What's the pettiest reason you've rejected someone?

What's the pettiest reason you've rejected someone?


I have a friend who has a whole list of petty reasons she’s rejected guys: •He cut his spaghetti before eating it •He wore brown shoes with black jeans •He cut his hair too short •He dropped something and said “whoopsie” •After watching her favorite movie, Ever After, for the first time he said it was “just ok” And then once a month she cries about how she’s still single.


The "whoopsie" one gave me a real out loud laugh


I broke up with my girlfriend in eighth grade because she called me four times a day when we didn't have cell phones. I got tired of talking on the phone and broke it off.


Everytime, and I mean every.damn.time we were in a car, he would say 'are we there yet?'


Was chatting to a girl online. She seemed very up for it - she asked to meet up, set a time and place. An hour before she says “shoot forgot to ask, how tall are you?” When I said 5,11 she just said “sorry, one inch off” and that was that! Feel I dodged a bullet tbh I once rejected someone who didn’t believe in dinosaurs.


He held his knife like a pen.


She was 100% convinced that dinosaurs didn't exist.


That bitch don’t fuck with Pangea


this isn't petty lol i would definitely reject someone over this or like being a flat earther/anti-vaxxer


He had the worst spelling, to the point it just made me cringe. We were flirting over text and he said "I bet youre vergina is sexy" and I just couldn't.


He fake laughed LOUD quite often. It sounded so fake and was so loud everyone stopped talking..so nope.


This is awful but it was her laugh. I never told her obviously because someone’s laugh is a representation of when they are happiest. So shallow as she was pretty awesome.


It was kind of you to not tell her! Someone I had a crush on in middle school told me that my lips disappear under my nose when I smile (I have a big nose), and I found it really hard to smile around other people for a year or two. Until someone else told me I had really nice lips lol. Talk about impressionable youth.


I was rejected because I didn’t like the taste of his preferred beer. That was it, I wasn’t asking him to stop drinking it - I just didn’t personally want to drink it. We were about to order another round, he asked if I knew the one he had just had, and offered me a taste. I gladly accepted because I try to be open to tasting new things. I just said I found it a little too hoppy for my tastes and I was happy to stick with what I was drinking. I wasn’t rude, I said it was nice, but a little hoppy for me. His face dropped, it was almost comical. He then said something along the lines that he had changed his mind and he had better get home. That was the end of that first date. As in he literally decided he no longer wanted another round. The date was over. He had blocked me on Facebook before I walked the 100m to the bus stop. Pretty sure I dodged a bullet there. ETA Thanks for the awards! 😄


Somewhere there’s another Reddit thread where the guy is talking about his worst date ever and he’s telling the story from his point of view and you’re a monster.


He texted me too many photos of his eggs benedicts in the morning


That sounds like someone that would cook you eggs Benedict in the mornings though.


He had way better style


This one is legitimately petty and I love it


We went bowling and she started saying the bowling ball was hurting her fingers. She was convinced that there were bugs inside the bowling ball biting her fingers and that was the reason for her pain.


I don’t think it’s considered petty if she’s absolutely out of her goddamn mind


She was texting me to tell me about her standards for men which were pretty high. That’s fine. But I didn’t like all the spelling mistakes she was making.


Well that took a turn I wasn't expecting


She laughed like Butthead


You should have laughed like Beavis. You would have made a great couple.


Sssettle down Beavis, I'm trying to score!


Her toenails were so long whenever she was nearby you could hear clicking from the ground as if she was a dog. Edit: wow this really blew up, thanks for the awards kind strangers! And yes, she is real and I'm not making this up. For anyone asking how she functioned, I guess she was okay walking around with fungal nails and 1 shoe size above her normal. The nails kinda curved down so they'd fit snuggly into the shoe.


What in the world did I just read...


That her feets are dog paws.


That's disturbing


Or a velociraptor


Clever girl.


That’s not petty, I may barf though


Really hot, incredibly sweet and smart. But she wouldn't shut the fuck up about minions.




She gave me a hug and a booger that was stuck to her nose got on my shirt and for some reason I never recovered. It's been 10 years and I still havent forgotten.


Friend of mine saw that her boyfriend had a booger somewhere near his nose. He kissed her, and she realized that the booger was no longer there. So she decided to hug/cuddle for ten minutes rubbing her face against his t-shirt. Edit: My most upvoted comment is about someone's booger. Noice.


I'd love it if you were talking about the same person


My ex's name was Simone. She was studying business administration and had a horse. We broke up after she fucked another dude. I got over it, and met another girl. Her name was Simone. She was studying business administration and had a horse. Nope.


I hope you find simone different.


The second one was Simtwo.


Dude! That was the same person! Just with an attached moustache!


Had same name as a horrible ex / bothered me every time I said name


I dated someone with my daughter’s name... there were other reasons for breaking up... but it always made me feel uncomfortable EDIT: Y’all need to find Jesus. No, I did not get her to call me “Daddy”


She smelled funny. Not bad. It clearly wasn't a case of not washing or anything like that. She just smelled... Weird. Couldn't get over it. Edit for clarification: I didn't know how to broach the whole "I like you and you're funny and smart and sex is great but you smell weird," so I just moved to a different country.


My husband (partner of maaaany years, highschool BFF) has always said that I smell exactly like a pizza lunchable. And he says it's not a bad thing. That at this point it's less like I smell like a lunchable, and more like the lunchable smells like /me/....and I will never know how to take this. Smh, smells are weird


My wife said she was having second thoughts after our first two dates because of a weird smell. Like not necessarily a deal breaker but close. Turns out it was a the jacket I was wearing. Nice Mountain Hardware techy fleece thing. Loved that jacket, but apparently it smelled just a tiny bit like soup. It went mysteriously missing on our third date, never to be seen again. To this day my wife denies any involvement in the disappearance, but I have my suspicions. We could have just tried... ya know... washing it? ... ^(To be clear, I definitely just lost it but it's fun to imply it was secretly thrown in the river in some elaborate scheme.)


A smelly smell that smells...smelly


Dude kissed me open mouthed with relaxed lips. Not meant as a make-out kiss that was a quick kiss. Just opened his mouth and smashed his face into mine then pulled back. Ew Edit: I ignore my notifications for like three days and my least insightful comment blows up XD. Thanks for all the love, this was really cool, I've never had anything get this many upvotes before.


It's like the dead fish handshake, but for kisses. You should've done it back. Just both flop against each others faces.




My 7 month old kisses people like this


He only talked about his stock portfolios and his Mercedes. (We were both 26).


I bet he runs youtube ads now, on (get rich fast like I did) while sitting in his same mercedes with sunglasses and a slightly oversized suit.


She had the same name as my mom. I just… couldn’t.


Fine I'll write it "Martha!"




I could not stand her smell. No, she didn't stink. But it was that "immune system does not match"- smell. I just could not get turned on, and the kisses felt like paper. Luckily, we handled this like grown-ups and are still friends.


And apparently hormonal birth control can muck with that immune system not matching super smelling sense too! I wonder how many marriages ultimately ended in divorce because a woman stopped birth control and couldn't stand the smell of her partner anymore


[Body odour and sexual attraction, it's pretty interesting] (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_odour_and_sexual_attraction)


I once stopped talking to a girl because she kept putting "..." everywhere in texts.


It’s so ominous. “See you later….” “Have a nice day…”




I see you met my mother… she uses them… all… the… time… makes me want to flip tables.


My mom is the same. I can’t even bring myself to do it as a joke, I hate it so much.


Not me, but my friend once rejected a girl for not liking the band TOOL. And she was such a nice lady too! Edit: I wake up to 9,000 of you making puns that he is the TOOL.


As a Tool fan, that definitely sounds like a Tool fan, haha. What a terrible reason.


*Did someone say Lateralus is the most underappreciated album of all time?* *No?* *Well anyway here's a 2 hour video of all the mathematical genius hidden in the tracks...*


Not me, but a girl I hung out with in high school once dumped a boyfriend because she didn't like his socks. She's married with two kids now. Her husband's got mad sock game, obvi.


She knew what she wanted


She ate a banana sideways. Would hold it horizontally, peel it and take bites from the side.


Like corn on the cob? Would she eat corn on the cob long-ways?


I've seen this video on cornhub.


That is Seinfeld level petty! “She’s a side-eater” “A side-eater?” “She eats a banana sideways like corn on the cob”


She ate her peas one at a time!


the way he smelled, he smelled like cooking oil or something weird, and his whole house did. It was over powering. I couldn't do it.


This scares me because I have a literal fear of what I smell like


Fucking same! And since I had covid in January I still can’t really smell so I have to ask my girlfriend all the time. Or anytime we have guests over “does my house smell bad? I genuinely want to know so I can do something about it if it does.”


He didn’t use pillowcases. He owned them but never actually put them on the pillows.


His name was Phil. My name is Lil.


Lean into it, put a bow in your hair, both wear dungarees. It'll be fun.


Chill out, Phil.


Nuh uh Lillian!


I was the one rejected, but the reason I was given was “I’ve been rejected a lot, I want to know what it feels like to reject someone.” Their best friend told me they were interested in me too


You definitely dodged a bullet there pal. Edit: Spelling mistake NVM.


"I've suffered through enough emotional trauma that I want to start spreading my own"


Dated a guy who was color blind. He’d argue with me about the color blue-green even if I was the only person in the relationship who could actually SEE blue-green!!


My husband used to drive me crazy with this shit. Took months for me to convince him he was actually colour blind!


My partner is colour blind and his mum refuses to believe it. Like, the guy can’t tell the difference between orange and green lolly snakes! What more proof do you need? ETA: lolly snakes are essentially jelly babies in snake shape.


My perpetually single friend has turned rejecting people into a bit of a sport. I'll Tinder for her, which is all sorts of amusing, but one day, I had actually met someone for lunch and thought "here's someone that's kind of her type, I wonder if she'd be interested!" I ended up pulling up his website and showing her some pictures of the guy. We get to about the sixth photo in, of two of his cats, in a treehouse. She explains "his cats look bratty." Yeah, well, that's why you're single. Still. Six years later.


I’m 18 but I look 13. I’ve talked with a quite promising guy online, I wanted to meet him. I told him that I look very young but I’m not underage, he knew that I was insecure about getting treated like a child. The first thing he said when he saw me was „I thought you were a little girl waiting for her mommy”, I tried to laugh it off but I made sure to tell him that I am an adult and that’s how he should treat me. Then he proceeded to treat me like a 13 year old for the whole meeting, so I acted like a 13 year old would and ghosted him


This dude was super sweet and had a lot of good qualities. He was a plumber and casually admitted to me that sometimes he will bite/clean his nails after work and taste the remnants of what he touched that day. I could not get over that and had to move on. Edit: a few people have mentioned it's not petty, but I feel like it is and I should probably expand on that. Things were really going great, like he said all the right things and he was a genuinely good person with similar interests. Up until the point he said that, I was considering moving forward with the relationship. Also, I see nail biting as a habit that could be changed, and even practicing better hygiene (which he mostly did, except for those damn nails). Once he said it, and he was serious, my views and feelings for him changed. It's just one thing that completely turned me off from him. And thanks for the funny comments, I'm at work and needed a good laugh!


What did I just read


What a terrible day to have eyes


Right? Someone just passed up on mating with the toughest immune system in the galaxy. Our one shot at ubermensch offspring died that day.


Plumbing is all fun and games when talking about pipes, and thinking of clean drinking water flowing through them, but when considering that most plumbing has to do with WASTE water and RAW SEWAGE, this has to be one of the nastiest things I’ve ever heard. Ever.


I think dookie water is the first thing most people think of when they think of plumbing


He used too many exclamation points


Top of the muffin to you!


Every time i asked what she would like to do it was an annoying “I don’t knowwwwww”


I also once stopped seeing a girl because I felt like I had to encourage her to make choices all the time. I think autonomy and initiative/sensation seeking are super attractive character traits, and I couldn't imagine being with someone who doesn't possess those traits. Edit: typo


It wasn’t just about her nose, or the way she spoke.. but something about the combination of the two that I couldn’t get past. All things considered, she dodged a bullet big time.


haha the realization when you ditch someone and know you just did them a HUGE favor :'(


We had promised to see the same movie together and when I showed up to go see the film they had already seen it.


Not dating, but I had a friend with whom I saw all major Marvel films while they were in theaters, all the way to Infinity War. When I asked if he wanted to go see Endgame, he said he saw it with some other friends and didn't feel like going again. This was never a tradition we explicitly made, but I still felt a bit betrayed. A ten year journey and he ditched me at the last mile.


Bruh that's fucked. Great you guys stayed friends for 10 years though.


I'm upfront about this with most of the guys I date. Nine times out of ten I've already seen the movie with my grandfather.


An acceptable reason


The tip of her nose would faintly wiggle up and down when she talked. I could barely pay attention to what she was saying because I was fixated on her wiggling nose.


She doesn’t drink water


Ronaldo would be proud of you.




Went on a first date with someone that was out of my league. Couldn't believe my luck! On our way to dinner, everything was going fine and the conversation was flowing. She seemed really into me. Suddenly she screamed at me to stop the car. Not pull over, stop right here *right now* immediately in the suicide lane of a 4 lane major road. Just before I came to a complete stop in the middle of this busy road, she opened the passenger door and tried to jump out. If a cop saw all this it probably looked like she was escaping a kidnapping. She jumped out of the car and played Frogger across two lanes of traffic, and I sat there stunned with my passenger door hanging open into traffic. A few seconds later, she came running back with something under her arm. I couldn't see what it was in the mirror. She had a huge smile on her face and as she climbed back into the car she squealed with delight as she showed me what it was. A fucking hubcap. She said it was to commemorate our first date, and that we could share custody of it. I could have it first. That was our first and last date.


I’m now imagining her doing something similar after every first date, like that’s just her move.


You kept the hubcap though right?


Of course he did, he’s not a psycho. Right OP?


That’s some manic pixie dream girl shit right there.


"She's so quirky and spontaneous! And unstable! And dangerously impulsive! And frighteningly oblivious to important details of situations such as highway traffic! I'M IN LOVE"


her name was one letter off from my mom's i love this whole thread, every one reads like the b-plot of a seinfeld episode


I dated someone with the exact same name as my mum. Let me tell you you spared yourself A LOT of jokes.


Really nice guy... looked just like my dads old high school photos. Couldn’t get past it.


Ha! I broke up with a guy after my now Sister-in-law saw a picture of him and said he looked like my brother, whom she was dating at the time.


We spent our first date browsing various record shops in Manhattan and Greenwich Village. I took him to my favorite ones. I told him what Elton John album I thought was best. He disagreed and was adamant I was dead wrong. He was going to a party at his brother's after and didn't believe in subways (as his dad had died in 9/11). The party was 100 blocks away in Brooklyn. Decided to walk him to the party despite having mild asthma and severe post nasal drip. Once there at the door he decided it wouldn't work out because he couldn't put our differences aside. His last words were, "Do you really believe Honky Chateau is his best work?" Of course I do. He had this horrified disgusted face on and said, "Yeah, no. That's just wrong. Not gonna work out since you have poor taste." Literally got rejected over Honky Chateau, but it's okay. My FIL thinks that album is the hottest shit.


Forgive me for being daft, but what is the correlation between 9/11 and subways? Also you’re spot on with Elton.


His dad died in the North Tower and he works in a big office now. Why his fear turned into a fear of subways is beyond me.


I dated a girl who loved Elton John. Did you know Benny and the jets topped the r&b charts when it came out? She cheated on me.


i’m in love with the structure of this comment


The 9/11 thing is weird for me, I mean planes trains and cars were destroyed by the attacks, did he refuse to use all of them ?


I don't think so because according to his Reddit account (why I still remember it years later is beyond me) he is very active in a Volkswagon Jetta sub. He also moved to Maryland so I assume he drove down there or something. He also traveled recently to Disney with his wife and kids. He had to have flown.


I mean cars I could see ignoring because they weren’t the focus of the attacks and it’s real hard to avoid them, but planes !?


She didn’t like my new haircut


Damn, even after you got rid that yee yee ass haircut


I broke things off once because of the size of her teeth. They were tiny compared to the size of her mouth. It shouldn't have been an issue, but it creeped me out. I don't know why, but it was one of those things that I couldn't ignore and gradually became the only thing I could see. Grown woman with a mouth full of baby teeth... just weird


I have a friend who is the king of breaking up with women for petty reasons like this. I think he may have rejected a girl for her teeth size. He left a perfectly beautiful and sweet woman once because her skin was too pale. Another time it was a potential mate's feet that bothered him. I ran into him at a brewery and he was on a date with a beautiful girl that was dark skinned and dark haired (so the pale issue wouldn't be a thing) and as I'm standing at their table chatting I notice her hand wraps almost completely around her pint glass. Very large hands for a woman. Wouldn't be a big deal for me, but I knew she was doomed in regards to a relationship with this guy.


He said he never washed his butt because it would be "gay" to touch his own ass. After that moment all I ever saw when I looked at him was poop. He was literally a walking turd. Never dropped someone so fast in all my life.


Fuck, I'd love to hear his mental gymnastics every time he had a wank


She would call me every single day like 2 minutes after I clocked out from work. I asked her several times to just give me an hour before she called. Let me get home first. I had a 45 minute drive home that was my decompression time, blast the radio and get over the days bs. She couldn't do it. That hour was to much to ask "but I couldn't wait to hear your voice!" So I broke it off. My friends tell me that's incredibly petty. I feel like she can't respect simple boundaries and it will be a big problem later.


Boundaries definitely aren’t petty


It would be petty if you dumped her simply for calling, without talking to her about it and setting the boundary. But someone ignoring your clear and reasonable boundaries isn't petty. You should be really proud of yourself for holding to that and prioritizing your needs.


yeah, not petty


I got rejected because I was a Libra.


JuSt ViRgO tHiNgS


If they reject you for being 'sign' they'll also excuse all their shitty behaviour by being "other sign"


*stabs five poeple* "oh sorry judge im a aqaurius"


He just couldn’t/wouldn’t understand menstruation. I explained it to him as best I could, he had 5 sisters, we were 16/17 years old!


I wasn't with a guy yet, but really liked him. I was super put off and lost interest when he asked 'why don't we just sit on the toilet and let it all out at once instead of wearing pads' and then REFUSED to listen to my explanation of how periods actually work because it was 'gross'. Like, I can forgive ignorance to some extent, but I can't forgive refusal to learn


Yikes. That's like saying "why don't you just do all of your peeing/pooping for the week on one day and get it over and done with."


Really wish I could do this. Like a sloth


I love that this guy really thought he cracked the code. He knew more than the millions of women using pads.


She moned like I was butchering her with a knife no matter what I did when having sex. Slow, fast, it souded super fake and was a huge turnoff. Even tried to go off rhythm to test her... screams all the way.


Similar situation. We would have sex at my house, couldn’t get her to stop screaming no matter what. At her house, she would be silent and say “I have neighbors.” Honestly thought that was extremely disrespectful and fake.


He didnt have soap at his apt. Even by the 3rd date, no soap anywhere at his place, no dish soap even. He never smelled or anything, but just weirded me out.


Perhaps he licked himself clean and rinsed the saliva off. Could work.


Thanks. I hate it.


By the 3rd date I would be like "I have to use your bathroom" then ask where they keep their handsoap due to needing to wash my hands. Hell, get milkshakes, spill some down your hand, ask for soap. I would be too curious to end it without knowing.


Yeah what OP didn't see was the hidden closet filled to the brim with alphabetically organised, high quality soaps.


Made from the bodies of his previous victims.


He’d just talk on his earphones and say “We got burned. It’s time”.


“Will there be soap next visit? Find out in the next episode of the soap ‘where is the soap.’”


maybe he hid his precioussss soap


My brother had a roommate who would “bathe” and get ready for work in like 3 minutes. My brother couldn’t believe anyone could bathe that fast, so he hid his soap one day just to see. For two weeks straight, the dude would go into the bathroom to take a bath and be out in 5 minutes, no questions asked about the soap. That was still fine until he told my brother that not only did he take a bath in those 5 minutes, but also took a dump. No soap anywhere


First day he visited my apt he opened the kitchen cabinet without asking, saw my kids vitamins and said ooh gummies! And started to shove them In his mouth


There’s a whole sub-category of hood memes that involve dating single mothers and eating all their kids fruit snacks and drinking their caprisuns. Edit: well, didn’t expect this to blow up or so many people interested in these memes. Check out hoodville on IG. That’s where I’ve seen a lot of them.


His mum went away for a week and he reheated a lasagne, took a slice out and put it back in the fridge. He did this every night, reheating the entire lasagne each time. Surprisingly he didn’t get food poisoning, but I just couldn’t handle that. He was so nice, but just not the smartest guy.


I had an ex who i asked to put a pizza in the oven, and he did. I took a bite out of it when it was done and realised he'd left the plastic film on and itd melted into the pizza (i thought it was just weird cheese at first.) He then blamed me for making him cook "poor people food" that he didnt know how to cook, cos his mum apparently didnt buy that stuff. His mum did buy that stuff cos id talked to her about food recommendations before, the reason he didnt know is cos his mum cooks every meal for him and he never sees it before its finished 😓 he assumed she makes everything from scratch.


The “poor people food” bit would have been it for me. Zero tolerance for that kind of elitism.


It was that and the comments on my flat being too small, complaining i didnt have the food he likes but not taking the initiative to go get some food himself etc. He was supposed to visit over the weekend but had come late due to laziness, and so i was at uni all day while he was at the flat, and whilst i was at uni all he did was lay in bed 🙁 i dont think he ate at all until id returned, despite my telling him to help himself, and there being many shops nearby


He didn't want a partner - he wanted a mommy.


I touched his arm and it reminded me of boiled chicken. Expected it to fall of the bone.


I once left a date because she had a 'live love laugh' sign at her living room wall


He drove slower than a snail, often on the left lane.


He thought dinosaurs were faked by scientists trying to steer people away from religion.


He would only walk on tiptoes. No medical reason, just tiptoed about like a burglar in a cartoon. Edit: To everyone saying they feel called out, the person getting called out is me. It’s a petty reason to reject someone.


My exSIL has this. But for her, it’s a problem with the length of the tendons in her calves. She has to permanently wear heeled shoes, even around the house, because it’s more comfortable that having to tiptoe. The corrective stuff she had as a kid just never took and now she’s stuck like this for life unless she has surgery that would leave her unable to walk for months.


My ex wife was like this, too. Horrific car wreck, legs were uneven post surgery. Heels were the only thing that she could walk well in, which looked goofy when we were hiking and stuff, but it made her comfy, so w/e


For a split second I had a hilarious mental image of a lady hiking in stilettos, before I remembered heeled boots exist


You were closer the first time, and it was indeed hilarious


No matter what evidence I presented even if I went and bought a snake skeleton, she would never believe that snakes had bones.


But they're so round, no way they have bones.


>But they're so round The most uroboric creatures I've ever seen.


You'd have to kill a snake right in front of her




Imagine asking a dog if they wanna go for a walk and they just shrug with indifference because they know they're about to be carried around the block.


I like to think it was a great dane


Or a mastiff


What's even the point then? Lmao


"Just gonna take the dog for a carry love"


Instead of asking what "music" I liked he said "what are your favorite bangers?" at that moment I realized I had matched with him on tinder 2 years earlier and unmatched after he said that the first time.


Every song I download has to pass a series of rigorous test to answer one simple question... is it a banger?


I ordered water with my meal on a first date... apparently that’s boring


They texted me “Hewwow” instead of hi


I got irritated just reading that.


See also, people who text with a stutter: "H-hewwo! H-how are y-you today...?" I fucken hate that. Edit: my most rated comment is about something that irritates me. I'm not sure how I feel.


Doing this unironically is just... 🤢


I'm just discovering now this is even a thing lol


Hooked up with a girl next door once. She had some similar tastes in music to me, and her favourite hobby was singing and playing guitar. But she couldn’t sing to save her life, and had a serious pair of lungs on her The walls were paper thin and every time I’d arrive home she’d suddenly pick up her guitar and start singing some of my favourite songs painfully loud (I assume in an attempt grab my attention that she was home too), and it was too agonising hearing some of my favourite songs being ruined by her wailing deafeningly-loud voice. I didn’t want to be rude and couldn’t exactly tell her to stop singing, so I had to just tell her I wasn’t interested. She quietened down and stopped making my eardrums bleed using my favourite songs after that. Felt like an asshole but I had to preserve my sanity.


He would text without using vowels and it drove me up the fucking wall.


Wh rly nds vwls nywy, vrythng mks ngh sns wtht thm, ths s spr ptty




He thought Vikings were mythical creatures created by Hollywood, then talked about how this TV show Tudors was interesting and not knowing that Henry viii was a real king, although I do understand that the TV show is not faithful to history at 100% Also he stated that math was not real, because one apple is not the same as other apple and how math can explain that. Basically too ignorant way too ignorant, it was complicated to have a decent conversation.