What’s one unsolved mystery you’d like to see solved before you die?

What’s one unsolved mystery you’d like to see solved before you die?


Did David Bain kill his family? It famous local New Zealand history. I highly recommend listening to the podcast Black Hands about the event and investigation


The murder of my father. He wasn't anyone famous or influential. Wasn't rich or connected to any big wigs, but he was a good man. I feel his wife got away with murdering him. Made a good life for herself on his corpse.


In 1994 I found a cinema ticket stub for Speed in my jacket pocket. I never saw Speed at the cinema, nor did I lend my jacket to anybody that had. I’d like to know where it came from so I can one day sit through the film without wondering about it.


Occasionally they give you a ticket for the wrong movie


Hmmm, I’d have to maybe have a look at what else was out at the time. Though I’m thinking it would have to have been something really really good, or else I’d have surely actually gone to see Speed.


You in another reality saw the movie, stashed the ticket, and wonders where it went


What happened to the famous Alcatraz escapees


I watched a documentary which suggests that the two brothers lived for many years after, and that a school friend of theirs even met them years after the escape. He even got a picture of them, and they possibly went in drag to their mother's funeral. Two unknown 'women' were certainly there, and disappeared, with the FBI agents who attended the funeral looking for them afterwards. Edit: This is the documentary I mentioned: https://www.history.com/specials/alcatraz-escape-the-lost-evidence Edit 2: Link to the picture: https://www.history.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_615/MTU3ODc4NjAyMTc3NzE3NTc3/image-placeholder-title.webp Which is from here: https://www.history.com/news/alcatraz-escape-new-evidence-anglin-brothers


That doc was so good. I'm convinced they lived out their life in South America.


Do you know where I can find that documentary?


Yes, you can watch it on History Channel website or Roku Ap. [Here is a link to info about it.](https://www.history.com/specials/alcatraz-escape-the-lost-evidence) I seriously recommend it!


The Alps Murders as they’re known in the UK. An English family on holiday in France are assassinated with an old pistol with accuracy that points towards a professional hit. A cyclist is found murdered in the same lay by too by the same weapon. The assassin thought they had tied up all loose ends until after 8 hours on the scene the French police found their 4 year old daughter hiding under her dead mothers legs. 9 years later there’s still no clue over who or why they were all murdered. [GQ did the best article about it ](https://www.gq.com/story/alps-murder-chevaline)


This year, the investigation of the alp murders, or "la tuerie de Chevaline" as we call it, was re opened after some searches in a different case that sounds like the plot of a polar. A CEO, Murielle Millet, ordered a hit on a syndicalist. Members of the Free Mason lodge called Athanor actually organised the hit (they confessed and are incarcerated), using as hitmen two agents from the DGSE, the French secret services. It revealed a few other successful and unsuccessful hits, all having this Athanor lodge as a common denominator. After the searches, they reopened the alp murders case, so I guess its safe to speculate that it was most probably an organised hit gone wrong since a cyclist saw it and subsequently got shot.


This is random but I will never forget arguing with an old business associate after threatening to go public with some info. Some situations call for a little leverage. He looked at me very seriously and reminded me he was a freemason. I found it hilarious at the time. We did however work it all out. Reading this, was the guy trying to tell me I was about to get myself assassinated? Lol


Probably reminding you that he has a special relationship with other people who you yourself may unbeknownst have business relationships with. A former Mason friend of mine described a 'chain of whispers' by which members may discredit people. Had you not worked things out, you may suddenly have found your lead supplier was taking his contract elsewhere, or contractors you wished to hire would inexplicably refuse your business.


This was a very interesting and disturbing read. Infuriating not to know!


Holy *shit.* The more information there was, the less clear it became. After reading all that, I agree with you; I need to know what the fuck happened.


Where Ian Brady buried Keith Bennett. I doubt we’ll ever know now unless someone happens to stumble over his remains. But my heart aches when I think of that poor boy’s mother being tormented by his killer until the end of her life.


Yeah that was awful. I know Myra Hindley went back to moors a few times with the police to find him but I honestly believe she was doing it more for her image. Her and Brady knew exactly where every body was so there's no way Hindley "forgot"


I would love for Mr Cruel to be caught. He abducted and raped young girls in Melbourne, Australia in the 1980’s. His last known victim is Karmein Chan, whom he abducted and murdered in 1991.




My cousin disappeared in Costa Rica as well about 20 years ago. He went to the beach with some friends and never came back, his friends say he was at the beach at night and disappeared. Sounds like he possibly drowned but no one has ever said anything. His mom receives phone calls with just silence on the other end of the line and it has always been a very sad mystery. I hope they find your brother in law :(


My best friend's husband has a friend who disappeared in Costa Rica without a trace in 2009. His parents made repeated trips there to follow up on possible leads and sightings, but nothing ever panned out. I didn't know him, but reading his mother's FB posts is heartbreaking. His father has since passed, but I hope his mother finds closure someday.


I've never had anyone I know disappear that way. I did have a sister who played a principal role in a reenactment on Unsolved Mysteries, and I recall how terribly heartbroken the family of the missing person was when I met them, and I'm truly, honestly sorry that you're having to go through that kind of pain.


My old roommate is an actor and played a role in a reenactment for a fairly high profile case and 8 years later he still occasionally has a police interaction because someone inadvertently recognizes him from the reenactment and calls police.


This seems like the perfect way to cover up a crime! But seriously, that's kinda nice to know people are still looking, sucks for your buddy tho


As someone from Columbus, the disappearance of Brian Shaffer. It kills me that all these years later there still isn't a definitive answer to what happened to him. I really hope the case gets solved in my lifetime.


For those who have never heard about this before https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappearance_of_Brian_Shaffer Tbh sounds like a Netflix documentary to come


from your link, it sounds like the other case of a guy who disappeared into a bar and never came out. they found him years later wedged between two walls in the basement.


There’s been so much construction on High St, I just feel like he must be under concrete somewhere. It’s very sad.


I'd like to know what happened to [Andrew Gosden](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappearance_of_Andrew_Gosden). A 14 year old boy left home in Yorkshire one morning in 2007 dressed in his school uniform, and then withdrew all his money from his bank account. He went back home after his parents had gone to work and changed out of his uniform, then went to the train station and bought a one way ticket to London (about two hours away by train). There is CCTV footage of him leaving King's Cross station, but that's the last time he was seen. He didn't tell his parents he was planning to go to London, and it's never been established why he went there. I'd love to find out he's actually ok, or even if not for his parents to finally find out what happened to him.


It broke my heart reading his parents refuse to change the locks of their house in case he comes back home.


I remember watching a true crime show where parents kept their porch light on for years for their missing daughter, so she's not scared when she comes back. Years later they found out she was murdered. The end scene was them finally turning off the light, I sobbed like a baby


I saw a case of a kid who was kidnapped for ransom money on Mexico, his dad was a wealthy business man and he had been cooperating with his sons captors to get him back. I think he paid what they were asking for so the kidnappers told him his son was going to be home at anytime. His dad stayed home by the door everyday waiting for his son to return, and stayed up all night because, in case his son came back in the middle of the night, he didn't want him to see his dad sleeping like as if "his life meant nothing". That was quite sad to hear. Worst thing is that even though he paid the amount his kidnappers wanted, they had actually killed him and threw his body away on the second day of his kidnapping or something.


Scumbag kidnappers Do you have any idea who this was


Oh my god, I'd ask you for a source so I can go watch that but I'm not sure my heart could take it.


A lot of parents who have missing children also refuse to move, since that's a place the child would know and might come home.


I hadn’t heard about this and just looked up the pretty limited wikipedia page and watched the cctv footage and kind of agree with the top comment on that cctv footage. He did this as a spur of the moment thing which is why he left stuff behind and the likelihood is that he committed suicide. One way ticket, left money he saved at home, no charger for his PSP. With the money he had he would have been able to eat when needed but not stay indoors anywhere. If he had stayed somewhere he would have already been identified and as 14 year old if he had ran off to London he would have already become homeless and gone back on what he was doing immediately and identified himself to someone to be able to return. Doesn’t mean that foul play hasn’t happened at some point as we know that has been a common history for London’s homeless population but I’d lean more towards the former happening. Edit (and with a potential trigger warning): People are saying ‘why go to London?’ ‘Where is the body??’ ‘Maybe he had this, maybe he had that…’ First off I just gave my opinion on what happened, I’m not presenting that I know for a fact he committed suicide, I even left it open to the idea that something else happened. I just think that realistically he killed himself. > Why go to London? He lives in Doncaster so yeah there are places he could totally have just done it. But, and it is a common theme from my experiences, you don’t want to put your family through the pain of finding you dead, which can also be applied to the left behind passport. Also often no note is left behind. Then also London is a big place, easy to hide amongst a crowd and blend in but it also has a huge river running through it, if you were committing such an act then it’d be an obvious spot. Also taking £200 in my mind is to guarantee a day of ticket, in the Uk they cost a lot idk why. > Where’s the body? Again London is a big place. People go missing/die etc every day or every other day and I think we’d all be surprised at the lack of discoveries of bodies in the city. If he is in the Thames, fat chance they’d bother dredging it. Could’ve also washed out somewhere? Could be in a building but they can’t kick every building’s doors in to find him. Also surely they would have DNA samples from his house and if he went to a hospital something would show up? He would also need to be able to identify himself, hard to do anything here without an identity. Also maybe they did get a body but they have no idea if it was his or one of potentially many supposedly at the bottom there. > What if someone gave him X? My first thought when reading was that yeah he could have been groomed. Obviously there is more at play, more people, more motivations could be whatever. Could even be he wanted to spur of the moment go visit his grandmother in London as he had been offered the chance earlier, went unannounced and in the space of getting off the train god knows y’know. I would like if one day he turned up, that’s a nice thought but realistically I don’t think he is alive sadly. Again it is all just speculation but in my mind nothing about this screams ‘special case’ other than the lack of clear motive.


My first thought was he was going to meet an internet predator, but your theory also seems quite reasonable.


Apparently he had no computer, no e-mail. Forensics checked school computers and nothing came up of note, his sister stated he had no social media as he didn’t view it as useful and when his phone broke he didn’t want it replacing. They also had Sony check if his PSP pinged their servers as it would if connected to the internet and they confirmed it had not ever done so meaning its only use even on the day of his disappearance was for playing games, as the two can’t be done in tandem. I too thought it must be a grooming situation but looking at the CCTV and the statements, it was a lone-act spur of the moment type thing.


Don't know if i really want to know the answer to this, but how does a 14 year old commit suicide in a way that the body was never found?


Easily enough in a rural area, in Central London... something abandoned which coincidentally remained abandoned is all I can think of. Or the body was found but not identified. Or somebody got him, regardless of whether he was intending to meet anyone.


Where did the Nazis stach the entire amber room from St Petersburg palace


I used to work as a guide at a castle, where it was believed to have been hidden. Every once in a while, a tourist would ask about it. One day, a small group even managed to sneak away from the tour and hide for the night at the castle, searching for it. No success though.


Hilarious. Sneaky fuckers. Must have been fun


Alex and Neal Caffrey stole everything


Soviet archives place the boxed up Amber Room in the castle in Kalingrad. The Germans got it that far before their retreat became completely chaotic. The advancing Russians set fire to the castle during the fighting. And the Amber Room burnt up. The disappearance only became a thing in the early 1950s as the cold war started to get serious. At that point the Soviet government buried any reports from the fighting in Kalingrad that confirmed the burning. Better to blame Germany and the West than take the blame themselves.


Who killed JonBenét Ramsey


I have a half brother. I'd love to know who he is and what his family was like. He would have been born shortly after my mother divorced my father and fled the state.


This is very likely doable if you test on 23andMe and Ancestry.


A girl from my hometown (Tupelo, MS) disappeared under suspicious circumstances (blood and hair found, glasses left behind, etc.) on a school day when we were both about 12 y/o (I'm 39 now). Her name is Leigh Occhi. Her body was never found. She used to come to school with obvious signs of physical abuse. No one was ever charged. It still breaks my heart. I want... need to know what happened.


That is so sad, seems like she was almost forgotten. I'm glad you keep her memory alive. My choice would also be a girl from my hometown, mikelle biggs. I remember searching for her throughout our neighborhood when she disappeared 1999. It just happened so dang fast, she was alone for a moment. Her poor family.


The disappearance of Willian Tyrell, basically a 3 yr old kid was kidnapped in his front yard after the foster grandma went inside for a glass of water and she heard screaming from the sister and when she ran out he was gone. This happens around 2014 and I still remember his face on the news in his Spider-Man costume.


This one still gets me. I often think of William Tyrell and what his family--foster and biological--must go through every waking moment. Especially now I'm a mother of a toddler.


I live with my sister, brother-in-law, and my niblings. When he was about 3 my nephew went missing for like 15 minutes, and my sister woke me up screaming that they couldn't find him. Still the worst way I've ever woken up, and he was only "missing" for a short time (he was hiding in the house because he had gotten a popsicle when he shouldn't, and didn't want to get in trouble)


My kid did the same thing and I nearly had a stroke. I ran around the house screaming his name, I went outside and called for him (our yard is wooded so it's very possible that he could have gone into the woods even though he knows he's not allowed to go without a parent). I opened closets, checked bathtubs, the whole nine yards. I was on the verge of calling 9-1-1 when he popped out from under a blanket and with the biggest grin on his face told me that I couldn't find him. We had a very serious conversation about how if the other person doesn't know you're hiding then they are going to assume you're MISSING. Which is way worse and to please tell me going forward when he's going to hide so I don't worry.


My sister did this to my parents when I was a kid. I was around 11, so she would've been 3 or 4. My mom burst into my room at WAY TO EARLY'O clock and just yelled "we can't find your sister." Being tired, but on high alert I rolled straight out of my bed and onto the floor... where I found my sister, asleep under my bed. She was never a sleep walker, but it wasn't unusual for my siblings to try and negotiate their way into my bed, I was the oldest and typically had gameboys under my pillow, so sleep overs were common. But I had never had a sibling walk into my room, crawl under my bed and go to sleep. To this day we still ask her wtf was going on and she can't remember it at all.


I’m a bit traumatized from when my son (8) went “missing” for an hour at night when we were spending a weekend at my grandparents’ 8 acre avocado farm. I realized I hadn’t seen him in a while and couldn’t find him in the house or main yard. I ran through the pitch black trees and sheds screaming his name at the top of my lungs for 30 minutes straight, convinced he was gone if he hadn’t responded to such cries. I suppose the trees really muffled it. I approached the very last little corner of the property I hadn’t run through, thinking I’ll have to call 911 when he’s not here. I heard him say “Mama” in the dark. It was so incredibly dark that it took me a bit still to find him. He was in a makeshift tent (a blanket folded over a tree branch) and had packed a backpack with a snacks, flashlight, tools, and a bunch of outdoor survival books! He seemed very pleased with himself. I do vaguely remember him saying he wanted to go camping that day, but I gave him a stern talking-to about communicating his plans to me and not doing something like that alone. The adults still get a good laugh about it now, but what a visceral fear that was, stumbling and screaming through the darkness. https://imgur.com/a/zgPlUNH


Glad it was just him playing a prank. I've had that conversation with mine when he started to "hide" very poorly behind poles or trees at a playground. Like dude, I'll absolutely lost my mind and cry/scream hysterically if I can't find you within 10 seconds.


Delphi Murders. That video is too compelling for bridge guy to not be found.


I agree with you 100% it drives me crazy. I know they keep saying it was someone from Delphi or familiar with the area but as time goes on I really feel like it wasn't. Surely if that was the case someone would have seen something and spoken up due to it being a small town. I've heard that the hardest murders to solve are the ones that are random. Random person goes to a random area and kills a random person(s) for no reason at all. Without history, motive, etc. its near impossible to solve if there aren't any witnesses and that's what this seems like to me.


I’m amazed that they had the foresight to take the video. It haunts me.


The 1991 Austin Yogurt Shop Murders.


The Princes in the tower.


Same. Such a tragedy, even if they weren’t murdered by their uncle, it’s very sad.


I like the theory that they were murdered by Henry VII. He roles into London with the plan to marry their sister, thus telling the world that any children of Henry VII have the right to rule, no matter which side you were on, and boom, two princes (not seen in months) with better claims than their sister still inconveniently alive at the Tower? Not for long...


What happened to the [Beaumont Children](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappearance_of_the_Beaumont_children). Changed the way parents in my home town thought about letting their kids out on a weekend forever.


Ugh I can’t imagine the feeling they had when the kids didn’t show up at 12…then at 2….then they couldn’t find them at the beach. That crescendo of panic is absolutely miserable. So sorry for them. Edit; Oh man, if those letters *weren’t* a hoax I don’t know how the parents could live with themselves > About two years after the disappearance,[37] the Beaumont parents received two letters supposedly written by Jane, and another by a man who said he was keeping the children. The envelopes showed a postmark of Dandenong, Victoria. The brief notes describe a relatively pleasant…The letter from "The Man" said that he had appointed himself "guardian" of the children and was willing to hand them back to their parents. In the letter a meeting place was nominated.[citation needed] > The Beaumont parents, followed by a detective, drove to the designated place but nobody appeared. It was some time later that a third letter, also purported to be from Jane, arrived. It said that the man had been willing to return them, but when he realised a disguised detective was also there, he decided that the Beaumonts had betrayed his trust and that he would keep the children. There were no further letters.


They were confirmed to be a hoax by a teenager


Damn that kid earned his place in hell early...


What an absolute and utter piece of shit. People who do things like that are some special kind of messed up.


And yet it took FOURTY YEARS for them to know because of forensic evidence! They DID have to live with it until then! That was SO fucked up.


My equivalent was the [abduction of Jacob Wetterling](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Jacob_Wetterling). It changed the dynamic of the community and put parents on edge. At least there was closure, albeit almost 27 years later.


Mine is [The abduction of Michael Dunahee](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappearance_of_Michael_Dunahee). I was 8 years old when it happen. Three years older than Michael at the time. It happened about an hour from where I lived. From that day on being kidnapped was my greatest childhood fear. Abducted meters from his parents. No witnesses. Still missing.


Wow. On an Elementary school playground in front of so many people.


Have you seen the interview of the woman who claims her father admitted to killing them? He was an ‘alleged’ paedophile.


Oh man


She also gave an address of the house in Adelaide she believes they were killed at.


Her father, McIntyre, was named a person of interest at one point and himself claimed that another convicted pedophile, Munroe, a friend of his brought the three children's bodies to his home on the day of disappearance, but he didn't tell the anyone this until 25 years later and only told a media outlet, not the police. That alone is suspect. The woman who gave testimony is supported by her brother and half sister, all of whom were abused by the father and his friends and witnessed them murdering children. The brother was even forced to bury them. The media/police had suspected an organized pedophile murderer ring in the area at the time which included the aforementioned convicted pedophile. The children claim their father was a leading figure in that group and that he often boasted that he had important information about important people and that that is why he is untouchable by the authorities. The brother even had a diary that placed the father and all of his friends including the pedophile around the same beach on that day. The pedophile was charged as part of the Mulligan report into almost 1,000 cases of child sexual abuse with several hundred perpetrators, primarily amongst children in state care, around Adelaide during that period. But only 13 were ever investigated and 2 charged. The father was never investigated despite being close friends with that pedophile, despite three consistent accounts of sexual and physical abuse from all of his children, despite witness accounts from his children of murder and forcing them to bury bodies, despite suspiciously only telling a new outlet 25 years later that he claimed his close convicted pedo friend brought the children's bodies to him on the same day they disappeared. He died several years ago.


WOW That is just, depressing and insane.


What happened to Shelly Miscavige?


What are the Mormons keeping in their vault that’s surrounded in granite and heavily guarded?


I used to work in the vault a very long time ago. Yes, I walked inside the mountain, through the vault door, multiple times per week. Here is the secret you've always wanted to know: inside the vault is genealogy records on microfiche. There are also antiques from the beginnings of the church that have some monetary value, but much more sentimental value to the church and its members. It also has a 'reservoir' the size of a big room that collects water dripping from the bare rock. It is the most pure, oxygenated, delicious water I have ever tasted. It's a cool place, with bare rock for ceilings and walls, and a giant 'bank vault' door that locks at the push of a button. Definitely unique, but I have been to Europe and seen castles, towns many hundreds of years old, I've seen a couple of the seven natural wonders of the world, and all of those were more awe-inspiring than a man made hole in the rock. But... its been damn near thirty years and I still crave that water! FYI, I no longer participate in the church, no bad feelings or trauma, just not a church-going personality. Everything I said is the truth.


50/50 money or some Radom thing they think is magic. I’m really not trying to shit on the Mormons (too much) but you start reading up on Joseph Smith and it’s rather fucking amazing Mormonism ever caught on.


Mormonism is just the Scientology of the 1800s and I cannot be convinced otherwise.


Mormonism is steampunk Scientology but exponentially less cool than that sounds


Dum dum dum dum dum


Y'all gonna be disappointed to know it's just full of genealogical records and discontinued designs of CTR rings.


And every issue of Ensign Magazine lol.


I'm pretty sure they are family history records, including journals, photos, videos, etc. of ancestors. I grew up in the church and that was what I've heard inside the church and out.


Also, they rent space there for data backup storage now because they used to keep gold and silver in there back prior to the 70s and 80s. It's mostly church records, church artifacts, and genealogical records. People make it more than it really is and it's not a huge mystery.


My best friend's little brother disappeared from an army base last July. Good or bad, I'd like to know what happened to Pvt. Richard Halliday.


What caused the Bronze Age Collapse. I know that it is a bit esoteric but I really wanna know for sure. There are a few interesting theories but no definitive answer


Who the hell was responsible for the child murders at Robin Hood hills?


Being from Memphis and the same age as the boys, that event changed life dramatically. Before those murders I’d leave home on my bike in the morning and be back by dinner. Life was fun and full of outdoors. Then all of a sudden parents were scared, the doors got locked, and we could barely leave the house for more than an hour without parents getting worried. Terry Hobbs.


Why my son took his life last year and if there was anything I could have done to stop him. I just want the army to release his suicide note already.


I'm so sorry and I hope you get the answers you are looking for


Where is the Amber Room?


Antimatter. Why is the universe almost entirely matter, when equal amounts of matter and antimatter should've annihilated each other? Where is the missing antimatter? Is there a slight difference between matter & antimatter particles that causes matter to last longer? Are there places in the universe primarily made of antimatter instead of matter, well outside the observable universe?


Of all the open problems in Physics, this is the most pressing and deceptive one. We don't think about it much, we just take it for granted. Astronomers are looking at galaxies millions of lightyears away, and we just *know* it's made of usual matter. Personally, I think Alan Guth camp might have it right in the most realistic sense: there might be "domains" within the really huge Universe, where one form of matter dominates over other, each domain separated by a high-energy barrier of some sort. We have so far only gone as far as to observe things within our "domain". These barriers could've expanded to cosmic size during inflation era (which is a very reasonable theory at this point).


Is there a specific reason that these domains would be separated by some kind of high-energy barrier, specifically? Could they not just be separated by, well, empty space? I get that space itself isn't exactly empty but I'm curious what the mechanism is for a barrier being needed. Just to avoid accidental collision and annihilation? At that point it almost feels artificial to have what amounts to electric fences ringing different parts of the cosmos, but I may be misunderstanding your point.


Matter and antimatter annihilate when they meet, and release energy (light) equivalent to their mass. These hypothetical barrier would form in the junction of matter and antimatter domain because of this phenomenon.


What happened at the end of the Bronze Age? Like, who were the sea people?


I, for one, believe systems collapse theory explains the bronze age collapse pretty well. The sea people were probably famine refugees from elsewhere in Europe and Africa and may not even have been affiliated with each other but still attacked the rich bronze age nations at around the same time anyway


That’s a good one.


If there is intelligent life in space other than us


Are we alone in the universe?


I can’t believe more people didn’t want to know this. This would be one of my top questions. But the question I want the answer to the most is how the universe came to be and why there is something rather than nothing. Edit: I stand corrected, lots of people want to know this, the original comment was pretty far down when I saw it and I was shocked that I hadn’t seen more comments asking questions like that. I was expecting for everyone to ask existential type questions when I first saw this post. Also I forgot to mention that I really want an answer to the mind-body problem.


Same, like existence itself does not make sense at all. Like why does the universe exist in the first place? So interesting. This is the question that I want its answer the most, too.


The Big Bang makes perfect sense until you start wondering, ok…. But where did the stuff that caused the Big Bang come from, and where did the stuff that made the Big Bang possible. The question goes on forever. Nothing explains how the most simple foundations of existence just came to be and eventually pooped us out.


I think there's the possibility that the singularity that caused the big bang is from the collapse of another universe. Which when you begin to think that through is pretty mind boggling. How many times has the universe been through that cycle? What level of civilization was reached in the previous universe before collapse?


But what made that first universe?


Exactly. Then if there was nothingness before that, then something has to exist to make “nothingness” exist.


I hadn't thought about this question for a long time, and for sure this is mind boggling. what the hell is this thing we are inside of. what would there be if the universe didn't exist at all. what's outside of this, what are the limits. is this the only reality there is


i’ve always come back to wondering this. what does outside the universe look like? like, people say the universe is always expanding, but what is it expanding in? what does the room the universe lives in look like? is it deep space or just extreme nothingness or is it a white room? idk bro it hurts my head and makes my body feel weird thinking about it


It's 7 am, I just woke up and you are fucking my mind up right now


Had a lot of anxiety when I was young and liked science and space. Spent lots of nights laying in bed at 12 years old trying to piece this one together. The answer is you can't really contextualize it and you might as well be asking what life after death is like


[The boy in the box. ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boy_in_the_Box_(Philadelphia)) His body was exhumed a couple of years ago to obtain DNA for forensic genealogy. I just want the poor little thing to have his name back. Whoever he was, I hope someone remembers him and still thinks about him.


I came across a documentary on this case once a few years ago on YouTube, broke my heart. So incredibly sad.


Reading the Wikipedia, I believe that the M/Martha story is most plausible. Either the neighbors didn't know about the boy, or they denied it, since it would possibly incriminate them/ruin reputation for them. The thing about Martha knowing the confidential details is just too damning.


Yeah, it really does seem like the the only thing that stopped them from confirming it was that she was mentally ill. Like, you know what can be a huge contributing factor to mental illness? *Childhood trauma.*


I mean, how else would she know that he'd eaten baked beans the night he died?


I believe Martha’s story. Her theory is dismissed because she had mental issues but thats nothing special coming from a home like that


What is dark matter. Or better put: what about physics do we not understand that is causing the effects we see, that we attribute to dark matter.


Not all of the Egyptian Pyramids have been full explored, I'd like to know what's in and under those pyramids. Also, what is hidden deep in the vaticans archives? I'd like to know that too. And while we're here - What about the mystery of the missing packet whenever you send something over the internet.


I would like John Walsh to be able to find the person who murdered his son, the reason behind CODE ADAM.. Being raised in Florida in the '80's, this story was heard so many times. Now with what John Walsh has been doing my entire lifetime, and currently with Gabby Petito's case, I think he's more than earned it.


John Walsh believes Ottis Toole killed Adam and the case is considered closed. Unfortunately Ottis Toole confessed to a lot of murders he really didn’t commit and though I haven’t read up on it in a long time, I believe he didn’t even have accurate details about the crime. It’s interesting really, I’ve read that John simply wanted it solved because Adam’s head was still in police custody after 25+ years and they just wanted to put him to rest. Absolutely tragic.


So did they get his head back? God, that DOES sound horrible.


John is just such an amazing person. He took a horrific personal nightmare and saved SO MANY and brought so many to justice. I’m in awe of him and his non stop effort to help. Even as a kid I was blown away by him.


The disappearance of Sandy Irvine and what’s on the camera he was carrying. Sandy Irvine and George Mallory attempted to summit Everest in 1924. Mallory was discovered in 1999 but the body of Irvine is still missing.


It's so fucking cool that George Mallory was found. 75 years later!


AFAIK, they still don't know whether he died on the way up or the way down. Odds are on the way up, but it'd be interesting to know.


I'm just gonna go ahead and credit the man by saying it was on the way down.


Disappearance of Madeleine McCann


This is one I’d like to see answered. Did she die in the hotel room? Is she somewhere still alive not knowing who she really is? (Or even reading this right now wondering what happened to that little girl with the same eyes as her?) Did the parents do it? What, if anything, does the German suspect have to do with it? So many unanswered questions!


I'd like to know who murdered my sister in 1984.


Isabella Stewart museum art recovered.


That's a good one. I saw the documentary. One of the suggestions is that they are in a private collection or the people who stole them are dead and they are stored away some place.


I think the main theory is that the heist was done on the behest of a private collector/s. Some of what they stole wasn't worth as much as other pieces, and they passed by and didn't steal some incredible pieces. They had a list, they grabbed what they were hired to steal, and they left. The works are, hopefully, stored properly with private collectors now, and will, maybe, one day be returned.


The are zero follow up comments, so maybe people don't know about it but it is the largest art heist in history. 13 paintings and items worth over $500 MILLION and *none* of them have ever been recovered since the theft in 1990. We're talking Rembrandts, Manets, Degas and Vermeer.


MH 370. I'm sure they'll eventually find the wreckage and have a better idea exactly what happened but even today they're still finding old WWII ships and even ships older than that. So I hope that it's found before I leave because I do wonder what happened to that plane. I just hope it's a matter of years or decades, and not centuries.


Let me introduce you to u/Admiral_Cloudberg r/AdmiralCloudberg [https://admiralcloudberg.medium.com/call-of-the-void-seven-years-on-what-do-we-know-about-the-disappearance-of-malaysia-airlines-77fa5244bf99](https://admiralcloudberg.medium.com/call-of-the-void-seven-years-on-what-do-we-know-about-the-disappearance-of-malaysia-airlines-77fa5244bf99) EDIT: Fixed links. My apologies.


7 years already? I remember being on the couch with the flu, checking for updates between fever dreams like it was yesterday.


You're still on the couch. The fever is worse than we thought.


i could only hope its 2011 and im just having a fever dream...


JESUS CHRIST! I fell into a rabbit hole reading through this...it is a lot..and it's terrifying and interesing.


I just read a comprehensive article that went into great detail about the case, and it is all but solved. They know where it went down because lots of pieces have washed up on shore. After all possible theories have been studied, the only one that holds up was pilot suicide.


Yes I've read up and heard a ton of talks about this flight. The best answer was that the pilot turned off communication and flew the plane high enough to cause every passenger to essetially suffocate, then the plane kept flying over the ocean till it ran out of gas and crash full speed over the ocean. The reason only parts have been found is that the plane was traveling at such a high speed, crashing into the ocean which is like crashing into a hard surface. Then causing the plane to be obliterated to pieces. They won't find any major pieces because of the rate of travel, and no solid idea where it went down. The only evidence of the theory is that one of the pilots had a flight simulator with a flight path strangely similar to what they took and he took it off course purposely towards the ocean. I think they found all they could because of the destruction of the crash and no known idea where it legitimately crashed


He didn't have to fly the plane high to make the people on the plane pass out. Pilots can literally depressurize their planes. It's made me freak out ever since I learned that. Any pilot could just kill all their passengers anytime they wanted.


>Any pilot could just kill all their passengers anytime they wanted. I mean - they can do that by just crashing the plane too...


Well a german pilot did exactly that with a Germanwings A320 en route from Barcelona to Düsseldorf. There was a school class onboard and also the parents of a good friend of mine at that time. Sad story, took the chance when the pilot had to go to the toilet, locked the cockpit and went straight into a mountain Edit: Germanwings flight 9525


What is the “disturbing hurtful event” that my uncle Bill won’t talk about and what does it have to do with me ? I was adopted out. Found my birth mom after she had died and the rest of her family defers to uncle about not talking to me because of that “event”. C’mon Uncle, it’s been over 57 years.


If you give more details people might be able to figure it out.... Have you had a DNA test done? What was your bio mom's cause of death? Do you know your bio dad? My sense based on the little you said is that your mother was r*ped maybe by a family member and you were a product of it. But you really haven't given many details.


[How This Lawyer in Argentina](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Alberto_Nisman) managed to shoot himself in the back of the head twice in a locked bathroom days/hours before he was going to depose the former PM of Argentina.


I was just doing finger guns to see if it was possible to shoot myself in the back of the head but then i realized he shot himself *twice* i think thats a pretty tricky task


I don't remember what the case was called/nicknamed but it is a missing 411 case. Three friends were hiking a mountain, They were tied onto a line together. The two at the front noticed that the line got significantly lighter out of nowhere so they pulled the line expecting to be met with weight of there friend. What they pulled up was a now severed end of rope and no friend in sight. They went back assuming they'd find there friend taking a break or something like that but he was gone, nowhere to be found. What makes this case really weird is that the particular stretch they were on wasn't particularly steep, it was only slightly inclined and there were no steep falls nearby yet he was gone as if he was picked up and removed from the mountain. The most they ever found of him was his backpack several miles off the path in a cave which is weird all on its own because there was no plausible way he could have gotten there from where they were on the trail. I think about it at least once a week, what in the hell could have happened to him? Edit: I should add that yes it plausible this story is a hoax. I grew up in the middle of nowhere so I know exactly how strange the woods can seem. It could be a hoax, it could be a murder, it could some how be true. I'll never know and but that's why I want to know.


I’ve tried looking this up for like two hours now and I can’t find the case you’re talking about. There’s a shit ton of missing hikers out there though holy fuck. Just don’t go hiking.


I think it’s Eric Lewis


This is so interesting- anyone know the name so I can Google it for more info?


My friend's husband went out to pick up Chinese food a few nights before Christmas and was shot dead that evening in a bowling alley parking lot in Waterford, CT: https://www.theday.com/article/20191223/NWS04/191229766 They had three lovely kids and it's so sad for his family that this remains a cold case: https://dailyvoice.com/connecticut/litchfield/police-fire/police-ask-for-publics-help-in-ct-cold-murder-case-involving-father-of-three/800207/ > Police are seeking out leads for the unsolved 2012 murder of a Connecticut father of three, providing awards of up to $25,000 for any information that leads to the murderer's conviction. > On Dec. 21 of 2012, according to police in New London County, 34-year-old Kyle Seidel was shot in the Family Bowl bowling alley's parking lot while on his way to the Lucky Inn Chinese restaurant in Waterford. > Police are asking members of the public to recall anything they may have witnessed that night in the area of that parking lot on Boston Post Road around 8 p.m. > Police ruled this death a homicide, and in February of 2014, then-governor Dannel P. Malloy authorized an award amount for tips leading to an arrest, police said. Information on this case can be extended anonymously to the Waterford Police Department by calling 860-437-8080 or calling the Waterford detectives directly at 860-442-0645.


The disappearance of Amy Bradley. We grew up on the same street and played together as kids. The loss was devastating to her family


Definitely agree with you on that one. Feel as though the cruise line could have done more to help her family. Also all of those people who reported sightings of her. Can’t imagine how difficult all that is for her family


They TOTALLY could have. I think she was alive for a time, but is likely gone now. The what-ifs & near misses make it even harder


Whatever happened to Johnny Gosch, a boy who disappeared from Des Moines, Iowa in 1982 when he was 12 years old.


There's a girl in my hometown, a preschool teacher, who just disappeared two years ago and they are 100% certain she was kidnapped. There might be an active serial killer in our town and we have no idea where or who he is.


What happened to Isabella "Ariel" Kalua? How does a 6 year old go missing and after a week of search parties her parents just stop looking because they have to go to work? I'd search day and night until I knew where my babies were.




I just googled that and ya kinda strange that the family just gave up


It's beyond infuriating. The whole situation is super suspicious.


The parents absolutely know what happened. No way that they don’t. I looked up a few articles. CPS investigated them twice because the poor kid was seriously hurt? And a six-year-old conveniently had a habit of sleeping outside in the yard ALONE and her parents were just ok with that? They know.


Excuse me.. what?!


The Voynich Manuscript


My theory: the medieval version of a table top RPG manual. I have a shelf full of books with strange languages and descriptions of things that don't exist.




Kyron Horman. He went missing about a decade ago and have found a lot more information since but the case has not had media attention for a while. I would love to see this one solved.


I just want to know who DB Cooper is. I know it's lame but I'm curious


This was posted by u/sanctii in another thread. I did not write it but I think it’s a very compelling theory. I’ll link the og comment down below. My money is on Ted Braden. If you could invent a DB Cooper suspect you'd invent Ted Braden. Check it out: - Braden was a paratrooper in WWII (jumped on D-Day with the 101st at age 16), Korea, and Vietnam. - He won multiple international skydiving competitions while a member of the Army. - 911 logged jumps with the military and was a pioneer of HALO jumping - Was recruited to be a team leader in the MACV-SOG's. This was the predecessor to Delta Force and was a multi-service covert military special force run by the CIA. - Led squads on covert jumps into Laos, Cambodia, and Northern Vietnam from 64-67. - Did many of these jumps into enemy territory off the aft stairs of....that's right...Boeing 727's. At the time of the skyjacking, the only people who knew this could be done were those involved in these MACV-SOG missions and some employees at Boeing. - Was always bitching about how he and his fellow soldiers weren't paid enough. Was always coming up with schemes to make/extort/steal money while in the service. - In 1967, he heard about how people were looking for mercenaries to fight in the Congolese Civil War and how well they would be paying, so he went AWOL from Vietnam and made his way to the Congo. The CIA went after him and eventually found and arrested him in the Congo. - Was imprisoned at Fort Dix for a very brief time and mysteriously was never convicted of anything, nor tried, and was merely given an honorable discharge and told that he couldn't re-enlist in the military. - Once released he tried to go overseas to be a mercenary again and found out that his name had been blacklisted by the CIA and so he wasn't allowed to leave the country to be a mercenary. - Not knowing how to make a living other than by being a soldier, he resorted to being a truck driver. His trucking company was stationed out of Vancouver (interesting). - When the Cooper hijacking happened, several members of the military contacted the FBI and essentially said "this can only be Ted Braden" - Braden had no family, so there wasn't anyone around to in retrospect said "hey, Dad wasn't around during Thanksgiving 1971". - His alibi was that he was driving his truck. On the plane: - Cooper was by everyone who remembered him as being "middle-aged" or "mid-40's". Braden was 44. - Cooper was described as being 5'8-5'10 and slight. Braden was 5'9 and 150lbs. - Cooper was described as being somewhat olive skinned and swarthy. Braden's mother's side were Sicilian. - Cooper was extremely calm the entire time. The only time he showed any emotion was when he was arguing with the pilots because he wanted to take off from Seattle with the stairs down. They didn't think it could be done. Cooper told them it absolutely could be done and he demanded it be done. The pilots simply refused to do so, thinking it would cause the plane to crash, and Cooper eventually relented. Braden was described by many of his military colleagues and commanding officers as one of the calmest people under fire you could imagine. - Cooper smoked Raleigh cigarettes and so did Braden. - Cooper was described by both flight attendants who spoke with him as having either a midwestern accent or no accent. Brayden was from Ohio. - Cooper chose the military parachute over the more modern sport parachute. - When asked by the flight attendant why he was doing this, he replied "I don't have a grudge against your airline, Miss, I just have a grudge." Braden certainly had a grudge against the government for blacklisting him from the only work for which he was skilled at: being a soldier. - The alias "Dan Cooper". "Dan Cooper" was the name of a popular 50's and 60's French language comic book series. The hero, Dan Cooper, skydived into areas to fight the bad guys. What is a country whose official language is French? The Congo. If Braden was Cooper, then it's extremely plausible that he was exposed to this comic series while serving in the Congo. Following the hijacking: - Recent investigation shows that in 1972, despite being a truck driver, he bought his mother a new car as well as a new car for himself, and that he was living in a freaking penthouse in Manhattan. - Was arrested in the mid-70's for a major racketeering job in the trucking industry, but like his mysterious release from going AWOL, he was once again given a slap on the wrist and the charges were dropped. His personality: - He was always a loner and never had close friends in his life. Men he served with would later say that when they would go to the bars, Braden would sit at the end of the bar by himself just seeming to sulk. - A Green Beret who served with him stated "Braden is among those professionals who appear to have a secret death wish coupled with well-trained instincts for survival. He continually placed himself in unnecessary danger but always managed to get away with it." - Another Special Forces member stated "he was the perfect combination of high intelligence and criminality" - Military tests that he took for entrance into the MACV-SOG's indicated that he likely possessed a genius level IQ. Couple things to consider: - Jumping out of a freaking jumbo jet is no small potatoes. Many of the famous Cooper suspects had been static-line paratroopers in WWII or even had no known skydiving experience at all. You'd need to have mega balls to jump out of a jet and also have the skill set to do it. Perhaps most critically, you'd need to know that it could even be freaking done in the first place! There were several Cooper copycats who successfully pulled off similar skyjackings of 727's in the months after Cooper, but to be the guy who first did it? That takes someone special. - The suitcase bomb. While this is a common trope you see in movies these days, it wasn't so in 1971. The whole concept of a suitcase bomb required some ingenuity. - His calmness is especially noteworthy when you consider that the subsequent copycats were nervous wrecks during their skyjackings, despite being badasses in their own right. Richard McCoy won a Distinguished Flying Cross and a Silver Star in Vietnam as a chopper pilot. He literally flew hundreds of sorties as a chopper pilot. Yet during his skyjacking he was noted (even before he started the skyjacking) for being fidgety and sweating and breathing heavy. Robb Heady also successfully pulled of a 727 skyjacking. He was a 21 year old Vietnam paratrooper who served two tours in the thickest fighting in Vietnam and yet he later described himself as being barely able to breath during his skyjacking. Cooper, on the other hand, sat calmly for five hours, smoking cigarettes and drinking his bourbon and coke, with one hand on the detonator (the flight attendant lit his cigarettes for him). It's also worth noting that none of the copycats gave any specific instructions to the pilots on how to fly the 727. They just jumped out with the jet going full speed and it nearly killed two of them. What Cooper told the pilots wasn't public knowledge at the time. Cooper told them to fly at 180 knots, wheels down, with flaps at 15 degrees, and at 10,000 feet. That's mighty specific and strongly indicates that Cooper had knowledge of how best to safely parachute out of a 727. Cooper was also the only one to not be caught. Getting caught on his missions with Spec Ops meant certain death. This is a man who knew how to escape situations and blend into his environment. Occam's Razor would point toward Ted Braden being DB Cooper: One of the military's most experienced skydivers is kicked out of the service and isn't allowed to pursue a lucrative career as a mercenary so he uses the skills that the military taught him to ransom $200k from the government. [OG comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryMemes/comments/pskfgi/so_long_suckers_i_hope_you_enjoy_figuring_out/hdqxkwc/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


> Braden had no family. > Bought his mom a new car. Not doubting op but just found this funny.


Yeah I took it to mean wife and kids, people that would see him daily and notice an absence


>The suitcase bomb. While this is a common trope you see in movies these days, it wasn't so in 1971. The whole concept of a suitcase bomb required some ingenuity. Or exposure to a similar idea: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special\_Atomic\_Demolition\_Munition


I was going to say this, too. New options keep coming up, but likely candidates are getting to the age that we may never know. Plus, where's the rest of the money?


Far from lame. When l was a kid we always wondered who Deep Throat, The Unibomber, and DB Cooper was. 2/3 isn't good enough.


He resurfaced as Tommy Wiseau.


I would love to see how a blackhole works before I die. We know it sucks in all the matter to the singularity, but we don't know where it goes from there. Finding how a black hole works will change the understanding of the univerese itself. I hope it happens during my life time


What happened to the guys who escaped from Alcatraz? I know they most likely drowned but it would be cool to know one way or another.


Wasn't it proven that they could have survived the trip on their makeshift boat? I'm kinda of the opinion that they did survive the trip but then hid out in another country and have probably been dead for awhile. I know there is the theory that one of them actually attended the funeral of one of their mothers but that might just be a false rumor at best.




When I was 7 or 8, the Zodiac sent a letter to our local newspaper that children were going to die on Halloween. We lived in a cul-de-sac and all the parents decided to barricade the entrance at sundown. We were only allowed to trick or treat around the cul-de-sac (like ten houses?). I think all the neighbors compensated because we ended up with the biggest haul ever. And they threw a big party at a neighbor's house with games and candied apples. Best Halloween ever. Oh, and no children died in our area.


You got your candy, a party, AND some scares! That's the most Halloweeny thing I've read!


Right? That sounds way better than any Halloween I’ve ever had.


What if the party was held at the Zodiac's house and you never realized how close you were to the killer?


What if all along the Zodiac just wanted kids to get more halloween candy?


Maybe the real killer was the diabetes we developed along the way.


So here's something weird and random. I'm a lawyer. I took a video course on forensic document certification for a continuing legal education credit. It was not that interesting UNTIL The lecturer was talking about a man who was trying to find his birth father. He had his birth certificate, with the name filled out and the certificate was signed by a priest, as the guy was born at a home for unwed mothers. The guy's mom had dementia and couldn't help him search. Somehow he ended up contacting my lecturer. The lecturer was going to go visit the priest, but he died in a car accident a few days before the meeting. But then out of nowhere the lecturer says "I really wanted to sit down with the priest and get another writing sample from him. ****Not because I thought he was this guy's real dad, but because I am 99% certain he was the Zodiac Killer. **** And then we moved on to discussing emailed signatures. Like he hadn't just said that.


The man the lecturer was talking about was most likely Gary L. Stewart, who was a co-author of the book ["The Most Dangerous Animal of All"](https://www.amazon.com/Most-Dangerous-Animal-All-Searching/dp/0062313169). In the book he presents a [marriage certificate](https://i.imgur.com/DHYo3T8.jpg) as handwriting proof that his father, Earl Van Best Jr., was the zodiac killer. The only problem with that is that his father didn't write the certificate (why would he?). It was the Reverend that issued it, Edward M. Fliger. Here's what Michael Wakshull, a handwritting expert, said about the certificate in the book: > “I am virtually certain that the writer of the marriage certificate between Earl Van Best Jr. and Judith Chandler is the same writer as the writer of the Zodiac letters.” Here's [the earlier application for a marriage license](https://i.imgur.com/SocqEYc.jpg) written by Mr. Best. And here is [a page from the church log](https://i.imgur.com/paEiUsq.png) of Mr. Fliger.


This is the greatest unsolved mystery in my opinion. I think there were two people, the original and an impostor. It's hard since there are several suspects that could feasibly be the killer(s) Edit: Typo


The Delphi Murders. There's been hundreds of suspects and tips as well as audio and video evidence, yet the results have been fruitless. I read about a new suspect being considered, so hopefully the authorities get something out of that. But I hope both of those girls families can find peace and justice.


The disappearance and murders of 80+ indigenous women along the Highway of Tears in Northern BC. This began in 1970 and continues to this day. It seems plausible that there's a serial killer operating up there. Unfortunately the RCMP didn't even start looking into this until 1998. It's disgusting how indigenous people are treated here


What really caused the demise of the megafauna outside of Africa. We lost toxodons, macrauchenias, glyptodons, and more


3n+1 getting finally approved