Brutal honestly. Yesterday my kid looked at his grandpa (my dad) and started to laugh hysterically that he’s bald. He made sure to mention why he was laughing too. I have no idea why he thought it was so funny but he did.


I asked my Grandma why she was fat once when I was small. My Mum was embarrassed, my Aunties were livid, and my Grandma was impressed that I asked such an honest question. She apparently told me that she likes to cook, and likes to eat, so that's why she is fat. And it satisfied my curiosity. Life went on.


Kudos to grandma; adults need to realize that kids don’t ask questions to be rude, they literally don’t know the answers, “why are you fat?” Means why is anyone fat? Where does fat come from? Same with “why are you old?” Kids have no concept of age, one of my earliest memories when I was like two was me thinking high schoolers were older than my parents? Maybe cause they were louder ? Kids aren’t stupid they just don’t know anything. 😅 it’s like getting mad that your pet ferrets won’t make dinner or do your calculus homework .


It's true. Like this guy I dated back in my 20s, I went to have Easter Dinner with his family that included his niece who was maybe just 4 at the time. Right at the dinner table, she asked me loudly why I didn't have kids yet. Her Mum was a teen Mum who nearly choked on her food at the awkward question. Then dead silence while everyone waited for my answer. Quickly, I told her "Because if I had my own kids, I wouldn't have enough time to play with you, right?" The answer was accepted, tension broke, and dinner went on. She was just being curious. But on another note, one thing that kids are really good at is creating awkward moments for sure.


That’s hilarious, good answer though 😅 “But on another note, one thing that kids are really good at is creating awkward moments for sure.” When my nephew was about 5-6 he said point blank to me “Are your parents DEAD already?!” And his mom just about died herself, and I said “no my love they’re still around” and started laughing and he mom explained that he just learned what graveyards were the day prior on a car ride when they passed one 😂😂😅😅


Yeah I love how when a kid learns a brand new thing, it just snowballs into all kinds of questions...and some are just so funny. The thought process is all kindsa random at times.


My oldest is a master of creating awkward moments with strangers. When the George Floyd protests were going on, we explained to our then-five year old what was happening and why. A few days later, we were walking down the street when an elderly black woman struck up a conversation with her, complimenting her dress and her hair and whatnot. All of a sudden, my child half whispers to her "you should be careful, the police are hurting people who look like you." It was simultaneously the sweetest and most mortifying moment of my life as a parent.


How did she take it?


with amazing grace. she smiled and thanked her for wanting to make sure she was okay.


Kinda off topic, but you're right. No point having pet ferrets. ;)


Yup, I embarrassed the hell out of my parents when I asked my neighbour why her boobs were smaller than her partners and my moms. My godson got revenge for it many years later by calling my cleavage a bum and making me explain that I did not in fact have a bum on my chest.


Omg lmfao that's so good.


" hehe no hair man 💀😩😵🤣🤣🤣🤣 "


Being honest


They also have the purest logic ever.


Pure as in ”thinking process uninfluenced by others”—yes. Pure as in correct—no.


These folks don't have kids...


Having a little brother I can definitely attest to this


Sometimes buy also lie


Archeologist friend said he loved having school children on field trips - because he would set them free and say to bring back what they thought were artifacts. 9/10 it was garbage but occasionally a kid would grab something he would never find because they had no bias about what they picked up and they were closer to the ground to find shit.


I’m just imaging that 1 in 10 does indeed keeping bringing over actual shit for the archaeologist to inspect…


Hey coprolite can be worth a lot of money!😂


Can't they destroy the site?


Yes. Digs of actual sites follow a grid system and are meticulously uncovered and inspected. My guess is that the archaeologist just tells the kids to go investigate the area around a visitor center of a park and, once in a while, a kid finds some surface level local artifact (e.g. flint arrowhead for western America, Roman coin in the UK). A savvy person may even place a few valueless artifacts in various places to allow kids that dopamine hit of finding something. *edit* someone rightly pointed out a needless qualifier.


Bedrock nailed it. The archeologist also explained that recently tilled fields are great to send kids out to look for stuff - it’s already not insitu. I’m a little blown away that you immediately hit “completely fabricated”. Last year, a couple hours after a prairie burn I let my 3 and 5 year old go searching - I have some adorable pictures of my tiny people carrying around bleached out sections of a deer skeleton.


It's not child labour if you don't even pay them. /s


There's a video I saw ages ago of a black teen/young adult talking about his field trip to the cotton fields. They showed the kids how to pick cotton and sent them out to the fields, at the end they told the kids they had to turn in what they picked, so he just stuffed his pockets full and said he didn't pick any. When his mom does the wash and finds unprocessed cotton she gets the story from him and flips out on the school. Video ends with him goin on aboutbeing to young to get what was up.


https://youtu.be/BE-lUfQ7eSw The video in question.


That sounds like a fun field trip ngl


Making friends


I know I'm in the minority here, but I've found it much easier to make friends as an adult. Maybe because when I was a kid I was an awkward closeted gay boy.


Then I was below average XD


Shoot, I was failing lol


She's my best friend! What's her name? Idk! But she's my best friend!


having fun




they're better at thinking outside the box. many times, my 8 year old brother has suggested a solution to me that *sounds* a bit silly and unrealistic, but then when i think about it, i can usually make something out of it, if not apply it directly. they're intelligent little creatures.


They don’t see the box, it’s easier to break rules when you don’t know what they are


Some kids are. Most kids SUCK at independent thinking. If you've ever spent time around children you know how much they just parrot back phrases they heard, often with zero understanding of the full meaning and how it should be applied. Luckily this habit means that sometimes they are incorrectly parroting a phrase or solution to a completely different problem and it works really well! An adult who knows better wouldn't even \*consider\* that solution because it has nothing to do with the problem.


inhibition is the killer of joy, adventure and innovation. adults tend to kill their own vibe so bad!


Running around for hours with seemingly endless energy (mine runs circles around me while we are out in the garden and I get tired just watching) Really getting down to the "why" of everything (mine is asking why for everything; ie why is tan called tan?) Coming up with unique combinations of things (I've never seen so many combinations of random stuff laying round used in so many imaginative scenarios, it's quite impressive)


>why is tan called tan? Why is it though?


I usually answer those questions with "I'm not sure" which is a generally unacceptable thing to say to a four year old and results in tears. Lets see what google say this morning. *late Old English tannian ‘convert into leather’, probably from medieval Latin tannare, perhaps of Celtic origin; reinforced in Middle English by Old French tanner . Early use of the noun (late Middle English) was in tan1 (sense 3 of the noun).* [Link](https://www.google.com/search?q=tan+word+origin&rlz=1C1CHBF_enCA968CA968&oq=tan+word+or&aqs=chrome.0.0i512j69i57j0i15i22i30j0i390l2.3548j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8) I think this answer would also be unacceptable to a four year old too (met with confused stares and a demand for an easier answer).


>I think this answer would also be unacceptable to a four year old too (met with confused stares and a demand for an easier answer). When my niece was little, she asked me why we couldn't do something (I don't remember what) and I said, "Because the social protocol dictates that..." She got real quiet and didn't ask any followup questions.


Haha, I say stuff like that to him and he just starts screaming whatever he wants me to say. Like "it's because it's 10,000!" Right. Ok then. On the odd occasion he actually listens and accepts the answer though.


Happy Cake Day




Came here to say this. Kids with their rubber bones don't know how much it hurts to fall down after about 30.


Why do yall act as if 30 is old?? Maybe yall just unfit and unflexible that makes you get hurt when falling, not the still rather young age of 30. (am 27 myself) And its not like you should fall very much(if at all) with 30. some people really act as if 30 is as bad as beeing 80-90. And even then people CAN still be fit for their age.


30 should be when your bones reach their maximum density. They may not be as flexible as children's bones, but they should be strong enough. At 90, you'll have lost about half of your bone mass. You'll have bones which will be thin like children's bones, but inflexible like adults' bones. That's why you can easily break the elderly.


Wait another 3 years and you'll find out


Well don't try to run everywhere you go then, obviously


Falling I can do. It's the landing that gets me.




Fitting into small spaces at a factory in the 1900s






Fitting into the chimney to clean it.




Why is there a children run train in 2026?


Because the Oompa Loompas died and W/Charlie had to keep Snowpeircer running somehow. See Wonkapeircer






Eh if I was severely injured and brought to a hospital, I’d rather my doctors were adults than kids.


I almost cracked a real smile at this comment. Upvote.


Yeah, having adult on lap hurts


Being genuine


Being open-minded


Opening child-proof locks, gates and bottles...


Seriously half that shit isn't kid proof, it's parent proof.


Heck, we had a pet mini pig which could open most of our childproof locks.


Using their imagination




I expected something different from your username.


Learning new languages.


I learned German at the optimal age (around 11) and then Spanish and Catalan as an adult. I'm completely fluent in German and Spanish. But I definitely know the languages differently. German is hardwired. I understand everything and don't have to put in much effort. My pronunciation is decent enough to be occasionally, momentarily mistaken for a native speaker. Spanish, even though I've been speaking it every day for 25 years, requires more conscious effort, is harder to understand, etc. I only speak German maybe 3-4 times a year.


As a native English speaker I have tried to learn 3 different languages (4 if you count HTML) and I can still only speak specs of them other than English.


everybody gangsta till someone speaks google.com


Context is important here : in school, no way. Abroad or in a proper environment, yes definitely.


I agree. And I was speaking mainly from the perspective of children (especially around the mid-late single digits) having higher neuroplasticity. I wasn't thinking as much about environmental/social context.


Actually the research says adults learn better because they have more strategies for learning. Kids just have less to learn to be proficient for their age group. Kids can learn an accent better, but not a language. (my masters is in teaching kids in a new language.) Also, kids have more time where adults often have to work.


Talking preschool, kindergarten, or anywhere ages around there, I’d say being confident and making friends. It’s so easy for them to bond with one another and carry that bond. When you’re that age, it’s even as simple as, “Do you want to be friends?” “Yes.”


>“Do you want to be friends?” “Yes.” 🤝


That's how i got my best friend for almost 13 years now.


I honestly think that this is how adults can be in a healthier society. Most of us get at least a bit broken by the inequitable distribution of wealth, by discrimination and violence and by inter-generational trauma. It really fucking sucks. Even the kindest and most true of heart people I know are stressed, unhappy and unsure of themselves and we don’t come into the world like that


Staying sober


Resilience. They'll be crying one second and playing joyfully the next. Adults stay in one emotional range for longer durations.


adults that do that are cycling... usually get admitted to psychiatric wards.


Being happy


Not giving a fuck what people think.


Not sure I agree with this one. Kids can have pretty big egos.


Maybe compared to someone in their 20's or 30's but trust me, once you hit your 40's you truly do not care what ANYONE thinks about you


Forgiveness 🙏


Doing things without motive


Some children are better adults then some adults. I’ve seen them.


Truth be told is this sadly not an accomplishment. Just think about how many +60 persons begin to act like offended children (shouting, stomping on the ground, other "aggressive" movements) if they don't get what they want.


Climbing shit and jumping. I was playing on a jungle gym with my little cousin and she doesn’t have to give a fuck about knee or ankle stability.


Little kids show me up at the bouldering gym every damn time


Creating art without being too caught up in how it will look. Children (up to about the age of 8 or 9 is what I have observed) are especially skilled at creating abstract art because they are less inhibited than most adults and older students.


I love kids’ art so much!


Being energetic. As an adult, I long for the days of having so much energy that I had to run around just to burn it off.


>having so much energy that I had to run around just to burn it off. suffering from success


Imma go with toddlers Manual handling - They have perfect posture, that is until they grow up and learn bad habits!


Not to mention the spine is an engineering nightmare. Easier to keep them upright when they’re shorter and brand spankin new 🥲 (jealous)


So jealous. Recurring back pain from trying to show off as a teenager 🤦🏻‍♂️


Being genuine about peoples emotions with no expectations


Slides on a playground. I used to fly down those things and now I just kinda scooch along, waiting for gravity to give me an assist.


The ability to look at the world impartiality. By this I mean they haven't yet learned racism, sexism, bigotry etc.


My personal Answer: if spy kids has taught me anything, being spy’s


Totally Spies.


I mean I know you're joking, but for real, actual law enforcement and intelligence agencies \*love\* people who don't remotely fit into stereotypes of who cops/spies are, because it's a lot easier for them to go undercover that way. If they could get kids to be reliable enough to be spies and figure out legal issues of hiring them to do so, they probably would.


“You don’t even know how to use that!” “I know they’re heavy!” Thunk* 😂😂😂


Accepting differences in others. Kids aren't born racist/homophobic/other, they're taught those things.


They are born slightly racist. Look up doll test studies.


What - kids are born every kind of ism under the sun. What I mean by that is that kids will find any difference to create otherism and they are absolutely brutal about it.


oh god, are you kidding me? kids are cruel little bullies with no boundaries. have you ever worked with children?


Sure, but they're bullies without bias. If you tell a kid that two men are dating for the first time, they'll go "what? kissing is icky" and then go back to their monster trucks or whatever. They don't care about people's sexuality. That's learned behavior.


Oh yeah, I don't disagree with your overall point. They don't care about most things adults care about. Racism/homophobia etc. are very much learned. But they will create new and inventive "isms" you didn't even realise could be a thing. Without teaching and guidance, kids will 99 times out of 100 single out the kid who is different and bully them mercilessly for it. "Look at Jimmy, he's got freckles! Ewwww" And no-one wanted to sit near Jimmy for the rest of the year, and the other kids would hit him if he got too close, and exclude him from socialising. If they had said "Black" then it would be horribly racist to an adult viewpoint. Kids don't care. They will take the wildest levels of racism and apply it to random things.


They might not know about race, but this will pick on kids with "fuzzy" hair because it's different. They might not know about trans, but they will shout out in public "that man is wearing a dress". They might not know much about gay marriage, but I recently told a five year old that (girl) was getting married to (girl) and she asked me recently... "can girls marry girls?" with a perplexed look on her face. I've had other students make jokes about not having a mum... the mother of one of the boys had recently died. Another pointed out a hairy man (he was quite hairy indeed.. like a rug). Disabilities, ugly people, bad hair, short people. It's pretty harsh. Nor are kids stupid. If you have a segregated society, kids pick up on this at a very young age, no matter how progressive the family. I remember being rude to our cleans as a pre-teen (maybe 8 or 9? hazy memory), having no understanding of how rude this was, or how privileged we were.




Was gonna say yoga. My nieces can bend into the most difficult yoga positions. Then they taunt me for not being able to do it. Listen here you little shits, your bones are currently made of rubber. Just wait 30 years and see how flexible your body is.


After reading these comments I realized that getting old sucks.


Learning. Their brains have more gray matter and more synaptic connections which enables them to integrate and retain new information more efficiently than older persons.


Being decent human beings. But at the same time, also being terrible little fuckers.


Little, Shcrodingers fortune cookies, might be a compliment, might be roasted like never before in your life 😅


Screaming at nothing


Karen might disagree


Sitting on the floor without getting sore after a few minutes


Jumping in puddles


I remember once me and my 12 year old son went out and there were lots of ankle deep puddles. He said, can I walk through them. I said, you'll be wet and could get cold but as long as you don't moan, go for it. He loved it.


According to the responses they're better at pretty much everything virtuous except patience. And they're also better at "not being woke" according to one commenter, though in my experience kids get woke all the time or else they'd never get up in time for school. Lazy kids.


Dealing with high stress situations. They’re just like “oh shit jimmys having a heartache, would you like some of my fruit loops?”


Dancing and doing jigs and whatnot.


Complaining bitching until they get their way


Toddlers are actually far more agreeable than Karen’s. Source: worked ten years of retail… So much harder than being a nanny 😮‍💨


Skiing We moved out west and took some skiing lessons. The kids are already way better than me and it’s common to see these young kids just zooming down the mountain with no fear.


“Drawing” Don’t believe me? Take a poll of “5 y/o’s that say they can draw” and then do the same with adults. The results will speak for themselves 🙃


Growing taller.


Using their imagination. As you age you are taught to use your experience and understanding more, than visualize what could be and embrace fantasy. Those that keep ahold of it into adulthood, have a real gift.


Shitting themselves.


Video games


Learning Literally anything


Fitting into small spaces.


Learning new languages


Short term memory


Slip-n-Slide. An adult who tries has a strong chance of injuring themselves. extra height, extra weight work against you.


Living in the moment and not stressing about the future.


Memory. Got my butt whooped 10/10 times in memory by a 6 year old.


little kid can get , when ur hobby is “game” (fore example) or any other thing that love kids . so , people older (30yo and older) thinks that’s only for kids and I must to change my hobby , or just don’t lost my free time . (i am not good in eng. so i think , u can understand me)




Honesty, brutal honesty. It’s kinda funny


Having fun, as you get older, people think you need alcohol or drugs to have a good time and are absolutely shocked when they discover it’s possible without those things


I'm opposed to child labor as a general rule, but there are just some jobs kids are better at! Those mine shafts make really tight fits


Figuring out new technology.


Failing to worry


Being reasonable


Get whatever they want


Fitting in small spaces


Getting hurt & recovering from an injury.


Forgiving and not holding grudges


Being clever as fuck




Believing in magic.






adapting to change


Being genuine.




World peace.






Enjoying life


experiencing joy.


being loved


Moving and energy. I'd be fucking dead if I had to move as much as an 8-year-old kid and I'm 25, in excellent shape, I go hiking and climbing very often, but I'd still fucking drop dead of exhaustion in 30 minutes. On the other hand, kids being unable to *just talk* without moving, acting out their stories and demanding feedback (making you unable to zone them out with the occasional "mhmm") is almost equally exhausting.


Admit when they don’t know something.




Taking a fall. I watched my 3yo niece faceplant after tripping, pop right back up and start running again. I would not take that fall nearly so well.


Asking for help


Compassion. I don't know when we lose that, but we do. Don't shake your head about a kid crying over a dead ant, a sad toy or worrying about inaminate things. That's something in children we should protect at all cost.


Dealing with disappointment.


Living in the moment and appreciating the present


Sympathy and Empathy


Laughter and forgiveness. It always always always makes me happy to be around kids. Any age, bratty or angelic. They know how to make their days happier and they're more open to their emotions.


Being compassionate and accepting of others


I would have to say being kind and generous.


Failing. Often when kids fail, they just get up and try again. Adults apologise, give excuses, give up. Pathetic. If you're learning something, just accept that you're going to start off as a beginner, which means a low level of performance for a bit and lots of errors. You'll get better with practice, so keep practicing and stop wasting your energy on other things.


Making friends and loving every aspect of life. Plus, they have so much energy.


Not being afraid to give wrong answers during class/group discussions. It's not just adults either. Most teenagers will actively avoid answering a question as long as it is targeted at the entire class. But kids? They will blurt out anything no matter how ridiculous, and that's the best part cuz it reflects their enthusiasm to learn, something many of us are afraid to express.


Being kind and accepting


Feeling real joy.


With Arizona Robbins words „These are children. They believe in magic, they play pretends there is fairy dust in their IV bags. They hope and they cross their fingers and they make wishes, and that makes them more resilient than adults. They recover faster, survive worse. They believe.“


Understanding disabilities. Lost my dog and a group of girl scouts came to assist. When I told them I couldn't see they didn't ask a bunch of questions like adults they just set about looking for my dog for me. Wonderful kids.


Being in the moment, not worrying about the past or the future.




Feeling the magic that life once had. Everything was more beautiful. Christmas morning was exciting. As you get older, you lose that magic for some reason. I miss it.