Was there ever a time you're thankful the pandemic happened? What was the reason?

Was there ever a time you're thankful the pandemic happened? What was the reason?


My mom is 85 and in assisted living in a city 250 miles away. During lockdown I started calling her every day at 11am, and we became closer than we have ever been. She became a close friend. That is quite a gift. She's become a lot more confused lately and is slipping into dementia now. I'm sorry her last coherent year had to be during Covid locked down, but I am so glad we had our daily chats. We still do, but she is fading now. Love you, Mom.


Did you not see the freeways under lockdown? I will never not miss how light that traffic was.


It’s making me hate driving now because traffic has gotten so bad with everyone returning to work. I was spoiled and now that I know how good it can get I want it back


It’s worse than it was before now. It’s like everyone is driving angry now.


That and it is literally worse because everyone is shy about taking shared vehicles, be it cars, vans, busses, trams, trains, airplanes…


Oh man, this! I had a 60-120 minute commute drop down to 30 mins tops. It was great. Thankfully I moved closer to work right as stuff started opening up and traffic got bad again. They started substantial construction at the same time. Ew!


2 hour commute? Does your boss pay you in blowjobs and diamonds?


For me it was the silence. Where I live there is a motorway that gives off this constant rumble 24 Hours a Day and it was gone, it was eerily quiet, middle of no where quiet.


That was fucking amazing. The highway so many of us use to commute had some bullshit made up work zone speed limit signs all over the place to try to keep it under control without forcing cops to pull people over back when we didn't know how serious it was.


First child born right at the beginning of it. Being off from work with benefits for months longer than expected gave me so much more time with my child and wife than I ever would have had. Time spent like that is Impossible to replicate later.


Our last child was born in the middle of quarantine. The extra time at home with my wife and all of our kids is absolutely priceless. I drew with them, danced, learned sully songs, and got to hold them so much more.


This is so beautiful but also makes me reflect on the type of world we’ve built for ourselves. Spending enough time with your children should be normal. Unfortunately I have no solutions to that but those who do can and should speak up. Our families need this.


Same here! I have a sleep disorder and had to go off my meds while pregnant. Being able to sleep in longer without having to commute to work was a huge help. I also didn’t have to miss out on going out with friends because no one was going out. It definitely wasn’t a bad time to be pregnant from a social standpoint, although the paranoia of getting COVID and the potential consequences of that was awful.


More time with my kids & the wife. Also allowed me to spend more time with my brother during his last months before he died of cancer. Time I otherwise would’ve spent working.


It was a good/bad thing for us. The shut down delayed surgery my dad needed (and that delay might have been part of why the surgery didn't go well when it was completed, though there's no way to know and we believe the doctors did all they could for someone whose heart had worked very hard for a very long time). But when we did move forward with that operation and things didn't go well, I was able to move home for a month and a half (working remotely with flexible hours, which is NOT how teaching usually works, of course) to help him and Mom, talk to doctors, keep him company, share memories and laughter, and be there on the day my mother had to decide to turn off the machines and say goodbye to the only man she's ever loved-- he was her other half since they were 16 years old. It was the hardest and most painful thing I've ever experienced... and I'm so grateful that I got to experience it.


My grandma was with my grandpa since he was 18 and it was so hard for him when she suddenly passed away. I’m sorry for what you’ve had to go through with losing your dad. Mine passed away when I was younger and it was very difficult. I’m glad you got to spend lots of time with him towards the end. Sending love and good thoughts to you and your family ❤️


My kiddo got a year’s breather away from some problem classmates, and got an extra year to be a goofy kid. It has been rough in other ways, but this has been freaking delightful.


That’s great! I’m sure school bullying took a major nosedive in 2020.


Yeah all those bullies had to spend a year with their bully parents though. They are going to be coming back like hardened criminals.


You’re probably right. That’s a depressing thought.


Hot take: forcing people to spend time around assholes is a bad way to run society Bad at school, bad at work


I've been trying to tell my boss this but she said they're customers and I have to talk to them


Was given the opportunity to keep my job, work from home, and move out of state. The only thing keeping me in my home state was my job (great pay, insane benefits, etc.). So when they told me I could get out of dodge, and keep my spot with the company, I didn't even need to consider.


Did they give some sort of assurance if things got more normal and they went back to working at the workplace? Would they ask you to get back to your old city or do they have another branch where you are now or would you continue to work from home?


Those who opted to work from home permanently were pretty much told that if we chose to, we were stuck with it unless there were any special circumstances where we would need to come back in completely. For those of us who need to travel to the office from time to time, they basically have docking stations now where we can plug in our laptop and it turns it into a 3 monitor setup. We were/are growing extremely fast, and right at the time of being forced to work from home, we were WAY over capacity in our office. Like, our facilities manager was just throwing desks up against random walls for new hires because our original floorplan couldn't accommodate how many people we had working in the office.


Oh man. Where is your office? What industry do you work in?.looking for a change in career.


Working. From. Home.


One unexpected positive effect of working from home is that I haven't gotten sick the entire time it started.


I was getting migraines on a biweekly basis before lockdown and was using my sick days as soon as I got them. I didnt take a single sick day for 10 months in lockdown. Lower stress must mean less migraines.


Could also be the environment. Some industrial lighting triggers migraines, along with some low-level sound frequencies, etc. It’s crazy how many invisible things can have such huge effects on people. I used to be able to tell the day my university turned on the heat or AC for the first time each year because the dust that built up in the systems would make me miserable.


Yep. One of the supervisors at work actually had maintenance come in and disable the fluorescent lights in his office to prevent migraines. Before he was a supervisor they'd take out the bulbs over where his cube was.


Yes! I can wake up 15 minutes before I have to check in at work and there I am! I can schedule deliveries and never have to worry that they'll be stolen off the porch. My feline coworker never talks about me behind my back and doesn't care what I wear. It's wonderful, and I hate it that they're starting to make us go back.


I'm not going back, you shouldn't either. I told mamangent I'd rather be homeless than loose 3 hours a day in traffic plus gas, sorry boss not happening. Seems like there was a big revolt at my company and we might get perm work from home.


I don't have a choice. Six more months and I get a lifetime pension and health insurance. I'll do whatever they want, but only for six months.


That's so worth it. Congratulations on being so close.


Ok, without going into too much the week lockdown happened my ex moved out. It was a bad relationship but I was in denial. So now I was locked inside, with a lot of big feelings and no where to go. It forced me to confront myself, a lot of my own mental issues and a lot of my own trauma. I hated it, resisted it and fought it. Eventually though I learned to work on myself slowly, and I don’t think that would have happened without lockdown.


Exact same thing happened with me. In a toxic relationship for ten years that I knew wasn’t right. Was broken up with in June of last year, and with nothing to do but sit with emotions I could never face before, it forced me inward. I’ve grown so much over the past year and that wouldn’t have happened without the pandemic and having nothing to take my mind off myself. I’m grateful for the time given to me this past year. This is the best person I’ve been in 4 decades.


My abusive 20 year marriage ended spectacularly and as a result I had a nervous breakdown. I’m thankful that the pandemic gave me time and space to heal - I can’t imagine where I would be today if I had to balance healing with the non-stop speed of my before pandemic life.


Ended mine about 2 months prior to lock down and was out of work on medical leave from a breakdown. I am positive I wouldn't be alive today if we were in lock down together and I had to return to work. Instead I've had time to nourish myself and I am doing better than I've ever dreamed possible. I am so glad you got that time for yourself. It can be so difficult to make space for our mental and emotional health these days but especially before.


Same buddy same. Sometimes I think about myself and feel so humbled how I actually came this far, essentially just being a bozo in an underwear. Shout out to everyone making progress that no one recognizes because you never let anyone see your darkest moments. You've been silently winning battles and transforming yourself, be proud of every step you're making in the right direction. Keep going because you got this.


You keep doing the same. The unseen and silent gains are sometimes the hardest. Because you’re left knowing that the only reason you moved forward is knowing that you deserve better.


I ended a long term relationship during lockdown. Best decision I made. Was tired of stuff always just being my fault. Also, like you, I got to learn about me.


My ex-husband told me he was leaving on February 26th. So we spent a solid 3 months locked down with him before he could get out to his new apartment.


When I'm on my own in silence - When I'm all alone with me - When I dream of other spaces, Any place I'd rather be - When the shadows come in slowly - When I lay awake in bed - When the company I'm keeping Is the quiet in my head - When I fear that I will flounder - When I fear that they will see - Then I find that I am braver Than I think that I will be.


Gah, this one hit something


Fuck yes. I had a taste of remote working and I'm not going back to the office. Frankly, I do 3x as much while I actually work 3x less. I can *concentrate* on ny work, I can spend hours coding without anyone saying "less go grab sone coffee", or "let's go smoke" or dozen other excuses we used to used to not work, and vest thingnis I no longer have to affect morning bullshit meeting where "site manager" just talks. She really likes the sound of her own voice.


As someone who was the only person who already worked from home and all my coworkers were in-person, I found myself in more useless meetings because they wanted to check in with everyone else. That sucked. Happy to hear you liked it, a lot of people like the socialization of being in an office. I prefer to socialize with people that I don’t work with.


Yes. It made me slow down and re-evaluate what I was doing with my life. I cut out people who were dragging me down, and reconnected with old friends through group zoom calls. Changed jobs. Started taking care of my body and lost 30 lbs. Found a new hobby. I do wish I made these changes years ago, instead of waiting for a global health crisis to kick my butt into gear. EDIT: thank you to everyone who took the time to read my comment, and to those who responded. Reading all your responses truly made my day. It’s reinforced that we’re all in this together (even if we’re physically apart) doing the best we can!


>I do wish I made these changes years ago, instead of waiting for a global health crisis to kick my butt into gear. It's like they say: _The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now._


Nice I like that


I went through a similar things as you and I wished I changed years ago as well. However, I realized quarantine allowed time to figure myself out. I wasn’t stressed about other aspects of my life and I had to face my problems instead of ignoring them. I know for a fact that without the pandemic I would have continued my life ignoring my mental health and other problems. Be proud of the person you are now even if it took you a while (and a global pandemic) to get there.


The slow down was lovely. My husband and I juggled childcare for our special needs kid while working 6-7 part time and gig jobs. We hadn't had more than a few long weekends since 2016. The lockdown happened and we spent two glorious weeks together. For the next two months, I only worked 2 jobs. We're now back to 4 jobs, but it feels easy comparatively, and our family gets to spend time together. Since we live quite frugally, the stimulus money made up for our lost wages, and continues to subsidize our mortgage. I know it's been hard for a lot of people, but for us it was a big break from the status quo.


Fucking absolutely! I am an English teacher and I have maybe 2-4 classes throughout the day. Before, I would have to travel to and from each class and maybe go home in between if there was time. I live in Bogota and it's a big city with no metro and the traffic sucks donkey balls. Now, all my classes are online. I've saved between 3 and 6 hours of travel time EACH DAY!


My daughter was born last year. Being able to work from home for a year has given me an opportunity to spend so much time with her that I don’t think most fathers have.


Also had a baby. Tons of quality time has been amazing.


This is my answer too. It has been absolutely terrifying to bring a child into this pandemic nightmare, but having my husband home the whole time has been a blessing. I can't imagine getting through those crazy, bleary nights the first few months and then having to survive all day alone. Not to mention the incredible bond my husband and kid share because he has been there almost every day of her life.


Yes. I got to keep my son home from school the entire year (we homeschooled) and I spent so much more time with him. We did a lot of fun things during the day (the park, video games, etc) that we wouldn’t have got to do otherwise. Also I got an itch to start working out last summer and have lost almost 50 pounds.


it gave me time away from school to be admitted into the hospital for more than a month and it saved my life


hey, same thing happened to me. it takes a lot to get yourself help, i’m proud of you for doing that & i’m glad you’re doing better now :) edit: thank you guys so much for the awards! instead of giving your money to reddit please donate to ~~your local~~ a suicide hotline if you can :) edit 2: [here’s a link to donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,](https://afsp.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donate.event&eventID=1) they do some great work and we donate to them from time to time :)


thanks so much!


of course! keep fighting :)


felt this one—similar situation for me. proud of you.


I’m glad you’re still here!


It gave me some time to think a lot about myself and where I was going, and I realised I was taking the wrong subject/trying to set myself up for a career I didn't want.


A lot of the responses here are similar. It seems that people used to keep themselves busy/in a hurry to distract themselves from the important things and getting quarantined was their wake-up call.


Yeah I realized I was actually depressed during lockdown because all my distractions were gone and I was on my own and had all the time to myself. This whole time I've just been sleeping it off, or distracting myself from it. Thing is there's no reason for my depression so I figured it's probably a chemical imbalance. Discussed it with my new GP who actually listened a few times before she prescribed me meds and it was like a fucking fog clearing up.


Similar but with ADHD. I'm 40 and it's never to late to resolve these things!


I’m 25 and just got diagnosed with ADHD and wow the difference between myself pre and post-diagnosis/medication is huge


We aren’t alone! ADHD diagnoses went way up. We finally didn’t have all the distractions that allowed us to not have to deal with the actual distraction that was our brain. My life is sooooooooooooo improved now that I’ve been diagnosed.


Definitely, I guess when you have nothing else to think about it gives you a kind of clarity.


So what are you pursuing now? Is it juggling? I hope it's juggling


Maths degree. Unfortunately not juggling haha, although I'm open to learning it.


I dunno, I feel like matrix algebra is a form of juggling


It gave me a whole year to spend every day with my senior pup before he crossed the rainbow bridge.


I lost my pup in February and I never really thought about this, but there probably wasn't a single day she was alone the entire last year of her life. Comforting thought


Same here. Got some great time with her ❤


Same here, but a kitty.


Same, I was so grateful to get to spend full days with him his last year vs. being away from home 11-12 hours 5 days a week because of work and commute.


Laying down in my senior kitties bed with him. We are heading to the vet tonight to cross the bridge :( I am so thankful I got to spend everyday with my best friend of 19 years. Cherish the time with your pets, it goes too quick. I'm absolutely crushed right now. Update: I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words. It has truly meant so much and has helped me through today. My little man is now up in Kitty Heaven. RIP Butters ♥️


Sending love your way friend. We had to put down my 16 year old family cat last July. Sometimes, I still expect to see her running up to me when visiting my parents house. I've got a 1.5 year old pup myself and I'm already dreading the day he has to cross the bridge


That's called Anticipatory Grief and it is very valid, friend.


I’m so sorry for the pain and loss. This time with them is so precious.


This was my pandemic too.


Lost both of my dogs as well. Thankful for being home and having a lot of quality time to spend with them before things went downhill.


Same here. I had a job that kept me away from home at least 50 hours a week. I had so much guilt about leaving her for that amount of time (even though I'm pretty sure she just slept the day away). I was there for her every single day of her last year, and I feel lucky that we had that time together.


It made me realise how bad my relationship was. I hate comparing situations, everyone struggles differently but he didn't talk to me for the first six weeks of the lockdown because his stress was worse than mine. He was at his mums with his brother, having her cook and clean and basically do everything for him while he played games all day. Meanwhile I had just moved in my own flat, had no bed and very little furniture, no internet and I was struggling to get hold of groceries but despite all that he had it worse. I realised that I needed to look after myself.


That sounds like my soon to be ex. Asked me to forego benefits for myself and our children so he wouldn’t have to pay child support. He has no bills, I’m supporting a household!


Got braces but wore a mask 😷 and now I’m cnformtbale with my braces


After we were allowed to see non-emergencies, so many people have chosen now to go ahead with front teeth extractions/ work done on their front teeth that needs healing time whilst they can wear masks.


Yes. 1. I got to know my daughter better. We are closer than ever. 2. I got to know my spouse better. He moved out.


> 2. I got to know my spouse better. He moved out. Lmao, I've heard a lot of this. A lot of folks seem to get married when they don't really know each other, and being stuck together either makes or breaks the relationship. Fun side note, domestic violence calls in Utah rose 75% in the middle of the pandemic. As in nearly double what was happening before. Turns out a lot of folks use work to keep themselves sane--which I find horribly depressing.


There's also the flip side, I already knew my husband pretty well, but it really solidified the fact the we love spending time together and get along really well. I've always struggled with people and relationships but he's my ride or die!


Same! I have never been more grateful to have my husband in my life, he’s my best friend.


It’s a small thing compared to all the horribleness that happened during the pandemic, but I did feel thankful. My 14 year old dog tore her CCL the week before everything shut down. The vet said she wasn’t a good candidate for surgery because of the risks associated with her age, we didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t put any weight on it at all. A few days later I lost my job and was staying home all day. I spent a few days researching everything I could about dogs and ligaments, then I got to work. I designed a whole physical therapy routine for my dog and set the plan in motion. And it worked! Within two months she was able to walk normally without a limp. Within 4 months she was able to move around like she’d never been injured in the first place. I never would’ve been able to put in all the time with the physical therapy if I hadn’t lost my job, so I can’t help but feel a bit thankful. My dog is still around, happy and healthy. She just stole my sock and ran off into the yard. I love that troublemaker.


At the start of 2020, our cat’s kidney diseases had progressed to the point that our vet only gave her a few months left. However, I just started a new job that allowed me to work from home, so I got to spend all day with her. By March, both me and my wife were working from home full time and could give her lots of attention and stay on top of giving her fresh food every few hours, etc. We just said goodbye this week, more than 13 months after she was supposed to have left us. The pandemic as an absolute blessing in many ways for us. We’re both convinced that it allowed her to keep going for so long and will always be thankful.


I'm so happy she got over a year of snuggles all day long. I bet you gave her an entire cat's life of love, so she was full up for her next journey.


I’m glad you got to spend that time with your cat ❤️


Hell yeah! I love this.


I do too! I have my own dog who's still a puppy (who hasn't ever torn her ACL), but it comforts me knowing that she could get through it just fine with proper help if she ever does.


My dog passed away Christmas Eve 2020. Forever grateful to spend a year with him.


My dog was 14 when he tore his ACL, but we ended up going for the surgery. Thankfully it worked, but they warned us he would eventually tear the other one. Sure enough, a year later he did but he recovered and learned to deal with it. Today he is 18.5 (crazy I know), but he is just about at the end of his road. Congrats on getting to spend so much time with you pup, you wont regret it!


My sisters dog has had ACL surgery twice. Dogs are good at recovery. Even the older ones.


Yes! My dog also had some medical issues starting around the beginning of the pandemic and it was really good to be able to be home and monitor him and give him the support and extra care he needed.


This brightened my day! I'm sorry that you lost your job, but it's so good what you did for your doggo and as you say, without that happening with your job you wouldn't have been able to of done that. I hope things have/do workout on the job front. Live long doggo!


Thanks for the award! Doggo is still well, and I actually got a higher paying job now too, we’ve been very very lucky.


That’s amazing! I’m interested to know what kind of exercises the program consisted of!


I’m not a vet or doctor, so take it with a grain of salt, but here’s what I did. My goal was to keep her physically fit, get some blood flowing through that ligament, while also keeping her weight off the ligament. After the tear, I started her on dasuquin to protect the joint and gave her two weeks of rest. After that, I bought a sling that attached around her waist. I started taking her for very short walks several times a day. I would have her in that sling, and hold her back legs about an inch off the ground the entire time. Slowly, I started letting her back feet touch the ground, but I was still holding all of her weight through the sling. Her feet would move like she was walking, but I was holding all her weight through the sling. I believe this increased blood flow to the ligament while avoiding damaging it further by her putting weight on it. Over the course of two months, I gradually carried less of her weight in the sling, and let her hold more of her own weight while walking. After two months, I let her walk without the sling. We kept the walks short and went very slowly. Over time, we went farther and farther and picked up the pace a little. It was about four months before she was looking like her old self and walking normally. She gets about 2.5 miles of walking every day, and even goes on hikes out in the mountains again. Honestly, I’m not an expert, and I can’t really tell for sure if my rehab program was actually helping. Overall though, she’s happy and healthy, so I’m not complaining either way.


It fills me with happiness to hear about a dog who has an owner who makes sure they are well taken care of. If it's at all possible, I expect your dog is now more dedicated to you than ever before!




Nice one hope you have a blast and much success




I'm quitting my job as a personal trainer because I'm not strong enough. I just submitted my too-weak notice.


I quit my job at the Helium gas factory. I refused to be spoken to in that tone of voice.


I gave up my job in a juice factory because I just couldn't concentrate


I just quit my job crushing cans. It was soda pressing.


My husband did this too. He hated his office job, they specifically told them NOT to wear masks at work (their excuse was it would 'cause a panic') and that wfh was not an option. My husband was high risk so he managed to badger them into letting him wfh, but in turn everyone treated him like shit. So he dropped them like a hot turd and started his own business doing something he enjoys.


That's absolutely amazing - I wish him all the best. What field is his business in? (if you don't mind sharing) :)


When I woke up 5 minutes before my university classes (happened multiple times) Edit: Thanks for the awards and upvotes. Even though I much prefer in person, it’s always nice to look at the silver lining in things :)


Me too. I’m the professor… Edit: thanks to my laziness for all the awards I guess? :)


I teach high school. There were days when I was still in the shower at 8:55, and at my desk for the streaming class at 9.


This like 1000 times over. Going from 2 hours each way commuting down to nothing...huge positive effect on my life and overall health.


They want you back in the office now. Why? Reasons.


How else are they going to monitor you


And we can't have all that real estate losing value.


I work in IT, we had a handful of clients decide to close up their office and stay fully WFH permanently but it was still surprisingly few. Most have so much money invested into their office space that they just refuse not to keep the office fully staffed at all times to justify the expense, which to me is stupid as shit but I guess if you've sunk tens of thousands into fancy schmancy chrome and leather modern office furniture it just hurts too much to see it sitting there unused.


About 2 years before the pandemic, some acquaintances of mine bought an old ymca and turned it into apartments and micro-offices. That way, if you work from home but get distracted too easily, you have a dedicated space downstairs away from home. 30 second commute. I thought that was a cool idea.


I taught my online classes from bed so many times!


I ended up doing this intentionally for the past two semesters lol


I ended up doing this for my job for the past 14 months, meeting every morning at 10am, so 9:55 it is, sometimes i hit snooze and get up at 10 and join the meeting at 10:02 if im really feeling it


I just set my alarm for right when classes started, got up and joined. Couldn’t lose 5 or even 1 minute of sleep


I got one hour breaks in the middle and I just used to set an alarm for 60 minutes and doze off after each of my four classes.


My halls were a 2 minute run from the lecture theatre. I was doing this before the pandemic.


Right but during the pandemic those are 2 extra minutes of sleep.


And no running


I continue to wake up for work at 7:55 when I have to clock in at 8. All I have to do is log on my computer. No need to get dressed either! No video chats! Really dreading going back in person full time


this is all the exact same for me, monday is my first day back to the office since the pandemic started :( pray for me




Same. That’s one of the things I liked about online classes. I didn’t have to worry about the commute or missing my bus.


Legit this is why I did so well. I had so much time to study I squeaked out of some really hard classes with an A.


Working from home has drastically improved my confidence at work. I didn't have to deal with the social anxiety of going to work, interacting with people, feeling like an imposter. Even my husband noticed a change in the sound of my voice when I'd be on work calls. I'm now slated for promotion this year.


mRNA tech got fast tracked and might help cure cancer.


Because of the pandemic, Australia's top art universities in big cities had a huge decrease in international students, and hundreds of apartment complexes were empty and desperate. Its safe to say there wasnt a lot of competition. This means a lot to me since I lived in a very small, barely populated town and I would likely go unnoticed or prioritized less over international students. I had the opportunity to go to my dream uni and get a steal of an apartment lease with my partner. Though sometimes I feel like I'm undeserving and feel ashamed of ever taking advantage of the borders being closed


Don't ever think that you don't deserve to be there! I'd imagine international students tend to be prioritized because the uni makes more money from their tuition, not because they're more talented. You're living out your dream! 😊


Stimmy checks cleared my CC debt




Before I was about to get expelled for poor attendance but thanks to the pandemic attendance didn't matter and I was able to graduate


My son was struggling with bullying and discipline issues, and getting into drugs. All those problems melted away when the lockdown started. This year has been amazing for him. He’s on top of all his school work, and he got to do a lot of backpacking and skiing and things he normally wouldn’t have been able to.


I got to meet my best friend. He once replied to a post or something and asked if we wanted to play some games together. He was living in the US while I was in Germany but our schedules worked really well together and we got to spend a lot of time together. Over time he and I each introduced some other friends and played different games Nad now we've formed our own friend group. He just recently moved back to Finland and now we play a little less together but I'm really glad to have met him. We are also planning to meet up sometime this or next year with the other guys from our group since we only know each other from gaming together


i was able to give birth without my family harassing me in the room. they harassed me anyways, but at least i could enjoy my baby in peace


I feel this! It was so nice to have my newborn with no worries about intrusions and passing the baby. It was just me, my husband, our daughter and our sweet little baby just bonding. It was a much more peaceful “4th trimester” than with my first born.


I proposed to my girlfriend on March 20th. She said yes. Lockdown happened the following day, so she moved in with me into a small 2 bedroom apartment. That Wednesday, I got laid off from a job I desperately wanted to quit. Since I got laid off (and didn’t quit) I got enhanced unemployment, which basically meant I got a raise. A couple months later, we got married. Due to Covid regulations, we could only have 10 people at the wedding, which kept the guest list small for a very good reason that everyone understood, and kept our wedding expenses very low. Getting married allowed me to get on my wife’s insurance, which was much less expensive than getting it on my own. A little over a month later, I started a job related to pandemic response, which paid very well. I made more during the 2nd half of 2020 than in all of 2019. This income allowed me to save up enough to put a decent downpayment on a house, with historically low interest rates. In December, I got another, more stable, job, which required me to work from home. This job pays about the same as the one I had before the pandemic, and it’s for a much better company with many more opportunities for advancement. TL;DR: Before: single, renting, in debt. After: married, homeowner, with comfortable nest egg.


Reminder to anyone reading this that this person has absolutely dunked on the pandemic, haha. If you are more like me and spent most of the time doing your job a bit worse, in your pajamas, and put some life goals on the back burner, that's not a failure or anything -- you survived yet another history-book event so that's pretty great.


Thanks, I needed that


I know right Good for that guy he's killing it, but man I can't help but think, I've just been sitting here losing battles left and right to anxiety and can't get motivated most days.


Without shitting on OP, they literally lucked themselves into turning thier life around. It's a good illustration of capitalizing on when things break in your favor. That story could have easily gone "quit my job a day before layoffs. The resulting stress cause my fiancee and I to split. I've been unemployed ever since. I'm never going to financially recover from this" and nobody would have been able to fault OP for lacking omniscience.


I did all that, too, just backwards!


WOW. Well done.


Pre pandemic traffic I commuted like 2, 2 and a half hours of commute time one way. During the height of the pandemic I think once I saw like 7 cars total on my commute. My drive was reduced to like and hour and 10 minutes. It was odd to have the turnpike practically to myself. Also because my job has to be done on site, during the pandemic a couple more job openings opened up near me. I got a job near me and don't have to worry about post pandemic work traffic because my job is 10 minutes away from my house.


I know it will be buried but I really wanted to tell this somewhere so here we go: I am very anxious, most probably have social anxiety but I didn't go to a doctor for a diagnosis. Anyway, in the autum if 2020 I started highschool, and none of my previous classmates were in my class. At the beggining, I had to go phisically to school and, even if just half the class was present (we were split in 2 halves and one group went to school and the other took online classes, switching every week), I would come home exhausted. It was a lot of social interaction and new people, so a lot of anxiety, and it was too much. Luckily, I only went for 3 weeks until the COVID situation got worse and we switched to fullt online. This helped a lot by taking away anxiety inducing factors like how I look, how I speak and things like that. Also, the interactions, both with teachers and classmates on discord, didn't feel so direct, so they produced less anxiety. It was also easier to be in a conversation but not saying anything online than phisical. One day, a group that formed added me on their discord, which only contained about 15 people of my class, because they needed one more player in an among us game and knew I was a nice guy (probably because I also sharedmy homework with people from there a few times). Since then I started to enter their calls and slowly relax around them. After a few months, I could finally feel comfortable around them, and I actually felt like " Hey, I actually made some friends." I also went out with them outside a few times (while we weren t in quarantine), which helped me develop even more. Overall, the quarantine and spendung time online allowed me to take everything slower and gave me time to feel comfortable around these new peopleand in these new situations. And here I am now, with only one week of school left, as a totally different person than I was 9 months before. I made friends, I grew more social, I kinda discovered my clothing taste (i am still in the process of figuring this out but I am getting somewhere) and I grew my self esteem. Sure, COVID wasn't the only thing that helped me achieve this. It took a lot of effort, motivation, hope and support from my sister, but I can t deny that little things like spending time online rather than phisical, or a silly game like Among Us helped me start my growing process. There is still more to be done, my development isn t over yet and I still have things to work on, but I am so proud of myself, of the person that I am growing into and I am so thankful to all the people that helped me get here. If you are in a very low spot in life, remember that seemingly small things can butterfly-effect into a huge avalanche of events that positively impact your life. All you have to do is wait ti see what tommorow will bring. I want to end this with a lyric from my favorite artist (that I might also tatoo on myself or something lol): "Hopeless changes over time!"


The fact that I don’t have to constantly overwhelm myself with the grind of life. Sure it meant that I can’t go anywhere as conveniently but I felt like the world slowed down to a pace which I was comfortable with.


I am thankful for the quarantine, not the pandemic. I used to think I was introverted until I was left alone with my thoughts for far too long and realized how much I need social interaction in my life.


You still need social interaction as an introvert, you just need “alone time” to recharge your “batteries”


I don't think there's really a hard line between introverts and extroverts. Sometimes people pigeonhole themselves into one category to their own detriment.


I had more of an opportunity to play video games.


Me at the beginning of the pandemic: "welp, at least I can use this time to burn through my Steam catalogue" Proceeds to keep playing the same 3 games for a whole year


I have now own more unplayed games than last year.


Same. There’s this stupid pizza delivery game on roblox. My kids and I got through a lot of long days delivering pizzas. Also Minecraft. We have a beautiful world that we’ve all created and talk fondly of all the time we built together. But I do have an HOA where there are building rules. They can build whatever they want wherever they want. But don’t touch my HOA. It’s one of the best neighborhoods. You set off a firework show when you walk through the main entrance.




So many times! Before the Pandemic I constantly called in sick at work due to a metabolic disorder I have as well as some mental struggles. Once we started working from home, I was able to start dealing with my health problems much better, so I haven't had to call in sick at all. Also I have started a few new hobbies during the pandemic (playing the violin and singing) and I now have a new job, that's a lot better than the job I had at the start of the pandemic. Lastly I have been able to reconnect with some friends I hadn't really been in touch with before the Pandemic. So. over all this Pandemic has actually been good to me.


There was a brief period when there was no traffic.


My boys (the best beagle to ever beagle and an amazing orange tabby cat "The Orange Menace") were both elderly when I went work from home. I feel incredibly lucky that I kept my job and got to spend the last year and a half of their lives spending everyday with them. I lost my beagle in January at the ripe old age of 19 1/2 and my cat passed from cancer in May. I am so, so grateful for the time I had with them.


I've been able to understand my newly diagnosed (ADD/ASD) son and what his challenges are with regards to school so much better than I understood it when he was in school full time. I never wanted to home school my kids but doing online school for the last school year has been informative. I think it's going to help me advocate for him so much better than if we hadn't had this experience. It's also been completely out of the norm and interesting to have our whole family home (husband working from home, kids homeschooling) and have no outside family demands on us due to isolation protocalls. It hasn't been a 100% great experience but it has been... an experience.


I stopped getting fast food for lunch and started making my own lunch every day for work. I have never felt healthier! No more junk food. Thanks, plague!


I moved in with my boyfriend at the beginning of March 2020 & we were forced to sink or swim with our relationship because we were suddenly both home all of the time in a 2 bedroom apartment. We had to make a lot of fast life changes (he had to quit his job and find a work from home position because I am high risk, for example) & it brought us a lot closer together as a couple. We're planning to get married after the pandemic. :)




Sometimes I wonder if I have friends lol or I just have a collection of idiots that like to get as fucked up as I do. I spend time trying to do normals things with them and it just feels so weird


... I mean, you named yourself Charlie Sheen, I'd like to think you are self aware enough.


One of my bestfriends was a huge party animal before covid. I would see her often, but mostly just to party. The same thing happened, she lost many 'friends' and was shocked and hurt at the people who had no interest in her when partying was no longer an option. Kind of selfish of me to say, but our friendship got even better as a result. She lost friends which suck but the people who truly care about her stuck around. You really know who your friends are when shit gets tough.


Yes. I’m a major introvert and for a year and a half I didn’t have to make up an excuse as to why I wasn’t attending something I was invited to.


My abusive stepdad caught covid last April and died a really horrible death. I’ve been free for over a year now and everything is so much better. I’m grateful that the pandemic happened because it allowed me to live happier than before


That's dark as hell, but honestly that's the kind of darkness you should embrace. I'm glad you got some closure.


It’s dark but he definitely had it coming, he was one of the most vile human beings I’ve ever met, and a part of me is still trapped away by all the trauma, I’m only just learning who I really am after hiding away for almost a decade


I'm divorced and had 50/50 custody of my son, but when the pandemic hit, my work went remote and my son got to attend remote school at my house every day since his mom still went to her office. As a result, I got tons more time with my boy that I would never have had otherwise. It's absolutely priceless. It's my silver lining in this entire situation, but I definitely don't like the fact that it came with the cost of so much death and suffering in the world.


My boyfriend and I had been working in the service industry for a long time and trying to navigate our relationship admits all the toxic alcoholism and drug culture that comes with it. If the pandemic didn’t happen, we’d probably have broken up from the instability. But instead, we both quit the service industry, I got a stable desk job working from home and he enrolled in college at almost 40 years old to continue to pursue his ambition to become a firefighter. Finally got out of that toxic, unhealthy industry.


I’m terribly ashamed of some missing teeth in the front of my mouth. Masks let me conceal that until I’m ready to share.


Work from home made caring for the newborn easier. Neither myself nor my wife lost income. Being a privileged upper middle class family, we made out pretty well. The family reunion that I really didn't want to go to was cancelled.


I think of all the books I read.


Working from home, spending more quality time with family, and buying a van. I’m grateful. I know this situation wasn’t positive for many people.




Yes. The pandemic opened people up to the idea that working at home was feasible, and perhaps desirable. I hope it sparked the idea that some form of universal income may become necessary. The shutdowns impacted people the same way that automation will, and we should be prepared for it.


I was optimistic about the same. Finally proof! My job can be done pretty much 90% off my smartphone if I had to, so it was an easy transition to WFH full time. And while it took time for the managers to calm down, eventually that trust was there that we were doing our jobs, if not more effectively But naturally once things started improving, suddenly we are back to 4 days MANDATORY in office. $50 says in a year we’re back full time


My boss scheduled a meeting with me this week to discuss coming back to the office - the conversation I've been dreading. She said that I've been working from home successfully for over a year now and doesn't see why that should change if it's my preference. While it's not finalized yet, I was very excited to hear that!


My company, along with many others, are now offering flexible work arrangements where people have total freedom to wfh, the office, or a hybrid of the two. WFH has been incredible, I have so much extra time and mental energy without commuting, on top of not getting sick, eating healthier, and drinking less because no more happy hours. This never would have happened without the pandemic, and I can only hope it eases the burden on transportation infrastructure, pollution, stress, etc. I’m interviewing for a remote role, and in the before times I probably would have had to fly out for a week. Now I can do it comfortably from my home office.


I’m a ED nurse and they stopped letting in visitors which was amazing. I know people think it’s mean, but most of the time visitors are a problem. I loved being able to focus on my patients and their needs one to one instead of getting the family ginger ale and turkey sandwiches every 5 minutes.


My wife gave birth in August and we both say it was soooo nice having it be just the two of us for those three days.


Man oh man, I worked for a few months as the front door COVID screening folks who enforce the no-visitor policy. The amount of times I got maliciously coughed/spat at, needed to call security, was physically threatened, etc, was INSANE. I don't know how y'all deal with that all day for your entire careers.


Almost everyday I am thankful it happened. Going in I was in a job (construction trades) that I didn’t even know was killing me. I was up at 4 am everyday (when there was work), miserable all day (at work) and then too tired to properly engage with my family once I got home. Then, when there wasn’t work I’d be even grumpier as I’d be worried about how to pay bills and where my next check was coming from. Got laid off in April and was really down for almost a month. I started doing some projects around the house (built a garden, built a PC, fixed some stuff, etc) and spending more quality time with my wife and kids. I feel like I’ve really gotten to know these wonderful little people so much better than I would have otherwise and they don’t have to see dad coming home grumpy from work anymore. A couple of months into the pandemic I found a job with a small service company (in my trade) and started using skills I hadn’t used in years as I had worked myself into a supervisor role at my old job and was mostly off the tools. I found that I love fixing things and my trade is really where it’s at for me work wise. Recently I took a new job that pays better and has more benefits and stability than my old service job. I’m doing plant maintenance now and there is potential for me to get a second trade ticket (I’m already a master electrician and new job wants to indenture me as a millwright). I love learning new skills and the crew at the new job are really fun guys to works with. Also, my children are so excited as dads new job is at an ice cream plant! Throughout all of this I have gotten to be closer with my wife than ever before and we really enjoy our special times together after the kids are in bed and we can just relax. I know the pandemic was/is a horrible thing that happened, but my wife and I wouldn’t trade the last year/year and a half for anything in the world.


I'm a fan of working from home, I won't lie about that. I've been able to build an exercise regime, not rush to finish work, not be annoyed when I finish late and then have to sit in traffic for an hour. Not panic when I wake up late. My mental health has recovered greatly and it's just nice. My job is now a means to an end, not a priority. Managed to cut a lot of toxic people out of my life. Oh, and I can stream shows whilst I work, which has actually boosted my productivity. Listen to music all I want, work in my boxers only. No one watching over my shoulder. Life is good.


As an autistic person, I was grateful that I (ironically) didn't have to "mask" and spend all day wasting energy pretending to be neurotypical in order to be accepted by my colleagues. Working from home I could let myself relax without worrying about being judged for behaviors I can't necessarily control. In a way, when the masks went on, my mask got to come off. I forgot how *exhausting* it is to suppress all your natural coping mechanisms for 8 hours a day 7 days a week. Edit: I will add that my job is now bringing us back into the office full time with no consideration of working from home arrangements. I am absolutely terrified of going back to it, honestly.


After my entire team got laid off, I decided to use the free time to write a book I've been wanting to tackle for years. Ended up being a trilogy, and the first title is out already. No, not providing a link, because this is a discussion and not a chance to shill. :) Had I not had the time away from an office, and the ability to focus mostly undistracted, it never would have happened.