What is one trait that could turns someone from a 10 to a 5?

What is one trait that could turns someone from a 10 to a 5?




That’s 10 to 0.


Being condescending


That means talking down to people.


Easier if you are tall.


Making every conversation about themselves


I never do that.


Now kiss


My mother is a conversational narcissist. Every single conversation is about her, what she's doing, what she thinks, what she wants to do, what she wants me to do, for her. And if you bring up something about yourself she has no input and turns it back to herself and her experiences or one ups you. No one talks to her, she gets into arguments with people because she she says whatever she wants and doesn't think how it might be offensive or just a annoying to the other person. Constantly injects herself into things, wants to tell you something and you signify you're not interested, doesn't process, keeps pushing til you flip out.


Does she also have a victim mentality and does she find the flimsiest of excuses to give up before truly attempting to accomplish something? Because aside from that, you described my mother perfectly.


Comforting to know, we are not alone.


Doesn’t take your feelings into account


But takes your bank account into feelings.


These two comments are like a breakup song


Believing Facebook news. Edit: Wow. If only all my opinions were shared by this many people … I wouldn’t feel like such an asshole sometimes !!!


Same goes with whatsapp forwards I guess.


Being involved in pyramid schemes.


A friend invited me to lunch once and I noticed she was asking me a bunch of personal questions about my life - am I happy in my job & relationships, is there anything I want to change, do I create goals etc. Then out of nowhere she pulled out a brochure and offered me 24 half hour life coaching sessions for $4,000. For the past 6 months she’d been involved in life coach training (clearly a pyramid scheme) where she attended lectures all across the US from this expert life coach of how to set yourself up with a coaching business. This girl was the total opposite of someone who had their shit together and I could tell she was sucked in by false promises of fortune & wealth. I wasn’t attracted to her in the first place but after that lunch I started to feel repulsion.


I had a friend who sandbagged me this way too. We already hadn't talked in a couple years so when he started texting me, I was like "yeah, cool, let's catch up". He even suggested a place we've been to before that's locally well known. Anyway, long story short, he doesn't order anything and instead of talking to me, he just plays this pitch video and stares at me while I'm awkwardly eating my food. The only words he said to me at the end of that 20 minute video were, "interested?" I told him it was an MLM and I'm not interested. That was the last i ever heard from him.


One of my best friends back in high school is heavily involved it these type of schemes. I hadn’t talked to him since our senior year, 2008, and he calls me out of the blue asking if I’d be interested in life coaching. This dude seriously calls me every few years with a different scheme. Last year it was some Bitcoin trading thing. If I pay him x amount he’ll get me started and in contact with a million dollar Bitcoin trader.


Ditto. Short of the story, I was raped, I went into shell shock for about a month, then realized I needed to start talking to people or I might sink to a place really hard to return from. (I told one close friend a few days after, no one else). So I text this friend, ask her if we can meet for coffee, say I've been through some things and really need to talk. We were maybe half into our drinks when she attempts to stealthily pull out her big fucking folder of magic pink juice powder from her huge bag, and sets it on the seat next to her. You know, so she could whip it out at just the right time and cure my woes. I remember the intense icy sick feeling stab sink from my chest to the pit of my stomach. Thing was - I had already started to tell her...just hadn't gotten to the R word yet. She was so mentally consumed about getting me onboard, she 💯 missed the fact I was struggling with PTSD & just needed a friend. I continued, when the R word did register with her, her face shifted dramatically. Not into a 'I've got your back, we've been friends for several years' - but an 'I'm not selling any magic pink sparkly juice powder during this coffee'. It was the last time we ever spoke. Fucking MLM's.


Everyone on Instagram is a damn coach.


OMG you’re so cute! Do you ever try putting essential oils in your morning smoothie?


Yes I love how olive oil makes me shit in the morning. Wait… olive oil isn’t essential?


Olive oil is essential in some of my cooking recipes. Smoothie is definitely not one of them.


Essential oils aren't "essential" as in importance. They're called that because they have the essence of the thing.


And “essence” is used in the sense of “smell,” not “fundamental component.” It just means smelly oil.


That scene in the office where Michael is unknowingly pitching the pyramid scheme and Jim just gets up draws a pyramid around it then it pans to Michael's worried face. Comedy gold.


https://youtu.be/lC5lsemxaJo Yes! You will get rich quick! Thank you! I love that scene


...I have to go make a call.


A girl I met was involved with one. She wanted to hang but I knew what was going to happen. I stopped talking with her.


My wife is in one…two now and it’s really starting to piss me off. She can’t just make new friends and not try to sell them something, then wonders why she has no friends. She doesn’t seem to understand that they are hanging out with you because they are friends, not because they want you to be a salesman.


Not respecting boundaries/aggressively trying to change your mind when you say no or say that something makes you uncomfortable.


I recently visited some family i hadn't seen since i was a teenager, and the amount of peer pressure i experienced made me super uncomfortable. Like keep smoking, you havent smoked with your aunt ever, keep smoking and drink more, and they kept pouring more alcohol in my cup. Never have i ever experienced peer pressure like that as a kid


This is how my family is. They all openly admit to being drunks and alcoholics. I went to my cousins wedding recently and it was so bad that my uncles started tabs for their underage kids to be able to drink with the adults, party and have a “good time” My underage cousin kept going for cocktails with hard liquor saying “I’m a (insert family last name), its in our blood, its what we do” as she proceeded to get fucking hammered and then throw a fit about driving the car home. I definitely was drinking as well because hey, its a wedding and I’m of drinking age, but mostly just observed my family egging each other on to pound watered down drinks one after the other for hours on end and run around like fools screaming at each other. I had a designated driver and kept to myself the whole night and watched my drunken uncles pile their drunken kids into their cars and drive off into the night.






Ugh, you’re so right. My SIL’s boyfriend litters and it makes me want to stuff all the trash he’s ever thrown on the ground down his throat.


I flipped one day cause of this. A few years ago when on my final school day I saw this girl just chuck sweet wrappers accross the form room. Having a job as a hotel housekeeper I know what it's like to be the person who has to deal with these peoples shit. On my way out the room I grabbed the litter off the floor shoved it into her handbag and continued past keeping hard eye contact, Ik it was very petty but it made me feel good knowing she had her own spilt lucazade and sweets to clean out her bag.


It’s been like 10 years and I still think about that one picnic scene from Mad Men.


I actually gasped out loud when Betty shook out that blanket and let their garbage just fall to the ground. It was casual and oblivious and spoke volumes about her and the times.


Being rude to customer service workers for no reason.


That's 10 to 1, they said 10 to 5


Uhh, being demanding for no reason to customer service workers without being outright rude.


Acting like their time is more valuable


I hate when people are late. It ruins the mood for the whole date


When their main source of entertainment is talking shit about other people.


I realised one day that I was talking shit about people with a girlfriend cause it was the only way we bonded. We broke up and I’m sure she talks shit about me with everyone. Edit: lots of comments saying I’m here talking shit too. My point wasn’t that she talked too much shit, and I’m not above that either, but that if I wanted to connect with her I didn’t have any other topic but talking about other peoples problems or drama to do that. Also we found out she was pregnant 3 weeks after we broke up. Life is complicated.


Good on you for realising that.


Yes! Especially if it is about their exes. All of your exes were complete assholes who treated you awfully while you were being the perfect partner were they? All of them? And you have to bring it up in every conversation to demonstrate what a good guy victim you are? I’ll just back the fuck away before you realize I’m not perfect either.


That's 10 to 1 bro, not 10 to 5


Playing victim. We’ve all been wronged in life, but if someone has to keep playing the part, that’s a huge turn off.


Briefly dated a girl like that. She was somehow victim in literally every life story she shared.


my older sister is like that. You can't have anything remotely bad happen to you because it's happened 10x worse to her. It's gotten to the point that I probably only see her once a year. I mean, that's the tip of the iceberg to the reasons tho


I see you've met my mother in law lol


I'm reading a book now which talks about how playing the victim is a form of control, not just for themselves in dealing with past trauma but also in how they relate to others. It demands people around then change themselves to meet the demands of the victim. One aspect of this is that they feel they don't deserve compassion or love by default, so by playing the victim, they believe they "earn" the right to receive unconditional compassion from others. It really opened my mind into understanding how these people think.


Adopting one aspect of their life as their entire identity. Example: I had a friend that made sure everyone knew they hated Apple as a company. If you had a convo lasting more than 5 minutes with this person, it would come up.


I knew a guy who upon meeting someone new would introduce himself with his job title, even when meeting someone in a casual setting where his job title had absolutely no bearing on who this person was.


Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration


"What line of work you in, Bob?"


"I'm having lunch with The Senator." ".....State Senator....."


I know a guy who does this with his car. He posts photos of his car in different weather. He posts memes about what a tough guy he is because of his car. He also created a separate Instagram for his car but crossposts to his personal account anyway. He’s the kind of dude who will leave an event early because he has to go check on his car. It’s basically a pathological condition at this point, I swear. Edit: I forgot the type of car because I hid all his excessive posts, but someone mentioned it below: it’s a WRX. But regardless of whether that’s considered a cool/expensive type, no car justifies his identity-consuming admiration for it lol. He doesn’t even do anything with it except take pics and drive it to the grocery store or work and park waaaaay far away from where he thinks other cars will go, so he basically walks several blocks from his car anyway for its “protection.”


I think he's having sex with his car... Edit: I've learned so much in the responses to my comments.


It's the new Ford Fellatio, it gets you off before it gets you there. Edit: just wanted to say that this is a Robin Williams joke from one of his last specials "Weapons of Self Destruction" definitely worth a listen on spotify if you get a chance.


You come everywhere in that car


Sex with my car - my strange addiction: https://youtu.be/06BFsQ_28Co


Humans are impressive at finding new ways to be weird.


Expecting me to reply constantly and throwing a tantrum if I am 5 mins late to reply


What took you a WHOLE HOUR to reply to this thread?


Honey, I was just out bowling with my friends


Oh yeah, bowling, is that what they call it these days?! You ought to be ashamed of yourself for this


No appreciation for effort put in


For sure. As a bonus, those kinds of people will suck the life out of you if you keep trying to please them.


was in that situation. it sucks


Exactly they don’t appreciate anything


Thought this was my dad turned out he has autism. Threw my mom through the ringer when we found out, poor woman has dedicated her life to trying make everything perfect for him but he can only point out when things aren't right rather than when they're okay. Takes a huge mental toll out on everyone in the house.


I had no idea that was a thing. No one really talks about autism in adulthood affecting others. I always just thought people were just critical and hard to impress.


Right? There's basically no research on what it does to kids and that just blows my mind. I'm unfortunately dealing with perfectionist tendencies and severe anxiety from not being what he wants me to be. Which j guess just comes from loving myself at some point, which is really hard when you haven't felt the love your whole life. Also my dad never showed love to my mom in a traditional way so I have no idea what love looks like


Wow this hit me right in the feels. We lost our dad a few years ago and we realized later that he was very likely on the spectrum, and it was never diagnosed. I've grown up feeling exactly like this and am only now starting to understand it.




I tend to ask people if they feel shitty when I'm shitty. Misery loves company or something.


When they make rude comments about people just existing


*Twitter has joined the chat*


I invited a friend that I knew for few years to a party at my house. I always know he’s kinda awkward but I never have a problem with that. Until he started talking shit about other friends of mine (hippies), saying they were weird as fuck. Without even trying to get to know them. I’m not sure if I’ll invite him to hangout after that


My parents did this big time so I don't even notice when I do. Then one day someone questioned what I was saying. "Have you even ever talked to her more than one sentence? How can you have all these opinions on them if you don't even know them? That would probably bum you out if someone who pretends to be friendly to your face was talking shit about you for zero reason". I WAS MORTIFIED. it still a constant battle to not just talk about random people, but even if it's just an innocuous comment about their appearance, it doesn't need to be said and it's not kind. I am always thankful for these kind of reminders to be conscious of this and kind.


I’m grateful that person said something to you. Small things like this that help people become better, do better. Might be small to some, but this is a huge step towards positivity. And here you are sharing as I’m sure others reading this are also learning to be better than they are.


Ugh! I'm in a big friend group and some girls in our friend group do this to new people we meet and I hate it. They can literally talk shit about people whom they talked to for like 5 minutes. And the worst part is, they are so careless that the gossip eventually reaches the said person and the person distances themselves from everyone in the group, including me!


Having both shitty friends and good friends is not a sustainable way to live. Gotta pick one or the other, or they'll choose for you.


Why don't you distance as well?


For real. If they talk shit about people they’ve known 5 min, they DEFINITELY talk shit about you when you aren’t around.


I mean if you associate with assholes it kind of looks like you condone it. makes sense to avoid you in that case lol




Im glad I’m too perfect to have flaws like narcissism


I’m more superior than you and I don’t have narcissism either


You’re clearly below me which says alot and i don’t even have narcissism


It's funny how a clearly more refined person like me has to come here and make you people (who are obviously great just not as much as me) acknowledge that even being this good I don't have narcissism


jesus christ y’all are so narcissistic, i’m RIGHT HERE, the humblest one in the thread. gaze and drool upon my beauty and intelligence and 0% narcissism.


The sheer amount of coping mechanisms here is astounding. For you are all narcissistic and I am from the kingdom of god and have placed judgement upon every one of you. Revel in my beauty. Admire it. The day has come and it all revolves around me. Look at you guys. Over inflated egoistic pursuits for your entire life. For me, I have undergone a death of the ego. Just pure superior being.


Yeah narcissism for me can make some one go from a solid ten all the way down past zero into the negatives


Bragging about penis size.


Only guys with small dicks do that; mine’s really big so i don’t have to /s


Smells kinda sus to me


you smelling it?


"Why you comin home, At 5 in tha morn' Somethin's goin' on. Lemme smell yo dick" Edit: welp, this is the one that got me to 200K. Thanks reddit, you bunch of assholes.


I've got a medium dick. It can talk to ghosts.


A girl once told me I was the biggest weiner she ever saw. Or, wait, did she say, "the biggest whiner she ever saw?" Oh, shit...


This drops a girl from a 10 to an 8.


Coughing without covering your mouth. It’s basic manners.


One time I drove my coworker home. She sneezed into her hands with her fingers spread apart. I felt the sneeze hit me. She was a 60 year old woman. I never wanted to scream at someone so badly (just…. How do you live that far into your life and still think sneezing into your hands is ok? Why keep the fingers open? It does nothing!!!!!!!!)


I rode with a guy at work that did this, keep in mind we were in the truck most days for hours together and he would sneeze, and not just a regular sneeze either, a massive tsunami and saliva would fly all over his hands and he would just wipe it on his leg and start touching stuff in the truck. He couldn’t wrap his mind around how this was not okay


an inflated and undeserved ego


So they’re already a 10, but they think they’re a 15?


Bad hygiene. Not a 5 though, a 0.


Yea, found a total hotty. We made out and her mouth just smelled fucking awful. I get that we had dinner several hours previously, but that shit reeked of dirty ass tongue.


Yuck. Rotten tooth.


Bad dry mouth is an option too. I’m good about brushing and flossing but am on several medications each with dry mouth as a side effect…and the cumulative result is not fun. Unless I drink water *constantly*, my mouth will basically glue itself together. It definitely lends itself to some bad breath. I’m aware of it but there’s only so much I can do.


Have you tried any oral rinse or gum for dry mouth? Open to recommendations cuz I seem to have a touch of dry mouth no matter what and... there are moments where more saliva would be appreciated.....


I was on immunotherapy for my nose allergies, which basically meant overloading my immune system with allergens for 3 years. For the first 6 months, I couldn’t breathe through my blocked nose and had to breathe through my mouth. This caused my tonsils to get worse and I now have tonsil stones the size of peas that I have to remove every 2 - 3 days or I’d have rancid breath. Good thing we wear masks now and I can smell my own breath before anyone else does and fix it.


Or tonsil stones


Tonsil stones are sick, especially after dairy products. I have to clear mine almost twice a week. My tonsil have gotten so bad that my stones have the size and consistency of peas. Luckily masks help me detect my bad breath before others now.


I’ve had doctors my entire life tell me I had the biggest tonsils they’ve ever seen, and I used to get giant stones non stop. My breath was awful pretty much 24/7 and it made me so self conscious. Getting my tonsils out was the best decision I’ve ever made and 100% worth the discomfort of the procedure afterwards.




Or division by 2.


Multiplication by 0,5




No sense of humour


Or weird sense of humor. Like never laughs when other people do but laughs at a video of a cat getting run over or something really fucked. That's worse.


I believe no one has no sense of humor. But some have a sense of humor they're ashamed of.


Someone who has no regard for others safety and feelings. When they are disrespectful and try to put themselves above everyone else. Edit: thank you for the awards and upvotes! I totally forgot this was suppose to make them a 5 not a 0. I was writing more along the lines of them being a 0. I apologize and Thank you all for sharing your stories!


Let this be a warning to all the younger people who think that driving recklessly is supposed to impress their dates. I'll gladly advise *every* person not to tolerate that.


Yes. Tip to everyone stuck as a passenger in a car driving incredibly dangerous; ask them to stop because you’re being sick and you’re going to puke. A reckless driver can bully you for being afraid and end up driving more dangerous to push you. A reckless driver facing the reality of a puke tsunami in their car, will probably also bully you, but stop because who wants a fucking puke tsunami in their car.


And if they won’t stop, stick your fingers down the back of your throat so you do throw up.


I wish I could puke on command, would help me outta a lot of risky shit.


younger people? I saw a truck diver in their 40s drive like a maniac yesterday, taking over smaller cars that were all driving slightly above the speed limit og 90km/h. Craziest place for a takeover was AT AN INTERSECTION?! Who even does that.


There is a reason why many trucking companies put physical speed limiters in the trucks.


For me, it’s sucking other guys dicks while we are dating


Especially if it's while you're *on* a date.


Could you stop sucking that dick for a minute and order something, please? I’m starving. Or are you alright with just dick.


"Try not to suck any dick on the way through the parking lot!"


“Hey! Get back here!”




An absolute classic, up there with the poop knife and the switch that does magic




In a row?




Still a 5 tho


Lack of sympathy. When I see someone brush off another person's pain, or just being plain hostile towards someone who obviously needs help (especially when they make some stupid remark) it is an instant "I hate you" realization I have. It's sad, sometimes it just ruins getting to know the person.


I live in a mega turbo shithole country with all-around horrendous people and I've had the empathy bled right out of me and I genuinely don't like where I'm headed at all lol.


what country do you live in?


Egypt. Probably bigger shitholes out there but still an immense shithole nonetheless.


...yeeeaaaahhh having heard the accounts of two very kind and empathetic people I know who were both new grade-school teachers who went there for a teaching job for a year, Egypt (urban centers especially, but like, anywhere hospitable is urban) will fuck people up pretty quickly.


trying to control every situation


You would hate my mother. My paternal grandfather died last week and she tried to organize the entire funeral even though she was merely a bystander. You can imagine how that went.


Having the “you’re worthless and can be easily replaced” attitude. If a person is going to treat you like crap what is the point of dating them when there are other people in the dating scene.


Chewing with their mouth open.


On one of my first dates with my now husband, back in 2001, he said “could you please chew with your mouth closed?” I was mortified. And kinda angry that may parents never really taught me better (I was 19). You can bet I have chewed with my mouth closed every day since then. Now neither of us can really stand to eat with my mother though ...




more importantly, props to her for taking the advice on the chin and making a positive change instead of getting defensive and offended


How someone reacts to a politely phrased comment like that can tell you a lot about them too, so it's worth the discomfort


I mean it makes sense to me, if the person were to keep doing it dating obviously isnt going to work out anyways. Might as well throw in some advice and hope it gets taken well.


Chewing with your mouth open and abusing their pets.


Abuse of any kind is a straight 0


poor hygiene




When they can’t take a joke, but they make jokes about others.


Insulting someone behind their back, then being nice to them in person.


Invalidating your experience or your emotions


Someone who is constantly judging everyone.


Finishing each sentence by screaming like an elephant.


10 to 5 not 10 to 15


Turn it up to 11!


I have absolutely no idea what this means. Genuine question. Is there a video I can see somewhere of what you mean. Because what I'm picturing in my mind, is someone talking, then making an elephant noise, and I'm pretty sure that's completely wrong 🤣


1: “Hey, I saw you at the park yesterday“ \*trumpet noises\* 2: “uhh yeah, what was that noise you just made there?” 1: ”oh don’t mind that, when I was a child I accidentally ate an elephant and now I make their noise at the end of every sentence“ \*water starts projecting out of the nose\* 2: “uhhh, yeah. Okay have a good day”


WHAT does this mean


disrespect for your property and Zero awareness went on a date, i pick her up and she seems kind of nervous but everything was fine, not sparks or anything but we got on fine, there was definitely no second date happening... so we got in my car and i was driving her home, she slips off her shoes and puts her feet up on the dash, where the air bag is.... and starts rolling a cigarette, i tell her "no smoking in my car and get your feet off the dash" (this is all going on whilst im driving.) she claps back with " i will do what i want" and then laughs... like its a joke and she is a rebel, so i pulled in to a layby told her to get out if she was going to smoke. so im sat there, she is smoking outside of the car and im just thinking "drive away.... ", she finishes and puts her feet back on the dash again as im driving... i now yell at her "Get your Feet of the dash!". she gets defensive about it and starts freaking out. so i tell her in a calm yet stern voice "if i get hit by a car, or crash, your legs will be shot at your face with the same speed as the air bag deployment, not only will your legs SHATTER, but more then likely your knees will go though your skull and you will die... so get your feet of the dash, Please!" she took her feet of the dash


Classy lady she was lol


Not washing their ass


Is that actually a thing? Like, who doesn't wash the part of their body that literally expels solid waste???


One of my idiot, grown roommates until recently. Imagine going on a lunch date with your girlfriend to meet her mom and you smell so bad, she tells you at volume that you "smell like shit." THEN imagine that you got mad, in the moment, she spoke to you like that instead of being embarrassed that you smell of feces. I have got to get out of this house


We raised pigs growing up. Even they aren't as disgusting as your roommate.


Rude to the waitress, or any person in a service job.


Conceited personality


Ridiculous religious beliefs. Not like believing prayer works or going to church on Sunday, but something outrageous. Like believing QR codes are Satanic images and that every time someone uses one, The Devil takes a piece of their soul.


Gatekeeping/Smugness I hate hearing that I'm too old to enjoy something that I honestly enjoy, it hurts no one. You don't have to enjoy it, but respect the fact that I do. Stop bringing up the fact that you only watch academy award winning find, you're brand name only, you're into the classic arts I respect if you actually only like listening to classical music or you really are into these obscure award-winning films. That doesn't mean you're better than me or my interests


I have met soo many people like this ://


Being selfish or conceited


10/10 can plummet to a 1/10 the second that I see that they have an explosive and/or violent temper. Edit- and/or :)


username is confusing then


" i am not like other girls"


“I have snake arms”


Asdfmovie still cracks me up


Poor communication (like if you say something, but they are too stuck on the something else to listen to you) Ex. Me: \*adding a few drops of miracle grow to plants\* Partner: Hey the plants were already watered Me: i know, I'm just giving them some nutrients with miracle grow. Partner: Stop watering them, I already did that. Me: it's miracle grow, not water Partner: But I already watered them. Me: It's not water Partner: Dude, I said stop watering them! Me: \*internal screaming\* (edit: this is not a real memory, just a made up scenario to show what i mean).


Well im furious now


White knuckle kinda mad when people do that


And fast


It’s like Patrick with his wallet lol


This shit drives me up the wall. When someone keeps re-iterating the same thing after you've acknowledged, responded, resolved, and moved the fuck on with your day. My father-in-law does it; thankfully my wife usually catches herself.




DUDE! What’s mine say?


Im happy to see that a popular answer is treating servers poorly. For me though its bragging about shitty behavior. I recently went on a blind date with a woman who was super proud of herself for suing people and institutions. I couldnt get out of there fast enough. It was a shame bc she was really attractive until she started to talk.