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almost unnecessary reassurance. it makes me feel so cared about


I love when my wife walks around the house barefoot. I don't really have a foot fetish, but it makes me think that she's comfortable with me and I think that's hot.


When they remember miniscule details about things you told them days before


A really genuine smile and interest in a conversation. Even if the conversation doesn't even include me, I get really turned on when I see a guy genuinely interested in the person he is talking to. I don't know why... I guess I like respectful, kind people.


I love watching someone nerd out about something. It shows passion and a level of trust to be that openly enthusiastic about something.


Being a good hugger.


Define a good hugger


For me any hugger works At this point I just need a hug


I have this weird thing where I love people reading a map, specifically where they are looking for a particular place and are concentrating very hard.


Wow. That’s specific. It would be funny if this was a fetish category, complete with map porn.




The real question is, how do we *find* these people Here, take this map and see if you can find their club house


As someone who reads aged, large, physical maps as part of my job (often in front of the client) this will now be all I think about.


Can you.. uh... concentrate a little harder on that map?


“Oh yeah, baby. Focus!”


I have this for almost anything where people are concentrating on something. It produces an ASMR response in me.


When a guy is reversing the car and he puts his arm on the passenger seat chair and looks behind (while I'm in the passenger seat). Something so sexy about it!


Agree! Mourning the loss of this move because of backup cameras.


My new car has a backup camera but he still looks behind him lol, he just can’t get used to the camera haha


I heard about this and tried it to impress my SO. Nearly crashed. I hadn't realised how much I use my wing mirrors for reversing before then. So I just rolled up my shirt sleeves to just before my elbows instead


I learned quite recently that women find hands hot. Suddenly so many episodes of women measuring their hands against mine when I was a teen/early 20s make sense and all those wasted opportunities have passed me by. But here I am now in my 30s flexing my hands around like they're a nice cleavage or something. It seems to be the more uh, vascular, the better. I mean, whatever floats your boat ladies. Edit; maybe I should start an OnlyHands


My wife has always been oddly fascinated by the veins in my hands and forearms. She’s a nurse though, and I think it stems from a deep seeded desire to insert an IV into them in one try.


Yep. My wife is exactly the same. Also a nurse


My husband does this to me. I catch him staring, and he's like "you've got great veins" and I'm like "you need new fantasies".




Seeing someone write gracefully.




They didn’t see you write it.






When they zip up your backpack while you're wearing it cuz you forgot it was open


Yeah, but somebody tucking in your shirt tag without asking can be really unpleasant.


Depends on the person really, my uniform has a big flappy thing on the inside of the back and it's always getting tucked away. When it happened last summer the physical contact made me shiver.


The other day at the dinner table all 3 kids were losing their shit over various nonsense, we couldn't calm any of them because you could barely hear yourself think, and my usually rather quiet wife who avoids conflict and who I have maybe heard raise her voice on only one or two occasions roared "ENOUGH!". For a few seconds after you could hear a pin drop. It was so sexy.


The quiet ones are always the scarier ones when pushed in a corner.


My bedroom above the garage.


Oh snap! Nothing sexual going on up there!


When my wife wears my t-shirts as pajamas.


Idk why I’ve ever bothered with with lingerie because my husband prefers this every time.


Idk why I thought you meant PJ pants. I just imagine her sticking her legs though the sleeves and having a hole in the crotch. Edit: whole -> hole


Trying to communicate with me. To preface this, I won't be the guy who falls for a bartender while on vacation, I know they flirt with patrons to get better tips, but I think I understand it a bit better now. I spent a week in Mexico and went to one bar regularly with a cute bartender who didn't speak a lick of English, about as much Spanish as I speak. When she wasn't helping customers she always came back to talk to me and I don't think I've ever had someone make such an effort to just talk to me in my entire life. Talking in broken sentences, showing off pictures on our phones, grabbing the odd word off Google translate, I could tell you half this girls life and neither of us can string together five words in a grammatically correct sentence in the others language. It made me feel so worth someone's time, if someone at home made that much effort I'd probably fall head over heels for them. Edit: aiight slight edit because in my mind the first part of my statement kind of said "I know she wasn't into me, and I'm not sitting here pining over her" but the number of comments I'm getting where people feel the need to tell me she wasn't into me suggests I worded that poorly. So. Here goes. She wasn't into me. She had a boyfriend. She was being nice to someone who was being nice back, and taking an interest in someone taking an interest back. Was she she trying to take advantage of a tourist for money? Could have been, then again she turned down tips multiple times. At the end of the day, though, I still found the sheer amount of effort she put into communicating with me "hot" in a "non sexual" way, and thus it is my answer to the question. And to clarify my statement at the end if I thought someone was into me, and they were expending as much time and energy just to talk to and spend time with me, I would pretty definitely be into them.


Sounds more like just somebody paying attention to you. Which, when you've gone through life not really being the belle of the ball, must be pretty fuckin hot.


Joel: "Why do I fall in love with every woman who pays the least bit of attention to me?"


God that line breaks my heart every time.


Speaking another language




First Finnish word in the entire thread I’ve read so far. Please teach me.


Suomi on todella hankala kieli oppia, sillä se ei ole sukua muihin eurooppalaisiin kieliin, paitsi eestin- ja unkarinkieliin.


That pretty much translates to: Finnish is a really hard/difficult language to learn, because it's not related to other European languages besides Estonian and Hungarian languages


Good bot.




Watching the guy I'm dating drive, something about seeing him handle the wheel and thinking about his hands...


I've heard of so many women really into guy's hands


I did a How-To project in highschool once and mine was how to read guitar tablature. I brought in a guitar and demonstrated a few things and after played a short song to tie it all together. Afterwards one of the girls in my class was enraptured by my hands and told me she enjoyed watching them. I did not do the math on that one.


*Five years later, eating cereal.* "Oh. Shit."


Yo I had one of these moments. A very cute girl asked me about my tattoo, I have an Ankh on my forearm and she had one on the back of her neck. She was touching my arm and tracing the Ankh and talking about how much she liked the symbol. At the time I was like “this girl really likes ankhs, that’s cool”. Then years later I was sitting down drinking coffee and I reached for my cup and saw my tattoo and BAM! out of nowhere it hit me that maybe she wasn’t just interested in my tattoo… I had a moment then continued drinking my coffee.


I’m a woman. She was DEFINITELY not just interested in your tattoo. Especially if she occasionally turned her eyes upward to look at you while she was examining your forearm.


… Damn… well not the first time I’ve done this, definitely won’t be the last.


I should buy a boat.


This is me too. Especially if he's dressed nice and has a watch on. That's hot


Thats an interesting comment. I had date night with my girl on Saturday and she pointedly asked me a few days if I was going to wear my "sexy watch". I, of course, obliged but I had never thought of it as "sexy", just a nice watch I treated myself to.


Especially when they parallel park, and turn around with their hand behind the passenger headrest 😍


A girl tying up her hairbun


A girl doing anything at all with her hair.


A girl doing anything


Or ponytail


*dabs forehead with handkerchief*


Smiling and Laughter


Women singing. She doesn't even have to be really good at it.


On the flip side, as a girl, when a guy sings. My husband played guitar for me and sang to me in high school. Needless to say, I fell for him really hard.


Seeing, sharing and then noticeably reciprocating excitement.


There are certain gestures and other things that people do with their hands that is, for some odd reason, really attractive to me. Like a relaxed hand position where the fingers are all slightly offset in a way that's *just so*. Or the way someone holds their cigarette. The way they button their shirt or adjust cufflinks. The way someone might put just a touch of flair in the movement of their hands and fingers while doing a task that they're an expert at, like when a pianist is really going wild or a craftsman expertly handles the tools of their trade. As an amateur cartoonist who has kind of a thing for hands, you'd think I'd thoroughly enjoy *DRAWING THEM,* **BUT--** ^(I don't have to write the rest of my rant, because every single fellow artist who reads this is already finishing this rant in their heads.)


What did you think of The Queen’s Gambit? Lots of hands holding chess pieces in slightly provocative ways. Now that I think back it’s almost like whoever filmed it feels the same way about hands as Quentin Tarantino does about feet.


Abdominal region Idk why


Midriff for the win


I, too, love it when someone is half way through a progression of chords.


I know right, the ending is just about to happen and tension is rising


A well fitted suit


THREE PIECE SUIT! THREE PIECE SUIT! When tailored to one's body, that person receives +1000 attractiveness points.


Passion/interest in a subject


I'd add watching someone you are attracted to who is very skillful at their work or hobby is pretty fucking great.


Mm oh yes I too have a competence kink


You like Huey Lewis and the News? Their early work was a little too new wave for my taste. But when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He's been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor. In '87, Huey released this; Fore!, their most accomplished album. I think their undisputed masterpiece is "Hip To Be Square". A song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends. It's also a personal statement about the band itself.


Hey Paul!


Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now!


There's a great [Pitchfork video](https://youtu.be/aSUMCmu08bI) of Huey breaking down all their albums, and when shown the clip of this quote, he totally agreed with it.




The little swish of the ponytail as someone is bouncing down the street. ie running or walking with a spring in the step. Gets me everytime


Subcategory: girl wearing a ball cap with the pony tail pulled through the back


Whoa... Guys like that? I always thought it made me look sloppy but was comfortable so I did it anyway. How interesting.


I don’t know WHO in every girls’ childhood was spreading this lie; Ponytails are hot. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s sloppy. Edit: I asked my wife about this and she was like, “nah, ponytails make your face look fat”. I noped that in the face and she’s had a ponytail in the rest of the day and feels cute. I did it. I broke the curse!


When a girl who usually doesn't, accidentally swears.


I love it when my wife says her biannual "fuck."


"ah fuck I stubbed my toe" *Cums*


Hopefully not on the toe


It might help ease the pain


Only one way to find out


I had a co worker who had this cutesy voice. But her default phrase when something didn't go her way was "oh shit fuck bollocks". It was pretty funny.


my girl doesn't cuss, she even pointed out early in our relationship how much I do, so I cut it back.. every once in a while she'll let out a cuss word and I'm ready to go.


A specific perfume that my SO wears. I just don't understand why but it really *really* hits me differently. And I've told her as much so she went and limited her usage of it. Will put it on only during special occasions like a date or if she's planning to drag me to the bed hopefully NOW because omg... whenever she has it on I swear I've never wanted to have her sit on my face more than at that moment. I'm very sensitive to it and can pick it up if she's applied even a small amount to her wrists. So she'll just leave me to react to it when she walks by knowing full well what she is doing. EDIT: It's 'Very Sexy by Victoria Secret'. The last time she tried to purchase a bottle, she told me they changed it to a lotion so I'm not sure it's still available as a perfume. Regardless, it still has the desired effect on me all the same. This is of course a very *me* thing so YMMV.


Well now we want to know what it is!


Sex Panther


60% of the time.. it works every time.


“It’s a formidable scent… It stings the nostrils. In a good way… Brian, I’m gonna be honest with you, that smells like pure gasoline.”


It’s illegals in nine countries. Yep, it’s made with bits of real panther so you know it’s good.


Smells are a big thing for me. Not in a sexual way either. They can put me in a very good place or a very bad place. For instance, in Iraq (especially where I was at) they burned trash all the damn time and I had quite a few bad experiences over there. Any time I smell burning trash (live in an area with A LOT of homelessness) I am transported to that place and time. Same with the smell of sand/dirt in the wind, feel and taste of its grit in my mouth. Just not good and could potentially lead to other bullshit. My wife wears certain perfumes/body sprays that make me feel safe and warm. She had this one sweater that had a very unique feel to it. Ultra soft. She loved it. She cut it up for me into little squares and sparks her perfumes/body sprays on them and gives them to me whenever I am going somewhere with or without her. The feel of the fabric and its smell can pull me right out of whatever I am experiencing. Most of the time anyway. My oldest daughter has similar body sprays and perfumes. Any time I smell hers, I feel safe once again. She would always spray herself down with it in my car before going into school and before I would take her shopping. Always just before we'd get out. I never...never made it her responsibility to recognize whenever I am having an episode, but she picked up on it. Whenever she does see something is off, she will randomly spray the room I am in. It just makes me feel safe. Funnily enough, I guess she has latched on to the same sort of feeling. She mimics a lot of the things I do because she enjoys the smells. We go incense shopping together lol.


OP, you gotta deliver the perfume! People's sex lives are at stake here!


Reminds me of something that happened with my friend. He used to like the smell of this specific perfume (I think it was a Chanel) a lot, so he got it for his wife to wear and it REALLY did the trick for him. Apparently the wife didn't think too much of it, and lent it to her mother for a bit because she liked it too. My friend had the worst and most awkward boner of his life when he went in to hug his mother-in-law at an event and smelt the horny perfume that he'd gotten specifically for his wife. If your partner gets you a perfume, for the love of God never let anyone else borrow it. Even if they ask what perfume you're wearing, don't tell them because you don't want your partner to have that experience.


I had a similar experience, except the other way around. I put on my dad's cologne, and my mom had to explain to me why I shouldn't be wearing my dad's cologne. I stopped wearing my dad's cologne.


My husband usually wears a specific deodorant.^^* One day, he put on a different one he had never wore around me before. My brain went through a bunch of different emotions when I noticed because he smelled *just like* my late father. What a weird experience. He obviously never wore it again but let me have it to smell occasionally when I miss my dad.


This is fucking HILARIOUS.


I’m the same way with my husbands cologne. It’s something by Gucci, so not necessarily a rare scent, but it smells so good on him. Sometimes if I’m in a bad place mentally (like after my mother died), he’ll spray it on a fuzzy blanket and wrap me up in it. If I could bottle heaven, I’m sure it would smell like him wearing this cologne.


This is a bit lame, but I really like watching it when my husband buckles and/or unbuckles his belt. I think it stems from watching Indiana Jones buckling his belt in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Its pretty hot!


I have a real Pavlovian response to the sound of my husband unbuckling his belt. Edit: Sorry you were all beaten as children :(


Same! He could just be readjusting but my eyes light up haha


Honestly same. And when he folds the belt in half in his hands to lay it somewhere... omg.


*jots down notes*




"Mike, why are you wearing 6 belts?"


"oh right" (~~seductively~~ awkwardly starts taking them off one by one)


I was confused, thought u meant seatbelt


Safety is always sexy.


Either you find somebody unbuckling their belt hot or terrifying depending on your childhood


Trains at high speed


I like trains.


Smooth/soft skin Yes I’ve heard all the buffalo bill jokes




Being able to fix things/being handy.


Eye contact


Bro I can't not make eye contact with people and it makes things so fucking awkward


Nice smell


When you feel protected around them. That shit turns me on so fast.




I’m dyslexic and I first read your comments as ‘kidneys’ lol 😂


Kidneys should be at normal body temperature


Oh shit, I store all of mine in the freezer


Genuinely friendly, good people.




I see


Not for long


Well, I am shortsighted


Thank you. My whole life everyone has told me I look prettier without glasses but I'm terrified of contact lens. Glad some people like it!


>My whole life everyone has told me I look prettier without glasses Next time someone says that just reply with "You look better without my glasses on too". I guarantee they will stop saying that. Edit; never in a million years did I think my most upvoted comment would be a clapback about glasses lmao


Long wet hair...


White button down shirts, rolled up sleeves. I can't even begin to describe their power over me.


The color of the shirt does not matter to me, just please roll up the sleeves. Lol


How high is your preference? Just loosely opened and rolled up once to show a little wrist, or the clean double fold for full forearm exposure?


Exactlyyy. I’m even here to waaatch them roll the sleeves up. If y’all have seen Loki, there is a perfect example of exactly this in episode 2 where Tom Hiddleston does it all just right


Just a note for anyone going back to watch that - it's actually in episode 3, right at the 31 minute mark. Unless I missed one in episode 2, but it looks like he's wearing a jacket throughout pretty much the whole episode.




Chubby cheeks and I do mean the ones on the face.


Over knee socks


Those can be nearly weaponized at this point because of how efficient they are at making men crumble.


*immediately Imagines firing them out of a t-shirt cannon at people*




A sense of humour, especially if they're capable of laughing at themselves. Some people take themselves too seriously these days


I was just on a date yesterday (for context: I'm a straight male.) Things were going ok, but I was getting a platonic vibe from her for a bit. Then I made her laugh a few times and her entire vibe changed. She slowly moved closer, started touching my arm, etc. Definitely got a feeling that she was suddenly attracted to me just because I made her laugh.


To be fair, lots of people can be really shy initially in person, even if texting a big game. You making her laugh likely helped her to relax and loosen up to flirt more on her own. I was told by an ex I'm still friends with that from his perspective it took a while for me to "warm up to him", while to me I was never cold to him, and thus was just super awkward for a bit


Instant attractions is meh. The best dates I've been on I was kind of in a 'fuck it what's the worst that can happen' moods and asked people out who didn't strike me as 'my type'. One face expressions in conversation literally doubled their attractiveness. Another was robotic as hell in messaging and but in person was a completely different person, albeit so unfunny it became funny. To me too many people think a date should hit every box straight away or its no second date. Unless it's a obvious no give a few dates a go and see how things evolve.


Commitment. I'm not talking about the ring. I mean emotional investment and support.


Dads that are great with their kids.


Hugs from someone who legitimately cares, and hand holding. Only about 4 people are allowed that close to me tho.


I just get so lonely I guess, when I had my first hug( from a girl that wasnt my own mother) I felt so nice I never wanted to stop. I may be a dude but im a sucker for romance


Couple things I wanted to say, 1. In regards to how you qualified you being a sucker for romance with the fact you're a dude: dudes can be just as much a sucker for romance as women the only difference is society telling them they shouldn't. 2. Hugs are awesome 3. I have only had 1 person hug me and mean it. When my mom hugs me it feels cold and not meant.


God, I am so sorry. If I were there, I would give you a motherly hug as they're supposed to be given. Everyone deserves that.


Everyone here seems fairly well adjusted, and i'm just here with 'power armour' even though its technically hypothetical. Put a guy in something that looks like it could smash through a wall and i'll climb that.


Are we talking XO-1 power armor or just T-60


Collar bones.


Guys who are shy. Idk why but shy ones are always really nice and some of them are super hot. Don’t get me wrong there’s some shy guys who do look a bit “not nice” but some shy dudes are really hot and when you speak to them they get really flustered and blush. That’s how me and my boyfriend met. He was sitting alone in class and I had nowhere to sit so I sat to next to him. A few minutes in I asked him how his day was and he got really flustered and was speaking nervously. Eventually me and him became friends then we got together and life’s been great since.


Shyness unchecked turns to social awkwardness....at least for me


Women who wear clothes that make them look slick, like a suit or fitted wear




oh boy do I have a puzzle game for you


I’m a 90’s kid so I’m going with a girl in a sundress and combat boots.


I cannot stress enough how attractive sundresses are


I always get a chuckle out for the yearly "don't let an $18 sundress cost you 18 years of child support" posts in early spring because of just how true that is. Sundresses are quite hot indeed.


Not a short skirt and a long jacket?


She’s touring the facility and picking up slack.


Men that can cook. I'm passable myself, so no it's not laziness. I've had an ex who was a great cook, and once I took a bite, no joke, there was this total rush of attraction, so much that I stopped and said, "You are so attractive right now." 😂


*Walter White has entered the chat *


Dude cooking is amazing. Truly anyone can do it. Ratatouille was speaking the truth. I'm a chef, and there are so many different things people can make with just the smallest amount of know-how.


"In the past, I have made no secret of my disdain for Chef Gusteau's famous motto, "Anyone can cook." But I realize, only now do I *truly* understand what he meant. Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist *can* come from *anywhere*. It is difficult to imagine more humble origins than those of the genius now cooking at Gusteau's, who is, in this critic's opinion, nothing less than the finest chef in France."


Gahd dang that is a great movie. One of pixars best, no doubt.




Can’t say I disagree


Everything is sexual if you're brave enough.


The doctrine of rule 34


My boyfriend loves to teach me about the stuff he's super interested in, and it's probably one of the most attractive things he does. He recently started playing one of the newer Pokémon games and has been explaining how all of it works, and it's been my favorite thing.


I love info dumping and getting info dumped on


nice hair




In general certain outfits and details.


I went from reading a weird comment thread including Hitler and lava, so I got a little mixed up when I remembered that that was not what this AskReddit was about.


Sports Bras. It's a major turn on for me, almost as much as non-sports lingerie.


The way a woman's hair smells when she's been outside in the sun & fresh air all day. It's hard to explain, but it's intoxicating.


When a guy puts his hand on the car’s headrest when he’s looking to back out. Rolling up their sleeves on a button down shirt or putting on cuff links. Being thoughtful and doing things without having to be asked. Tying a tie. Pulling a belt from the pant’s belt loops. Seeing a guy getting along with and playing with kids.


Big wrinkle brain


When girls are as nerdy as I am


I’m the same but for nerdy guys! If they can geek out with me it’s the best.


Now kiss