My friend from camp’s little sister was in sandy hook during the attack ! I’ve never met her personally but he said she’s scared of loud popping noises and has to sit out of the 4th of July fireworks because the sound brings back the memories of the attack ! Very sad !


When I was a sr in hs a couple years ago (sr in college now) there was a shooting on the second day of school. My hs was right next to 2 other ones and it’s in the city so the street is right there, a kid got hit by a stray bullet and all three schools went into lockdown. It wasn’t surprising bc that’s what the area we were in was like. Before the lockdown, my 6th period was just starting, and I had left my sports bag in my 5th period, so I asked the teacher if I could go get my bag there so I went thinking it would be a quick trip, I didn’t bring my phone with me either just bc I thought I’d be right back. As I was in my 5th period class, they made the announcement so I had to stay in that classroom until it was over. When it was over like an hour later, I returned to my 6th pd classroom to get my backpack since classes were released, everyone left so it was just my backpack there, and whenever I think about that day I wonder if people were wondering about me since I was locked out of the classroom and had to stay in another class, no one wondered if I was okay bc there were no calls to make sure I was even IN a classroom, I was okay bc I was in the 5th pd classroom with a whole other group of freshmen that idek, but it sucks to think that no one probably cared where I was and no one asked about my safety.