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We had a bathroom in my highschool that didn't have doors on the stalls and no one ever used it. I had to use the bathroom one day and this was the closest bathroom to me. I walked in to see 2 kids smoking weed and the third was up in the ceiling trying to shit in the toilet underneath. He made it. They all celebrated. Good times. I didn't use the bathroom.




Not me but a friend walked into the bathroom and saw a mentally challenged kid jerking his meat. My friend said he was pulling so hard it was like he was trying to rip it off.


A freshman hanging from his backpack on one of the stall hooks. He said he did it for fun


Oh god I transferred in in the middle of the year and made the mistake of taking the big stall. I sat down and immediately felt something cold and sticky. I stood up and looked back down. TL;DR: they called it the cum toilet for a reason


Shit sprayed all over the walls


A clean toilet seat


A hanging Chad…literally. This guy named Chad hung himself in a men's bathroom on campus. I walked in right after someone else found him. They went to go get the school police & I stood outside to prevent anyone else from going in.


No doors on the stalls. That and distance pissing contests at the urinals.


A camera in the corner of the ceiling


Some dude left his shit on the middle of the floor back in 8th grade


A girl using a urinal as a toilet in first grade