and pretty much said who gives sh*t. Edit: spelling Edit 2: ty for the award! and glad to see my most upvoted comment is me b*itching about other vets lol


Embarrassingly, I am guilty of this when I got out 5 years ago. I spent 16 years in...most of my adult life and it was a hard transition going to corporate culture. It was a culture shock. It took me a long time to get used to. I was lost and trying to figure out who I was and what I'd like to do. The Army was all I knew and it was hard to relate with other people. However, I've learned a lot about myself over the past 5 years and I can now say that I'm enjoying life outside the military. I have a few veterans that I work with and sometimes we go down memory lane. I like that aspect for the nostalgia and camaraderie.




You're welcome for my thank you 🙏🏽


Being a veteran as well. I am, but personally avoid bringing it up and don't enjoy "thank you for service" default. But I see so many gaudy trucks tagged up with decals and guys in 'casual camo' clothes and/or hats, shirts, and other flair. It's petty of me, and all roles are important, but I imagine they were doing menial jobs, ducked deployment, and were probably the kind of ppl that dragged down the unit


You will find most who where camo everywhere with military decals on their vehicles are just posers. I myself feel the same way you do. I don't care for people thanking me for my service. If our military wasn't voluntary, it would be different. But we chose to serve. I personally only have two things that references my veteran status. The symbol on my Driver's License, and my licenses plate on my car, and no it's not a custom tag. My tribe puts it on the license plates they issue if you are a vet.


Their beard. As a guy with a beard it’s annoying. Although it’s not quite as bad as it was 5 years ago or so. We get it. You have a beard


As a guy who can't grow a beard, it was even worse. Yeah, a few years ago I'd get people belittling me for not having facial hair. Bitch, I can't grow facial hair and even if I could my career doesn't allow it.


Smoking weed.


I smoke plenty of weed. But there's nothing more irritating than a pothead.


As a highly functioning stoner I find “stoner” culture and its stereotypes to be obnoxious




Being a sports fan


I know right? Some people even make it their entire username.


I was sitting there going why are you rooting for two different football teams, especially since there's a bit of a historical rivalry there... took me a few minutes to make the realization in my head.


Sex. I don't even mean sexuality I mean the coomers and the guys who stalk this sub and ask 11 NSFW questions a day about "Hey ladies what do men get wrong about your bods" and "Ladies, what's your sexiest sex sexual experience where sex was had and it was sexy?" Lust controls some of these people man. They gotta go outside.


I have a friend, who I love a lot, but she and her ex husband were heavily into the BDSM lifestyle and she would talk about it SO much. Like, do you and have fun, but I don't want to hear about you getting trussed up and fucked upside down over dinner while your husband smirks into his wine.


I have an ex-friend who was a swinger. It was her WHOLE PERSONALITY. We took a trip together and the whole time she would deep throat straws or suck on food and stare at other men saying she hoped they would go back to the hotel and sleep with her while her husband just nodded along. I’m all for “what you do as consenting adults” but I just felt like everything became sex sex sex.




feels like the peak fad has passed though?


Their own perceived persecution/ victimization. "Being suppressed and personally attacked is who I am."


And guess what? It’s impossible to point this out because it falls right into their perception. Avoid at all costs.


"I wouldn't be so paranoid if everyone wasn't out to get me".......


I made a jew joke once, because I’m Jewish, and this girl got so offended on my own behalf. She was like “how dare you say that about your own people,” and I was just like “bro, Jews self-deprecate all the fucking time. That’s kinda our thing.” She was a “social justice warrior” when that term was just starting to enter the zeitgeist in like 2011, but really she was just a white privileged girl who went to a school that cost 30,000 dollars a year. Im all for social justice, but calling out someone else for making a joke about themselves is just peak white savior bullshit.


I hope you gave her a pile of Philip Roth books and retired to a safe distance before she exploded.


The other day on reddit I had an LGBTQ2+ "ally" call me out for being homophobic when I was describing my personal experience of being a queer person who's been out and active in the community for 20 years. Apparently I didn't word my comment to their liking. A straight person attacking a queer person for being a homophobe. It was a very r/selfawarewolves moment.


Music, I know some people who are so snobby about their music choices.


Weirdly, this seems less prevalent than it used to be. Perhaps with more options people are more open-minded and listen to a larger variety of things


Listening to different music is no longer an investment. No need to seek out records or be friends with someone who owns cool ones. Just one Spotify and you can check out any genre anywhere anytime. Maybe that's part of it.


I'm not snobby, I just *prefer* my neo-jazz to come from Belgium.


I’m in recovery and there are some people who make their entire personality being in the program. It’s their entire life. I understand it for people who are new because some have literally had to change everything and they NEED recovery to be their life for a while in order to stay clean and stay alive. That’s perfectly fine, but when you have 25 years clean and you still go to 6 meetings a week, go to every single event and your life entirely revolves around it, it might be time to maybe branch out a little. I’ve distanced myself from these people in the last few years. I stick to the few small meetings that these people don’t frequent, call my sponsor when I need too and have a handful of close friends. Other than that, I have an entire life outside of recovery. I have other friends, hobbies and goals to achieve and don’t really talk about recovery unless I’m asked about It. I feel this is healthier.


Conspiracy theorist. "Open your eyes, do your own research"


I have a cousin like this. I think it’s a self esteem thing. He doesn’t have any accomplishments in life, but believing that he knows the truth, while the “stupid sheeple” are in the dark gives him something to feel superior about.


That’s right. It’s a way for people to feel smarter than others “I’m not a sheep, I think for myself!”




Hating the popular thing


Zodiac signs. Like please shut up about it.


"*I don’t believe in Astrology; I’m a Sagittarian and we’re skeptical*" - **Arthur C. Clarke** (attributed)


Thank you, Sean Bean


My sister was like this. She was a Cancer, which is ironic due to how she died... Killed by a giant Crab.


I fucking love Bo Burnham


Oh my god that is such a Leo thing to say.


As a Leo I agree, shut up about it.


I am sorry. Must be because i am Asparagus.


Typical peppercorn


I love going into comments of videos and seeing people say "oh that's absolutely *x* energy" but there are several comments by different people and you can usually find all the different signs being named.


Faking Mental Disorders. Ideally DID and such. I can understand those who do have these disorders and just want to spread awareness and the struggle in their lives. But be aware that not everybody tells the truth, especially internet influencers. Whether it's for views, money, popularity, or attention.


It makes it worse for the people who have the actual disorder. For years I contemplated getting tested for ADHD because I thought I was faking it like them.


My son is 12 and has Tourette’s. It’s not cute or fun. It’s not quirky. It affects every single part of his life, and it isn’t just tics. So yeah, that pisses me off. Edit: but please don’t listen to or join in with the people calling out fake videos with their “proof” that people are faking. Many of the reasons people give to prove that a person is faking are completely wrong and based only on what they think Tourette’s is. I posted this in a comment below, but yes, talking about a tic will make you do it, yes, you can pick up tics from others so you aren’t just “copying” someone else’s tic to look cool, yes it’s possible to tic less while focussing and it isn’t just that “they forgot to tic” because they were distracted. Yes, it’s common to tic more in either stressful situations or in places you feel comfortable, so only ticcing in class or at home or with friends is NOT proof. There are many more. Just be careful not to hunt down fakers so hard to catch actual sufferers in your net.


Especially because these people trivialize the disorder and make others who really have this disorder look like they’re faking it too. I have ptsd and need people to take triggers seriously, but the word has turned into anything that mildly annoys someone and people think it’s no big deal. They trivialize words like trigger, trauma, and gaslighting and it means that we don’t get taken seriously.


Yes! I had panic disorder for a few years, and I had a traumatic upbringing. For the most part I'm okay, but I had legit triggers (and still have topics I don't like to talk about or be around) that I felt weird naming as such because.of the stigma around triggers. There is a huge difference between even being mildly annoyed or upset by something and having something that actually triggers you. I think some people feed into it as well and make themselves more upset to somehow legitimize it. Also, the insane number of people who video tape themselves having "panic attacks". I know some of them must be real, but a real panic attack isn't something you want attention from. It's not something that you want to film. You feel like you are dying. And maybe it's just me being crazy, but when I feel like I'm dying, I don't pick up my phone and start recording for everybody to see.


Why DID of all things? It is one of the rarest disorders out there, with little to no material on the disorder itself and the people who do manage to get a diagnosis are normally so unwell that life is just pain.


As someone who has lived through years of severe dissociative issues I will never understand why this issue was selected as the ‘cool’ fake disorder… this shit is scary as fuck. No disorder should be joked about honestly. Depression is horrible. Anxiety/panic disorders are so scary to live with. ADHD isn’t some cool issue that only makes people unable to pay attention, it comes with an extensive list of extremely distressing symptoms. OCD is not just some quirky shit that makes people neat freaks. Mental health disorders are no fucking joke.


People who do this only have a surface level understanding of the dissorders. The most on the surface symptoms. People think ADHD is innatentiveness, but its much more an inability/difficulty in controlling it. OCD seems like just neatness, but the dissorder is the compulsion behind the neatness and the nature of the compulsion. As someone with ADHD, having to wrangle my brain is so fucking difficult. Its like a river, you can't just stop it. You cant just change the direction of it. Any change in direction takes a long time, yet can easily be reversed and fall back into the more set channel. Like ill be in the middle of cleaning and someone comes up to me and tries to do small talk and like, bitch, my brain is in cleaning mode give me a minute.


It's true. People are using these disorders to give them flavour. They don't think of the disorders as debilitating. I have PTSD. The amount of "it makes you stronger. You learned a lot " comments I get drive me wild. To them PTSD is a quiet and stoic burden you carry with you honorably. They are shocked to learn that , A) I can't just outgrow and move on one day from it. I can only cope as I go and manage my emotions and avoid my triggers. B) I can have panic attacks and get lost in old memories re-living the scents and sounds and feeling for HOURS. C) Every day things can be triggers. Random smells, sounds, sights. Not just things that relate directly to or closely to the events. D) An event can impact your mood significantly for not just hours but maybe weeks after wards. E) It seriously impacts your ability to create and hold onto friendships and relationships. In my case it impacts my familial relationships. I am unable to build trust beyond a certain point with my family and do not want to share my life with them. I keep them at arms length. Even though I love them and I want to move past it I honestly don't know how to. I can not understand close family relationships that other people have. People with PTSD are not movie heros all grizzled with demons that make them interesting and mysterious. They are hurting and anxious all the time. They at times can't sleep because of memories and nightmares.


Anime I enjoy watching anime. But then I see other folks who spend a ton of money cosplaying Random characters. Going to conventions in those multilayered cosplays. They buy a fuck ton of figurines, posters, swords, flags, etc. I don't really find that annoying at all. Cause I have a bunch of jerseys, go to professional sporting events and I have like three posters. And I also play Fantasy football in like 4 leagues. A league I've been in for a decade. Two money leagues and a charity league..... I'm sure Fantasy football will be listed here....so I get the passion What I do find annoying is how they confuse their anime fanhood and convert it to Japan fanhood. Some go as far as thinking Japan is the greatest country and they want to move there. Like look man. Sushi, Ramen, and Tempura is great but Japan is as flawed as most countries and maybe even more flawed than others. Their Work Life Balance is stupid. You often hear about how people work 20 hr days sometimes and die of exhaustion. It's adding on to a declining population. Japan's population declined from 128 mil in early 2010s to 120 mil. There's also High rates of depression and a lack of mental health care in Japan. People aren't as opening as you think they are to. Not saying this is specific to Japan I'm just saying that in Japan isn't as open as you think it is like enjoy the anime


Nobody hates weebs more than other weebs


This will get buried, but some of these things become a person's entire personality because it consumes a majority of their life. Typically at a young age. Kids that saw active duty in Afghanistan, living that 24 hours a day, yeah, probably has a large influence on your personality. Woman with 3 small kids, raising them while her partner is absent (could be a deadbeat, could be working 18 hrs a day to support them), is gonna have a lot of anecdotes about motherhood. Point being, some individuals choose not to grow. Some just don't get the opportunity to. Edit: Thanks for the awards.


Thanks for pointing this out. I needed this perspective because I hadn't even considered it.


Spending too much time on the Internet. There's some people that every joke, every turn of phrase, every reference is just a fucking meme. They're the equivalent of people that would quote lines from TV shows/movies but it's more widespread. Yes, I'm talking to most of you. Sorry.


Honestly, my biggest goal right now is finding myself a hobby so I'll have less free time to waste on reddit. I think this is a poison for most of us.


It is. Reddit has a habit of encouraging snarky cynicism and the harder you dunk on someone, the more validation you get. Even if you think you’re being reasonable or mature, you’re generally just being a douchebag. That’s been my experience anyway. Hence why I have to monitor my time here, monitor which subs I see, and sometimes just step out for a few months. It’s a great time suck but man it can be toxic around here.






Do you even lift?


Their preferred American political party.


Born-again Evangelicals


My folks became born again about a year ago. It was all well and good until we were hanging out one night and they started to watch their Wednesday night church service over Zoom. My mother gets up in the middle of the service, puts her hands on my head, and starts asking God to come into my heart. I shouted “NOPE” and left.


Also, contemporary praise music is the most bland, boring as shit music on the planet.


Beiger than beige.


Driving a Tesla