Which punishment (either real or imagined) sounds "light" or "not a big deal" at first, but is actually horrific to experience?

Which punishment (either real or imagined) sounds "light" or "not a big deal" at first, but is actually horrific to experience?


As a kid, when I did something wrong I'd have to write a sentence 100-500 times as punishment. I remember having to sit in the car at a family reunion at probably 7 years old writing "I am a bad girl." 500 times because I'd taken a granola bar without asking. Writing I am a bad girl that many times, repeated for minor infractions and sentences like "I am a liar and no one likes liars." Or "I ruined the day for my family." Just sticks with you and becomes internalized. I'm 31 now, it's been a good 15 years since I've had to write these, but I still think them about myself.


Haha great memories. Fuck you John. Burn in hell.


...you got his name right. And the sentiment.


Wow! Abuser-name-twinsies! Oof. Hope you're in a place where you can emotionally heal.


School made us do that as a punishment, copying pages and pages of quotes from the bible about bad people. Or lines of ‘I’m not worth educating’ ‘my actions and life will amount to nothing’ Yeah wonder why bunch’s of students are anti Christian and struggling with depression and a career 10-15years later. Got to the point I refused. Not wasting paper or my sanity, so alternative was To go pull thistles and prickles and goatheads (sharp pronged thorny things) out of the grounds barehanded. The crime? I’m allergic to the incense used in church and my coughing disrupts service every Friday and Sunday.


Something I actually did to myself. I needed to cut weight for a wrestling tournament in a drastic way. Because of a mix up in weight classes I needed to drop 16lbs overnight. Told my coaches that’s not possible, just pull me from the roster but my head coach pulls me aside and tells me there might be a way and you don’t even have to work out. What you do is fill a bathtub up with the hottest water you can stand and add a bag of epsom salt, and some rubbing alcohol to the water. Go into the bathroom with a buddy, stuff towels under the doors so cool air can’t get in, and then get in the tub neck deep. After 60 seconds your body will already be screaming to get out of the water because you’re overheating. I stayed in for 45 minutes, adding more hot water every 2-3 minutes to ensure the hell never ended. The buddy is there to make sure you don’t die. Sweat out 11 pounds in 45 minutes.


Did you make the cut?


Yeah, I chewed some gum that’s covered in citric acid that causes salivation and spit out the other 5 pounds over about 2 hours.


Damn. That’s crazy. The things wrestlers do to make the cut. I’m sure it is the same for fighters etc. It can’t be healthy.


It’s not healthy and has, on occasion, resulted in deaths.


I’m glad you’re still here. Insane they’d put that risk onto kids in school.


Bread and water rations, it was there to cause weaponized constipation. 30 days of constant abdominal pain, specifically tailored to humiliate is a lot worse than "oh bland food boo hoo".


As someone with bowel issues, I can guarantee that this would incapacitate almost anyone going through it.


Standing on concrete. Nazis called them "stehbunker", Stalin called them "kishka", but it's all the same idea, [a cell so small you are forced to stand because there isn't enough room to sit.](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C-1vsSYXgAAtMX3.jpg) Standing barefoot on concrete, for days, is beyond brutal. It won't kill you, but it will (slowly and very painfully) cripple you, while keeping you awake for days straight.


Didn't they make them not tall enough to stand upright aswell, so you'd be permanently hunched over




Now this is cruel. It baffles me how such a simple idea is so malicious. It kind of reminds me of a coffin. I believe china or maybe korea did something like this to bears. When they finally freed them, the bears walked around like people. It was so sad.


Holy shit, that truly sounds horrible! And people have been kept in it for weeks at a stretch, according to Wikipedia. Sickens me, how horrible we can be to our fellow humans.


Peeling salted sunflower seeds with your bare hands. Had the choice between that and getting my butt beaten with a cable when I screwed up big time when I was lke 6 years old. Chose the peeling and I regretted that immensely. It doesn't sound bad at first but let me tell you, after one hour you just want to hold your hands in icewater. Your fingertips get sore, sometimes you prick your skin and the salt dries out your fingers and makes them really sensitive. Not to mention that the salt creeps up your nailbed and hurts like shit, especially if you rip your skin near your finger nails. I never chose that punishment again.


That's fucked up


I feel like a lot of commenters neglected to read "sounds "light" or "not a big deal" at first"


Outlawry. To be declared an outlaw. Today, we think of an outlaw as just anybody who breaks the law regularly. Back in the day, though, it was a punishment. If you were declared Outlaw, that meant that you were literally "outside of the law" and could claim no protection from it. If someone didn't like you, they could freely beat you, rob you, torture you, or even kill you. When the stories refer to Robin Hood as an "outlaw" that's what they're talking about. It's not a romantic, heroic, swashbuckling thing, it's the state of having no claim to any legal protection at all. The king (or whoever he appoints) takes your land, anybody who wants it can take your stuff, and anybody who doesn't like you can just beat you to death without consequences. They can also put a bounty on your head and have people hunting you to claim it. What do you think would happen if you lost all protection from the law, and anybody who brought your head to the courthouse could claim a year's salary as a reward?


It's like The Purge, but just you.


This is exactly what I thought too. Sounds like a nightmare.




Id give myself 10 minutes


Probably why a person like Robin Hood would group up with other outlaws. I’m not sure how common the punishment was but I have a feeling bands of outlaws would form, pillage around for a while for subsistence and eventually die a violent death.


"A barbarian camp has formed outside your borders."


Having to play with chicken. My grandpa always told me, when the neighbors kid would missbehave (100 years+ since then) his parents would lock him into the chicken habitat and put some liquid and/or meat on his feet. The chickens would peck at his feet and he would have to flee constantly until he was too tired to. Then he would be released.


What the fuck


This sounds like something borat would say about his little brother billo


Kneeling on grains of uncooked rice.


It used to be a common punishment in Italy for children to be made to kneel on uncooked chickpeas


It's corn in Hungary.


In Brazil too. My dad said it was his and his siblings punishment of choice.


Fuck! Option B must have been really shitty


Getting beat with a switch, usually a thin hard branch, until you bled. If you live in an area without trees then it might be the metal parts of a belt, a straightened wire clothes hanger, or the end of an extension cord.


Sea salt is just as bad, if not worse..... My knees were bleeding after an hour.


That is actually a famous punishment parents would use to punish their child here in my country. But years have passed, it was never practiced by some as they JUST realized that it is mean to do such things and some still uses it in secret unfortunately. My grandmother used to told me a story back when she was in high school about one of his boy friend getting tortured by letting him kneel in sea salt by his parents when her friend said to his parents that he's gay. It happened I think on early 1950's where gay is really not being talked about and it's treated as a grave sin as it contradicts to the religious faith they uphold. My grandmother said he would go to school with a scarred knee marks and one day found on the street crying hardly that he feels like fainting bcs of the pain in his knees to the point where her friend can't walk anymore. Her friend told her to keep it a secret but the way his knee looks like was too horrible she had to report it so a day before she was about to report it, her friend were in the hands of the authorities and his father was captured after neighbors reported it. Grandma said that the neighbors are concerned for her friend after her friend have been screaming and crying for 4 days straight that one time three neighbors feel like something was wrong and kept an eye into their house and saw her friend kneeling with salt for a whole day. They reported it to the officials immediately. That was the last time grandma have heard about her boy friend and right now, he might be dead but she hopes everything was well for him.


Oh good lord.... That sounds ***awful***. It's a punishment they didn't do often for us, especially when we did it for long enough my knee was bleeding..... They were big on "no marks at all".


Since this form of torture doesn't cause any lasting damage (except nerve damage in intense cases) it's often used in the BDSM community as a form of consensual torture. I remember laughing at it when I first found out, but then a friend of mine who I happen to know is incredibly masochistic said that even he wouldn't do something like kneeling on uncooked rice again given the choice.


You know shits bad if your masochistic friend says they wont even do it


With the added “again,” to confirm they have done it and know it IS really that bad.


My dad told me about a punishment that was given in schools when he was growing up (born in 1954) which was you had to go to the side of the aisle of desks and squat down (into like the Asian/Russian squat stance) and hold it for the rest of class. He said it never sounded bad but after a while your muscles and knees would lock up and at the end of class in order to get out of the position you had to fall onto your side or back to the floor to let your legs relax enough to allow you to move and use them. He told me when I was super young but its always stuck with me cause I was so surprised that something that seemingly small would cause so much pain and loss of control. You essentially got insane Charlie horses when you dropped out of the position.


Read a story once that a Russian soldier was forced to squat for four hours/ a really long time as part of a hazing ritual, and afterward due to a loss of blood to his lower body they had to amputate his legs and genitals


Goat licking. In medieval times you would get your feet strapped between two wooden boards and theyd be sprinkled in salt (or similar) so animals (mainly goats) would lick them. Seems like it'd tickle at first but they won't stop licking. Apparently they'd lick flesh off until they hit bones.


Having been licked by a cat for a minute or two, I can imagine this as an awful torture


Especially when your cat just licks in the same spot over and over. That spot is clean, cat! Move to another one!


My cat tries to lick my ears off my head but I try to kiss her face off her face so it all works out.


I remember seeing a video of a guy that raise a big cat from a tiny kitten and when it was full grown he went to go see it at the reserve. It remembered him and got all playful and loving, licking him all over the place. He had to protect himself and push the cat off because he was getting skin abrasions from it's tongue, he said it was like someone slowing rubbing sandpaper across your skin. You could see he was bleeding on his arms from like 10 licks.


How many licks does it take to get to the centre of a medieval peasant? Let’s talk about that.


Welcome to this episode of gmm


Alright Link, you lost the coin toss, so get on the Goat Board!


"You can use the bloody foot stump dart if you wish and anywhere where the blood lands is an acceptable answer."


Being forced to keep your arms up all the time


This was a punishment my dad enforced after bare bottom spankings stopped working (to get out of those I would laugh even though they hurt like hell because I knew he would get pissed and stop). I would have to stand against a wall with my hands in the air for hours and if they moved down the punishment would get longer.


It's horrible....


This is a very common punishment for children in Korea. Source: my mom is Korean and she used this as a punishment when I was a kid. We had to kneel on the floor with our hands straight up in the air, they ached so bad after even just 5 minutes, sometimes had to go up to 30 mins at a time.


Fellow half Korean here, can verify this punishment is the worst. My mom and stepmom were both Korean and used this method. Stepmom got even more creative and would make us raise our arms while squatting. The sheer pain in the arms and legs while trying not to move is insane. I was explaining it to my husband and kids one day like it was no big deal, and they told me it was not a punishment but Korean torture. Funny how things look from a different POV.


Reminds me of school asking the teacher if I could go to the toilet.


Or that one time you finally have the courage to ask a question and the teacher just doesn't see you and your arm


I was too scared to ask to go to the bathroom in front of the entire class, so I'd hold it. Had some accidents as a kid in the earliest grades because I just couldn't hold it any longer. One year, I had a class where we'd work on our own for much of the time. During that time I could go up to the teacher directly and discreetly ask to pee. That class was an absolute life saver. It was the only chance I'd have to pee all day. Every single day, I'd ask to go pee during that class. I could tell the teacher was very suspicious, and 100% thought I was just asking to go because I wanted out of class. But to her credit, she let me go anyway. I really did have to pee, badly, every time. So glad she let me go despite her suspicion.


In middle school I had to pee so bad one day in my science class, but we were doing a lab and I couldn’t go. The next class was a double period so it was two hours long, and I asked to use the bathroom but the teacher said no since we have a break halfway through. I sat down and almost exploded, I burst into tears and told her I had to pee and just left the room. Everyone acted normal when I came back, but during the break I didn’t leave to use the bathroom, and she asked me if there was something mentally wrong with me. No. I just had to pee.


Your teacher is an asshole. As someone who has both diabetes insipidous and ibs, constantly having to go to the bathroom and being denied is a nightmare. fuck that teacher.


Agreed. When I was in grade 3, “Ms. Kienle” said no when I asked to go to the bathroom three times in a row. Bursting, I finally just got up and left, but peed my pants just before reaching the bathroom. That bitch made me stay in for recess for going without her permission. The worst part was having to suit the rest of the day in soggy thick corduroy pants.. Ms Kienle, if you’re out there, fuck you.


It's so shitty to do that to such young kids. High schoolers might skip class and abuse their bathroom privileges but if an eight year old says they need to use the bathroom, they need to use the fucking bathroom


Not about school but in Basic years ago a guy in the beginning of red phase that was in front of me in formation was asking a drill sergeant if he could fall out and use the latrine. Drill Sergeant says “No” He says I’m gonna piss my self drill sergeant. Drill Sergeant says piss your self. My man focused on him and says **YES drill sergeant** Piss starts raining out his pant leg off side his boot and the two are still just staring. They made him go change and he got smoked for hours and then had fire guard that night. Was super funny, a bunch of people got smoked for laughing haha


What a fucking champion


Question: what is getting smoked? Getting yelled at? Also, what if you have diarrhea or something? This is why I could never make it in the army lol


I am a middle school teacher. I never tell students that they can't go to the bathroom. If we just started a Do Now or an assignment, I migt say something like "Can you finish one more problem first and then go?" If the goal was task-avoidance, I still get some work out of them. ​ Of course, if a student asks to go multiple times in a short amount of time, I send them to the nurse and email home to give mom/dad/guardian the heads up.




"Getting away" with a crime by pleading insanity. Instead of a definite custodial sentence you get... an indefinite custodial sentence! In an underfunded and terrifying medical facility! Maybe for the rest of your life! Yay!


Going to point out, while its not uncommon to see someone try to use the insanity defense in the media, it's incredibly rare (1% of defenses) and unlikely to be successful with a 25% success rate. Generally, the people who do have success have long documented histories of mental illness (at a rate of around 90%) and therefore, its unlikely they'll have a miraculous recovery.


I learned about this from this [JCS video](https://youtu.be/Mwt35SEeR9w) about the interrogation of Nikolas Cruz, highly recommend watching it


The demons man...


The voices. tHeYrE in My HeaD so unbelievably cringe


when he started looking around the room like he was hallucinating I shriveled up in my chair it was so bad also: *"tHe dEmOnS"*


Does the demon know a lawyer?


The demon tells you to start a fire in the fire pit?


There's this fascinating TED talk about a journalist who goes to talk to a guy in a mental health facility who'd used an insanity defense in his criminal trial. The guy claims to have been lying about being insane, thinking he could just pretend to be crazy for a bit and then have a miraculous recovery and get right out. Nope. Turns out it's a lot harder to convince people you're sane than it is to convince people you're crazy. The guy started trying to do things to convince people he was sane, so the psychiatrists diagnosed him as being a psychopath, because of course only a psychopath would go through all the trouble of trying to convince people they're sane. He started trying to do things to demonstrate he wasn't a psychopath, like showing remorse for his actions, which obviously just convinced the doctors he was a psychopath trying to manipulate people by faking emotions. Guy spent 14 years in a mental health facility when he could have gotten 5 in prison for the original crime. It's a great listen/read. [Link has both a video and the transcript.](https://www.ted.com/talks/jon_ronson_strange_answers_to_the_psychopath_test/transcript?language=en) Edit: Appreciate the awards, but I'd rather you donate it to your local food bank or animal shelter. I'd also rather you buy yourself a coke or an ice cream bar or whatever, tbh, just something tangible and that actually matters, even if it's just to you. Edit 2: Apparently awards on Reddit are free or something now? Idk, you should still go donate to your local charitable organizations and buy yourself something tiny and fun anyway. Life is short, do nice things with it.


Man, that's some Catch-22 shit


Has no one seen “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”?


My thoughts exactly! Isn't that guy just following the exact plot of One flew over the cuckoos nest haha. Maybe the "psychopath" watched that movie right before going on trial


Being ignored or ostracised. Might not sound like much, but as humans we need that social contact, and leave it too long and it becomes incredibly damaging.


I remember even as a kid, I got so scared whenever my brother would flat out pretend not to hear me speak, or not acknowledge me whenever I was being an annoying little shit. That was alot more scary to me then anything else. As a person, you want to be remembered, to be at the very least acknowledged. Now imagine that being taken away from you.


I remember being bullied hard AF as a kid. When the class decided they wanted to ostracized me I found it a *lot* better than getting physically beat-up. I guess they just forgot to get back to bullying me and found some new kid. Even today, if I'm in an uncomfortable situation I just get up and walk away.


Tickling. No joke, the Nazis used this as a form of torture in some cases. It doesn't leave a mark, so it's also used in environments like mental facilities where patients may be restrained and staff go on a power trip. Extreme cases can result in incontinence, vomiting and a loss of consciousness due to the inability to breathe. It's also easier for the torturer to do it for a long time without it wearing away at their conscience because the victim is involuntarily laughing, so it's easy to pretend that it's not that bad.


My sister and cousins did that to me when I was little, they thought it was a joke and wouldn't stop until I started violently vomiting Edit: this only happened once


My sister did the same thing... she stopped when I kicked her... hard.


Sometimes, kicking people really does work.


I resulted to biting twice when my big sister overpowered me to the point of endangerment in one of those instances (tried to push me out the window onto the sloping roof to lock me out). Sister was mortified and told on me, mum said stop doing what made me bite her and I wouldn’t do it again which was correct.


Some people tickle lots but are not aware that the victim is is lots of discomfort because of the laughing. That is just scary. From experience


I tickle my kids, and I do it for a second or two. That way, they're having fun, they ask me to tickle them again. If they're done, they can say stop. I hated being tickled for long periods growing up. It would start fun and then turn terrible.


I fucking hate tickling. I almost broke up with my partner because of it. I had to make it really clear because my Dad went overboard too much when I was growing up. I’d kick him then get in trouble. I wish it was always handled the way you’re doing it.


Man, I wish I'd had the stones to kick my dad when he did this. He'd always squeeze my knees which are weirdly extremely ticklish. He wouldn't stop even when I begged him to and I'd literally be crying while laughing. He did this all the way up until I was a teenager. Fucking hated it.


I’m very ticklish. Like if you even touch the side of my waist i collapse. Guess what my friends did in 7th grade once they found out about that. Edit: the part above the hip is called the waist.


Look carefully there's an on/off switch


Listening to the same song on loop, then skipping parts of the song. This was a form of torture used by the CIA and it's absolutely awful.


May I ask what the effects are?


Effectively if a song is played for hours upon hours nonstop with no sign of stopping you'll get use to it, you'll learn the lyrics, the timing, even minor things like individual drum beats, you begin to normalize it. But if you have the song skip or start over after 3 days you realize that something happened and that it's not supposed to happen, your brain got so use to knowing the melody that it effectively tries to send a panic response when something disrupts the song. It would be like seeing an abnormally large bruise come out of nowhere, you'd begin to panic.




Oh my god imagine listening to Chop Suey for two days and then only hearing that first “WAKE UP” for like an hour.


If it's the same torture I'm thinking of the music is also loud, and selected to be as disruptive as possible so sleep deprivation among others.


Never would have guessed my shit for brains neighbours were trained in psychological warfare by the CIA yet here we are


Way back when I worked nights my neighbor liked to blast the radio while getting ready for work in the morning even though I repeatedly asked her not to. It is torture when you are so tired that you are literally considering walking upstairs and choking the life out of someone just to make it stop.


It's something that the [Walking Dead](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDnva_3fcTc) made me painfully aware off


What’s new pussy cat? Woah woah woah woah


Since you said imaginary, there was a punishment shown on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, that Black Mirror copied a couple times, and science fiction has used as a concept, likely before DS9. The concept is time dilation - the idea that time takes place at a different rate in the real world than it does in some other. So for the punishment, the character Miles O'Brien was strapped in a chair for an hour and sedated, and he 'dreamed' he served a 10 year prison sentence. Or maybe it was longer, but in his mind, he was trapped in this cell for years and years. In the dream, he may have been deprived of food, he was definitely deprived of social interaction, but at the end of it, he woke up, and only an hour had passed. (Actually, the best Next Generation episode, The Inner Light, played with time dilation as well. Same with the best Voyager episode, Blink of an Eye.)


There is a short horror manga story called The Long Dream by Junji Ito that has this concept. A man is admitted to a hospital because every night his dreams are longer. Slowly his dreams become long enough for him to experience an entire lifetime in a single night, only to wake up and barely remember what the reality is. Eventually the dreams become thousands of years long and, well, things become very very horrifying. I highly recommend it. Edit-I also recommend Stephen King's short story The Jaunt. Same concept, someone experiences years in a single moment, and it fucks them up horribly. u/skylarmt has provided a link for The Long Dream: https://imgur.com/gallery/aes1E




I came onto this thread thinking of The Inner Light and didn’t expect to see this on here - I totally agree.


Closing your hand around a chunk of salt water ice, and holding it there. Dubbed the “salt and ice challenge”, where people hold onto it for as long as they can stand, it can lead to frostbite injuries similar to 2nd and 3rd degree burns. It also essentially fuses to your skin, so if you try to open your hand it will rip off skin (you need to use warm water to detach it). I did this about 20 years ago, before it was a thing on social media. It sucks. Edit: With the attention this is getting, I feel obligated to say...definitely do NOT try this!


Glad this thing did not become so big on social medias that I'd run into it. My hands hurts from imagining


One with that room which is so quiet you can hear your blood running


The joke's on them, I'd only hear my tinnitus... :(




That p implies there’s an end to the noise


there is The sweet relief of death


You're talking about an [anechoic chamber](https://youtu.be/mXVGIb3bzHI). And yes, they can be very disconcerting even after only a small amount of time.


Isolation. There's a reason solitary confinement is considered a form of torture. The human mind isn't designed to function in an environment devoid of stimulation or social interaction.


It was cool going to alcatraz and doing the audio tour. You go into one of the solitary confinement cells, with the door closed behind you. It’s pitch black, and while you’re in there, you hear stories from inmates (dramatically read) about what it was like, and how some of them would focus their mind until they could see a tiny speck, and within that they could conjure an imaginary television screen, and see moving images. Helped them to stop going crazy.


I just found out I have aphantasia, so I can't see images in my head. I wonder if I'd fare a lot worse in solitary confinement in Alcatraz. Wasn't on my list of things to consider today but it's vital I find an answer.


That condition blows my mind. It's so hard trying to think about how you experience thoughts.


It's almost like a list of facts - without the list, that's the point - so I know enough about the concept of what I'm thinking of. If I think of a ball, I know it's round because it's a ball. But the colour, size, type, texture of the ball aren't important for being a ball so they don't exist unless I specifically add them to the list of facts. This is while everything is black in my head. If I try too hard to get an image, I still fail, but it hurts my eyes and head. One trick is I sketch the outline of the object with my eyes behind my eyelids. But yes, I can dream. Apparently that's common for people born with this.


Wait, people can see images in their heads? I've never been able to do that. I just hear a little voice, like I'm talking to myself.


Welcome to aphantasia. It blew my mind when I found out that "mental images" was a real thing that other people experienced. All my life I thought they were just pretending


Can you imagine a picture you saw previously? I can, but I definietly don't think in images by any means ever. It's like you saw, if someone mentions a ball, I'm like "ok, a ball." I don't like... see a ball.


I can't bring to mind a picture I've seen, even if I've seen it a million times. I can recall a description of it with varying degrees of success but I can't see it.


What the fuck? So the Mona Lisa you can’t picture her smug little look right now in your mind!? That is fucking bonkers


Apparently they don't even need to *try* to imagine a ball, they hear "ball" they immediately get the image of a ball in their head, which is one of the reasons they don't like hearing about gross stuff, as it will automatically be projected in their head It's just wild, I used to think "daydreaming" was a synonym for "zoning out" but no, they have a while as video playing in their head


Standing at parade rest without being able to talk for 5 hours. In basic training, someone got caught stealing food from the DFAC no more than 20min after we had been yelled at for people doing that. As a punishment, we stood at parade rest from 5pm to 10pm without being able to talk and with at least one DS watching us at all times. I don't know how to describe it, but your brain can only come up with so much to do for 5 hrs while not moving.


We had a guy purposefully lock his knees so he would pass out. Apparently there are clever ways to get out of some of these punishments.


I passed out! Not on purpose though... I don't even remember what caused it but we were in shit so we were marched into a hallway and had to stand at-ease while everyone went in for a haircut. I think there were 65 people or so in my platoon and we were there near lunch, so for a while there was only one or two barbers compared to the ....3-4 they normally had. Fuck I don't know, I just remember after we approached 90-120 minutes I felt sick. I was JUST about to say something along the lines of "Sir I think I may throw up" when I woke up on the floor with people standing around me. They said I kind of wavered a bit, leaned forward and then fell straight backwards into a concrete wall. The two people behind me stepped aside rather than stop me, I smacked my head into the wall. Fun times.


I've never seen a fainter be caught. Everyone always moves lol


I was caught! The first time I ever fainted; vision tunneled as I was paying for my groceries, and I had no idea what was happening. My cashier alerted the cashier behind me, and she caught me before I hit the ground. When I came to, I was laying on a comfy couch with half a dozen people trying to feed me and give me orange juice. Moral of the story, if you’re going to faint, do it in a big-box store that’s used to sue-happy customers. They’ll take care of ya!




I caught a fainter once, it feels good to save them from smashing their heads


I caught a fainter while the Brigade Commander was going on an hour long rant about the Boston Celtics or some bullshit. We were outside and it was 100 degrees that day! I'm damn glad I was able to catch her because I got to go in the back of the formation and lax up a bit while he finished yapping at us for another half hour.


I don't have PTSD from deployments, but I sure do from Brigade change of command ceremonies. They always happen in the summer time, too. Division CoC's are even worse. What a nightmare.


Less severe but this reminds me as my time as a host at a restaurant during slow shifts. My boss would lose his shit if he caught you doing anything other than looking at the door waiting for nobody to come in. I would pass the time by counting to a thousand in between glances at the clock


Sensory overload


This is the opposite of the white room, but I feel like could be just as bad. Flashing lights, loud noises, itchy clothes,.... absolutely hell. I would lose my mind.


Imagine if you combined them. Total deprivation interrupted at random by strobes and feedback screeches.


has anyone seen that Black Mirror "White Christmas" episode? Imagine being locked in a room with nothing. Like, really nothing. And all you have is endless boredom. That's horrifying.


I can't remember what country used it (Russia or japan I think) but one punishment was genuinely known as the white. You'd be given white clothes, locked in a cell with white walls with no windows and a completely white door. You'd get a light bulb on a white fixture but no light shade. Your bed and its linens would also be white and you would be fed exclusively on white rice in a white bowl with white cutlery and to drink you would get water in a white cup. After a day or two you'd begin to hallucinate because of the lack of visual stimulation.


> Your bed and its linens would also be white Just shit the bed. Actually, smear your shit all over the place to stay sane.


"Your art is shit" "Thanks man, it saved my life" "No. I'm mean.. nevermind"


Well that's one way out of it but then you're dealing with the stank of your own poop


A small price to pay for sanity.


Spoken like a truly sane person. Bravo.




> water in a white cup Should’ve gone for milk, what a wasted opportunity


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Vsauce did this for 3 days. He completely lost track of time and was quite distressed halfway through, interesting watch Edit: [link for those interested](https://youtu.be/iqKdEhx-dD4)


Really fascinating video and series. If this is what it did to a smart, normal guy under the best of circumstances (talking to camera, friends and family waiting for you, option to quit in emergency) then imagine what'd happen in a far more stressful context.


Its a bit different when you know you can just walk out and that your old life, friends and family waits for you safe and sound. Still its quite incredible to watch.


Wall sits (air chair) are very painful when done wrong. Lining your heel with your knee is the wrong way to wall sit but this was how I was forced to do it. Arms out in front like chair arms so you can't support yourself. 90 degree angles and no sliding.


Chinese water drop torture. Victims were strapped down so that they could not move, and cold or warm water was then dripped slowly on to a small area of the body; usually the forehead. The forehead was found to be the most suitable point for this form of torture because of its sensitivity: prisoners could see each drop coming, and after long durations were gradually driven frantic as a perceived hollow would form in the center of the forehead.


You’re sorta right. They were blindfolded and leaned back. You were also restrained and maybe had ear plugs or rags stuffed in your ears. They removed all senses. They also would vary the rate of the drops. The torture comes in when you throw off their sense of time. They have no idea when to expect the next drop.


I remember a Mythbusters episode on this and that was their conclusion as well. Adam said when it was steady you could really get used to it and it was actually soothing.


I commented above but the brain rewards you for making educated guesses and getting them right. That is why people are addicted to problem solving and why puzzles or mini games are so rewarding popular. It’s left over from when we had to make guesses about if that was the breeze that moved that leaf or something that wants to eat me.


Solitary confinement. You’d think that isolating certain people can be good for society, but in the end it screws up your mind so bad lots of people come out worse than when they went in. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.


It's weird seeing it used so casually in so many prison shows (and documentaries), like 'oh you caused some trouble that's a week in solitary for you!' But in a lot of countries solitary confinement is literally banned because of how inhumane it is.


Worst punishment I ever received was no punishment. Just weeks of anxiously waiting for a punishment that never came. I was the best kid ever for those couple of weeks


Kneeling in salt. When I was 16 my mother told me if I kept my attitude up I’d be kneeling in salt. Being a dumb kid I was like oh whatever it’s just salt. Well I kept that attitude up. My mom sprinkled a light dusting of salt on the tile floor in the kitchen and I had to kneel in salt for a half hour. The grains cut my knees and burned the wounds. I’m 32 now and I still have scars on my knees. I will add this before I hit reply- I know this was abuse. My mom was pregnant at the time and not in a good place mentally. My sister is now 16 and has never even had as much as a slap, just recently my sister told me she thinks I was “just a bad kid” if mom did all that to me. I told my mother about the conversation after and my mother said “you weren’t a bad kid. None of you were. I just had a temper and I didn’t know how to control it.” I’ll admit, I’m an adult now with two kids of my own and hearing her say that made me cry on the way home. I knew in my head I wasn’t a bad child, I rarely got into trouble, never did drugs, I just had an “attitude”, but I hadn’t realized how heavy my heart was. I was the first of three kids, I got the worst of it, and I always blamed myself. Even when I was finally “over it” and rebuilt a relationship with my mom, I blamed myself. I hadn’t realized how much I needed to hear her say that until she did. This was three weeks ago, and I’m tearing up just typing this.


Hugs. That is really a really heavy load


When I was around 10 years old.. Being forced to stand in the corner of the living room with my parents and siblings in the room and stare at the wall for hours


I remember a Tv show once that suggested “time outs” be one minute long for every year old the kid was. Not sure if that’s based on any science but it seemed reasonable to me. But I also can imagine giving my 10 year old a time out.


That was Supernanny's whole thing. I'm also unsure whether it is evidence-based, but she also didn't have the kids just stand there, but when it was over would have the parents explain, in a developmentally appropriate way, what the kid did wrong and then have the kids and the parents hug afterwards. It seems a lot more constructive than just putting a kid in time out and telling them to think about what they did.




Being found not guilty by reason of insanity. No matter the length of sentence you are given, it is up to the doctors to determine when you can be released. A sentence of 10 years in a psychiatric facility could mean 20, 30, or life. The doctors will only release you when they determine it’s safe for you to re-enter society and you are no longer a threat. What doctor is going to release someone and take the chance you’ll re-offend? Almost none. You’ll also be given medications that have terrible side effects. You’ll put on a bunch of weight, feel sleepy all the time, dizzy, and eventually develop repetitive movements. You’ll be in the general population with other people suffering from severe mental illness, which can drive you crazy in itself. The upside is it may be slightly cleaner than regular prison. You have a little more space to move around (the entire unit, even though it’s going to be small) and eventually you can earn day passes. Compared to regular prison it may be a little better overall, but it is still a horrible way to spend your life. It’s also incredibly difficult to have this defense apply to your case. So if someone does a crime and thinks they can just plead insanity and be out in 10 years they are most likely not going to be found insane.


Heard of 'Jim Can't Swim' on YouTube? He does really interesting breakdowns of police interrogations. Has a few on high profile cases. They're all fascinating. Anyways he has one on Nikolas Cruz (Parkland school shooter) and breaks down him trying (very terribly) to act like he was crazy during his initial interrogation. Also mentions similar points as you on how being committed is just as bad or potentially worse than prison.


Painting rocks A couple of guys in my AIT unit got in trouble, the sadistic drill sergeant tried being creative with an "approved" punishment which was painting rocks. As dumb as a punishment it is, the sadistic side was that this training unit was in southern Arizona during peak summer temperatures. The rocks were literally hot enough to fry an egg on and both privates' hands ended up being covered with 2nd degree burns. The drill sergeant faced pretty heavy administrative action. I don't recall exactly what, but it probably one of he most severe I had ever heard a drill sergeant receive


At first I thought painting rocks means creating those beautiful mandala designs on pebbles or something. But this is literally painting rocks.


"PRIVATE! Do you call this a metaphysical contemplation of the universe? A symbolic representation of consciousness? Cus I sure as shit don't. To me it looks like an insufficently-empty Jarhead, with no appreciation of Saṃsāra, plagiarised the work of ol' Yogi Google, without any understanding of the underlying themes of the oeuvre! Where is the acknowledgement of the transient nature of life? Where is the recognition of the divine nature of the universe? I've shat turds which in their infinite-yet-momentary glory invoked in me more awe than this artifice of mediocrity! START AGAIN PRIVATE! And this time why don't you apply a just a teensy-weeny little bit of effort in reaching a higher state of being. Cus when I get back Private I wanna achieve a state of inner peace... and you best believe I am a deeply troubled man."




The WORST part is when some dumbass Major thinks itll look good for his frontline medical unit, but has to order them flipped over every morning to avoid them being spotted from the air!


I just watched this episode of M.A.S.H. yesterday. Frank is the worst.


Frank Burns eats worms.


“What say you, Ferret Face?”


All the junior enlisted and noncoms at HQ company of my old command had to do this too. I had to drop something off up there when I saw them all wandering around looking for rocks to paint while there Gunny and 1st Sgt looked on. If I remember correctly it was punishment for getting something crazy like 5 DUIs over one weekend.


Drill sergeants come up with some off-the-wall punishment it seems, mostly with no oversight. Sounds like this one took it too far. I remember in my unit, we had a guy who neglected / disrespected a K9 (didn't feed it / clean up after it when he should have), and as punishment, he was forced to clean up after it with bare hands for the next 2 days, and keep the dog waste in his pocket throughout PT. I was next to him too...Still remember the awfulness of that baking in the hot sun throughout the day...


I think my favorite punishment I witnessed was for 4 privates in basic training who refused to shower. In full boots and utes he had them roll on the ground up and down this short incline behind the barracks in the grass while he sprayed them with a hose. And they did it in cadence lol


Why would you refuse to shower as a grown man? Especially if you're a basic training and (I'm assuming) subjected to rigorous exercise every day?


Gang showers, it's too much for some people


I despise gang showers. Especially when the heads are so close you can feel the water splashing off the guy next to you (looking at you NTC). But I'm gonna shower. Definitely have had to deal with numerous dirty boys/girls who we've had to... convince to shower and do laundry.


That "Farm Pit" punishment they used to use in eastern europe. Where the criminal is made to stand in a pit on a hog farm for a day, which starts out empty, but then the hog manure pours in with them as the hogs produce it... I'm always shocked by the number of people who consider it "better than jail" etc when it's brought up, just because it's "only a day..."


Sounds similar to the Chicken Poop Prison in Thailand. You’d end up in severe respiratory distress due to the ammonia, people rarely survived a month and former inmates were left with chronic lung disease and PTSD.


Famine walls This was something I had never heard of until I took a trip to Ireland and saw them first had. These were Famine Walls and they were built during the Famine of the 1840s as a means to keep the hungry masses out of the estates of the landowners. We learned it was the usually homeless Catholics who built the walls, for a few scraps to eat. According to our guide, massive, largely pointless work projects like the Famine Walls and the Famine Roads kept the masses barely alive during the four years that the potato crop failed. The British rule had proclaimed that the poor had to work for sustenance and not be given charity. Just think about how demoralizing this would be, day after day, building stone walls with zero purpose just to "earn" your bread and soup for the day..... The shocking thing is the scope of the famine walls. They're literally everywhere on the countryside as far as you can see.


White room torture. Everything White, tasteless, no sound, room temperature kept at body temperature (if I remember correctly), just a bed, toilet, Water and food, nothing that could be used in any way to alleviate the boredom. It doesn't seem that big at first, just nothing to do for a while, but it's in truth some of THE worst torture one can experience


My cousin, 10yo, quite agile never sits still. Once he troubled my aunt so much that she punished him. His punishment was to sit still on the bed and do nothing. No tv, no playing either on phone or with his toys, not even speaking, no one was allowed to come to his room so that he even can't watch others. He asked her to read his textbook as he thought studying would lessen her anger but she denied even studying! He had to sit completely still. Initially that punishment seemed quite simple to me but what impact it had on a small child was huge. This punishment tortures you by boring you which a small child can't take. At last he broke down crying after which he was pardoned.


I had to go "sleep" as a punishment. So shutters down in the middle of day so it was extremely dark, I could only see my alarm clock and I had to lay still in my bed until the next morning, that meant for about 17-20 hours. For a child this feels like eternity.


My dad used to make me sit on the couch and not let me read for hours (my only real hobby) whenever I did anything that vaguely annoyed him. It was fucking awful.


Time. People underestimate the impact of duration of a sentence. In the US, it's not uncommon to hear in the news that someone received a 1 year sentence for such and such crime and thinking "wow that's so short they'll be out in no time". The numbers just seem so abstracted we forget just how vast even a single year is. Even for minor offenses, something like 30 days can be quite large. Imagine the impact on a person for having their life interrupted for an entire month, that will cost most people their jobs. Sentence durations are pretty arbitrary and many of them are just the way they are because historically that is the duration that was expected, any changes are relatively minor. The truth is that modern sentences in the US are among the longest in the world and disproportionately large.


That’s really interesting. I just watched a great movie called O.G. about a man who’s about to be released from prison after 25 years. I never gave sentence duration much thought and then it hit me during the film that ppl actually do spend DECADES in prison and then have to re-enter a completely different world. but u right, even just one year in societal isolation can really make it tough on ex-cons once they’re free. Like imagine someone who went to prison in February 2020 and just got out now...


[Chinese water torture ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_water_torture)


Plus it’s done in uneven intervals which can absolutely drive someone mad


Mythbusters did an episode on that https://youtu.be/17DhRkeNJMY


A quote from the Wikipedia page on CWT: > MythBusters host Adam Savage said the following: "The creepiest thing that happened after we did this episode was that I got an email from someone from a throw away account. He said, 'We found that randomizing when the drops occurred was incredibly effective. That anything that happens on a regular periodicity can become a type of meditation, and you can then tune it out. If you couldn't predict it, he-said, 'We found, we were able to induce a psychotic break within 20 hours.'"


Depression is largely caused by "chronic *unpredictable* mild stress." Unpredictability is torturous for the human mind.