Company loyalty only works one way. I stuck around through late paychecks, staff cuts, even mandatory cleaning schedules when the boss didn't pay the cleaning lady... and the second I needed a concession (one that had been made before, albeit in shorter term) I was cut loose. And the very next job I found paid roundabouts twice as much for the same skills, while making the exact same concession.


Don't ever do a half-ass job. I did it once and had to redo it without pay. Always do it right and if you fuck up, admit it.


Not to go into a bathroom with Andy Dick


There's a good reason I think he's dead if he's not now drive faster


Not telling someone you love them...and them passing away before you can.




Know when those aren't your friends. Just because you are super loyal and would do anything for your friend, does not mean they will return that loyalty. Be able to pick up on hints you're being used early on. We all ignore red flags because we want something, not because it's something we need. You don't want to find out during a life crisis, when they all abandon you. And on the same note, be able to recognize that friend that would do anything for you..and hold onto that person. You don't want o put all your time and energy into a fake friend trying to win their friendship, while your real friend is just on the back burner feeling betrayed.