[serious] Redditors who don’t believe in an afterlife, aren’t you scared of death?

[serious] Redditors who don’t believe in an afterlife, aren’t you scared of death?


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I am scared of the pain I will feel when dying, not death itself.


only reason i'm still alive


> only reason i'm still alive Same here.


I’m definitely more concerned with what it would do to my friends and family. There are plenty of ways to die that wouldn’t be painful.


I know you're not doing this, but a lot of people will try and guilt someone with that. "You're selfish, how will they feel?" They will never understand, never care, that they are implying we continue to live an unhappy life all because it would upset other people who may or may not be the problem or we may or may not even be close to.


Tbh everyone....EVERYONE has a story to tell about what they have went to or what they’re going through that’s making them unhappy..it’s very easy to focus on the thing that are making us unhappy because that’s all that seems important at the time. But if you take a step back and forget everything, clear your mind. You realize we only get one life that we know it. No one has every come back the same person they were after dying so we know that death is the end to the life we know. We know life moves quick so why not choose to focus on things that will make us happy. Knowing that unhappy days aren’t forever, an untimely suicidal death is only selfish of on yourself..knowing this is your only life and deciding to end it will impact your family for a bit..but trust me life will continue to go on and the memory of who you are will eventually fade on the people who you so heavily cared about what they thought of you. Life moves quick I know we will all end up being a faded memory but it is our obligation to make the best with the cards we were dealt with.


I appreciate the attempt, but please don't wast your time posting this ever again. Words cannot help the depressed and suicidal. Words mean nothing. I'm tired of people trying to jump in and "save me". If I want saving I'll ask. If people who are suicidal and depressed want help, we'll ask. Don't give us unsolicited bullshit garbage about how "life will get better", "everyone is unhappy" or whatever nonsense you spew to make yourself feel better about choosing to cope with this shitty world. I didn't ask for your help, don't give it.


you alright man?




I don't fear death. Death is the end. I just fear dying.


Death is the beginning.


Where we're going, we don't need eyes...


Do you see!?!?!


Libera te tutemet ex inferis


If you say so, Bania!


I think this Christopher Hitchens quote captures what dismays me: > It will happen to all of us that one day you’ll be tapped on the shoulder and told—not just that the party’s over—but slightly worse: the party’s going on, and you have to leave. That’s the reflection, I think, that most upsets people about their demise.


Just my opinion, but this seems like a really selfish take on it to me. I'm in the process of dying right now, myself. Not likely to see the end of summer. Death itself will be a relief for me, because I won't be sick and in pain anymore; it's the dying that sucks. It hurts me to know the pain and grief my husband and children are going to face, but it comforts me to know that they will be able to carry on with their lives. I know there will always be a part of them that feels the pain of the loss of me, but for the most part, they will heal. Their party will go on, and in time it will be fun for them again. That is my greatest comfort.


Maybe one day I’ll get to this point but for now, I freak out and get filled with anxiety thinking about it. I haven’t come to terms with it


They will think far more about the good times with you than the bad. More about the times you made them smile than the times you lay sick in bed. Remember that. People remember joy more than sadness from their experiences with someone.


Yeah. I'm sleeping a lot now and on a lot of pain meds, but I have tried very hard to make sure the time I do get to spend with them is time spent laughing, talking, sharing. Even if watching a couple episodes of a TV show is all I can do, I'm trying to make sure whatever time I can give them is pleasant and shared with them. I think (hope) that will help.


Try to tell them everything you want to now. Things they will remember the rest of their lives. ​ Think about writing some letters to be opened at certain times. Graduation, marriages, child birth etc. Think about what you'd want to hear or read if the role was reversed. If your husband was dying. What would you want to read 20 years from now? What could they say to you to comfort you every time they cried because they missed you?


I feel you on that. I'm not dying, but I live in constant, chronic pain and the only relief will be death. But honestly, it kind of inspires me. I need to enjoy life while I can, because once my quality of life goes down I am going to gargle a 9mm hollow point. Enjoy your rest when you get it. I'm sorry you're dealing with what you are. ♥


Wow I’m so sorry this is happening to you but your take on this is inspiring and one I can only hope to emulate one day when I’m in the same circumstance.


Yes! No matter how long you last, there's going to be stuff you miss out on. My grandma lived long enough to see her oldest great-grandchild graduate from high school, which is fantastic. She got to meet my youngest cousin's baby. But she's not here to see her other great-grandchildren graduate from high school and college, or to meet my cousin's second child.


The wheels on the bus go round and round, until they don’t. Not afraid of what happens when the bus stops.


Not nearly as scared as folks who DO believe in an afterlife ought to be.


Honestly though. There are too many religious people out there who I’d guarantee have a one-way ticket downstairs, yet believe they’re good people. Had a friend once that opened my eyes up to how many religious people are. My state is known for its religion in the US and it’s a joke (you probably know which one). Many seem like good people at first, but they’re subtly racist, or sexist, or any of the other problems. I’ll put it this way, if God were real and your religion used him to justify discrimination, slavery, etc, you’re not going to heaven.


As a gay man who grew up in a religious country: if heaven and hell existed, 99% of priests and hardcore believers would go straight down to hell for breaking the "don't be horrible towards other people" rule.




That was my immediate thought as well


It's the state that first came out of my mind. I heard that they also built a mall. Is that true?


I live in Utah and I thought of it instantly.....lmao


I figured he was talking about the entire south, but you could be right




Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster and you will be saved. May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage, R'Amen.


Bible is full of sexism...


>Bible is full of sexism... You better not be a woman, because I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to beat you for saying that! If it's not already in the bible, I'll just misinterpret some verse to justify doing it anyway!


Amazing how many assholes think they honestly deserve a reward lol.


It's an identity issue. People are attached to the self and how they describe it


I’m more half-amused that the only two people I’ve met who are genuinely bad people both truly believe that if there is a heaven, they’re actually going.


Well the Bible actually teaches it doesn’t matter how bad you are. You can still go to heaven. It’s just sooooo many people teach you have to be a good person.


The selfish gene is strong


lmao I just saw a documentary about pablo escobar's main hitman, he personally murdered 257 people and still believes he's going to go to heaven because god forgives everything.


Scientifically, I do not understand *how* people think there is an afterlife. It’s about as scientifically possible and real as Hogwarts and Harry Potter.


It does scare me. I like being alive. I don't like the idea of not existing. I've heard people say "It's peaceful because it will feel like what you felt before you were born: nothing." And I understand how that might be peaceful in that moment, but it freaks me out right now.


Well that’s good. Ideally you’re supposed to want to avoid death for as long as you can. For what it’s worth, there’s a solid chance that when it happens, all the things you’re worried about won’t concern you anymore. The thought of absolute nothing is terrifying only because we are conscious. After death, we don’t have to be afraid of anything. Edit: Rereading this and it sounds depressing af. Look, I’m not trying to make you feel great about dying. The whole idea of it is scary and it sucks. But logically if there’s nothing after, all the more reason to enjoy every beautiful, painful and extraordinary moment we have now. After that all that’s left is whatever family, friends and memories we leave behind. Then we get to rest.


After death we don’t have a choice but to not be afraid of anything..if we go back to the same place where we were before being born then maybe in a couple million years weight see the light of day somehow..our current body will become decimated but our spirit and soul will live on..somewhere deep down somehow I know that this isn’t my first rodeo here on earth...it may very well be my last but I won’t deny the possibility of coming back in a different form or body or maybe we really just chill eternity after death who really knows


You were born out of the abyss, you will die back into the abyss. Who's to say your conscientiousness won't emerge from it again?


The idea of reliving a life is amazing. But then again it would not be *you* since memories you have and experiences in life create what is you. If you did not remember anything would it really still be *you*?


Maybe you still have the same favourite colour. Maybe you still have the same goals. Maybe you still cherish the same things. Maybe you still have the same dislikes. If you were a good person, maybe you will be a good person again, just in different circumstances. Maybe you will be a scientist again. Or an artist, just with a new style.


Exactly this. I mean, what happens to my conscience? Obviously I won’t have a physical body anymore but the idea of lights out game over definitely scares me. Who knows though? I’m in my 30’s now and maybe by the time I die there will be more information, or some answers.


The answer is that your conscience just doesn’t exist anymore. You could say the same for when you sleep without dreaming. Sleeping isn’t scary so why should death be? You won’t be around to care that you’re not around.


That's how it is. It is nothingness and darkness for all eternity. It is like falling asleep. Every night that one goes to sleep is like death. As simple as that.


Also, not remembering something doesn't mean it didn't happen. "It'll be like before I was born!" is such a dumb argument. I mean, fuck if I know what happens when we die (who does), but still, it's a dumb argument.


The experience of being dead is similar to general anesthesia or dreamless sleep - i.e. no experience at all. In that way, it is analogous to before being born. The analogy is only imperfect because of the asymmetry involved. Either way, once the circuitry is turned off, there is no more internal sense of being or any thought or feeling at all. Pretending to be ignorant of this fact - "who knows what happens?" - is embarrassingly stupid-aounding. You know what happens: nothing. Is that what you are afraid of? Nothingness? Because that's all there is.


Yes. Yes that's what I'm afraid of.


That's like being afraid of the time before you were born. It's just nothingness. Why be afraid of nothing? I'm not happy about dying. I hopefully live a very long life. Long enough to see my kids grow up and have kids of their own. It would be awesome to be a grandfather. But I didn't have my kids until I was 46. Twin girls. I'm 54 now; they're 8. I doubt I'll live long enough to be a grandpa, but we'll see. I am afraid of something happening to my children or my wife, though. I don't know what I'd do if I lost one of them. I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid of living without the most precious people in my life.


This is correct. I was very often jealous of my husband that he got to be the dead one and I had to be he grieving one. His position is definitely easier


You have a good 40 years in you yet


It's not death that I fear. I fear dying without having lived life.


>Do not go gentle into that good night; >Old age should burn and rave at close of day. >Rage, rage against the dying of the light. So cliche, but I fucking love it E: also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nybfqx9rZho >it's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees! >"You have it backwards... it's better to live on your feet than to die on your knees


Idk if you’d like this but this poem and song helps soothe me when I think about death. [Nomak - Lullaby ](https://youtu.be/kPN4Wu1FW3Y)


I feel that I haven’t done a decimal of what I want to do in life


Living life isn't necessarily about accomplishing your bucket list. It's not about goals. It's about enjoying what you have experienced. What you have learned, and the wisdom it has brought. Who you love and who loves you. Enjoy the journey, my friend. It's the journey that is full of life...if you just look.


Not necessarily disagreeing with you, but just offering a different perspective. I used to live with this mindset, but over the past few years, I've found a goal to work myself towards, and the enjoyment of the days I lived before just seem empty and fleeting compared to the fulfillment I've felt through progress. Different strokes for different folks I guess. There are people who need to hear what you've said, who chase a goal without actually wanting it, but on the flipside, the biggest bullet I ever dodged was figuring out I actually wanted to do something with my life early enough for me to correct my path.


Yes. Yes, I am!


What’s to be afraid of?


Remember what it was like before you were born? Were you scared then? What was it like before your birth?


Came to comment along these lines. This thought process is actually fairly comforting lol


Honestly that stresses me out more. The ending of sensation and thought, the lack of it all, that concerns me to the point that occasionally I don't sleep until my body actually just crashes on me.


That's what I usually think, but then I'm like 'but then I was born' so I get anoyed thinking I could get ripped from the void again, for all I know :(


This doesn't really track. You can be fearful and distressed about the absence of something even if you can consider a time before it existed. This overused example is only supposed to illustrate an example of what death is *like*.


The point is that it wasn't unpleasant before you were born, and it won't be unpleasant after you die. A lack of existence is nothing to be afraid of


I know, that's what I said.


Not really but ok


No. Why be scared of nothingness


Nope. Every living thing dies, I’ll just be part of the universal cycle. I won’t be aware of anything, so what’s your be scared of?


Yeah. I go to sleep every night without being afraid I won't have any dreams. Nothing doesn't scare me. I'm not aware of nothing.


Eternal torment scares me more than nothingness


I can't decide which sounds worse.. eternal torment or eternally having to live with and worship a deity that does awful things like give children cancer.


Exactly!!! i remember being told as a child being raised a catholic, that in heaven all you do is praise and worship god for all of eternity. Like what? that scared the shit out of me as a kid I dont want that to be my eternity that sounds nothing like “heaven” to me


People say it's a "test" but that's like a parent pouring boiling water on a child and then expecting the child to still profess undying love and loyalty to the parent. If there is a god, it's a blood thirsty one that is psychotic and deranged. It's more akin to a completely heartless sadistic experimenter torturing his test subjects. No matter which way you spin it, the whole god thing is fucked up. There is no way god can genuinely love humans and still allow the world to carry on the way it does. The worship for god just sounds like stockholm syndrome. It's even worse when you realize god is an omnipotent being that is causing suffering to beings that are so tiny and inferior in comparison to himself without their consent. It's like beating and abusing a blind deaf dog, but the disparity between a god and a human is even greater.


The disparity is a human killing ants in the background with a magnifying glass. The human feels nothing for the ants other than the amusement of seeing them burn.


[The problem of evil](https://www.britannica.com/topic/problem-of-evil) Religious apologists basically either tie themselves in knots trying to make a logically consistent argument to excuse gods for allowing evil, or say that it's heretical to consider judging a deity by human standards. It's a much easier argument to say either gods don't exist at all, or they are undeserving of worship on the grounds they are either A) not omnipotent, B) callous/indifferent to suffering, C) they are actively evil, or D) some/all of the above.


Eternal existence scares me more than nothingness.


I was going to say this exact thing!


There’s a way around that man.


The alternative sounds just as bad.


Yes, but no. If I were to be in a life threatening situation I would be scared. But if I had time to think, I would know it’s okie dokie.


I'm afraid of hurting when I die. When I'm dead, I won't be conscious so it doesn't matter anymore. Plus, no afterlife means I should focus on the now because that's all any of us have.


We don't remember being born and we've not existed much longer than we have lived so why worry about going back home to the dark? already been there before. If heaven or reincarnation is real then we're up for more adventures, if we dont? I played my part.


What if you choose the wrong god and do not get the afterlife you were expecting? Are you afraid of that?


Not to mention the odds of you choosing the right god is preeeetty small, considering how many gods people in the world believe in.


I believe in gods but I don’t believe the afterlife is ruled by any of them


Yes because my daughter needs me. But I don't think there's any kind of afterlife when people die. It's probably just simply a ceasing of the bodies natural biological processes that ultimately ends with nothingness.


The idea of going to sleep and never waking up has never bothered me either. Also became more worried/cognizant about not dying too soon after having a kid.


Yes and no. Yes because I naturally fear things i can't comprehend. No because when it happens I won't have to comprehend it.


I’ve posted this before: In 2,372 years, the Hale-Bopp comet will return. In 20,000 years, Chernobyl will be no longer be radioactive. In 50,000 years, Niagara Falls will disappear. In 100,000 years, the constellations in the sky will all look different. In 296,000 years, Voyager will make its closest pass to Sirius. In 1,000,000 years, the explosion of the largest known star, Betelgeuse, will be visible in daylight. In 7,200,000 years, the last remaining man-made structure, Mount Rushmore, will have eroded. In 10,000,000 years, the star T Pyxidi will go supernova and bathe Earth in gamma radiation. In 50,000,000 years, the galaxy could be colonized at sub-light speeds. In 240,000,000 years, the solar system will have made one revoluti on around the Milky Way. In 600,000,000 years, the moon has moved too far from the Earth to produce eclipses. In 1,000,000,000 years, the Sun’s luminosity will increase 10%, causing the oceans to evaporate. In 2,300,000,000 years, the Earth’s core stops rotating. In 4,000,000,000 years, the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies will collide. In 7,900,000,000 years, the Sun’s diameter expands past Earth’s orbit. In 1,000,000,000,000 years, new stars are no longer formed. In 110,000,000,000,000 years, all stars will have burned out. Now, blink your eyes. That moment of darkness you experienced is how quickly all of this will pass once you’re dead.




Energy doesn't get destroyed, but information carried by it sure can be made inaccessible. Suppose I blink a light on and off in Morse Code at some of that glow-in-the-dark stuff that needs light exposure before it glows. It'll hold onto that energy and release some of it as light, but good luck retrieving the signal pattern. The important parts of consciousness are, in my opinion, similarly information-ish. Suppose someone was fatally injured on a spaceship, far away from Earth, and the ship didn't have other people or animals on it. Conservation of energy remains in effect. Would you expect the amount of consciousness to be preserved? Though energy is going from the astronaut to other life forms, those life forms are just bacteria and fungi on his body and don't have brains or other specialized organs. Would you expect this to produce unusually conscious bacteria?




No. Once I’m gone I won’t even know that I ever existed, because I won’t be able to think or feel anymore.




Not scared about dying. An end is just an end. I don't expect to have awareness after death.


It's better than eternal consciousness


You mean the sweet sweet release from misery and sorrow? Nah. I welcome it.


Yes I am holy fucking shit I'm so scared of death


No sense in being scared of the inevitable


That’s so much easier said than done.


Yes. Probably much more so than if I believed there was something after this. But in the end, it won’t matter because I won’t know. I’ll just be nothing.


The thought of facing an endless void is a little scary, but I won't be conscious by the time I get there, so no, I'm not scared of death.


I see it a bit differently. I won't be unconscious or unaware, I won't "feel nothing", simply because I will not exist at all. The concept of leechy will cease to exist


Scared isn't quite the right word, more like I can't comprehend it. I don't think anyone truly can, as it's the complete antithesis of consciousness. Hence why people came up with the idea of an afterlife in the first place.


I’m terrified of death because I know nothing will happen after. I just picture of dark void. You might say it’s a bad way to live but I don’t see the point in deluding myself just to feel better. Death just makes me appreciate life more knowing that this is my only shot


Nope. If you don't grow up religious thinking that there's something worse or better afterwards, you don't worry about it. I don't worry about nothingness. 🤷‍♂️


Nah. I kinda want it, but what can be worse than whats going on now? I will die when I am ready. No "higher being" will tell me when. If i'm ready i will go.


As far as I am concerned, my cells become something else. I decompose and enrich the soil.


I don't really *want* to die, and I don't believe in any kind of afterlife, but I read this Oscar Wilde quote that makes me feel better about it. "To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one's head, and listen to silence. To have no yesterday, and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace.”


"Dont pity the dead, pity the living and above all who live without love"


Yes. I've had bouts of panicked existential dread since I was 5 years old. The idea of simply not existing any more terrifies me to my core.


I don't fear death. I welcome it. As everyone should. I fear only the temporary pain of death, which is itself inconsequential. When I think of death, I try to remember what it was like before I was born. There is nothing to fear in nothing. The prospect of eternal life is horrifying, frankly. Like being constantly awake and alert without any possibility of sleep. Even the most perfect afterlife is eventual torture to me. Even in a universe where I fuck infinite women, drink infinite whiskey sours, and have access to all the food I want, games, etc... It gets old. Say what you want about love, but I get tired of my OWN presence, having to eternally exist with other people.... FUCK MAN.


I wouldn't want an especially long life either. I don't get why some people dream of that. I know I'm not physically or mentally built to live comfortably for 100 years. Someday I'll be tired, I'll have lived enough. Why cling to life regardless of how one feels, out of a fear of death which in itself is entirely inconsequential to you?


The only way an afterlife could ever be eternally pleasant would be if it went direct for the goal- instead of giving you things and experiences you thought were pleasant, it would just direct-feed you the pleasant feeling like those lab rats with electrodes in the pleasure centers of their brains. Not sure that kind of drugged nothingness pleasure is anything other than creepy as hell, but I suppose if you were to experience it you'd be too busy being forcibly happy to care.


Nope. I wasn’t scared before I was born.


Belief in the afterlife, limits your capabilities in life, in my opinion. Do everything you want to and can now. Not then. Fear of death is normal, but we all have to go some time.


Religious ideas and behaviors date back over 300,000 years. In that time over 100 different religions and countless denominations have produced more than 3000 Gods and Godesses. Which of these do you suspect has truly figured it out and has without a doubt established themselves as the one true religion? No.. You see given the odds I believe I'm safer in not believing in any of them. That way if I'm wrong when I meet what ever diety should prove to be superior I can claim ignorance. I'll point out that as a diety it was their shortcoming in not providing unequivocal proof of their existence. No I'm not afraid of death instead I long for the serenity it will bring.


A lot of religious people are going to be disappointed by the afterlife it turns out Zeus was the correct god


Yes, I absolutely am.


Honestly? Not scared for myself. Just don't want to leave people dependent on me behind, Mostly my dog.


I honestly don't know if I believe any one thing in particular but I currently imagine death as a a comfortable end to the never-ending list of tasks I scream to myself in my head


Life is much more unpredictable than death. I feel totally at ease to meet my fate.


No? I'll finally be free.


I don’t fear death itself, what I’m kinda afraid of or would be bummed about (idk witch one it is , or maybe a combo of the two?)is not being able to live life and make sure anyone I take under my wing will be able to make it in life.


No, because it's not anything, afterwards it's utter nothingness. It's not black or like a dark pit, it's just nothing. For me, i imagine it'll be like the time in between dreams and being awake. You're not even aware, in that time a second or a year could pass and you wouldn't know. After years and years of living, that sense of nothing would almost seem welcoming, no worries, no when's, no why's, just eternity. To me, that's peaceful.


Isn’t an unknown afterlife scarier than nothingness?


No. Death will be sanctuary from all the shit in this existence. I'll welcome it!


I'm more afraid of the process of dying than the state of being dead. But, more importantly, are you saying the normal thing to do is to close your eyes to what seems most plausible to you just because it scares you? I'm not a fan of lying to myself because it's more comfortable.


Where you scared of learning how to talk? Or how to walk? No, death simply happens. Is not a why does it happens, it's an is going to, for every one. All those people who don't accept it is the reason people PROFIT from it. There is a business dedicated about death. Some people pay thousands of dollars to put a body in a pretty loking box and say they deserve the best, they are dead, you think they know what's going on? Give me a break.


Yes. Not necessarily what happens after, but the moments before. I’m afraid of dying painfully. I don’t know what happens after death, but I’m not afraid of it.


I don’t fear death or the pain that comes with it because it’s nothingness when you die eternal peace and you don’t even know it.


Life is pain, death is freedom.


Not even slightly. I don't think I'd enjoy an afterlife.


Have you ever booted up an old game you've beat? It was fun the first time, but now you've done everything... Or have you ever turned on God Mode and just kinda got bored? When I die, hopefully a while from now, I think I'll feel like that. I've done what I set out to do and now it's time to put the game down.


An afterlife would be scary to me. I don’t want to go to hell, I don’t want to go to any heaven, I just want to disappear so I don’t have to deal with anything anymore. Eternity in any fashion feels like a curse.


I'm scared of not living a good life


Before I existed I wasn’t afraid I expect it to be similar.


Didn't fear birth; don't fear death.


I'm not scared of sleeping, and death seems to be the same. And honestly lately I've been preferring sleeping & dreaming to living in real life...


No...because I'll be dead? I worry about how my son would be affected by my untimely death. Or how my husband would be affected (and therefor my son). I don't worry about myself at all. I'll be....well...dead.


Think of it this way. Do you remember the 13 billion years of time that existed before you were born? No? Then that's how it'll feel to be dead.


No. I know that I won’t see anything, feel anything, or see anything. I say there’s nothing. The only thing I am scared about death is to die painfully. I actually want to die a slow and painless death and not a short a painful death.


This. To add: I'm scared it will leave my SO devastated due to my passing.


It calms that when I'm dead, the concept of emotions dies with me. If I can't feel emotions, then there is no reason to be scared. The only thing that scares be is the potential pain in the process and the family I leave behind.


I am not particularly scared at death but rather tue process of dying. Ive always thought that if I get an illness that I know I will die from I would rather just kill myself.


No, not at all. Everyone and everything dies. As any member of a species, you try to pass along your DNA and support the next generation... make the world a little better while you are here.... then you are done. I don’t understand why that would be scary?


I'd be scared of death if there was an afterlife. Best case you're stuck for eternity with a bunch of self righteous asshole with no way out.


Death is a release. I'm scared of life. I'm not scared of Death. Life is pain. Constant fucking pain. Life fucks you in the ass with a 40-inch cock, and when you don't like it, life beats you until you thank it for its kindness. Life forces you to swallow. Life will invite its friends over, school and work, and they will triple penetrate you until you are rawer than a blue rare steak. Life tells you where to work, what to learn, how to dress, and who you can hang out with. Death offers a sweet embrace and a lover's kiss. Death is a knight in shining armour. Death stops the pain. I'm more familiar with Death than most, and I welcome his loving embrace. Death is an end to the pain. Death is beautiful. I am in no rush to meet him, but if he comes knocking, I will eagerly answer. If life gets too tough, Death is only a short distance away. I don't believe in an afterlife because I don't want to be told that I will be eternally damned for not being grateful enough. I choose to believe that Death is not more pain but an end to the pain.


... I think you may need someone to talk more often to.


No. One cannot be afraid of nothing.


You would think so, but lots of people manage it anyway


No. The entire concept of afterlife was a superstition based on ancient religions (long before the modern ones we know today), where people of various cultures tried to make sense of the world around them. Life, Death, lightning, weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, crop failures, insect infestations, conquering others/ Slavery, it all was a fear that ancients had. Add to that the shorter lifespans, the higher children's mortality rates, and illnesses that no one understood. Epileptics, Diabetics, and any other condition that caused people to "Die" were feared and not understood. What's the best way to feel better about a family member dying? Supertitious beliefs like an afterlife. "Don't worry- you'll see them again in heaven". That reassurance was all some people needed to go on in their everyday lives. It also was the way that political leaders and clergy got their people to be okay with dying in battle. From Ancient Earth cultures to those who believe in nature, to Vikings, Inca, Aztec and modern man there HAD to be something that was better than the life/death we have on earth. Add also that religions were tasked with teaching morals and right/wrong. What better way to get someone to behave in a certain way than to tell them that they will condemned to eternal damnation if they murder, rape, steal, etc. This way the bigger, stronger people could be kept in check. The threat/promise of damnation/reward with non way to prove or disprove it, was a great invention of man. So, no. My reasoning is simple. We live. We die. We fade to black. The energy that made us who we are is conserved by the conservation of matter principle and the energy goes into the cosmos.


I believe in an afterlife but I’m still scared as I do not understand it at all


Realistically though, why would there be an afterlife? Like, is there one for dogs too? What about rabbits? What about snails? Is it the same afterlife for everything? Or does each sub-species have their own? Or if it's only humans that have the afterlife, why? It's just makes no sense that there would be, so I can't bring myself to believe it. And my answer to your original question, no I dont fear death. Why fear literally nothing? The process of dying though.. that's a bit scary.


There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force.


Only fools aren’t scared of death.


Everybodies scared of death. Unless your in a lot of pain and death is the only out. No one would want to die. Its the afterlife Atheists dont care about.


>Everybodies scared of death. Not really, everyone's scared of *dying*, the pain before death. Death itself is still and quiet. Although I agree that no one should want to die, even though I'm a hypocrite with those words


I do believe in an afterlife I am not at all afraid of death the idea hasn't ever bothered me even before my parents introduced me to religion.


Escape. There's still time.


Every night when I go to sleep I enjoy the silence, the peace. Being dead is probably much better. I just need to get a few things done first.


Hmm yes but no, I’m scared of how I’m going to die but not death itself if that makes sense. It’s like the only certain thing everyone is going to do, there’s no escaping it so I’m not going to worrying about it personally 🤷🏻‍♀️


Were you scared of being born and leaving the before life to come to this life?


I'm probably scared of the journey there. But it would probably be like before we was born. So we would be okay


I'm not scared of death since its nice to know I won't feel anything after i die, not even blackness, so i wont be able to be scared which is reassuring to me.


No, because it's inevitable and often unpredictable. I might fear certain things like airplane accidents or drowning, but I don't fear "death" because I know it's coming someday no matter what.


Im nits scared of death as its inevitable what im scared of is dying young and i also hope to be cryogenicly frosen to see the future


We all die one day, I just wanna have as much fun as I can before I go


I am not scared of 'before I existed' so why would I be scared of 'after I existed'. The pain of death is frightening.


Yeah but I still drink and eat meat, so I guess not too scared yet.


I am more scared at the thought of the pain that I will receive from dying. I can't imagine the feeling of sleeping then during sleep your internal organs would collapse. I am also afraid of how people that depend on me right now would survive if I die, because my death would totally inconvenience them. I am more afraid of the effects of my death to people around me than death itself.


I think death is a problem for the living. You can’t regret not living your life to the fullest or achieving everything you wanted to if you no longer exist.


Sometimes. But it doesn't do any good to stress about the inevitable and ultimately, it doesn't scare me much because it'll be like going to sleep except never waking up. It won't *be* scary because I won't be around to be scared of it. In some ways, eternal (after)life would scare me even more. There are plenty of times now when I'm just bored of everything, and I'm only in my early 30s. I figure by the time I'm old age I won't care much one way or the other about what happens after death.


I’m not afraid to die as much as I am afraid of not being.


Sometimes I fear it. I love life, and therefore fear the end of it. But fearing it doesn’t change the fact that it will happen, so I mostly try not to fear it and just focus on living.


Yes... immensely. Mostly I worry about the people I’ll leave behind. But none of that is convincing enough to make me believe that there is a concrete answer for an afterlife.


I too am not afraid of dying... but I’m 34 and hopefully far from it. I think it’s easy to be an atheist at a young age. I have a feeling many people will find something greater than themselves in their last moments on earth. Enjoy the ride and do something spectacular, even just once.


'It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come, when it will come.' - Julius Ceasar by William Shakespeare


>Let us reflect in another way, and we shall see that there is great reason to hope that death is a good, for one of two things: - either death is a state of nothingness and utter unconsciousness, or, as men say, there is a change and migration of the soul from this world to another. Now if you suppose that there is no consciousness, but a sleep like the sleep of him who is undisturbed even by the sight of dreams, death will be an unspeakable gain. For if a person were to select the night in which his sleep was undisturbed even by dreams, and were to compare with this the other days and nights of his life, and then were to tell us how many days and nights he had passed in the course of his life better and more pleasantly than this one, I think that any man, I will not say a private man, but even the great king, will not find many such days or nights, when compared with the others. Now if death is like this, I say that to die is gain; for eternity is then only a single night. -Plato's *Apologia*


I'd like to keep living so have a natural fear of death, but the idea of nothingness once I'm dead doesn't scare me. When I stopped believing in god and an afterlife it was a huge relief - I could finally stop worrying about whether I was good enough for heaven and just enjoy the time I have on this earth.


I’m just pissed I won’t be able to listen to music anymore, or enjoy the planet.. I never want to stop being happy, and it makes me angry and sad to know that I have to go back to where I was before I was born.. but only forever this time